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Trump TV, QVC And Fox News Channel

October 20, 2016

Reading through the coverage of Wednesday night’s presidential debate, we were surprised to see QVC’s name come up in The New York Times. And we have a bone to pick about it.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Donald Trump’s son-in-law had been talking to investors about launching a cable network. That prompted a Times story today with the headline “Was Wednesday the final presidential debate of 2016 or the opening night of the Trump News Channel?”

“If you’re tired of biased, mainstream media reporting (otherwise known as Crooked Hillary’s super PAC), tune into my Facebook Live broadcast,” Trump posted.

“That ramshackle pregame show was like state television produced by QVC, with interviews by, of and for Mr. Trump’s supporters, cable-news-like graphics and a relentless sales pitch,” The Times wrote.

That was not a QVC-like production, folks. That was a Fox News Channel show.

Carol’s Daughter Chief, An HSN Vendor, Featured In N.Y. Times

October 15, 2013

Lisa Price, the founder and president of the hair care line Carol’s Daughter and an HSN vendor, was featured on the lead page of The New York Times Sunday business section.

The story was the most recent installment of The Times’ “Corner Office” feature, which is basically interviews with CEOs about leadership.

As curly-haired girls, we love the idea of Price’s products, which are aimed at women with hard-to-control ethnic hair.

But to be honest, we were a little disappointed with some of what she had to say. A good portion of her comments were critical of women employees who made the dreaded mistake of crying in front of their bosses. Not that we think it’s a good idea to weep at work, but truth be told, there have been a couple of times when we got so upset we cried on the job, with a boss.

Price is pretty rough on folks like us.

Carol's Daughter founder Lisa Price, top left

Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price, top left

On the positive side, we liked Price’s comments are women executives taking the lead at their companies.

“I used to sit at the table but not necessarily at the head of the table, because I felt there were things I needed to learn, and I wanted to be part of the team, and sit with the team,” Price told The Times.

“I don’t do that anymore,” she said. “Now I sit at the head of the table. But I don’t consciously say, ‘When I walk in the room, I’m going to make sure I’m at the head.’ I just sort of gravitated there naturally, and that’s where I sit, because what I’ve learned is that, regardless of whatever little skill sets here and there that I might not know really well, I do know this brand better than anybody else. And that’s the authority that I have, that’s the voice that I have to be, and that’s who they need me to be. Because the only person who can teach them the history and the DNA and the passion and the love and the blood and the sweat and the tears is me.”


Mally And Beauty Products Thrive On QVC

August 9, 2013

The New York Times apparently just discovered that QVC sells cosmetics, and the paper’s Thursday Style section did a story on this news-making  development, headlined “Telling Stories, Selling Beauty,”

Much of the article focused on QVC beauty vendor and unspeakably bubbly Mally Roncal, she of the lion-like mane of gorgeous hair. The Times described her as “all flouncy hair and eyelashes.”

We swear by her mascara, by the way.

The reporter was at QVC’s headquarters in PA to see Mally and host Albany Irvin pitch Mally’s makeup line. QVC tells us that Mally does makeup for celebs, but never names who they are. The Times does. Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez are among Mally’s clients.

Mally Roncal and friend

Mally Roncal and friend

Here are some things The Times tells us about QVC’s beauty business:

1. Mally Beauty, based in Baltimore, has sold more than 7 million units.

2. Beauty accounts for 16 percent of QVC’s business, an increase from 9 percent in 2003.

3. QVC has sold $5 billion in beauty products around the world since 2009.

4. QVC’s customers are 83 percent female.

5. QVC’s Top 5 beauty vendors are Philosophy, Mally Beauty, WEN Hair Care, Bare Escentuals and Perricone MD.

6. QVC constructed a new set for beauty shows.

HSN got a brief plug in the story, for selling cosmetics from Urban Decay and fragrances from stars such as Mary J. Blige.

We Were Wrong: HSN/Coca-Cola Partnership Not So Wacky

December 11, 2012

Well, we guess we are the only knuckleheads who think that HSN’s partnership with Coca-Cola, with the home shopping network selling more than 275 Coke-branded items, is a wacky collaboration.

We were so busy doing our real job that week that we missed The New York Times’ story on the multi-year, cross-marketing pact between the electronic retailer and the beverage maker. The story was written by The Times’ ad columnist, Stuart Elliott, who we worked with at The Daily Northwestern many moons ago back in Evanston.

We scoffed at the notion that anyone would want to buy merchandise with the Coke logo on it. Well, apparently we’re the minority, since Stuart’s story says that Coca-Cola licensing generates more than $1 billion in annual retail sales. That’s not chump change.

Well, we’re wrong and Bill Brand and Jerry Kapner, you are both right.

Joy Mangano Wanna-Be Lori Greiner Talks About ‘Shark Tank’

October 20, 2012

Last week we caught QVC invention guru Lori Greiner on “Shark Tank” for the first time over at our mom’s house, and we were rather shocked at what a hard-ass she is on the show.

Surrounded by testosterone-laden business men, Greiner had dropped the sweetpea persona she has on QVC. Her hair was harshly slicked back and was giving the boys, including Mark Cuban, as good as they were giving.

We once met Cuban when we were covering the cable industry, and he looked hot in a tight T-shirt and jeans. That was years ago, and we will never forgot it. He was very nice to us, but on “Shark Tank” he was very dismissive of Greiner and her interest in supporting a father and son trying to get traction for a vitamin supplement that you spray into your mouth.

Then lo and behold, The New York Times did a Q-and-A with Greiner about her stint on “Shark Tank.” The headline was “The Queen of QVC Talks About The Risks of Dealing with Sharks.” Note to The Times: No one calls Greiner the Queen of QVC.

As any home shopping aficionado knows, Greiner is QVC’s counterpart to HSN’s Joy Mangano. Both are female inventors, but quite frankly, we don’t think Greiner will ever outdo Mangano’s Huggable Hangers.

In the interview, Greiner claimed that her Reader Rest, a magnetic glasses holder, has been the most successful product in “Shark Tank’s” history. It has sold 3 million units.

Nothing particularly illuminating in the story otherwise.

Duh, New York Times: Did Apple Ruin Its Image By Going On HSN?

September 27, 2012

The knuckleheads in the U.S. press just can’t seem to get it through their thick noggins that home shopping networks are not longer just cubic zirconia emporiums. The latest example is the venerable, but totally out of touch, New York Times.

The broadsheet posted a blog Wednesday with the headline “Would a Home-Shopping TV Appearance Damage a High-End Brand?” It raises the question of whether Emmy-winning makeup artist Eve Pearl should appear on ShopNBC with her cosmetics line.

Eve Pearl

The blog says that Pearl worried “whether the mass sales platform offered a good fit for her high-end cosmetics.” We think that the very topic is more reflective of The Times’ attitude, and looking down its nose, at home shopping.

The blog then quotes three experts about whether they would advise Pearl to go on ShopNBC.

One of them, Bethany Karlyn, actually knew the score.

“Maintaining a high-end brand image in a home-shopping venue is not the challenge it once was,” she told The Times. “In fact, she’ll find herself in good company. The schlock impression has changed with high-end brands such as Elizabeth Arden, Benefit, Lancôme, Vincent Longo, Lorac and Shiseido, on HSN. On QVC, Perricone has a two-ounce product selling for $495.”

Not for nothing, but stellar brands such as Apple, Sony, Bobbi Brown, Dennis Basso, Robert Lee Morris, Judith Ripka — to name just a tiny few — don’t seem to be any worse for the wear by appearing on HSN and QVC.


HSN Jean Queen Diane Gilman Rocks Chanel Bag, Chloe Blouse For N.Y. Times Interview

July 19, 2012

Wow, HSN jean queen Diane Gilman sure enjoys the good life with the money she makes hawking her wares on the home shopping network,

The New York Times did a rather snarky profile of Gilman, who wanted to meet the reporter for lunch at Bergdorf Goodman. We couldn’t afford anything at that store: It makes Bloomies look cheap.

anyway, here’s the profile:

Gilman was rocking her $24.90 denim jeggings while wearing “a Maison Margiela jacket, a Chanel bag, Manolo shoes and a Chloe blouse.” No. 1, we never heard of Maison Margiela. It must be really exclusive. No. 2, we can’t afford the other high-end designer duds that Gilman was sporting.

According to the story, Gilman has sold 5 million pairs of jeans on HSN, has a $175 million business and a customer base of 500,000 women.

Gilman,66,says that she’s making more money than she ever has in her life. Good for her. We aren’t. No wonder she’s walking around with a Chanel bag.

The redhead revealed that she is writing a book on baby boomers, and related a great quote to The Times that she said a New York garmento once told her: “Why would you want to design an old-lady jean for fat chicks?”

Why indeed? How about that Chanel bag? That would be reason enough for us.

Gilman also let the cat out of the bag about who does her hair, which is much too big for 2012.

She has it blown out at the upscale John Barrett salon, which is in Bergdorf’s.

Honestly, we’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Get a new, updated ‘do Diane!

HSN’s Innovation Weekend Features First Ever On-Air Retail Quick Response

October 10, 2011

This weekend HSN introduced a new way for consumers to shop with their television when it debuted Quick Response (QR) codes live on HSN HD during its bi-annual Innovation Weekend.

The New York Times devoted quite a bit of space in its business section on this Saturday.

In its press release Friday, HSN claimed it is the first-ever retailer to use QR codes on-air. These QR codes will be featured on HSN’s HD channel, which reaches about 43 million households.

The event will include hundreds of products, each with its own QR code. When scanned from the television screen, the customer will be able to access the product information page on their mobile device, learn more about the product and purchase with ease.

“Innovation is an integral part of our company, whether it’s the innovative products we present or the groundbreaking ways we use on-air QR codes to engage and interact with our customers,” Jill Braff, HSN executive vice president of digital commerce, said in a prepared statement. “Women turn to HSN’s trusted experts to educate and empower them to make informed purchases. Top electronics brands like Sony, Microsoft and Samsung recognize the power of HSN to introduce new technologies and we look forward to the products they will be debuting during our Innovation Weekend event.”

The four-day event, which ends Monday, features dozens of name brands and several premiers from some of the most trusted names in electronics including the world launch of the Honeywell 24″ 1080p LCD TV with built-in DVD player, the debut of the Samsung Dart Android smartphone and the launch of the 8″ Nextbook with Android 2.3 and Flash 10.

An exclusive Sony Skype TV bundle is also debuting during the event, which includes a Sony Bravia 46″ Ultra-thin 3D Ready LED TV with built-in Wi-Fi and a Sony Skype camera, enabling customers to Skype from their TV to any Skype-enabled device.

Additional brand launches over the Innovation Weekend include exclusive bundles for the Lexmark P715 all-in-one wireless printer and the D-link night vision wireless IP camera that allows you to remotely monitor your home or business.

Home Shopping Vendors Randolph Duke, Bradley Bayou and Rachel Zoe All Did Stints At Troubled Halston

September 5, 2011

What happens when you design for the Halston company, and leave? Apparently, you become a vendor on a home shopping network.

The Sunday Styles section of The New York Times today did a story headlined “The Men (And Women) Who Would Be Halston.” It is about the parade of fashion designers and executives who have tried to replace Halston since his death 21 years ago.

If you’re a home shopper, you’ll recognize several names in the story, namely Randolph Duke, Bradley Bayou and Rachel Zoe. Little did we know that Duke, who does a line for HSN, was hired by the Halston company in 1996. Duke was a former design director for Henri Bendel, which we also didn’t know.

Halston alum Bradley Bayou now has a line on QVC, in addition to his couture collection in LA

BTW, the story says that Duke “now sells dresses on the Home Shopping Network Web site,” which raises several questions. For example, any designer who has an active line on HSN (it’s correct name, New York Times) appears on the network to hawk their wares. If a line is on its way out, HSN usually just sells the stuff, often on clearance, on its website. So what’s up with Duke and HSN?

We’re told that Duke’s Halston line in 1997 was critically acclaimed, and that he dressed actress Minnie Driver for the 1998 Oscars.

But things went sour soon. “Fabric bills were not being paid on time,” Duke told The Times, and he quit.

In 2002 LA designer Bayou, who has a collection on QVC, was brought in. Said to have a celebrity clientele, he did a line called Bradley Bayou for Halston. Apparently Queen Latifah, now an HSN vendor, and Oprah Winfrey wore his garments.

But things went sour soon. When Bayou asked the Halston company for more cash for advertising, it said no. Bayou bounced in 2005.

The Times quoted Bayou as saying, “I feel like I let him (Halston) down, and he’s rolling over in his grave.”

Movie maven Harvey Weinstein bought Halston in 2007 for $25 million, and Zoe, who now has a line on QVC, was named creative director.

But things went sour soon, and Zoe exited by 2008.

Got that all, folks?

Mineral Makeup Pioneer On QVC Leslie Blodgett Is Profiled By The Times

June 13, 2011

Leslie Blodgett, one of QVC host Lisa Robertson’s BFFs and the head of the Bare Escentual’s makeup line, had a huge write-up in The Sunday New York Times today.

The story, headlined “Move Over, Estee Lauder,” ran in the Sunday Styles section of the paper.

The story credits Blodgett with creating a revolution in cosmetics with her mineral-powder makeup. A lot of the story is about Blodgett’s partnership with QVC. We are also told tidbits like the fact that Blodgett’s stay-at-home husband bought her an early 20th anniversary ring — a huge diamond surrounded by sapphires and emeralds — from Tiffany.

“On QVC, Ms. Blodgett’s appearances have the trance-inducing sensuality of a Dionysian ritual,” The Times wrote.

We are also told that Blodgett, who last year sold her company to Shiseido for $1 billion, last summer “rolled across the East Coast,” in Lady Gaga’s tour bus no less, as part of a 10-city tour to preach the gospel of Bare Escentuals, or Bare Minerals, whichever name you prefer, according to The Times.

There is also a quote from Robertson, who the Times inexplicably described as a “Loretta Young lookalike,” in the story.

“I would never have tried the stuff [Bare Minerals} if it weren’t part of my job,” Robertson sold The Times. “I wore full-on hard-core liquid foundation, like everybody else, my whole life. I thought: ‘Minerals? What? Don’t even go there.’ The first tine I tried it, I didn’t think it was working. I wondered, Emperor’s New Clothes?”

Eventually, Robinson swallowed the Kool Aid.

There are other tasty QVC info, like the fact that Blodgett sometimes sells $1.4 million of product an hour on QVC.

All in all, the profile is worth a read.