QVC Host Patti Reilly, Long-Rumored To Be Leaving, Is Actually Leaving

Another long-time QVC host is flying the coop. Patti Reilly is following Lisa Mason out the door.

Reilly posted the news on her blog, on her own website. Thanks for the tip, Joanie-B!

Patti Reilly's photo from Puerto Rico

Here’s part of Reilly’s blog:

“It’s true that I am leaving QVC after 11 great years. I’m looking forward to opening myself up to new ideas and experiences in life, but I’d be fooling myself if I didn’t admit that it’s a little scary. I’ve been so lucky to have a healthy family, nephews, my niece, great friends and co-workers, all in their own way who have opened up and shared a piece of their life with me. Through a different lens, and mentally picturing myself for one day in their shoes, came the realization that I want to try other things. That I want to value and really, really be present with my family & friends more.

Reilly, fresh from a vacation in Puerto Rico, wrote that she had an epiphany when when her black lab got sick last summer. She said she lives alone with her two dogs, and was heartbroken when the lab could no longer get up the stairs to sleep with her.

I talked to my family and friends more and reached out to people I haven’t seen in years. I stepped back and looked at my life, which is not really where I ultimately envisioned it to be. I would love to boast about my children, husband & homelife, but my picture right now just looks different than what I would have thought had you asked me 10 years ago. I have an opportunity now to take a step, start a new journey and I’m going to embrace that. I know that if Piper could climb up those stairs one last time, she definitely would!

Reilly was doing executive training when she caught the QVC bug.

QVC was the only watchable show on at 2 or 3 in the morning. I saw Lisa Robertson selling Smashbox Cosmetics and suddenly found my next goal. I auditioned for a Show Host position in February, 2000 and was offered the job a month later. I’ve been at QVC for 11 years now…can you believe it??? I love what I do, especially when I host beauty shows.

Reilly is a very polarizing figure. QVC fans either loved her or hated her. She sparked a lot of speculation when she lost a ton of weight, We suspected surgery, but she claimed it was just a diet. On some of her more recent appearances, she made bizarre comments about her moods and sometimes made off remarsk to vendors.

She is regularly brutally lampooned on the Television Without Pity website.


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62 Responses to “QVC Host Patti Reilly, Long-Rumored To Be Leaving, Is Actually Leaving”

  1. Kaycee Fisher Says:

    There is/was NO way that Ms. Reilly lost her enormous hips and buttocks by dieting. Her problem is/was genetically induced. It WAS surgically removed. Gimme a break! @@

    • evoc Says:

      I believe Patti could have lost that weight exactly as she said she
      did – by watching her portions and lots of exercise.
      That weight came off very slowly, not the way it does with bariatric surgery.

      • mildred petrassi Says:

        Does anyone know the Republican Party is looking for a candidate? Are any of you keeping track on this important issue? Have you watched any of the debates? Get with it ladies; it’s an election year; which can change your world; not your HIPS…..get involved with your community; donate your time to the elderly; get politcally educated; and think about who you are going to VOTE for….This is nothing more than childish behavior by a bunch of jealous woman. Get out of your sweat pants; turn off the TV and get involved with something useful.

  2. Mary Toodles Says:

    The above post is rude. Surgery itself does not instantly make or keep a person slim and or in shape. Just as money doesn’t gurantee that either. Exercise especially intense and a structured eating plan can transform a person.

    • Queen Celeste Says:

      It sure is. As if we can’t watch the shopping channels, follow the lives of the hosts AND follow politics. I watch all of the debates, all the news shows discussing the debates, and follow all the issues. When I was a child I had a voting booth on my front lawn during the Kennedy/Nixon election of 1960. Kennedy won by a nose among my little voting friends.

  3. Kaycee Fisher Says:

    She may NOW be dieting and exercising to maintain her figure. But to initially lose what she had, you can’t diet and/or exercise that off. It’s not a crime to have it surgically removed. Just be honest about it is all anyone is asking. @@

  4. Thaily Says:

    The only thing she lost was the weight on top. Then she got breast implants. She’s still LARGE from her waist down. Her legs are disproportionately HUGE all the way down to the ankles!!!!!!!

  5. Joanie-B Says:

    Her thick legs and ankles are inherited, genetically. You can bet that her sister and her mother have legs just like that too. I know women who have legs like that, sisters to each other, and their mother has legs like that too. Their brothers do Not. Exercise cannot change that; only cosmetic surgery can, and that sort may not even be available. Straight-leg slacks and long dresses or skirts are the answer: cover the legs.

    • Donna R Says:

      Okay Ladies……Enough of the slamming. I would like each and every one of you to post a picture on here and show the world “your figure flaws” and let everyone in the world critique you.

      Patti deserves all the credit in the world for losing weight and exercising and maintaining. She looks fabulous….surgery or no surgery. It’s her business and she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation of how she did it. Shame on all of you. Reread your catty comments and hopefully you will realize the way you sound….mean, hateful and jealous.

      I’ve never read any of these comments before and was just curious about Patti leaving. Believe, me get a life all of you!

      • evoc Says:

        I agree with you. I know someone who has legs like that, and they do not get much smaller with the surgery. Patti’s whole figure went down gradually over time. She persisted and reaped the results.

      • Barbara Says:

        You do realize that what I look like has no bearing on Patti, right? Get over yourself.

    • Mary Says:

      Good grief..I just read all these comments..
      Who the H.. cares if she had surgery or not.. Why should she be “honest” with millions of strangers about some thing as personal as her body???
      what a bunch of loons…

  6. Berti Valpredo Says:

    Doesanyone have a departure date for Patti? She is still there as of last night.

  7. Marsha Schipke Says:

    I was watching you tonight on my favorite QVC show: Quacker Factory with Jeane Bice. And then suddenly, Jeane Bice left the set , probably because she was experiencing chills. As her assistant and Quacker Factory model [ Angel] took over, you said this was your last show with her. I was shocked. So, then I started to search the web for any ideas as to why you were leaving and where you were going. To my horror, I found that ,not only, you were leaving, but so had Lisa Mason left ….WHAT??? I have always loved watching both of you on QVC.
    So, where are you going? Will you be on another show like HSN? Oh, and, have you been seeing the Clark’s shoe guy you have hosted many times on QVC. . There was always a lot of electricity when you both were on QVC together .I will miss that, as, you were so cute together.All the best to you. I hope your dreams come true, and you find that perfect opportunity.

  8. Elmnt Says:

    What is wrong with you people??!! Leaving nasty comments about a tv host?!! Her boobs and weight loss!! Let others do what they want, perfect your life first! If she got boobs, so what! Let her enjoy them. Who cares how she lost the weight! She did it, at what ever cost ( $ or emotionally I am sure it’s not easy)

    Just think how she feels reading nasty, I mean some were really nasty comments about her, her looks etc! From the people that don’t know her! I wish her well, lots of luck, and happiness!

  9. missheatherwho Says:

    I went from 209lbs to 110lbs all with diet and exercise. It is called DISCIPLINE! I wish all of you “Negative Nellies” all our lost fat. May it all go to YOUR THIGHS AND YOU A@#ES!

    Best wishes to Patti!

  10. millie petrassi Says:

    how scary in today’s day in age; we are all so mean. isn’t there enough hate in this country? Patti was a darling girl, professional and personable;
    why are we concerned about her weight or how she lost it? are all the shoppers on qvc size #2? do the callers have to reveal their size when the call? so she wanted to enhance her breasts, why should that be our business? she’s so fat from the waist down? not true… we take a look at ourselves? I was once a size #4, and that was ONCE UPON A TIME……
    I would hate people “mocking” me because i’m a size #10 now……I wish her good luck; and she has the good sense to look at her life; decide she wants to change it; and has the guts to do it….many of the viewers are in ruts; and stay there for years………..I liked the girl……..period

  11. Debbie Says:

    reading this has made me SICK what the hell is wrong with this world when women cant stick together how sad women hating women.

  12. karen littwin Says:

    Why does everything happen when I take a breather? What kind of crazy comments was Reilly recently making? She wasn’t so bad, but her Dudly DoRight chin bugged the hell out of me. And Lisa Mason left? I thought I’d sensed a great lack of overtheatrical artifice in the air, but when Shawn hosted a show, there it was – so I guess I never missed Lisa… Shucks! – I was so looking forward to calling in one day and asking Lisa for another lamp of “celebratory illumination”……I’ll never forget that one….

    Maybe one of them can get a job with Charley Sheen…….

  13. Babette Says:

    All of the mean-spirited jealous comments are so typical after someone loses a lot of weight. Women are so cruel to one another. I liked Patti fat and I like her thin. I thought she was really cute with the Clark’s shoe guy also and I remember Lisa Mason mentioning that he didn’t have a girlfriend. I think after Patti made some major changes in her life with her appearance she realized that it was time to move on. Especially with all of the constant criticism. I have fat legs, cankles, fat knees, a big butt too and regardless of what I weigh I still have them, but at least I don’t have to put up with people constantly pointing it out. Good Luck Patti, I will miss you.

    • T Says:

      You are mistaken…the comments are because when she lost the weight, she also lost her humility and grace. She went from someone who was pleasant to watch, to a complete narcissist and look at me me me. Her constant references to LA and CHAZ and LA and CHAz became a very sad and pathetic joke. Thank God she left and moved to LA where she can blend in with all the other Pattis

  14. Alexa Says:

    SO many of these remarks are not only ignorant, but incredibly rude. Just for the record, I personally went from 350 lbs to 105 lbs in a year and a half…no sugery, no diet program…. just made up my mind and did it on my own… ate less and exercised…period….so it’s VERY possible. I don’t understand the cruelty, why can’t people just be happy for other people who are doing their best to make their lives all they want them to be? I am the same person I was 245 lbs ago…and I’m sure she is as well. Breast implants or not… who cares?? Good luck, Patty… you’re beautiful… jealousy is rampant… Michael Jackson always said… “just SMILE”.. and you do! 🙂 GOOD FOR YOU… I’m smiling right along with you!!

  15. Betsy Says:

    I guess it’s not popular to say that you like Patti Reilly but I like Patti Reilly! She was one of the only reasons I watched QVC, the other two being Lisa Mason and Lisa Robertson. Now, two of my faves are gone and QVC is not the place it used to be. I wish Patti all good things on her journey and am happy that she has a blog that we can follow! She is a bright and beautiful independent woman who has the whole world ahead of her – GO, PATTI!!!

  16. ELLEN Says:


    • ginny Says:

      I so agree! Good luck to her as long as I don’t have to listen. The last time she was on (that I saw), Dennis Basso had to say “Patty, will you please shut up?!” <–never forget it, felt the same way!
      But I do so miss Lisa Mason. I 100% agree that she was all class and would turn QVC on just to listen to her warm, easy, intelligent voice. Lisa, good luck and God speed where ever you are.

      • Debbie Wilson Says:

        I also agree. There was something wrong with Patty the last few month that she was on the air. I thought maybe it was chemically induce and I don’t mean perscription.

  17. Eileen Says:

    Couldn’t stand her. Thankfully she left. Hopefully QVC gave her the boot!

  18. Dolores Says:

    She talked too much, thought she knew it all, was a major show-off, interrupted the guests and in general was very annoying. Good riddance to her.

    Sorry about Lisa Mason. She was a class-act.

  19. Kim Says:

    Poor Pattie, I liked her. People are so mean I can’t stand it. Why would you say those things. Remember ” Do unto others as you would want them to do to you” Shame on all you sad people.

  20. Mary Knudson Says:

    I agree with Donna R. and alot of the other positive ladies that we will miss seeing Patty on QVC, yeah she lost alot of weight and looks so beautiful, dosen’t matter how she lost the weight, it’s just that she did and that she looks really firm to, hat’s off to Patty, watching her gave me hope that I could transform my body too, she just put your mind to it…anyway I will miss seeing her and I hope what ever she does she will be happy!

  21. millie petrassi Says:

    Ladies, the country is in turmoil, the unemployment rate is up; don’t you gals have anything better to do than trash a nice girl? She’s gone; move it
    along….I wish her good luck; and all of you should do the same…..When she becomes a “star”; everyone will be sorry they were so mean….How many times can you beat the same drum? All the hosts are lovely…you go online to purchase their many wonderful products; not to destroy the hosts; take a good look at yourselves; no one is perfect……shame on all of you….

  22. Diane Says:

    Hello: I am not sure who will be reading this, however, it is for Patti Reiley. I hope you will be happy with whatever you do. Don’t put off getting married and having children, if that is what you want. Do it now. As for your dog, have you tried glucosomine and chrondrotine. When I had my health food store, I had a customer who wanted me to order chrondrotine for his dog. Now this was way before people started to take it. He said it really helped his dog. Also, I would order glucosomine and Chrondrotine for my sister, I believe from Action Labs. This was for her German Shepherd. It helped him a great deal. Hopefully, this will help. Good luck to you.

  23. Mary Says:

    I had to find out where patty Riley went… I thought a vacation then she didn’t come back..
    Now I see she is gone for good 😦
    I loved the things she said.~! I loved the unexpected~! ..Especially when she did show’s with the Clark’s shoe was hilarious…:)
    There are a couple new ones on the show that make me not even want to watch. They are irritating.. they are all about looking “cutesy”… yuck~!
    Well if they keep getting these new “show people’ Types on..Orders will go down.. I liked QVC because the hosts seemed like, more honest every day people.. Now these others??? Don’t order when they are on.. Cause I won’t watch..

  24. Chop Says:

    Man reading the comments here are something brutal leave the girl alone she looks great and seems nice surgery or no surgery it’s her life she can do what she chooses.Good luck Patti and you do look awesome!

  25. Jill B. Says:

    Wow- I can’t believe how many rude people are out there and have nothing else to do with their time than to talk about Patti Riley. She owes the public nothing and how so many idiotic people can think that she does well it blows my mind. Get a life and worry about your own back yard…sounds like it needs some attention. GOOD LUCK IN EVERYTHING PATTI- YOU DESERVE IT.

  26. teresa Says:


    • T Says:

      has nothing to do with hate, just personal likes and dislikes. she is NOT someone who should TALK on TV…OMG the most annoying voice..and her personality was narcissitic at best…WAY too much information..
      The LAST time I watched her was when she did a SHIMMY to show that her boobs would not fall out of a Breezies bra! ya that’s appropriate. She is where she belongs..out in CA where all the nuts go when you shake the can

  27. Wanda Johnson Says:

    Well I for one will miss seeing Patti on the air. Patti if you read this don’t pay attention to these self centered people who think they know how you lost weight. For one thing it is none of their business. I am proud of you for what you accomplished on QVC and wish you nothing but the best. Good luck in all your future endeavors and my God Bless you in whatever you do!

  28. Kathryn Concepcion Says:

    Hi Patti,
    All of a sudden I’m seeing all these new faces on QVC and wondered who was missing and finally realized I hadn’t seen Patti in a very long time.
    I really miss seeing your happy smiley face. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors and I admire you for taking the risk. Good luck, you will do well and I hope and pray your dog is better.
    Don’t pay attention to all those negative remarks, they need to look @ themselves and get a life. God Bless you!!

  29. Patti's Huge Legs Says:

    I can’t believe some people are writing to Patti, as if she will be reading this. ha-ha!! You are all so ridiculous!!

  30. Pat Says:

    I could not stand the woman, and I am glad she is gone. I have to say this as a long time QVC shopper I do not remember her when she was big. I remember the mouth Susan Runyan, who went to HSN and I know she had surgery to lose weight, to this day I cannot stand to listen to her prattle on. I do miss Lisa she was so nice and gentle.

  31. Mildred Petrassi Says:

    why not concentrate all of your efforts and say a prayer for Jeanne
    Bice; she was a wonderful woman; she will be missed; and I hope her company survives without her…..shall we start a writing about her size? no, no one would dream about it; because she’s now in
    heaven….but poor Patti; you just can’t let her live. I have an idea…
    each time someone posts a comment about Patti, please reveal your
    weight and size; that should shut all of you up………..or reveal your name and address and perhaps QVC can stop shipping merchandise
    to you…..sound unfair? so do you gals……..

  32. T Says:

    THANK GOD, she is a complete attention ho, never liked her, could not stand to watch or listen to her…so glad she is GONE from the Q, however now she will briing that same BLEAH to wherever she ends up working…too bad for them
    YAY she’s gone!!!

  33. T Says:

    She wont tell anyone what she will be doing…sshhhhhhh its’ all a secret….

  34. Mildred Petrassi Says:

    what i can’t understand is why you gals are still at this from February
    do you have jobs? families? responsibilities? put your extra energy into something useful. I don’t care where she went, but I do know she will be a success; while you gals are sitting home throwing insults……..get a life………enough already

  35. Dolores Raffellini Says:

    I work and have a lot to do. So what if people give comments on Patti. She was annoying and everything everyone said she was. Glad she’s gone.

    P.S. It has nothing to do with her “weight loss”. Her personality sucked.

  36. shelley Says:

    Well…I’m a busy person myself, don’t have time to bash much..However,I love QVC and admire a variety of personalities…please stop being so judgemental and focus on things more important…like the economy or the men and women fighting for our freedom………………..I’ll say a prayer for you negitive beings!!!!!!

  37. Jeanne Says:

    I really don’t care about how she lost the weight. Reading her blog, I wonder how Piper is. My husand and I just lost our beautiful golden retriever. I hope Piper has years left.

  38. lee flesher Says:

    Its easy for we, the people, to be mean. We have to try to be Christianlike each day. Its our purpose, I believe. I didn’t care for Patti- and she changed in a negative way , in my opinion, after her surgeries that changed her in every way possible physically. God bless her in her endeavors, I didn’t even notice she was missing until recently.

  39. Norma Vanden Broek Says:

    I always liked Patti and admired her for her weight loss, no matter HOW she did it, it was a major change for her. If she seemed chatty, a little less humble, maybe she was adjusting to her new HER. The only thing I didn’t like was her squeeky voice, but what’s new? My voice is bad on the phone, sooo I didn’t allow that to keep me from watching her. I liked it when she was on the gardening show with that hunk from Georgia. I miss Lisa Mason too. I DO NOT like Jane Tracy, she is always trying to sell herself instead of the merchandise. Now THAT is something I could really talk about

  40. Ruth R. Grady Says:

    Three week plus off the air and no close-ups on her first show back. Lisa Robertson had cosmetic surgery the first of September 2011–guaranteed.

  41. mildred petrassi Says:

    so what? it has nothing to do with the fine products that are sold on
    QVC. cosmetic surgery is expensive; and if she can afford it; why not….will we now have a million comments on what you believe she did? when you reach a certain age and your budget permits….i say go for it……I did; and still do; it’s great for the ego…try it; it does wonders for you self confidence…..

  42. Roger Says:

    From a guy’s perspective, I have never seen anything bad about Patty as far as her attraction goes. Apparently, people seem to forget that beauty is only skin deep, but they should also keep in mind that ugly goes all the way to the bone! For those of you who made all of those rude comment’s, look in the mirror and find NO imperfection’s

  43. Cindy Says:

    I also hated that winny so call thought she was fine B….glad her ass is gone. So long

  44. connie boscia Says:

    I too am glad Patti Reilly is gone – but be sure, the next to go or should go is Shawn – another phony

    • mildred petrassi Says:

      miss connie, i’m never for being mean, just not my style; but I have to say; when I turn on the TV and Shawn is on; I change the station. I’m sure she’s a lovely girl; but there is just someone about her that wears on my last nerve. She’s just too casual; not classy like MaryBeth; and my favorite Jane………sorry Shawn

  45. Jean Buduski Says:

    I used to like Patty Riley before she lost all the weight. She seemed very
    genuine, but once the weight came off she was a totally different person.
    She seemed to always have to be the star attraction which was very unatractive. I couldn’t watch any of her shows anymore.I am glad she decided to leave.I hope she finds what she’s looking for in life.It’s a
    shame to go thru all that work and then end up alone. GOOD LUCK, PATTY! JB

  46. Gerard King Says:

    Never liked her. Actually, liked her before she lost the weight, then after that she was just to cocky and nasty…one night she was so nasty to Jeanne Bice from Quacker, that I refused to watch her again…glad she’s gone..only noticed today…..

  47. anita Says:

    i have lost 85lbs and you women on here are just jealous of women who take care of themselves im 60 years young and can show you all up

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