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Actress Fran Drescher, Part Of The HSN Family, Launches Her ‘Tawk’ Show Friday

November 26, 2010

Actress Fran Drescher is not only a skincare vendor on HSN, she is now the host of her own daytime program, “The Fran Drescher Tawk Show.”

The show debuts tomorrow, Friday, in a test run on six Fox-owned TV stations, including WNYW in New York City at noon. The other stations are KTTV in Los Angeles, WTXF in Philadelphia, KMSP in Minneapolis, KSAZ in Phoenix and WORL in Orlando, Fla.

Drescher is a cancer survivor and a rape survivor. To top it off, her ex-husband came out of the closet and said he was gay after they divorced. This star of the back-in-the-day hit “The Nanny” is resilient, to say the least. She started doing a natural skincare line, FranBrand, for HSN earlier this year.

So how did Drescher land her talk show gig?

According to, Drescher appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” and then got a call from its producers, Debmar-Mercury.

“When I was on your show, the people that make your show asked me if I wanted to do my [own] show,” Drescher told Williams, who resides in our town of Montclair, N.J. “We’ve been talking ever since. It’s gonna premiere Nov. 26 right after Thanksgiving.”

BTW, Drescher is referring to TV syndicator Debmar-Mercury, which produces Williams’ show and is now producing “The Tawk” Show,” along with the Fox Stations. And in that HSN “Six Degrees of Separation” thing, Debmar-Mercury is owned by the studio Lionsgate, which is headed by Jon Feltheimer, who is married to HSN “Hot in Hollywood” vendor Laurie Feltheimer.

Kirstie Alley is one of Drescher's first guests

Drescher’s debut show will be “A Post-Thanksgiving Weight Loss Discussion,” with zaftig actress Kirstie Alley “tawking diet and organic food.” Mmmmmmm, we don’t know if Alley is the right person to talk about diets.

The rest of the episode will include healthy cooking with Chef LaLa and Dr. Ian Smith offering weight loss advice. He will put two members of “The Tawk Show” staff on a healthy eating plan.

Here is what WNYW’s website says about Drescher’s show: “Drescher’s new ‘tawk’ show will give viewers a look at the former star of ‘The Nanny’ in a new light. From celebrity headliners to political heavyweights, Drescher is ready to chat it up with the best of them beginning Nov. 26.”

Chef LaLa is also on the guest roster

In October the trade rag B&C wrote about the show, which will have a three-week trial period.

“I’m thrilled to be able to bring The Fran Drescher Tawk Show to daytime TV, which fits me hand in glove,” said Drescher in a statement, according to B&C. “It will cover all of my passions, everything from pedicures to politics. America will have a chance to see the real Fran Drescher, beyond ‘The Nanny.’ I’m the girl next door, a self-made woman who has been to hell and back a few times.”

No kidding, girlfriend.

The name of Drescher’s show, which pokes fun at her pronounced New Yawk accent, reminds us of our days at Multichannel News. Our tech writer based in Denver, a beautiful and razor-sharp blonde named Leslie Ellis, would delight in making fun of our accent when we saw her at trade shows.

Leslie, that sly puss, got a kick out of mimicking our pronunciation of “tawk.” It made us quite self-conscious. What a silly goose we were. We should have been celebrating our manner of speaking, just as Drescher is.

Can Actress Fran Drescher Get Us A Young Boyfriend, Like Her’s? We’re Buying Her HSN Skincare Products To Find Out

November 10, 2009


Fran Drescher

After enduring days of annoying promos, HSN viewers got to see actress Fran Drescher debut Tuesday morning with her FranBrand line of skincare products. And we have to say, we were impressed.

“This is my maiden voyage on HSN,” said Drescher, who has gained weight since “The Nanny,” but looks gorgeous.

“People are always complimenting me on how beautiful my skin is,” the comedic actress said, attributing her glow to her own skincare products.

But most importantly, cancer survivor and rape victim Drescher said she started the line because she became concerned about what she was putting on her skin after her “darkest hours,” when she was ill with uterine cancer.

She called FranBrand “a beautiful, natural extension of my advocacy,” with natural ingredients and eco-friendly glass packaging.

The beauty industry is self-regulating, which Drescher called “the fox guarding the henhouse.”

Drescher is also putting her money where her mouth is: 2 percent of the FranBrand sales will go to the Cancer Schmancer Movement, the actress’s nonprofit organization dedicating to ensuring that women’s cancer is diagnosed in Stage 1.

The FranBrand product jars also each have a “Franism” on them such as, “When you look for the good in others, you discover the best in yourself.”

The show kicked off with a description of Drescher’s work as a public-policy advocate for women’s issues, and HSN showed photos of Drescher with President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

But here’s what may get us to try FranBrand: Drescher keep making reference to her boyfriend, who uses some of her products.

Descher, 52, also said that her boyfriend is nine years younger than her, and that when they wake up together in the morning, he doesn’t think he’s in bed with an old woman, or words to that effect.

Hey, if FranBrand will get us a young boyfriend, we’re placing our order now.

Queens-bred Drescher even brough her small brown dog Esther to the show. We’re not sure of the breed, we think she may be a Pomeranian. The dog is in the promo, which is on If we are wrong about the breed, let us know.

At one point, Drescher said, “June 21st was the day I was cured of my cancer.” Mazel Tov, Fran.

And for those who want more information, here is Drescher’s Web site.

Actress Fran Drescher May Need To Lighten Up For Her HSN Debut

November 4, 2009

HSN has started airing a promo for actress Fran Drescher’s new skincare line, FranBrand, which debuts Nov. 10.

The Queens-bred brunette with the memorable, or unbearable to some, voice talks about being a cancer survivor. In her inspirational pitch, Drescher tells viewers to “take control of your body.” 

Well, sorry to say this, but it looks like Drescher, whose big TV hit was “The Nanny,” should be taking better control of her body. Maybe it’s the way she was shot in a tight pair of jeans, but she is sure looking pretty broad in the hip area. 

We know we should not be saying this, but you will be thinking it when you see the promo. Like we said, maybe it’s just a bad angle.