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HSN Opens Its Doors For Golden Door Spa

November 30, 2016

Just what we all need: Another skincare line on a home shopping network. We jest.

But we are getting one, with The Los Angeles Times reporting that the Golden Door spa is debuting its own products on HSN in January.

The Times describes the Golden Door Luxury Resort & Spa as “the famed Escondido, Calif.-based mind and body retreat … The business hosts about 40 people per week on its 600-acre property who then focus on exercise, nutrition and spa treatments. Both Golden Door’s natural beauty products and artisanal food products will be sold on the network.”

The line will include Soothing Cleansing Foam, Bamboo Face Scrub, Moisture Rich Serum, Golden Peel-A-Way Mask and Daily Renewal Treatment on the network, as well as Hydrating Cleansing Milk, Soothing Toner, Hydrating Moisturizer, Yuzu Body Oil and other products online.

Peter Thomas Roth Goes From Beauty To Jewelry On QVC

February 7, 2016

It looks like QVC has a big designer jewelry day coming up, with Sunday’s TSV from Barbara Bixby and other vendors set for festivities, including Judith Ripka and JAI.

The one that caught our eye was skincare guru Peter Thomas Roth. What’s up with that? He’s now not only peddling beauty products to keep you wrinkle-free moisturized, he’s designing sterling silver baubles?

The jewelry collection, which we actually like, is called “Ribbon and Reed.” And it’s not cheap: The link necklace we like is $780.

Here’s what has this to say about Roth’s jewelry foray:

While skin care, hair care, and beauty have been his long-time passion, fine jewelry has been Peter Thomas Roth’s best-kept secret. Since 1939, his parents brought the jewelry designs of many renowned artists, celebrities, and impresarios to life. He learned by watching them work firsthand, and throughout his life, their inspiration and expertise remained steadfast.

In his youth, Peter Thomas Roth spent many days on Fifth Avenue in the opulence of one of New York’s most prestigious museums. There, he volunteered in the Jewelry Reproduction Department, mastering the very art that his parents had practiced for decades. On Mondays, when the museum was closed, he wandered the galleries like an explorer.

It was there that the motif behind the Ribbon and Reed collection caught his eye for the very first time. Classic and elegant, the design adorns a selection of the greatest masterpieces and objets d’arts, as well as the details of the grandest rooms. In his eyes, it symbolized luxury, power, romance, and authority. Years later, it became Peter Thomas Roth’s inspiration for his timeless jewelry collection.

HSN Gets Momentum From ‘Her Side’ Of The Business, Like Jennifer Stallone’s Firma-Face: Suzanne Somers Not Missed

November 12, 2009


HSN CEO Mindy Grossman

Even though its third-quarter sales slipped a hair, HSN has momentum and is upbeat about the coming holiday season, according to company officials.

During a third-quarter conference call Thursday, HSN CEO Mindy Grossman fielded questions from Wall Street analysts about the company’s outlook for the rest of the year. 

“We’re optimistic going into the fourth quarter and seeing the trends continue from third quarter across multiple categories of the business, whether it’s new innovations in technology or, as you mentioned, in the ‘Her Side’ of the business,” Grossman said.

“We feel that both from an inventory perspective and a product-pipeline perspective we’re very well positioned going and in the quarter from everything from our gift strategies all the way to some of the new product introductions that we have had a lot of success with consistently,” she said.

Net sales for the HSN network and Web site (excluding HSN Inc.’s Cornerstone unit) decreased in the quarter to $467 million, versus $471 million last year, down 1 percent. However, operating income increased 115 percent to $37.1 million compared to $17.3 million in the prior year.

Chief financial officer Judy Schmeling said that the “slight sales decrease” was a reflection of the 6 percent lower-average price point for HSN items in the quarter, incuding an 18 percent decline in the average price point for the Today’s Special, “rather than any sizable mix shift.”

The network’s return rate dropped to 19.5 percent in the third quarter from 20.3 percent in the prior period; and inventory was down 15 percent.

In contrast to HSN, QVC saw its sales rise slightly in the third quarter. Earlier this week, QVC domestic posted $1.098 billion in revenue in the third quarter, a 2 percent increase from $1.073 billion in the year-ago period.

At HSN in the third quarter, gross profit increased 8 percent to $168.6 million. Unit growth was up 6 percent.

The No. 2 home shopping network has seen growing success with its fashion, beauty and jewelry lines, the “Her Side” of the business, according to Grossman.

“We have transformed our fashion businesses, exited unproductive brands and invested in the creation and developmemt of proprietary lifestyle brands with talented individuals who can bring a unique point of view to our customers,” Grossman said.

She cited as examples red-carpert designers Bagley Mischka, actress Molly Sims, rock star David Bowie’s model wife Iman and tennis champ Serena Williams. There was no mention of actress-author Suzanne Somers moved from HSN to ShopNBC during the third-quarter.

“It is important to note that at HSN we don’t just buy brand,” Grossman said. “We partner with visionaries, experts and design authorites to build propriety brands and bring them to life in unique and compelling ways.”

The CEO cited the line by Stefani Greenfield, Curations.

“We are now recognized in the fashion industry as a destination with strong leadership, innovation and a successful track record,” Grossman said.

In terms of the beauty category, HSN has added brands such as Benefit and Lancome, as well reaping success with its proprietary brands, such as Jennifer Stallone’s Serious Skin Care and FranBrand, the skincare line launched this week kby actess Fran Drescher.

HSN’s launch of Serious Skin Care’s Firma-Face in just four days in September sold almost 100,000 units, and more than 60 percent of customers signing up for Autoship, to ensure regular delivery, according to Grossman.

HSN has adjusted its jewelry product mix, resulting in unit growth of 13% this quarter, she said. Silver and fashion jewelry continue to be strong, with sales up 30 percent over last year “as customers responded to our wider range of price points and new designer introductions,” Grossman said.

She added that she is looking forward to the launch of Molly Sims’ jewelry line, Grayce, later this week.

Despite the dire economny, there was a 7 percent growth rate in sales from HSN’s best customers.

“We have been very focued in that segment of our business, and what we are seeing is her continuing to buy across multiple categories,” Grossman said

She explained that HSN is offering “The World of Carlos Falchi” and “Global Chic” from Iman.

Those are “businesses that completely go across jewelry, apparel, accessories, beauty, etc.,” Grossman said, noting that HSN’s viewers are “buying across multiple categories and we’re seing the increase in that best customer in the number of purchases she’s been making.”

Can Actress Fran Drescher Get Us A Young Boyfriend, Like Her’s? We’re Buying Her HSN Skincare Products To Find Out

November 10, 2009


Fran Drescher

After enduring days of annoying promos, HSN viewers got to see actress Fran Drescher debut Tuesday morning with her FranBrand line of skincare products. And we have to say, we were impressed.

“This is my maiden voyage on HSN,” said Drescher, who has gained weight since “The Nanny,” but looks gorgeous.

“People are always complimenting me on how beautiful my skin is,” the comedic actress said, attributing her glow to her own skincare products.

But most importantly, cancer survivor and rape victim Drescher said she started the line because she became concerned about what she was putting on her skin after her “darkest hours,” when she was ill with uterine cancer.

She called FranBrand “a beautiful, natural extension of my advocacy,” with natural ingredients and eco-friendly glass packaging.

The beauty industry is self-regulating, which Drescher called “the fox guarding the henhouse.”

Drescher is also putting her money where her mouth is: 2 percent of the FranBrand sales will go to the Cancer Schmancer Movement, the actress’s nonprofit organization dedicating to ensuring that women’s cancer is diagnosed in Stage 1.

The FranBrand product jars also each have a “Franism” on them such as, “When you look for the good in others, you discover the best in yourself.”

The show kicked off with a description of Drescher’s work as a public-policy advocate for women’s issues, and HSN showed photos of Drescher with President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

But here’s what may get us to try FranBrand: Drescher keep making reference to her boyfriend, who uses some of her products.

Descher, 52, also said that her boyfriend is nine years younger than her, and that when they wake up together in the morning, he doesn’t think he’s in bed with an old woman, or words to that effect.

Hey, if FranBrand will get us a young boyfriend, we’re placing our order now.

Queens-bred Drescher even brough her small brown dog Esther to the show. We’re not sure of the breed, we think she may be a Pomeranian. The dog is in the promo, which is on If we are wrong about the breed, let us know.

At one point, Drescher said, “June 21st was the day I was cured of my cancer.” Mazel Tov, Fran.

And for those who want more information, here is Drescher’s Web site.

Actress Fran Drescher May Need To Lighten Up For Her HSN Debut

November 4, 2009

HSN has started airing a promo for actress Fran Drescher’s new skincare line, FranBrand, which debuts Nov. 10.

The Queens-bred brunette with the memorable, or unbearable to some, voice talks about being a cancer survivor. In her inspirational pitch, Drescher tells viewers to “take control of your body.” 

Well, sorry to say this, but it looks like Drescher, whose big TV hit was “The Nanny,” should be taking better control of her body. Maybe it’s the way she was shot in a tight pair of jeans, but she is sure looking pretty broad in the hip area. 

We know we should not be saying this, but you will be thinking it when you see the promo. Like we said, maybe it’s just a bad angle.