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Oops, She Did It Again: Jessica Simpson’s A Train Wreck On HSN

September 18, 2015

We hate to say we told you so, but we told you so. We warned you about Jessica Simpson in a recent blog.

We missed the Texas blonde’s appearance Thursday night on HSN, but apparently it went about as well as her brief stint on QVC a few years ago. In other words, she was a train wreck.

These boots are made for walking, and Jessica Simpson should keep walking away from home shopping.

These boots are made for walking, and Jessica Simpson should keep walking away from home shopping.

TMZ already skewered Simpson, describing her as “dazed” and “confused” during her HSN debut.

“Jessica seemed out of it during her 2-hour sell-a-thon, giggling and slurring,” TMZ wrote. Poor Colleen Lopez!

She apparently had a lot of sellouts, but as QVC vet Steve Bryant posted on Facebook, “Don’t let the sell outs fool you. It’s common practice to bring in very small quantities to get as many sell out stories as possible. The real test of any product line starts in the 2nd and 3rd show.”

Steve is the most astute expert on the home shopping world that we know, and he also wrote, “Jessica Simpson on HSN is as big a cluster fuck as she was on QVC. It’s like the host is talking to a crayon. In my opinion, she is acting very impaired. Hey TV Shopping Channels, celebrities aren’t the answer anymore!”

Here were some of the comments from Steve’s Facebook page:

“Was flipping channels and saw the train wreck of Jessica Simpson. She appeared to me to be stoned or inebriated. Very, very sad. I give the host credit for having to deal with her and her inferior line of apparel.”

“Jessica is drunk or something and that swaying and slurring her words is painful to watch. I just messaged them saying get her off the air. Her stuff is selling but this is really bad.”

“She is on drugs to get skinny there was talk about her going to rehab.”

“Slurred Speech Simpson Special?”

“Steve…after I read your post I had to tune in. Your assessment was spot on. It was actually uncomfortable to watch. She’s obviously hammered or high. If she’s not, I would be completely surprised. Also, I think I lost several IQ points just by watching for a few minutes.”