Oops, She Did It Again: Jessica Simpson’s A Train Wreck On HSN

We hate to say we told you so, but we told you so. We warned you about Jessica Simpson in a recent blog.


We missed the Texas blonde’s appearance Thursday night on HSN, but apparently it went about as well as her brief stint on QVC a few years ago. In other words, she was a train wreck.

These boots are made for walking, and Jessica Simpson should keep walking away from home shopping.

These boots are made for walking, and Jessica Simpson should keep walking away from home shopping.

TMZ already skewered Simpson, describing her as “dazed” and “confused” during her HSN debut.

“Jessica seemed out of it during her 2-hour sell-a-thon, giggling and slurring,” TMZ wrote. Poor Colleen Lopez!


She apparently had a lot of sellouts, but as QVC vet Steve Bryant posted on Facebook, “Don’t let the sell outs fool you. It’s common practice to bring in very small quantities to get as many sell out stories as possible. The real test of any product line starts in the 2nd and 3rd show.”


Steve is the most astute expert on the home shopping world that we know, and he also wrote, “Jessica Simpson on HSN is as big a cluster fuck as she was on QVC. It’s like the host is talking to a crayon. In my opinion, she is acting very impaired. Hey TV Shopping Channels, celebrities aren’t the answer anymore!”

Here were some of the comments from Steve’s Facebook page:

“Was flipping channels and saw the train wreck of Jessica Simpson. She appeared to me to be stoned or inebriated. Very, very sad. I give the host credit for having to deal with her and her inferior line of apparel.”

“Jessica is drunk or something and that swaying and slurring her words is painful to watch. I just messaged them saying get her off the air. Her stuff is selling but this is really bad.”

“She is on drugs to get skinny there was talk about her going to rehab.”

“Slurred Speech Simpson Special?”

“Steve…after I read your post I had to tune in. Your assessment was spot on. It was actually uncomfortable to watch. She’s obviously hammered or high. If she’s not, I would be completely surprised. Also, I think I lost several IQ points just by watching for a few minutes.”


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23 Responses to “Oops, She Did It Again: Jessica Simpson’s A Train Wreck On HSN”

  1. QueenCeleste Says:

    Oh, I missed it! Will look for the videos of the products. Was it as bad (good, that is!) as Liza’s appearance several years ago? Very entertaining though, and I bought a lovely black velvet duster jacket from her collection that I wear often and receive many a compliment on. Bobbie Ray Carter and the models deserved combat pay for those shows!

  2. darlene Says:

    Steve Bryant an astute expert, LOL, he’s been canned at so many places. The only one the recognizes him as him as an expert is himself.

  3. LINDA Says:

    Funny how they photo shopped the hell out of her picture. She’s a midget and her legs are about 5 inches long, LMAO

  4. steelstringslider Says:

    Linda, thank you for the kind words and the quote! As you know, I have read and enjoyed your Homeshoppingista blog for many years. It’s extremely informative and entertaining. You get a lot of scoops and behind-the-scenes information in the world of TV shopping and really help all of us stay current with this ever changing industry. Keep up the great work and thanks again!

  5. Sara James Says:

    LOL,, typical Steve, I would rather watch someone slurring over words, than watch him,,zzzzzzzzzzzzzz what a snooze fest he was.
    He was a bore.
    If you were afraid to take sleeping pills, he was the next best thing.

  6. Chelsea Says:

    I have nothing against Jessica, but iI saw this fiasco and was immediately reminded of Mariah dumbanddumber Carey’s visit a few years back. Poor Colleen my aunt fanny! That woman will do anything for a sale. And her Facebook is down….guess she couldn’t take the heat. She takes on the train wrecks because they’re celebs…and she’s hoping that will help her sell more.

    HSN, since Mindy Gross,man! took over, has gone to hell in a hand basket. She fired several good hosts, and hired a few warm bodies. The last good hosts hired at HSN were Adam Freeman and Amy Morrison. Robin Wall was hired under Grossman and she’s good; but she was a vendor on HSN before that. Grossman goes after all this celebrity hype, and many of them are substance abusers, or cannot conduct theHSNlves in that type of environment. How many 20 year olds are solvent HSN customers?! She needs to take HSN back about 15-16 years, when it was good values and things real people bought and needed. This celebrity hype has gone overboard. Most of us, in our 40s and up, who are HSNs REAL customers, don’t care about Mariah’s ho heels, or Snooki’s handbags, or whatever. At least Simpson’s stuff was relatable.

    There were very few celebs on HSN in 1999-2000. The ones that were, conducted themselves like adults, showed their wares and made sales. Grossman even axed one of them; Suzanne Somers….a very popular vendor with customers. Guess Suzy was getting too old; Grossman wants to make HSN more youthful. That would explain all the botox, juvederm, and facelifts the hosts have obviously done. So let’s put the blame where it belongs…on HSN, who knew Simpson had problems on QVC. Anything for a sale…

    And quit bashing Steve Bryant. He’s a cancer survivor, and he’s keeping busy. And, he left QVC of his own accord…which is admirable on its own.

    • Lovie Says:

      Very well said, Chelsea. I consider the 90’s HSN’s glory days. (Sigh)
      I’ve never tried any of Jessica’s clothing, but I LOVE her shoe line. I’ve always been pleased with the style and the quality. In my opinion, Jessica needs to hire a REAL brand ambassador to represent her. (NOT her mother.) Unscripted TV sales might not be a good fit for her. She can hire someone tall and beautiful and who’s well-versed in fashion AND good on television. Kinda like that guy David Dangle who worked with Joan Rivers when she was on QVC. Not that Joan needed any help, but they made a great team. Joan cracked the jokes while David discussed the benefits and features of the items with poise and grace. Jessica needs a female version of David Dangle.

      • Lisa Says:

        Great observation! I really like David Dangle and his knowledge. He is classy and could probably convince me to buy a flannel shirt.

  7. Rachel Says:

    Say what you want about Jessica..and I agree…she should learn to behave and be sober on air….this is all on HSN. This isn’t the first time they’ve had a chemically enhanced celebrity shilling their junk.

    Mariah, Liza, Paula, Janice……just to name a few. They bring on celebrities… regardless of their rehab status, hoping in their Grossman greedy little hearts that they will make even MORE money from the adoring audience.

    It seems like Simpson’s line did well, so HSN will have her back, sober or not, so Colleen can drool and gush over all the items…and get people to whip out those credit cards, cuz it’s Colleen approved, and buy the drunken girl’s wares.

    So if you like watching disasters…look at your HSN program guide, and watch for the next celebrity train wreck.

    • MaryAnn Says:

      Your comments are so right on point, Rachel. Its a shame with so many quality designers available that they peddle these so called “celebrity designers” overpriced crap!! The only designs they’re familiar with are “designer drugs”.

      • Alex Says:

        Chelsea and Rachel, well said. HSN is definitely on the decline, since about 2002; and even more than that since Grossman took over. Celebrities don’t make good vendors, for the most part. MaryAnn, good point.
        Lovie, your idea is great. But, before Jessica finds her own David Dangle, she needs to be seeing a Dr. Drew.

  8. Twat Waffles Says:

    When I saw the presentations I thought alcohol myself, but then I also thought pills…

    • Beth Says:

      It was either booze or pills; possibly both. What cracks me up is Bill Brand defending her behavior as “professional”. Hey, if I acted that ” professionally “at my job, I would be out on my arsse, standing in the unemployment line the next day!
      If Simpson is going to use TV as the medium to push her stuff, she should a- sober up, at least for her presentation; and b- know her product line better. But, as others have said, this is HSN’s own fault. They bring these people on, knowing they use substances, and also knowing that they’re train wrecks.

    • Elena Says:

      Yeah, Twat Waffles….or even both. I have a former friend who abuses alcohol and psyche drugs; he makes Jessica look clean and sober.
      And to those of you who say it’s on HSN…I totally agree. Though I think Jessica should get help…she has 2 little kids who deserve a sober mother.

  9. Sara James Says:

    @Chelsea. Its seems you are in the know about all that goes on @HSN. Either you were employed there at one time, or you just have too much time on your hands,especially after all the time you took in writing your, “facts? & opinions”.

    Steve is a very bitter person. Go to his website and read how he gets up on his soapbox and talks down to people who worked at QVC, as well as others.

    He speaks like he is in the know about everything and everyone.
    He knows bitterness, that’s all..

    I am aware he has gone through cancer, that does not give him the right to acts so pious.
    He has done nothing and has not lasted in any job since the Q.

    So what does he do now?, strums on his guitar and visits sites, like this one, tossing shade at people.
    He of all people, should never point the finger at anybody.

    • Craig Says:

      I normally don’t stick up for other posters, but I hate troublemakers and you, Sara James, are one.
      Just because someone is informed about something doesn’t mean they have too much time on their hands. It means they read about things.
      And speaking of which, you must have way too much time on your hands, to be reading and analyzing Steve Bryant’s website…especially since you don’t like him! You’re the bitter person on a soapbox. You didn’t even comment on Jessica Simpson. Go crawl back under your rock, toad.

    • Beth Says:

      You must have too much time on YOUR hands, Sara. You claim to not like Steve Bryant, calling him a bitter has been, yet it seems you’ve spent a great deal of time going over his website. Usually if you don’t care for someone, you don’t follow them.
      The Chelsea person seems to know her HSN well; but if she isn’t an ex employee… which is none of your business…she could have gotten all her information from reading. Much of it, right here on Miss Moss’ great blog.
      And what do you have to say about Jessica Simpson? It seems you came on here just to pick on Chelsea. Get a life. I’ve seen how you haunt this blog, just looking for trouble.

  10. LINDA Says:

    I really liked Steve and was a supporter until he became a bitter know it all on facebook. Talked about stalking haters, finding out where they lived, IP addresses, etc. Really creepy and hateful. Cannot handle criticism and it’s probably why no shopping channel kept him around too long after he left QVC. A few years ago he posted about KJL when he would drive the fake car on set and the time (because of Steve) it fell apart live on air. Jane was the host and went bat shit crazy after, he said that Jane was insipid, in other words void of human personality. Loved his stories but couldn’t handle his anger.

  11. Sara James Says:

    Gee, you better watch out Linda..
    Bethie and Craggie might get upset..lol
    To the both of you I say this:
    I don’t have the time that the OP has, its obvious.
    When I saw the name that Steve goes by now, (one of many I may add),,,,I did look it up… When one of his sites isn’t popular, he moves on to the next.. So, you two can get off your soap box and I will say what I want about this fool. Bitter, me? You want to see bitter, go to Steves website and read all the hate and sarcasm that comes from his mouth…He tosses shade at many he worked with and I don’t just mean QVC.
    As far as the OP, she did go to some lengths to toss shade at Mariah and Colleen, but its okay for her to do so?
    What about Mindy,,she blames her for the fall of HSN?
    She speaks of other new hosts as “warm bodies”?
    Give me a break..if OP is going to dish it out, she better be ready for repercussions.

    Bethie,, if you have seen me haunt this blog, as you put it?..Honey you are just as guilty and free with your time…lol
    Its none of your business what I post, so don’t get your panties in a wad. You don’t like it, too bad,,,
    Others here have posted comments as well…but you decide to come at me?
    Bring it…..
    You and Craggie should get a life & make it better than what you have ….
    Its obvious to me, yours isn’t that great……………………………………..

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