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QVC Host Mary Beth Roe Recovering From Accident

April 2, 2016

This is no belated April Fool’s joke: QVC host Mary Beth Roe was in a car accident and is off the air, at least for now.

On Thursday Erika, who is apparently engaged to the host’s son, posted a message on Roe’s Facebook page.

“Mary Beth thanks all of you so much for your kindness, thoughts and prayers. She always said, ‘QVC customers are the best.’ Her doctor said she needs to rest. Mary Beth will be back on air with you just as soon as her doctor says she can.
Thank you, again!”

Someone posted that Roe had been in a car accident, and that on a recent Liz Claiborne segment a letter she wrote about the mishap was read.

The popular blonde host had tons of messages from well-wishers offering their prayers.