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Mary Beth Roe Returns To QVC After Harrowing Crash

June 29, 2016

QVC host Mary Beth Roe, a fan favorite at the home shopping network, is back in the house. She returns today, Wednesday.

The sweet-natured blonde was off the air for about three months while she recuperated from a car accident. We just assumed she had suffered a few broken bones, or injuries along those lines, when we heard of her mishap.

But Roe described her accident, her injuries and her recovery in detail in a blog on It turns out that she didn’t have any broken bones, miraculously, but she struck her head several times when a drunken driver slammed into her car. It ended up being a four-car accident, and Roe feared her face would be so damaged that she would never be able to go on the air again.

She suffered a concussion, and that is nothing to sniff at. For several years we wrote a blog on concussions for an ex-boyfriend, who is now a TBI lawyer. We learned all too well the damage that concussions do to the brain, how former NFL players have developed permanent brain damage — with a number of them committing suicide.

Roe found out about concussions firsthand.

“I’ve learned more about the brain and the body than I ever knew before, and it’s been fascinating,” she wrote.

“I have a whole new appreciation for people with concussions. I now know how it affects your balance, memory, the way your brain processes thoughts, the fatigue it creates, the emotions that a concussion can bring on such as anger or sadness, and the sensitivity to light and sound.”

Roe also posted a photo of the crushed car that hit her vehicle.

She is a devout Christian, and she thanked God for protecting her.

Welcome back, girlfriend!

QVC Host Mary Beth Roe Recovering From Accident

April 2, 2016

This is no belated April Fool’s joke: QVC host Mary Beth Roe was in a car accident and is off the air, at least for now.

On Thursday Erika, who is apparently engaged to the host’s son, posted a message on Roe’s Facebook page.

“Mary Beth thanks all of you so much for your kindness, thoughts and prayers. She always said, ‘QVC customers are the best.’ Her doctor said she needs to rest. Mary Beth will be back on air with you just as soon as her doctor says she can.
Thank you, again!”

Someone posted that Roe had been in a car accident, and that on a recent Liz Claiborne segment a letter she wrote about the mishap was read.

The popular blonde host had tons of messages from well-wishers offering their prayers.

Lisa Mason Returns To QVC April 13 As Host

April 1, 2015

Yada, yada, yada. Lisa Mason has revealed when she is returning to QVC as a host.

Mason posted a blog on that warned, “I’m Back.” She makes her first appearance on April 13 on a Diamonique show with Jane Treacy.

Here it is:

Hello, my Dear Friends!

I am so very excited to share with you that I am returning to QVC as Host. It has been almost 4 1/2 years since I was a part of the QVC family and and I have missed you terribly! I have received the most amazing, warm welcome from the host team and everyone at QVC.

Lisa Mason and hubby Gino

Lisa Mason and hubby Gino

Gino, my husband, and I are transitioning back to Pennsylvania now. As soon as all is settled, I’ll see you on the air.

Here is what Mason’s mentor, Mary Beth Roe, had to say:

Don’t you just love seeing a long lost friend you haven’t seen in a long time? That’s why I’m so glad Lisa Mason is back as a QVC host! After a decade and a half of shopping with Lisa, falling in love with her sweet southern accent and her charming sense of humor, she wanted to branch out and try other things. We all understood, so she moved on about 5 years ago. She wrote a book, dabbled in real estate, did infomercials and was even a guest on QVC with Supersmile (one of my favorite products), and now we needed her back!

It’s like riding a bike…you never forget how. She will jump right in and take you shopping, and I’m sure you will enjoy her, laugh with her laugh, and fall in love with her, “Sugar”…”you sweet thing”… But also know that she knows her stuff. She knows the products inside and out, and she especially excels with jewelry, beauty, fashions, accessories as well as home goods. Cooking? I’ll find out from Gino, her husband! Welcome back, Lisa!

Jewelry Queen Joan Rivers Said ‘QVC Is Holy Work’

September 8, 2014

QVC Queen Joan Rivers got a fine final send-off from her friends Sunday, including a large contingent from West Chester, Pa.

Home shopping host Lisa Robertson posted a photo on Facebook of her and QVC colleagues Rick Domeier, Mary Beth Roe, Jane Treacy, Jill Bauer and alum Kathy Levine at Rivers’ Manhattan service, where they rubbed shoulders with the like of Howard Stern and Hugh Jackman.

The QVC crew at Joan's memorial

The QVC crew at Joan’s memorial

But for you QVC addicts, our favorite tidbit was a column that New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams wrote Sunday about Rivers, who was a close friend.

Here’s her kicker sbout the late and great, Joan:

And hawking jewelry on a home shopping network she considered religious: “Anybody buys from me, they’re sacred. QVC is holy work.”

She really loved you guys.

A Final Goodbye To Barry Ort, QVC’s Kenneth Jay Lane Rep

December 30, 2013

Barry Ort

Barry Ort

We founded this obit posted on the Facebook page of Barry Ort, the rep for the Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry line on QVC.

Show hosts Lisa Robertson and Mary Beth Roe both attended services for him in New York today.

Once again, RIP Barry.


Barry Ort, age 56, died suddenly in Toronto, Canada on December 24, 2013.

Barry started with jewelry manufacturer TCJC of New York in 1988 and rose to Executive Vice President of the firm.

He was responsible for bringing the first renowned jewelry designer, Kenneth Jay Lane, to QVC in 1991, long before TV selling was considered chic.

Through its enormous success, this led the way for many other designers to join the hit parade.

He always led, he never followed.

Barry’s magic was Barry himself. He was totally comfortable in his skin, he loved his job and TV sales.

He was most fun when teaching the QVC Program Hosts about new Kenneth Lane items. He would layer the necklaces, don the earrings, and chatter about trends and fashion.

A number of years ago he took over the on air duties as spokesperson for the KJL line.

His stories were funny and charming, he was entertaining and knowledgeable.

The viewers absolutely loved him. When Barry talked, everyone listened.

Barry had heart. He was most aligned with the New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center to which he dedicated many charity efforts, particularly cycling events for a cause.

Only Barry could quit smoking, get to the gym daily, and commit to a 300 mile bike ride from Boston to NY simply because he promised to do it and he believed in the important cause.

He was a man of his word.

In community, when asked, Barry was always there.

He made sure that the Breast Cancer Research fundraisers held by QVC and “Shoes on Sale” had a lovely KJL jewelry item in honor of the fight. Anyone who asked received.

He had generosity in his blood.

And he loved his friends and family. There are too many memories of Barry to recount, but his Bar Mitzvah as a grown man, his 50th birthday party, and his dancing with Donna Summer on stage at “Shoes on Sale” drew the crowd to its feet.

His marriage and adoration to forever partner David was storybook perfect.

When we think of Barry, we will remember his enthusiasm and passion for business and life, plus his simple desire to do good and make a difference.

Honorable, classy, a rare and true gem.

We should all be so lucky to have a Barry in our lives.

Rest in peace gentle soul.

Condolences To QVC Host Mary Beth Roe On Her Dad’s Death

November 20, 2013

All our condolences and prayers to veteran QVC host Mary Beth Roe, whose father passed away last week.

Roe posted several entries and photos of her dad on Facebook.

“My wise, loving Godly father passed away today, so I won’t be on QVC for awhile,” Roe wrote last Thursday. “As sad as I am, he’s in the presence of God and reunited with my Mom, and God blessed him with 94 wonderful years! May we all appreciate each breath we take and all our blessings.”

Mary Beth Roe and her dad

Mary Beth Roe and her dad

Roe also posted a memorial to her father that she wrote, as well as a photo of the gathering at his funeral.

“The funeral for my Dad today was filled with music, laughter, tears and beautifully spoken tributes to my father,” she wrote. “A friend said that the last gift someone leaves us when they pass away is the gift of bringing the whole family and friends together in one place. What a blessing it has been!”


QVC Host Mary Beth Roe And Husband Celebrate 29th Wedding Anniversary

April 13, 2012

We’re always curious to see what the spouses of QVC and HSN hosts look like, and we just got a gander at Mary Beth Roe’s hubby.

Roe posted a photo of her and her husband Mark on Facebook today.

“Hi friends, I’m taking a few days off to spend time with my family as Mark and I celebrate 29 years of marriage!” she wrote. “Just like every other married couple, some years are tougher and some years are better than others. But, I have to say that Mark and I are closer now than we have ever been before after all these years. Sometimes relationships grow stronger after going through the difficult times together. I am truly blessed!!”

Congrats, Mary Beth!

Designer Nolan Miller Retires Gracefully From QVC

July 4, 2011

Famed fashion designer Nolan Miller, who battled cancer, is retiring, and so is his glamour collection on QVC.

Miller, who designed gorgeous gowns for Hollywood celebrities, has been doing fashion jewelry for QVC for 19 years. His usual sidekick on the air was host Mary Beth Roe.

“It’s as long as some marriages,” Miller said of his relationship with Mary Beth.

Today, Monday, was slated to be Miller’s final appearance on QVC.

During one of his appearances Sunday actress Ann-Margret, a Miller client, called in. She’s a favortie of ours, since we have the same birthday, April 28, and both attended Northwestern.

After wishing Miller much luck, Ann-Margret said, “We love him, and he loves his strawberry margaritas.”

A man after our own heart: He apparently dines with the actress and her husband Saturday nights.

Miller’s protege, Mark Zunino, who also appears on QVC, posted this on Facebook yesterday

“THANK YOU, everyone, for a very memorable and moving day. We’re back at our hotel, as we get ready for dinner with Mary Beth Roe. Nolan is tired, but extremely happy to feel the love and support from his QVC family over the past 20 years. We are looking forward to Nolan’s final ‘farewell’ show tomorrow.”

Miller looked relatively well, and we hope he has truly beaten his lung cancer.

Jewelry Designer Nolan Miller Returns To QVC After Two-Year Absence Due To Battle With Cancer

July 2, 2010

Clothing and jewelry designer Nolan Miller, suffering from cancer, has been absent from QVC for two years. Yes, his jewelry has still been sold on the home shopping channel, but his business partner, Mark Zunino, would present it.

Well, Miller will finally be back on QVC this Fourth of July weekend, QVC host Mary Beth Roe says on her Facebook page.

“I hope everyone is looking forward to the holiday weekend coming up!” Roe writes. “We are so blessed to live in a country with the freedoms we have, so celebrate! I’m celebrating the fact that Nolan Miller is coming to West Chester, PA, for his shows on Sun. at 7pm and Monday at 4pm. He hasn’t been able to make the trip east for almost 2 years! Join us to see him ‘live’ in the studio! 18th anniversary for him on the Q!”

The last time we saw a photo of Miller, he was looking gaunt and sickly. We hope he’s conquered his cancer.

QVC Host Mary Beth Roe Thanks 10,000 Viewers Who Came To Her Blog On Her Mom’s Death

April 21, 2010

QVC host Mary Beth Roe Wednesday graciously thanked viewers who had read her blog about her mother passing away recently.

Roe said that 10,000 people had read her blog, with more than 170 posting condolences and good wishes. She read every comment on that blog, tissue in hand to wipe away tears, even though it took her three hours.

Roe has a new blog posted Wedneday, a follow-up.

We felt bad last Wednesday when we saw that Roe, fresh off her mother’s death, was back on the air with a show on Mother’s Day’s gifts. And Roe blogged that it was in fact tough for her.

“It was difficult for me to choke back my emotions which were right on the edge last Wednesday morning in ‘My Time with Mary Beth’ and put a smile on my face the whole time,” she wrote.

“But knowing there were many of you who were concerned as to why I had been off the air for two weeks, I knew I needed to tell you what had happened and be right up front with you as has been my motto for over 23 years on air. I always say, ‘Tell it like it is.’ That’s the old news reporter in me, but it’s also what friends do with friends.”

Roe blogged that after that show last Wednesday, she and her husband Mark left for a three-day vacaton to celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary.

“That had been planned a long time ago, but it was God’s perfect timing once again, because we were both physically and emotionally exhausted, and it was the best thing for us,” she wrote.

“I slept a lot and literally did nothing except take the photos from my mom’s visitation and funeral and put them all into a photo album. That was therapeutic for me. It gave me some quiet time to just reflect on what had taken place, because when you are going through it, it’s a bit of a whirlwind. It was helpful to take a few steps back and kind of replay it in my mind and cry when I wanted to cry without having to stuff my emotions or attend to the kids or answer questions, etc. So that time away was incredibly helpful!”

She and her husband did go out for a special dinner for their anniversary.

We wish her all of God’s healing.