QVC Host Mary Beth Roe Recovering From Accident

This is no belated April Fool’s joke: QVC host Mary Beth Roe was in a car accident and is off the air, at least for now.

On Thursday Erika, who is apparently engaged to the host’s son, posted a message on Roe’s Facebook page.

“Mary Beth thanks all of you so much for your kindness, thoughts and prayers. She always said, ‘QVC customers are the best.’ Her doctor said she needs to rest. Mary Beth will be back on air with you just as soon as her doctor says she can.
Thank you, again!”

Someone posted that Roe had been in a car accident, and that on a recent Liz Claiborne segment a letter she wrote about the mishap was read.

The popular blonde host had tons of messages from well-wishers offering their prayers.

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21 Responses to “QVC Host Mary Beth Roe Recovering From Accident”

  1. Abigail Meriweather Says:

    Ericka is Marybeth’s friend (Her age) NOT her sons’ girlfriend! There is a pic of Ericka & MB posted on her FB page.

  2. Joan yant Says:

    sorry to hear that you were in an accident … Wishing you a quick recovery and returning to qvc soon…

  3. Susan Schuster Says:

    Dear Mary Beth; At first I thought, “boy Mary Beth sure is taking a long vacation!”
    When I saw Linda Davies selling sheets……
    had to find out what’s going on at the Q!
    I am sooo sorry to hear of your accident.
    Mend and take care of yourself! Your fans miss you!

  4. Deann Ernhard Says:

    Dear Mary Beth, we just read that you were in a car accident. We thought you may have been on a long vacation. Please take care of yourself and don’t rush things. You are in our prayers and thoughts. We miss seeing you. And, you are one of our favorites for years now. Gail and Deann

  5. Marvine De Armas Says:

    Get well soon miss you and your sweet face ,so sorry to hear this.God will take care of you and help you throught all this, you are a wonderful mom and wife to your family. I know you believer of ther Lord he is great and will never leave you. God Bless You and your family. Take care you are my favorite host on QVC . marvine 😊🌹❀️

  6. Marvine De Armas Says:

    Get Well miss your sweet smile on the show, so sorry to hear this about your car accident. God will see you through all this . God Bless You and your family. Take Care Bless You. Marvine😊

  7. Cynthia Says:

    We all miss you. One of the sweetest and classiest hosts on qvc

  8. Theresa garrahan Says:

    Just heard of your accident. Sorry to hear bout it. My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family. Get well soon. You are one of my favorite hosts.

  9. Phyllis King Says:

    Will keep you in my prayers Mary Beth. Get well soon. Miss your sweet smiling face!!

  10. Regina Hamilton Says:

    So sorry to hear you were in a car accident. Sure do miss seeing your beautiful smile on QVC. Get well soon. Your fans miss you.

  11. CHRISTINA Says:

    You are a ray of sunshine and I miss it. You and I are about the same age, Several years ago I ordered your cook book and love it. I know you love the Lord as do I and he is taking care of you and you will make it thru this I am praying everyday for you and your family. Chrissy Lynn a fan of your meatloaf recipe and you!

  12. Lois Jones Says:

    Thought today Where is Mary Beth haven’t seen in awhile.Sorry to hear of accident.Sure miss you and Linda Davis

  13. Becky Parsons Says:

    So sorry to hear about your injuries. Miss you and wish you a speedy recovery!

  14. Alexandra Wilson Says:

    Well wishes to you Mary Beth. It will be good to see you again next week. You are truly missed. God Speed!

  15. Cheryl Brown Says:

    Mary Beth,
    You are a woman whose faith shines through
    in all aspects of your life. You are a true role
    model and lead by example. Because of
    these qualities, as well as your gifts and
    talents as a host, you are by far my favorite
    on QVC. God bless you and keep you as you

  16. Vickie Harrison long time follower.πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ Says:

    You are absolutely the best on qvc. my prayers are with you. Get well fast.

  17. Ruth Says:

    So sorry to hear about Mary Beth she is so sweet I enjoy watching her get well soon.

  18. Leslie Says:

    Mary Beth I had not heard about your accident but have been wondering about you for months. I watch QVC very regularly and kept hoping to hear something. Now I have learned that you were in an accident and now are recovering and in therapy. My prayers are with you. You have been my favorite host for my more than twenty years as a customer and I miss you greatly. Also, my deepest sympathy for you in the loss of your mother. God bless you and and be with you during this difficult time. Come back to us soon, you are very much loved.

  19. Nora Gonzales Says:

    Just found out about your accident! My prayers are with you to get better, and I’m sure millions of people feel like I do , that we can’t wait to see you back on QVC . We all miss you tremendously. We all love you take care!❀️❀️

  20. Dorothy Panepinto Says:

    So thrilled to see you back on air. You are by far my favorite host. So very sorry to hear about your accident. I also want to extend my condolences on the loss of your mom. Sending all well wishes your way.

  21. 1 Says:

    And Larin has emerged as an option after establishing himself under ex-Everton striker Adrian Heath at Orlando.

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