Former HSN Host Chris Scanlon Charged With Felony

May 7, 2019

Here’s some pretty shocking and sad news about former HSN host Chris Scanlon.

One of our readers tipped us off to this report that Scanlon had been arrested in Florida.

The story said Scanlon, now 59, was arrested and was being held in a detention center on multiple felony warrants.

WTXL reported that she was accused of “being a fugitive from justice for multiple felony counts related to theft, forgery and tax evasion.”

Scanlon faces two charges of felony theft, two charges of felony forgery and a felony tax evasion charge out of Routt County, Colorado. She was arrested at her Tallahassee apartment last week, according to WTXL.

When the story appear, Scanlon was being held in jail on a $10,000 bond while awaiting extradition.

Scanlon left HSN in fall 2011 to move to Colorado, where her husband was a ski instructor. We don’t know what happened since then, but this is unfortunate.


Veteran Host Jill Bauer To Leave QVC in June

April 22, 2019

QVC host Jill Bauer, who has been at the network 25 years, is leaving in mid-June.

Bauer went public with the news Saturday night on-air, and she later posted a video on her Facebook page explaining her decision to move on.

Bauer said she turned 50 this year, wants to try new things and wants to spend more time with her kids, who are pretty grown up (the girl at college, the son now a teen).

“I decided I wanted to chase some things,” she said

We first learned that Bauer was leaving Sunday night when we were watching her with Jai Jewelry Designer Scott Grimes and all of a sudden he got teary-eyed, apparently over her pending departure. They were often paired together.

Bauer essentially said she is taking a leap of faith, because she doesn’t have a new job lined up.

Of course, we wish her well. It is sad for us to see so many of the home shopping old guard leaving these days.

Ex-QVC Host Lisa Mason’s Husband Dies

April 21, 2019

It’s with great sorrow that we report that former QVC host Lisa Mason has lost her beloved husband Gino.

After she left QVC Lisa chronicled Gino’s battle with brain cancer on Facebook, and he certainly survived for years after his diagnosis.

But the end has come, and Lisa told the at least part of the tale.

To my Gino:
Before we met, I felt like half a person.
After we married, I finally felt whole.
You’ve left, my Love. But God has not.
He fills my broken, empty heart.
He has promised to remain there until I take your hand again.
Rest, my Beloved. I count the days until we are reunited. Heaven awaits!
I love you forever. I will always be your faithful wife. Lisa.

Lisa always talked about Gino when she was on QVC, and it was obvious they were soulmates.

We are so sorry to hear of his death, and wish her our deepest condolences on her loss.

Evine Says Homeshoppingista Not Charged for Advance Order

April 14, 2019

Here’s a follow-up to our recent blog about Evine and charges. We wrote that we had an advance order on a diamond necklace, and when we called to cancel it we were told we have been already charged an installment on it even thought it hadn’t shipped.

We, and a lot of other folks, were not happy about this.

Shortly after the blog appeared we were contacted via email by a woman who said she worked for Evine and would look into the matter.

Long story short, the Evine rep apparently listened to a recording of the phone call between us and the customer sales person, and there was a “miscommunication.” The Evine rep that contacted us said in fact we were never charged for the advance order.

The $300 charge on our credit card was for ANOTHER Evine order.

When we asked if we could blog this, Evine asked us not to. They preferred we take down the blog.

But we feel that would be disservice to readers, and quite frankly, to Evine. If they didn’t charge us, that should be made known.

We really appreciate their due diligence in reaching out and investigating what happened. Not sure if the other home shopping networks would have bothered.

Ex-HSN Vendor Nicky Butler Debuts on Evine April 22

April 14, 2019

Best news this week: Jewelry designer Nicky Butler is coming to Evine.

Butler, a Brit who used to sell high-end jewelry in a London shop to the likes of Princess Diana,was one of our favs for years on HSN. His sterling silver jewelry, with gemstones from India and an artisan look, were gorgeous.

Over the years we bought many of his pieces, especially his crosses, since we collect them.

When Butler said he would no longer be on HSN earlier this year we and his other fans were dismayed.

But Butler recently posted on Facebook that he has a new home, Evine, with a link to the channel’s website.

“Tune in April 22 for the premiere of my jewelry collection,” the site says, featuring a photo of Butler standing next to a British phone booth. “More announcements coming soon.”

There is also a sweepstakes to win one of his creations.

Butler joins a whole bunch of HSN jewelry vendors who have landed at Evine.

Congrats Mr. Nicky!

Evine Charging In Advance of Your Advance Order?

April 8, 2019

We put this on Facebook already, but let us put it here on the record: Since when are home shopping channels charging you for orders that are on advance order or wait list before they even ship them to you?

A couple of weeks ago on Diamond Day on Evine we saw a Pamela McCoy gold necklace with diamonds, 36 inches, that we liked. We thought it was sold out, but when we called about it we were told it was on advance order.

That was great news, because we had a lot of charges on our Master Card that month and were happy to hear that we wouldn’t get the necklace until April — so that value-pay bill would be delayed until April.


Last week we called to cancel the order. And much to our surprise, we were told the charges would be removed from our credit card in a few days. When we asked why we were charged when we didn’t even have the necklace, well, we didn’t get much of an answer.

Someone posted on our Facebook page that this is common practice for all home shopping networks now. Don’t know if that’s true, but it stinks.

Are we the only ones surprised by this?

Evine Explores Sale of The Home Shopping Network

March 28, 2019

Things are not looking very good for Evine, which Wednesday announced it was formally reviewing alternatives such as a sale of the network or entering a strategic partnership.

The Minnesota-based channel put out that sad news as it reported its dismal fiscal fourth-quarter earnings, with net sales of $157.6 million, down 12 percent versus the prior year-period.

The company also saw a net loss of $10 million, compared to net income of $6.4 million in the prior year.

The network did list some 2018 successes, such as: the launch of Jennifer Flavin-Stallone’s Serious Skincare; adding new brands and product lines such as Nutritionary, Ron White, Karl Lagerfeld, Nygard, Ready to Wear Beauty, among others; announcing a collaboration with the Jane Fonda; and attracting new brands with the launch of its new Los Angeles office and studio.

Then came the real lede.

“The company today announced that its board of directors initiated a process to review strategic alternatives to enhance shareholder value which could include a potential sale or strategic partnership,” Evine said in its press release.

It has retained Guggenheim Securities as its financial advisor.

Here’s what CEO Bob Rosenblatt had to say:

We had a strong first half of 2018 that saw both top-line and bottom-line growth. This followed two years of substantial progress, including stabilizing the business, improving the balance sheet and building a strong team and culture. That’s what makes the results over the last two quarters so disappointing.

We are confident in our strategy and committed to our plan, and we are focused on reversing the recent trends, which we believe to be short-term. Maximizing shareholder value remains our top priority.

Due to increased interest in our direct-to-consumer platform, as well as inquiries regarding our expertise in video commerce, product development and third-party logistics, we saw an opportunity to explore strategic options.

Video commerce is more relevant today than when we started on this journey three years ago. We believe that there is strong interest in our brand, in our access to over 87 million homes and in our proficiency in producing video and digital content that tells the story behind brands and products.

As we progress through this process, including reviewing a comprehensive list of ways to enhance shareholder value, we remain focused on growing our business, and are confident, that despite our recent financial trends, we are on the right path.

QVC Shutters French Home Shopping Network

March 24, 2019

We’re late on this little tidbit, which broke earlier this month, but Qurate Retail Group has pulled the plug on QVC France, one of the company’s international home shopping networks.

Qurate, the parent of domestic QVC and HSN, ceaseed operations of its TV network and digital platforms in France effective March 13.

From the announcement, it looks like 154 people lost their jobs. “Appropriate steps are being taken to provide assistance and resources for the team members’ transition,” according to Qurate’s press release.

“The decision to halt our QVC France operation was carefully considered, as QVC France had under-performed against financial and operational expectations, in large part due to unique in-market structural challenges and market dynamics that evolved in the years following the launch of the operation,” Aidan O’Meara, president of Qurate Retail Group International, said in a statement.

“We determined that these challenges were impacting our ability to develop our business in the manner we expected,” he said. “We want to thank our QVC France team members for their dedication, commitment, and professionalism throughout this period.”

By shuttering the network in France, “QVC will be able to better allocate its annual investment in France into other markets to drive sustainable organic growth,” the press release said. “Further, many corporate functions within QVC are shared across the European markets, and the company believes that this action will allow the teams to better focus on other existing markets.”

In the fourth quarter last year, Qurate recognized charges of about $13 million, of which $9 million was for severance and was excluded from Adjusted OIBDA, and $4 million was for inventory obsolescence and affected Adjusted OIBDA. The company expects to incur additional costs in 2019.

QVC customers in France will still be able to shop with QVC through its QVC UK and QVC Germany commerce platforms, according to Qurate.

Outside of the United States and France, QVC serves about 4.6 million customers in Germany and Austria, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and Ireland. QVC also serves customers through a joint venture in China.

Anuschka Handbags To Exit Evine

March 24, 2019

A popular Evine handbag vendor, Anuschka, is leaving the Minnesota-based home shopping network.

We have never gotten into their hand-painted leather purses, a little too much for us, but the brand has a lot of fans.

We’d received an inquiry about the future of Anuschka, and then someone pointed out that Evine had discussed the vendor’s future on its website. We rather admire the fact that Evine was honest about it.

In an “Anuschka FAQ,” Evine said the purses would be back on-air April 29 (the day after our birthday, FYI), but the vendor would be leaving the end of spring. In the meantime, the home shopping net suggested buying the purses at

If a customer’s favorite Anuschka item is sold out, Evine said it “has a great selection” of Sharif Designs or Madi Claire handbags to check out instead.

QVC’s Team Moseley To Run Travel Agency

March 18, 2019

That QVC couple Jeff and Erin Moseley have found an additional port of call, so to speak.

“It’s official, we now own a franchise of the largest travel agency in the world, Cruise Planners –,” Jeff posted on Facebook. “Please join us in the celebration and we look forward to the opportunity to help you plan your next Dream Vacation!!”

The married pair are alums of Jewelry Television, and they eventually found their way to the No. 1 home shopping network, QVC. Jeff is a gemstone expert for the channel, while his wife Erin is the on-air Diamonique rep.

We asked Jeff directly on FB if he and Erin were leaving QVC for their new venture.

“No we love working at Q,” Jeff wrote back. “We just had an opportunity to buy a franchise in travel and with so many people asking us for advice every week and the fact we love to travel ourselves we felt it was a good fit and fun.”

We always thought they were a classy pair and enjoy their QVC visits. They are “following our heart” by buying this franchise, Erin and Jeff said on Facebook.

“Over the years so many of you have told me ‘You should be a travel agent!’ and I’m finally following your advice,” Jeff wrote. “As a Cruise Planners franchise owner I’m here to share my experience as a world traveler, as a destination specialist, as a husband/father of a family who loves to vacay and as your friend. TeamMoseley is here to help you plan your next cruise, all inclusive resort, safari, Alaskan land tour…The possibilities are endless! Let’s get you out there to see the world, make memories and find your happy place!”

And they haven’t wasted any time capitalizing on their gemstone knowledge. Jeff posted this on Facebook Sunday night.


If you want to learn more about where gems come from & want to learn more about how jewelry is designed & manufactured & what’s hot & what’s not while enjoying a glass of champagne at sea then stay tuned!

Team Moseley is currently speaking with some of the biggest designers, manufacturers & site holders for mines & top home shopping television host in the business and will soon be announcing details as far as who is cruising with us for this exclusive event.

If you are interested please email us in advance and we will share details as soon as all designers, manufacturers and site holders have confirmed.

Do you love to cruise? Do you love gems & jewelry?

Evine, of course, runs gemstone jewelry and Invicta watch cruises.

This should be interesting.