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Meet HSN Rock God Jay King’s Wife, We Think

October 28, 2013

HSN rock god Jay King — jewelry vendor, globe trotter and bush pilot — is celebrating his 18th anniversary on the home shopping network. He has the Today’s Special for Monday, but enough about that.

We’ve always wondered what Jay’s wife looks like, and HSN host Shivan Sarna answered that question. On Sunday she posted a photo of her and a beaming Jay standing next to a pretty blonde woman, who we believe is the Missus. They all have huge smiles.

Jay King, Shivan Sarna and Mrs. King

Jay King, Shivan Sarna and Mrs. King

Jay has been pretty quiet about his private life, but for some reason was chatty about it late Sunday night. He mentioned that his son was 12 when he first started appearing on HSN, and he added that he had a daughter.

We’ve been watching Jay for many years, and never heard him mention having any kids.

Jay also said that his wife is British and is a very formidable woman. Anyway, Jay is on heavy rotation on HSN Monday.