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Meet HSN Rock God Jay King’s Wife, We Think

October 28, 2013

HSN rock god Jay King — jewelry vendor, globe trotter and bush pilot — is celebrating his 18th anniversary on the home shopping network. He has the Today’s Special for Monday, but enough about that.

We’ve always wondered what Jay’s wife looks like, and HSN host Shivan Sarna answered that question. On Sunday she posted a photo of her and a beaming Jay standing next to a pretty blonde woman, who we believe is the Missus. They all have huge smiles.

Jay King, Shivan Sarna and Mrs. King

Jay King, Shivan Sarna and Mrs. King

Jay has been pretty quiet about his private life, but for some reason was chatty about it late Sunday night. He mentioned that his son was 12 when he first started appearing on HSN, and he added that he had a daughter.

We’ve been watching Jay for many years, and never heard him mention having any kids.

Jay also said that his wife is British and is a very formidable woman. Anyway, Jay is on heavy rotation on HSN Monday.

HSN Rock God Jay King’s Cuff Is In Our Armoire

September 13, 2013

We’re happy to report that the check was cashed.

As we blogged several days ago, we mailed HSN rock god Jay King and his company a $90 check to pay for a stunning Carico Lake turquoise cuff that they made for us and sent us weeks ago.

The sterling cuff was to replace the Mine Finds by Jay King HSN TS that we had purchased, but returned because we felt it wasn’t up to snuff. We sent a $90 check to Jay’s crew because that was the cost the the Today’s Special.


In a nutshell, we felt that accepting the turquoise cuff — however well-meaning the thought behind it — would give the appearance of a conflict of interest. We didn’t consider it a so-called bribe, again, it was that “appearance” of a conflict that had us worried.

Our journalism cronies suggested we send the $90 to avoid that appearance.

Well, the check was cashed yesterday. So we will be keeping the pistachio green cuff, and will wear it in good health.

Thank you Jay and Stacie Chavez.

Our Check Is In The Mail To HSN Rock God Jay King

September 12, 2013

We’ve had something on our minds for several weeks now, mulling what to do.

With the advice of our two best friends, who are both talented and smart journalists, we have finally decided what course to take: We have a check in the mail to HSN vendor Jay King. In fact, it has already arrived.

In July, we wrote a blog critical of a Today’s Special from rock god King, one of our favorite HSN vendors. It pained us to write it, because we love both his jewelry and his passion for his work. And he’s a rock hound to the Nth degree, beyond even us.

Gift cuff, and our ugly hand

Gift cuff, and our ugly hand

We won’t rehash all the bloody details of the blog, which was about a five-stone cuff that came in four types of stones. The link to the blog is here, and in a nutshell we complained that the silver on the cuff was flimsy. Other HSN customers beefed that when they received their bracelets and opened the box, stones had come out of the cuff. Others said when they wore the cuff, stones fell out.

We had ordered King’s cuff in varascite, a green stone that matched a gorgeous Carico Lake turquoise and citrine pendant we bought when we were in Arizona in June.

We sent King’s cuff back to HSN, and a few weeks after posting that blog, we got a package from a woman who works for Jay that we’ve corresponded with in the past. We couldn’t remember that woman’s name at the time, but it is Stacie Chavez.

The box contained a note and a beautiful three-stone sterling bracelet with three pieces of Carico Lake turquoise, which is a stunning pistachio green.

We can’t find the note now (we think we tossed it when we cleared about three inches of papers off our desk).

The missive didn’t go into details, but it acknowledged there had been problems with the HSN TS cuff — for a variety of reasons — and that the issues that arose with the bracelet wouldn’t happen again. The bracelet that King’s folks sent us had Carico Lake turquoise from that apparently came from his personal collection.

It was a replacement for the TS cuff we had returned, a bracelet to match our pendant.

So what to do? We were touched and astounded that King and/or his company went to the trouble to make us this cuff with those beautiful Carico Lakes nuggets. It is our favorite kind of turquoise.

But as bloggers with a journalism background, we knew that accepting such a gift raises ethical issues, a potential conflict of interest — or the appearance of a conflict of interest, no matter how good the intention.

New York Post TV critic Linda Stasi, one of our favorite writers, faced the same dilemma in July after she panned Kris Jenner’s new daytime talk show. Shortly after the review was published, Kardashian sent Stasi a dozen fancy Magnolia cupcakes and a $325 sterling silver Tiffany pen.

The Carico Lake pendant we bought in Arizona

The Carico Lake pendant we bought in Arizona

A none-too-subtle Kardashian wrote Stasi a note. She told Stasi that she could use that pen to write a more positive review of her TV show the next time. Stasi called the sweets and the pen “a bribe.”

So a cynic would say that King — or his company — was trying to “bribe” us with that Carico Lake cuff, too. Would we think twice about writing a negative review of a piece of King jewelry if we kept that cuff?

Others would see King’s gesture as a genuine mea culpa, and a pretty grand one at that.

Still others would view the gift of the Carico Lake cuff as a combination of all of the above.

We didn’t know what to do until we asked our two BFFs who work/worked at major New York City newspapers for their two cents. They suggested a compromise.

It came down to this: We have sent King’s company a check for $90, the cost of the HSN TS cuff, to pay for the special one made for us. If King or his company don’t cash that check, we will send the Carico Lake cuff back to him.

We are being transparent about this, so all our readers know what we did and why.

A couple of days ago, Chavez emailed us to say she had received our note and check, and that she would be responding.

She never did, but we can tell you that the cuff will be back in the mail if our $90 check isn’t cashed soon. Head to the bank, Stacie!

HSN Shoppers Blast Jay King Over Shoddy Sterling Cuff

July 22, 2013

Let us preface this blog by saying we are big fans of HSN rock god Jay King’s jewelry. Some of our favorite necklaces are by King. We love the enthusiasm and passion he exudes as he talks about his globe trotting hunting for his “mine finds.”

That’s why it pains us to ask what the hell happened with his HSN TS earlier this month? It was a sterling silver cuff bracelet with cabochons of either redskin turquoise, lapis, coral or variscite, a lovely shade of green (#269-813). The price tag was only $90, and you could purchases matching earrings and pendants.

When we got our cuff, we couldn’t believe our eyes. True, the stones was pretty, but the bracelet was so flimsy we felt it might break when we squeezed it to fit our wrist. We know the price of silver has soared, but this skimpy bracelet was back in the mail to HSN shortly.

The Leo Feeney pendant we bought in Cave Creek

The Leo Feeney pendant we bought in Cave Creek

But trying to be fair, we decided to see what other HSN shoppers thought about the cuff before we blogged on it. If they disagreed with us, we would not offer our negative review of this King piece.

Well, there were HSN jewelry geeks who gave the cuff five stars. But there were a boatload who had the same complaints that we did — and more! There were 146 comments last time we looked.

Many of them, and we mean many, said when their bracelets arrived with stones that had already fallen out of them, sitting in the box. Others complained that the first time they wore it, a stone fell out. Others blasted King for having the cuffs manufactured in China, with the resulting shoddy workmanship.

Many asked what happened to HSN’s quality control.

Still others said, like us, that the cuff was too flimsy and they would have gladly paid more for a sturdier piece. Others said the lapis was too dark, a deep navy blue. Others wailed that the stones on their pieces didn’t match.

We ordered the variscite cuff because we thought it would match a pendant we bought when we went to Arizona last month. The one type of turquoise we were looking for was Carico Lake, which has a gorgeous almost pistachio green color.

It is very expensive turquoise. We saw a gorgeous necklace made out of Carico in Scottsdale, and it was more than $3,000. Our pendant was much more modest, picked up in Cave Creek. It mixes the opaque Carico with gemstones, citrine and peridot.

We love turquoise and gems combined. And that is the specialty of the artist who crafted our pendant, Leo Feeney. The King variscite cuff actually matched the pendant, but again, we thought the sterling on the cuff was not wear well over time.

Here is a sampling of some of the damning reviews on

“This is my first time buying from mr king. i don’t like to much weight on my jewelry but not to light. But this is to light scare to bend it. i purchase 2 bracelet and 1 pair of earrings. Was so happy when i receive my bracelets and earring. But so sad when i open my package and the stone were loose inside the package. poor quality i could real see why he was saying they did not make money.”

“When I opened the box and saw this bracelet I immediately loved it and put it on. It fit perfectly, the stones were as pretty as they looked on TV and I was ready to wear it for the whole summer. However, within 5 minutes of first putting it on,I looked down and saw that one of the stones had fallen out. Fortunately I found the stone but unfortunately the bracelet is going back! I have many Jay King pieces but this does not meet their standard. Sorry.”

“Shame on the makers of this Jay KIng cuff bracelet! I received cuff with 2 stones flopping around the bag! I have many pieces of Jay King and love them all. When I called customer service I knew other people had the same problem. Then I looked at reviews, so many had the same problem. Again, SHAME on makers of this cuff. Apology should be given to us all. Need I say… it’s going back.”

“I used to not be able to resist Jay King’s items but I guess the glory days are over. I can’t believe how far the quality of his pieces have fallen. The glue was still on the stones on one of the turquoise bracelets I received. Very sad because he used to have such nice things. He now uses compressed stones or stones that are poorly set in China. Heartbreaking.”

“I ordered four of these bracelets and as soon as I am through writing this review all four are going back to the post office for their return trip. What a disappointment!”

“My bracelet had a stone fall out within 5 minutes of opening the box. The silver is really lightweight and when you squeeze it to close around your wrist, it creases — it’s that flimsy. And I have a 7 inch wrist — not small at all. Lapis was fine but it needs to stay in the ‘bezel.’ Not really a bezel — it’s just glued in and not well at that. Really disappointed since I had a necklace it would have gone well with. Going back.”

Here’s What ShopNBC Vendor Chuck Clemency Is Up To In Tucson

February 7, 2013

If you dropped a bomb on Tucson this week, you would probably knock off 90 percent of the home shopping jewelry vendors and a nice chunk of the network hosts in America.

These jewelry mavens and on-air talent have flocked to southern Arizona for the Tuscon Gem Shore. IF we died and went to heaven, that is where we would be, too.

It looks these folks have been having so much fun that they haven’t had too much time to post many photos on Facebook, but a couple have taken the trouble.

Judy Crowell — an alum of QVC, HSN, ShopNBC and Jewelry Television — posted a shot of ShopNBC vendors Jersey Guy Chuck Clemency and Michael Valitutti out among the saguaros shooting a promo for the home shopping channel.

Judy Crowell's shot of Michael Valitutti and Chuck Clemency

Judy Crowell’s shot of Michael Valitutti and Chuck Clemency

And ShopNBC host Lynne Schacher posted several photos of her and Clemency.

Lynne Schacher and Chuck again

Lynne Schacher and Chuck again

We wonder what HSN host Colleen Lopez and HSN rock god Jay King are up to in Tucson.

HSN Rock God Jay King’s Green Turquoise Bowls — And Wedding Band

April 7, 2012

Sorry we’ve been remiss in posting. Work is a bitch.

But we did find time this week to watch portions of HSN’s Designer Jewelry Day, including rock god Jay King.

Two interesting things on that front. We remember a few year’s back when callers would ask about King’s personal status, and hosts would say that he was “taken,” that he had a girlfriend.

Well, we noticed that King is now wearing a wedding band. Congrats on the marriage Jay!

And even though King’s company, Desert Rose, is in New Mexico, he is apparently living in Vero Beach, Fla.

Secondly, King said that he will be bringing in both blue and green turquoise bowls. He has done bowls made out of blue turquoise and lapis before, and they always sell out in a flash. He’s never had green turquoise.

There will be 500, so keep your eyes peeled. They sell like hotcakes, even though they are several hundred dollars each.

Check Out HSN Rock God Jay King’s $99 Mesquite Coasters

March 31, 2012

Fans of HSN rock god Jay King, get out your credit cards.

King, of course, usually does jewelry for HSN. But he has ventured out of that realm at times — to do a turquoise bowl, or example.

Now, he get a set of four burl mesquite-wood-and-turquoise coasters, with a holder. They are gorgeous, but pricey.

The damage on your charge card will be $99, but they are available on three payments of $33.

Is it ridiculous to $25 a piece for a coaster? Of course.

But it is tempting. They are lovely.

Is Jay King Two-Timing HSN? He’s Debuted A Jewelry Line On Rival Jewelry TV

July 12, 2011

Many months ago Stacie Chavez, a member of HSN rock god Jay King’s design team, would sometimes email us. She reads this blog, and we enjoyed chatting back and forth with her about Jay’s Mine Finds line for HSN.

A while back Stacie said that she would be appearing on a second home shopping channel with items from Jay’s company, Desert Rose, which is based in Albuquerque.

We’re such dummies that it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that we realized we had Jewelry TV, after our editor Lillian tipped us off.

We were watching JTV early Tuesday morning as we checked our emails, and we thought the jewelry looked a lot like Jay’s. Then JTV flashed the name of the vendor who was presenting the jewelry, and guess who it was: Stacie Chavez.

She looked very natural on camera and did a great job presenting the jewelry line, which is called “Gemstine Elegance, Mine Style.” Jay King’s name was not mentioned. But Stacie, you are a star, a natural.

Here’s what JTV has to say about the line:

Exclusive to JTV, Gemstone Elegance, Mine Style features new and unique gemstones, all set in silver mountings that are unsurpassed in quality. Every Gemstone Elegance, Mine Style jewelry item will remind you that you are receiving a piece of artwork from Mother Nature’s palette. No two pieces are exactly alike and each one is as individual as the gemstones they contain, which have been millions of years in the making. We are pleased to take you on a journey around the world while we share our stories, which are years in the making…come on, what are you waiting for?

Stacie will be back on JTV Tuesday at 10 a.m.

Nice job, girlfriend. Give us a holler when you get back home New Mexico.

Here’s Another Turquoise Piece, With Bronze Matrix, That’s Like HSN Rock God Jay King’s

June 15, 2011

Not to beat a dead horse, but we will.

HSN rock god Jay King had a turquoise ring with bronze matrix that he claimed was “unique” and one of a kind.

Jay King's take on bronzed turquoise

We pointed out that Paul Deasy on ShopNBC had a smilar ring, and now even HSN’s Himalayan Gems line has similar earrings.

Himalayan Gems' take on bronzed turquoise

We’re just sayin.

Rock God Jay King Is Bringing A Sleeping Beauty, And Two Turquoise Mine Owners, To HSN

May 28, 2011

Rock god Jay King will be on HSN this weekend with the Today’s Special, in Sleeping Beauty turquoise, accompanied by two of his turquoise cronies.

Jay King rocks HSN this weekend with a Today's Special

Word is that King will be on HSN with Monte Nichols, the owner of the Sleeping Beauty Mine, and Marty Colbaugh. the owner of the Kingman Turquoise Mine.

All in all, King will on on the air 18 hours this weekend..

BTW, King is looking for more his his fans to like his company’s Facebook page, Desert Rose Trading. We “like” it, and often are made aware of big sales via Facebook.