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Was Joan Rivers Irked By Miss Piggy’s Cake Slam At QVC Soiree?

March 3, 2014

We watched part of QVC’s pre-Oscar red-carpet show, which was broadcast live Friday night from Beverly Hills. But did we miss a spat between jewelry vendor Joan Rivers and Miss Piggy? We did, according to The New York Daily News.

When we were tuned in to the star-studded program, we saw Rivers touting a large necklace, priced at $273, that she was wearing in black.$uslarge$

The News ran a story Sunday on the event with the headline “Miss Piggy gives Joan cake lift at pre-Oscar party.” The item said that Rivers and Miss Piggy “squared off” at QVC’s event. Did anyone see this exchange on-air?

The News reported that Rivers wisecracked to the porker, “What are you selling, half-baked hams?”

Missy Piggy apparently was not amused. She shot back at Rivers, “Oh, a pork joke, how original,” and then repeated the phrase “plastic surgery” several times, according to The News.

Rivers wound up with a cake in her face. Perhaps this was a planned bit, but the photo of Rivers doesn’t look like it. Rivers appears angry and upset.

See for yourself.
“The comedian was then seen running from the hotel with icing all over her face,” The News wrote.

Badgley Mischka Returns To HSN March 18 For 12 Hours, With Today’s Tuxedo Special

March 11, 2010

The Today's Special is on the far right

The red carpet design team Badgley Mischka will be back on HSN in mid-March, on for a good 12 hours on March 18 when they will have the Today’s Special.

We got a gander Thursday at the design team’s spring American Glamour collection for HSN, and we were eyeing the TS long before it we even knew it was going to be the TS.

And the handbags, jeans, blouses, sandals and fashion jewelry that Mark Badgley and his partner James Mischka have lined up are pretty eye-catching.

During the breakfast press preview Mischka explained that the vendors that do the goods for the design team’s luxury lines, which sell in stores like Neiman Marcus, are the exact ones who are making the merchandise for HSN.

“All of our partners that do our couture range – like the jewelry, the handbags, the scarves, the shoes, the apparel – they’re the same teams that do the HSN projects,” he said.

Badgley Mischka is creating six collections a year for HSN, which is quite a commitment.

The TS for March 18 is a knit tuxedo jacket with removable jeweled belt loops that comes in a variety of colors, including black and a gorgeous turquoise that drew it to us as soon as we walked into the showroom. It will sell for $109.90, and is modeled after a suit that Badgley Mischka did for its couture collection.

The upscale design team also had some stand-out purses for HSN on display.

“Our handbags are one of our strongest categories with HSN,” Badgley said. “They’re just really fun and really chic….We made a conscious decision with them (HSN). We wanted to do fine quality leathers with them. We weren’t interested in… just throwing out a faux bag.”

When they were on HSN in November, they had a $500 snakeskin purse that sold out in a snap. That purse in the Badgley Mischka couture collection would have cost $1,600, according to Badgley.

Soft Napa tote

His favorites in the collection for the spring were a slouchy Napa leather tote with for $329, and “this studded bag has about 500 hand-done studs…I love this bag.”

Then Mischka chimed in, “We’re going to actually count them for you on the show.”

Chunky bangles, $79

Badgley Mischka is know for its bling, and they are bringing chunky gemstone cuffs and a sea life collection – necklaces adorned with rhinestoned starfishes, coral and shells – to HSN this spring.

“I love the jewelry,” Badgley said. “James and I are freaks for stones and vintage jewelry. Jewelry always inspires all the beading, all the artwork, on our evening gowns. So the jewelry is really one of our favorites.”

Badgley Mischka is also doing jeans for HSN this go-around, including a pair of straight legs that we have our eye on now.

“It’s such a super important category for HSN,” Badgley said.

The 5-way maxi-dress for $129.90

And Mischka added, “Our couture customer wears them at trunk shows. She comes in with a Chanel jacket and a pair of jeans on. It’s the dominant category for HSN, too.”

The other items that caught our fancy included a cowl-neck jersey-like top that has a removable necklace; real snakeskin flats; and a georgette maxi dress that can be worn five ways.

We’re not shoe whores, but Mischka pointed out a pair of cork platforms with a fabric “fun and flirty” flower. The runway version of that show was called one of the season’s best shoes by The New York Times, according to Mischka.

Badgley and Mischka will have a jewely show on HSN March 17, and them will dominate March 18. Their shows that day will be from midnight to 2 a.m.; 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. (Jewelry Hour); 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.; 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.; and 10 p.m. to midnight.

QVC’s Red Carpet Party From L.A. Rocks With Stars Like Joan Collins, Nolan Miller’s Date

March 6, 2010

We came in late to watch QVC’s “The Buzz on the Red Carpet” from L.A. Friday night, and were surprised to see Patti Reilly in the West Chester studio.

We checked the online forums to see what we missed, and apparently the home shopping network had trouble getting its live feed from the Left Coast and Reilly had to fill in at the last minute until they got things fixed.

Anyway, we were pretty impressed with QVC’s celebrity-studded pre-Oscar event at the swank Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Lisa Robertson was doing the selling, while Mary Beth Roe and Shawn Killinger were conducting celebrity interviews. Joan Collins, QVC vendor Nolan Miller’s date, and Tia Carrere were among those in the house.

A still drop-dead gorgeous (and fellow Northwestern alum) Cindy Crawford was hawking Meaningful Beauty products, and former entertainment-magazine show host Nancy O’Dell introduced her QVC fashion jewelry line.

“I’ve loved QVC for a long time,” O’Dell said.

QVC vendors Isaac Mizrahi, Rachel Zoe, Chaz Dean and Bruce Makowsky were also on the air.

The fun will continue Saturday night.

QVC Jewelry Queen Joan Rivers Dishes To New York Post On Nicole Kidman, Lady Gaga

January 17, 2010

QVC jewelry queen Joan Rivers is in the news again, this time because she will be back on E! Entertainment Television Monday night doing a Golden Globes edition of “Fashion Police.”

Rivers, who was known for her cutting red-carpet commentary at E!, lost favor with the channel at one point, and landed at TV Guide Network. But now she’s back at E!, where she will be offering her blunt remarks on what the stars wear tonight at the Globes.

The New York Post Sunday published a Q&A with Rivers Sunday.

In the interview, Rivers sounds off on topics such as plastic surgery (an area she knows well), and gets in a nice shot at Nicole Kidman.

“Four years ago she showed up in a red dress with that white face,” Rivers told the Post. “She looked like a ketchup bottle.

Surprisingly, Rivers says she’s a fan of outrageous singer-performance artist Lady Gaga.

“I love her,” Rivers said.

We love Lady Gaga, too. Her “Bad Romance” song and video is our favorite.

Fashion Design Team Badgley Mischka Swaps The Red Carpet For Home Shopping Trunk Show On HSN

November 18, 2009

Who’d a thunk that the red-carpet fashion house Badgley Mischka would one day be selling a line on HSN.

But the two designers and celebrity favorites, Mark Badgley and James Mischka, premiered their American Glamour line of apparel, accessories and jewelry during a two-hour show Tuesday night. The first hour was clothes and handbags, the second devoted to jewelry.

“We’re here to bring glamour to American life,” said Badgley, who is the one with the glasses.

The team made its name designing beautful beaded and embellished evening gowns.

The price points on their HSN goods ranged from $99 for a silk tunic to $499 for a snakeskin satchel.

“This is truly one of our luxe bags,”  Badgley said.

Host Colleen Lopez said the handbag was the best-selling item on the HSN Web site out of the collection, and it was our favorite item. It sold out.

The Badgley Mischka foray on HSN is part of a trend of high-end designers, with the luxury market suffering, looking for distribution of lower-priced lines to the masses.

The designing duo started its couture company 20 years ago, with a collection of black dresses.

Badgley seemed like he had a smirk on his face throughout the show, but maybe he was just nervous. But all in all, he and his partner Mischka were pretty down to earth and came across quite well.

Lopez who couldn’t stop gushing about the merchandise.

“I might hyperventilate before this whole show is over,” she told the two designers.

Lopez was wearing a silk top that could be worn off the shoulders, the only place that Lopez said she didn’t have cellulite. It was $89.90, and she wore it in mocha.

Badgley got a surprise when his aunt in Nevada called in to wish him luck on the new line. She said she had purchased a tunic and was looking at some other items to buy. Mark, what kind of a nephew are you? Couldn’t you get her your stuff wholesale?

Of the jewelry, one of our favorites was Badgley Mischka’s Maltese crosses, but there was also an unusual watch. It looked like a vintage crystal bracelet at first glance, but was in fact a working watch. Mischka said it was inspired by a piece they found in a shop in Rhode Island.

Badgley and Mischka won’t be back on HSN until March, according to Lopez.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Coming to HSN This Week: Red-Carpet Designers Badgley Mischka And Arnold Scaasi

November 16, 2009

HSN has a packed schedule this week, with the debut of the hot new apparel and jewelry line from Badgley Mischka, the famous red-carpet designers, Tuesday night.

The No. 2 home shopping network has the Badgley Mischka merchandise online already, and the clothes and jewelry look great.


And one of our favorite HSN jewelry vendors, Chaco Canyon, will be on HSN Thursday. Its Southwestern pieces, made by Native Americans, is fantastic. One new item, a multigem cross, has already almost sold out online. It’s $329, but huge. Just our style.

Also on HSN Thursday is designer Arnold Scaasi. That brings us to the bad and the ugly. Scaasi fashion jewelry pieces are great
looking and ridiculously affordable. But the several times we have seen him on the air, he has been rather nasty and sarcastic to whatever poor host drew the short straw and had to work with him.

Let’s see if he’s more pleasant this visit.

One of his stunning pieces, a clear-stone drop necklace at $100, was prominently featured in HSN’s November jewelry guide.

Red-Carpet Design Team Badgley Mischka Produces Fantastic Line For HSN, Premieres Nov. 17

November 14, 2009

Bib necklaceWe may not be impressed with Isaac Mizrahi’s first jewelry efforts for QVC, but we sure are wowed at what the red-carpet design team Badgley Mischka have coming up for HSN on Nov. 17.

HSN has put the Badgley Mischka line up on its Web site, and the clothes and jewelry look gorgeous.

Mark Badgley and James Mischka have done HSN CEO Mindy Grossman proud.

We especially love a large bib necklace that’s selling for $159. There are also pretty tops in this American Glamour collection.

What Do Molly Sims, Fran Drescher, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs And Badgley Mischka All Have In Common?

October 31, 2009


Badgley Mischka

What cable network will actress Fran Drescher, model-turned-actress Molly Sims, rapper/entrepreneur Sean Combs and the red-carpet fashion design team Badgley Mischka all be appearing on next month? It’s HSN.

An odder assortment of celebrities might be hard to find, but there will be lots of premieres of these stars and their products on HSN in November. If you are a fan of any of these folks, but hate home shopping networks, remember that you will get a chance to see these celebs live — unfiltered and without scripts — on HSN.

Sometimes it’s not a pretty sight, like when Jessica Simpson recently appeared on QVC. Other times it’s a pleasant surprise, like seeing the likable and amiable Tori Spelling and Paula Abdul when they sell their fashion jewelry on HSN.

Drescher has a skincare line, FranBrand, that will debut on HSN Nov. 10. HSN describes her as “the flashy girl from Flushing.”

Sims’s fashion jewelry line, Grayce, will premiere Nov. 13. Items are already up on HSN’s Web site.

Sean “Diddy” Combs, formerly known as Puff Daddy, has a fragrance line set to appear on HSN Nov. 30 and Dec. 1.

And Badgley Mischka, in the wake of a major recently announced deal, will premiere the American Glamour line Nov. 17, with a two-hour show.

We expect the legendary designers, and we mean that, Mark Badgley and James Mischka to be down in Florida.

We have a pair of pink metallic sandals from these guys that we bought at a Manhattan sample sale. That was years ago, but we could go to a black-tie event with those shoes and they’d look right in style.

On its Web site, HSN welcomed the celebrity newcomers to “the HSN family.”

Who Wore a QVC Diamond Ring on the Emmy Red Carpet? Hint: It’s Someone From ‘The Office’

September 23, 2009

Some of the Emmy red-carpet bling came from QVC, believe it or not. Actress Phyllis Smith, who plays Phyllis Lapin on “The Office,” was wearing a QVC three-quarter carat diamond ring at the festivities in LA. No cubic zirconia for the Emmys. QVC was hawking the white gold estate-style ring, with round and baquette diamonds, Tuesday night.

The sparkler is part of QVC’s Affinity line of diamonds, and sells for a pricey $673.68. But those six Easy Pays of $112.68 may have helped those who wanted to buy it, recession and unemployment be damned.

Celebrity stylist Michael O’Connor, whose specialty is jewelry, is QVC’s point person on diamonds, which is how the home-shopping network’s ring got on Smith’s hand. O’Connor showed a photo of him and Smith, wearing the ring, at the Emmy Governors Ball Sunday, which is the dinner and party after the awards show. Sweet.