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Did HSN Celebrity Chef Todd English Share His Oysters With Four Blonde Beauties?

September 22, 2010

Usually it’s the New York Post’s Page Six gossip column that taunts HSN vendor/celebrity chef Todd English, but on Tuesday the New York Daily News jumped on that train.

English, a ladies man who got a lot of bad press when he left his bride-to-be Erica Wang at the altar a year ago, has been spotted by Page Six with plenty of babes since then.

And the News’ gossip column, Gatecrasher, reported that English “isn’t one for subtlety when it comes to his playboy lifestyle.”

English was seen sharing a meal with “four young blonde beauties” at Flex Mussels, an eatery in the West Village, the News said.

And what he was dining on? Oysters. We guess when you’re 50 and you’ve got a flock of chicks to entertain, you need the oysters.

You’ll have to read the News to see the snarky remark it made about English’s oysters.

Get Your $750 Boots Here On HSN

September 21, 2010


Wow, HSN is really going upscale. You ready to shell out more than $700 for a pair of boots?

On Monday night the home shopping network was featuring shoes and boots from upscale designer Donald J. Pliner, whose wares can be found in store like Saks and Nordstrom.


A pair of tall boots were selling for $750.

They made the shorter pair of peep-toe suede boots, priced at $450, look like a bargain.

Hey, they are gorgeous boots, and they are on Flex Pay, but paying almost $1,000 for a pair of boots seems a bit much for us.

QVC Vendor Dr. Perricone’s Wrinkle Creams Apparently Don’t Work On Him

September 21, 2010

Maybe you should think twice before ordering Dr. Nicholas Perricone’s skin care products from QVC.

The New York Post Sunday did a nasty, unflattering story on dermatologist/entrepreneur/QVC vendor Perricone, with the news hook being his new book, “Forever Young.”

First of all, the story pointed out even though Perricone has created a $50 million empire of skin care prodicts and books, his owns creams don’t seem to work on him. In person, the Post says that Perricone “has deep furrows in his forehead and visible crows feet.”

The story also digs up old dirt about Perricone’s nasty 2004 divorce and even nastier custory battle in 2005. His ex-wife Madeline accused him of frequenting prostitutes and hiding his three prior marriages from her. And that was just for starters.

You can read all the details in the Post, where the story is headlined “Skin Deep: How Dr. Nicholas Perricone built a $50 million empire on blueberries, green tea and questionable advice.”

The timing of the Post’s story Sunday was somewhat ironic, since Perricone had a Today’s Special Value on, an item from his Perricone MD Cosmeceuticals, on QVC during the weekend.

HSN Says The Homeshoppingista Didn’t Return Kyanite Ring

August 21, 2010

The kyanite ring

Never let it be said that The Homeshoppingista gets special treatment from HSN.

A month ago we ordered a pretty gem-quality kyanite ring from HSN. A psychic suggested that stone had properties that would help us, so this ring was perfect. Gem quality kyanite is rare. But mistakenly ordered two of the same ring, and sent one back.

You all know where this story is going. We got a letter today from HSN saying they haven’t received the ring, and they are going to charge us for it.

We called customer service, and of course they asked how we sent the ring back and was it insured, as the network recommends. Of course, we sent it back regular U.S. Mail with no insurance.

We also talked to an HSN customer service supervior, and she told us the same thing as the first rep we spoke to.

The literally thousands of dollars we’ve spent at HSN over the years doesn’t count here, we were told. It is true, we did not follow HSN return protocol, and were wrong on that count. But when you always follows orders, mein commandant, and refsue to ever bend the rules you can lose a customer’s good will. It it worth the $60 the ring cost to do that?

HSN says it didn’t get the ring, but it doesn’t get it, period.

Anyway, one of our other HSN purchases will be going back to make up for being charged $60 for the second kyanite

Jay King Bowl Alert: The Turquoise And Lapis Beauties Are Available On His Website

August 13, 2010

Jay's lapis bowl

HSN rock god Jay King, on his recent appearance on the home shopping channel, said that his turquoise and lapis bowls might be back in October.

But his own company in Albuquerque, Desert Rose Trading, has some of the bowls for sale right now on its website.

On Facebook Thursday, Desert Rose Trading said, “We’ve listed some turquoise & lapis bowls on our site – check em’ out before they’re gone!”

The lapis bowl is $399.

“This sculptured lapis bowl is the physical culmination of years of research, experimentation and artistry,” the site says. “This labor of love has evolved over the past 20 years from concept to reality. The sculpted gemstone composite lapis vessel is fashioned after an old wooden Navajo corn grinding bowl. It has taken considerable trial and error to perfect the shape and design of this visually stunning art piece.”

ShopNBC To Report Second Quarter Earnings Aug. 18

August 11, 2010

ShopNBC will discuss its second quarter earnings during a conference call Aug. 18 at 11 a.m.

The company will release its second quarter results the morning of the conference call.

ShopNBC CEO Keith Stewart, president Bob Ayd and chief financial officer Bill McGrath will be on the call.

Model/Entrepreneur Iman, Who Does An HSN Line, Is Expanding To Sell Fabric At Calico Corners

July 23, 2010


Does supermodel/entrepreneur Iman ever relax, maybe just sit down on the couch to watch TV in a stained T-shirt, eating a Pizza Hut pepperoni personal pan pie? We guess her hubby David Bowie wouldn’t like that.

Iman, who does the Global Chic apparel and accessory line for HSN, as well as having a cosmetics business, is now launching a fabric line that will be available in Calico Corners and Calico Home stores in September, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. The story is headlined “Iman’s Next Gig: Remodelista.”

We loved her quote in the story: “Home is where I seduce my husband.”

Crabby Designer Arnold Scaasi To Shutter His Couture Business, But Continue His HSN Jewelry Line

July 22, 2010

One of Scaasi's HSN pieces

Mr. Charm and Warmth himself, Arnold Scaasi, is shuttering his apparel business after 55 years of supplying dresses to women like Barbara Bush and Barbra Streisand (he designed the see-through pants she wore to the Oscars in 1969).

But never fear, home shopping queens, Scaasi will continue to do his fashion jewelry line for HSN.

The New York Times had the news Thursday about Scaasi ending his dress line, in a story headlined “No More Flattery From Scaasi,” which we believe was a sarcastic hede. We hadn’t been aware of this, but Scaasi apparently has criticized Michelle Obama’s fashion style. We guess he feels he’s qualified, since he has dressed five First Ladies during his career, according to The Times.

Scaasi, who had been making 20 custom gowns a month, has a glorious jewelry line on HSN. The pieces are gorgeous, and really well-priced.

But he is a nasty jackass on-air, being rude to hosts such as Colleen Lopez, who gave it right back to him — in a nice way. He acts like he is above selling goods on a home shopping channel.

Well, if Badgley Mischka can come to HSN and not be condescending, so can Scaasi. We don’t care how many First Ladies he has dressed.

We’re Still Waiting To Hear Back From QVC’s PR Department About Sheryl Crow’s New Denim Line

July 21, 2010

We sent QVC’s PR department this e-mail on Monday night, right after we watched Sheryl Crow perform and heard her say she was doing a denim line.

Sent: Monday, July 19, 2010 11:11 PM
To: Media Relations
Subject: question on Sheryl Crow

I just watched the Crow concert, and she said she is doing a low-priced denim line, jeans.
Will those jeans be sold on QVC?
The Homeshoppingista

We got this e-mail back from QVC at 8:25 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Please provide us with your phone number and deadline. Thank you for contacting QVC.

We supplied our number and deadline. And that was the last we heard from QVC.

So we still don’t know if Crow’s low-cost jeans will be sold on QVC. But don’t say we didn’t try to find out.

As for QVC’s PR department: How about doing your job?

Martha Stewart’s HSN Debut Is A Lot Less Memorable Than Liza Minnelli’s: It’s A Good Thing

July 19, 2010

HSN promoted Martha Stewart’s debut on the home shopping network with a lot of fanfare, as it did for Liza Minnelli’s debut.

Luckily for HSN, Martha did a lot better than Liza, who was barely coherent while describing her clothing and jewelry line.

Stewart, clad in an aqua shirt, has HSN’s Today’s Special Monday, a set of paper punches at $40. Years ago Stewart was on QVC, and we saw her several times. She was rather rude and unpleasant to host Kathy Levine.

In contrast, she was very warm and charming with HSN host Callie Northagen at midnight about her crafting products. She ouynthusiastically demonstrated her punches, which have several patents pending.

“I’m having so much fun here,” Stewart told Northagen.

What you can make with the TS

Our favorite quote from fawning Northagen to Stewart: “Martha, you made the glue gun what it is today.” Honey, it ain’t a cure for cancer!

And our favorite Stewart quote: “I was just going to bedazzle my butterfly.” OK, whatever floats your boat.

We guess crafters love Stewart’s kits, which you can use to make cards, frames, package decorations, etc. Since you would more likely see us try to fly to the moon than sit down and do a homemade card, it was hard for us to be enthusiastic about Stewart’s punches, glitter and paper. It’s not our thing. But the products looked good.

We were also introduced to Alex Perruzzi, who Stewart described as “our crafty guru.” He was a pleasant enough young man. We will bet dollars to donuts that following Stewart’s premiere appearances, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Perruzzi on HSN than we will of Stewart.

As Stewart admired one of the cards made with her punches, she told Perruzzi she wanted that card for her birthday, which is coming up. We know all about that Martha: Our niece Sydney has the same birthday as you, Aug. 3.

In her second hour, Stewart talked up her Cricit Cake Martha Stewart edition, which sells for $360.

So Stewart, who is from a town we spent a miserable decade in — Nutley, N.J. — did pretty well whille we were watching.