Kirks Folly, Marianna Jacobs, Somers and Brand

We’re behind on our blogging, been busy at work, but here are some tidbits and observations.

Kirks Folly will be bringing its whimsical fairy dust, jewelry and home décor back to QVC on Sept. 29. The line, which beacons the angels among us, is either the silliest thing you have ever seen or something you fanatically love. Jenniefer Kirk posted on Facebook about her return.

Back in the day Jenniefer and then-QVC host Judy Crowell would get dressed up in elaborate outfits, and sell Kirks Folly from an elaborate set. Don’t know if we’ll be seeing that again.

Sterling silver designer Marianna Jacobs and her husband Richard have been on several home shopping networks selling their handmade jewelry. Most recently they did a stint on Evine before joining HSN.

Marianna was on HSN host Colleen Lopez’s “Designer Gallery” show on Sunday with her Travelers’ Journey line and it looked like she had a makeover. She was totally glam – blown-out hair, tailored attire, totally different that her former free hair, casual hippy kind of look. And her husband Richard isn’t mentioned, as far as we could tell. They used to appear on-air together. What’s up?

We briefly saw Suzanne Somers – who sent from HSN to Evine to QVC — recently with QVC host Rick Domeir. We thought she looked good as she touted her new book, which in part touts her long-term marriage. Our mom thought Somers looked terrible. We will tell you what was terrible: The way Domeir was fawning over her.

By now we all know that HSN, in advance of Hurricane Irma, let its employees go off the safety and packed up a crew to televise from makeshift studios in Nashville, Tenn. We have seen a promo several times now where our buddy Bill Brand, HSN’s president, thanked viewers for their good wished and prayers. With Mindy Grossman’s exit to join Oprah Winfrey’s Weight Watchers leaving a vacuum at the top at HSN, Brand may be her replacement.


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9 Responses to “Kirks Folly, Marianna Jacobs, Somers and Brand”

  1. Roberta Jacobson Says:

    I was wondering about Marianna Jacobs. First of all the line was called Offerings when it was on Shop NBC. Then they changed it to Sajen which means offerings in Balinese when they went to HSN. Then they were on Evine briefly and I believe it was Sajen. Now she is alone, glamorous and the line is Traveler’s Journey. Do I smell a divorce?

  2. Marilyn Says:

    Glad to see Kirk’s Folly back on QVC. This just what QVC needs. They have lost their diversity.

  3. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thanks Roberta. For the life of me I could not remember the prior names of the line, Offerings and Sajen. I think there is a divorce as well.

    • Janet Says:

      From Kim’s post it sounds like Marianna and Richard are still together, but it is suspicious that he isn’t on air. Hopefully they’re not divorced.
      With the similarities between Sajen and Robert Manse jewelry, I wonder how this will play out. The designs are from 2 different parts of the world, but they look similar to each other in many ways. And it seems Manse came on board after Sajen left last time.
      I wonder if Manse is planning an exit. I like him but Colleen gets too stupid and over the top laughing with him. Well, she does with almost everyone. I turn him off when she’s on air with him. It’s nice to see hosts and vendors being real, but her fits of laughter are too much. I was waiting for them to show a ring I wanted to buy awhile back; wanted more details from the presentation. But she was hee hawing and guffawing during a presentation of another item to the point that I got tired of waiting for the laugh fest to end. I turned them off and forgot about the ring. The following week I was in TJ Maxx, and I saw a similar ring at about 1/4 of the Manse ring cost. I bought it and now I know where to shop for silver!
      Colleen has cost you a sale, HSN, and I’m sure it wasn’t the only one. Tell Colleen to keep her giggle fits short….or maybe just get rid of her.

      • Kim Says:

        I turn Colleen off most times anyway. I must be neurotic but she has really annoying speech habits of sniffing and snorting and lack of spit control. (Probably more than neurotic 🙂 ) Having said that I was watching JTV the other day. They were presenting JTV’s Bali jewelry. I really like the silver artistry with Bali jewelry but I find it expensive. JTV doesn’t have callers but the hosts read from Facebook posts. Someone posted that she was glad JTV had this line because the line that was on another channel was inferior. The JTV vendor rep started on this jag about how she knows “he” doesn’t have the quality she does and he doesn’t do the best he could, etc. So I started flipping channels to see what the “caller” was talking about and sure ehough there was Robert Manse on HSN with Colleen. WOW! I couldn’t believe this rep would badmouth her competitor on air. So I’m again flipping channels later and once again Manse is on and Colleen goes on and on about his quality and his relationships with his Bali artisans and that he was a fine jewelry artisan too; they were showing pix, etc. I took this as a direct response to the JTV dialogue. Looks like I spend way too much time flipping channels!!

  4. Kim Says:

    From Offerings Jewelry by Sajen Facebook:
    Lee Taylor I am loving your line, Marianna! Is this all you, or is Rich still pitching in? I loved those seahorse Larimar pieces! I gave my jewelry money this month to Hurricane Harvey relief, but next month…. 😀 And I will be watching!
    2 · September 4 at 10:34am
    Offerings Jewelry by Sajen
    Offerings Jewelry by Sajen oops! sorry not to reply sooner – I am designing however Richard is forever part of the creative collaboration! 🙂
    September 15 at 4:58pm

    • Jerri Says:

      Thanks, Kim, on the Sajen info. I’m glad Richard and Marianna are still together. They have certainly made the shopping channel rounds!
      Marilyn, I’m glad Kirk’s folly is back, too. Due to a job loss we are on a spending lockdown at Chez Jerri, but I still watch home shopping a little. Some of Kirk’s folly is a little much for me, but I do have a few pieces I enjoy. And, especially for Kirk’s folly fans, they are a much needed diversion on QVC.
      As for Suzanne Somers, she will be 71 soon. She had her stem cell facelift a few years ago, which left her looking puffy for quite some time. But I think she looks good now, too. If you go on her Facebook and watch her home videos, you can see her in natural light, without filters. Yes, she has some wrinkles, and a little sagging here and there, but she looks great. Natural is better!
      I tried her facemaster some years back, and didn’t see results. To me, it was too tedious to keep using. I gave it to a friend and she did see results. I do facial exercises and that works better for me. Apparently the facemaster is working well for Suzanne! I think it’s a good product; but it definitely works on everyone individually. Great for those who have had success with it.
      I haven’t watched Suzanne on QVC. Recently our cable company made some channels subscription only, and QVC was one of them. We aren’t missing any of them, so even after Mr. Jerri goes back to work, I’m thinking those channels will be gone for good, unless they can be streamed. So I won’t be seeing Kirk’s folly, I guess.
      Thanks, Linda, for a very interesting column!

      • Mary Anne Says:

        Good news on the Kirk’s folly return. Work has made me miss it but I’ll tune in when I can. I have enjoyed Suzanne Somers on QVC…but was disappointed that they’re selling supplements only. She does look great.
        Jerri, it sounds like there’s been a job loss in your life. I hope your hubby finds work soon and most importantly, hope you’re all ok. I’ve read a few of your posts and you sound like a nice person. And if I may ask, how are you managing during this loss of income? It just happened to me, and although my hubby is still working, I was the main breadwinner. Any tips are greatly appreciated. And best of luck to you.
        Mary Anne

      • Jerri Says:

        Mary Anne

        I just now saw your post. I was coming back to say that home shopping channels are streamable.
        Luckily, Mr Jerri found a new job at the end of October. He had a small severance from his former job, and we had an “emergency savings”. An account to help with expensive car/home repairs, and any other emergencies…job loss included.
        I am self employed, an independent contractor. I had cut my schedule down to 4 days/week before Mr lost his job. I went back up to 5 days, although I didn’t gain much from it. Preparedness is the best method for survival. We don’t use credit cards much, and pay them off ASAP. We keep the savings balance up. Obviously, we are in the process of rebuilding it.
        Mr is the main breadwinner, but a few years back I was very busy and did quite well. So now that I cut back, his income was sorely missed. All I can say is, try to prepare ahead of time for emergencies. In the present, cut corners as much as possible. Bag lunches, make your own coffee (Starbucks is a money pit), no restaurants, fast food, or takeout. Use less expensive cuts of meat and less of it; add beans for extra protein. If you have 2 cars and can get by with one drop the insurance on one (that’s paid off, of course) and leave it in the garage. Do your own gardening, pool maintenance, and housecleaning. Drop cable and buy Roku, etc, and stream off the internet. Get by on what you have….clothing, linens, etc unless you absolutely have to replace something. And last of all, good luck to you. Who ever said the economy is improving has brain damage. And BTW, Mr lost his job of over 15 years due to DOWNSIZING. It was done by seniority, and someone was there 3 months longer and missed the axe. 😩

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