QVC Host Lisa Robertson And Tyra Banks? JTV’s New Host

Here’s some scuttlebutt about veteran QVC host Lisa Robertson, who is leaving the network after more than 20 years.

One wag said that Robertson may be headed to model-entrepreneur Tyra Banks’ new daytime talk show.

As far as our readers, many are predicting that Robertson will somehow end up working with her BFF Leslie Blodgett, who made a fortune selling off her company Bare Minerals to Shisedo.

Over at Jewelry Television, word is that Rebecca Moore — a former vendor guest at Shop At Home and former host at Gem Shopping Network — will be joining JTV’s roster of hosts.


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3 Responses to “QVC Host Lisa Robertson And Tyra Banks? JTV’s New Host”

  1. Abigail Says:

    Don’t see Lisa on Tyra’s show, which, I doubt she would want as she is no ones second fiddle with a camera rolling,and, since day time talk shows are not easy, and, the ones that went off and came back on, flopped, Rosie, Ricki Lake, etc.

    Not sure about the Leslie thing either, seems more gossipy than anything else and if she’s going to live in SF, she will need double what she does in Pennsylvania, but, who knows, she didn’t give up that purring for lots of coins with nothing lined up, she is too shrewd for that, but, who knows, maybe the Q will find a way to keep her? If they were smart they would try.

    Just not sure what she can do at her age, not being mean, but, 50 is not the age to start a new gig in Hollywood, and, a QVC following does not equate to actual real time fame for studios.

  2. Carrie M Says:

    Are we going to see the new host at JTV or will she be stuck working odd hours? I’m SO sick and tired of seeing the same two hosts every Friday night and on the weekends. It’s such a turn off. They are a number of capable hosts at this channel but I CONSTANTLY see the same two. Enough already…

  3. allison green Says:

    What’s wrong with Rebecca Moore? Most times it seems she is a “mess” (but a good saleswoman if u can stand it) . PS I love “those two girls” I watch girlfriend Fridays. great show!

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