Ex-QVC Host Lisa Mason’s Husband Recovering From Brain Cancer

A few months ago former QVC host Lisa Mason revealed on Facebook that her beloved husband was diagnosed with cancer.

On Saturday Mason posted an update on Gino, the Samoan-descent spouse she would always mention on on-air.

“He is the strongest man I know,” Mason wrote. “Brain surgery followed by excruciating brain radiation. Now chemo. He is my rock, my one true love. He is my husband. If The Lord took us both tonight, we would have maxed out on love.”

“We live a small, simple life by society’s standards,” Mason said. “But we are wealthy beyond belief in Faith, family and friends. Please continue to pray for my beloved as we start this next journey together. With sincere love and appreciation.”

Prayers to both them.


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17 Responses to “Ex-QVC Host Lisa Mason’s Husband Recovering From Brain Cancer”

  1. Joan B. Says:

    Their strength and courage is a model for us all. Praying for a full recovery for Gino, with no side effects from the radiation or chemo.

  2. Queen Celeste Says:

    Good thoughts and prayers to them both.

  3. A Casual Observer Says:

    She is pure class and beautiful inside and out. All the very best to both of them.

  4. Mark Says:

    Linda, the odds are not in his favor, but you don’t know, I do know of folks that have survived brain cancer and lived productive lives. You go Gino.

  5. carolyn simpson Says:

    i have great respect and even envy for people who have such great faith. i dont and i wish i did.lisa has always had such faith . she has a brave heart and a shining spirit why do such terrible things happen to people like lisa and gino?my heart breaks for them both

  6. Mark Says:

    I am not a religious person, I respect those who choose to be. I do believe that the power of positive thought and outlook makes a world of difference. I have seen this personally as many have. As I said before Gino, fight on!

  7. Jean Devore Says:

    My husband had a Glioblastoma Brain Cancer. He lived 15 months and one day. Had Four brain surgeries, went through all the chemo and radiation treatments. Went through experimental clinical trial program. First time we met oncologist, first worlds out of his mouth “do you want Quality or Quantity”? I was shocked at how straight forward he was. But it was true statement. We all know what the end results will be. He chose Quantity so therefore he was always sick either with drugs or treatments. Then 9 months after brain cancer, he fell and broke his right hip. That really did it. But he never gave up, he was a fighter. I took care of him every minute of the day. If he were here today, I would do it all over again. Love you sweetheart.

    • Jo Says:

      I understand, lost my husband Jan 20 2015 after 67 years 4 months & 3 days. Took care of him for years & would do it again. Miss him so much. God Bless you

  8. Judi Cornfield Says:

    God bless you both. You’re fighting the hardest one there is. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

  9. Wilma Street Says:

    None of us know what tomorrow holds, but Christians know who holds tomorrow. I’m so sad to hear about Gino, but I know the God we serve loves him even more than you do Lisa, and he will walk this path with you. People are healed every day when drs have given little to no hope. I will pray and pray and send my love to you both.

  10. sharon baker Says:

    lisa and gino love every day and fill it full. You two are the best.
    Will pray for both of you to have strength and faith which I know
    you do. Miracles happen and don’t ever forget that. God is
    always with us.

  11. Peggy Lamson Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with both Gino and your family. May
    God bless you always. Love you.πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

  12. Jean Devore Says:

    Lisa, you are now walking in so many of our shoes. We feel your pain, courage, strength, tiredness, and never give up. When the end comes, you will say like so many of us “If we could do it all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat”. It takes “true love” to go through this time of yours and sweet Gino.You will never ever forget him. I think of my beloved George every day, I sometimes even get mad ” at him” when something breaks down or I have a flat tire-just whatever because he is suppose to still be with me. And he’s not.
    All my love and prayers for Gino and sweet Lisa.

  13. Terry Says:

    Be hopeful and many are praying for you bothπŸ™

  14. Paula Says:

    Prayers winging from OK, Lisa and Gino . . .

  15. Migdalia Says:

    Shocked to hear this about Gina. Will be praying for you both. My brother was diagnosed out of the blue with stage four kidney cancer. Staying strong in faith and hoping for a miracle. It had taken such a toll on all of us by. Especially me cuz we”re very close n I love him very much. How do things like this happen, it’s devastating. My brother is so strong n very positive. Hoping for remission hope God here’s our prayers1

  16. Julie Says:

    Lisa and Gino,
    You are in my prayers and thoughts. Take good care.

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