Classy QVC Host Dave James Is Gone From The Network

This is sad news: Dave James has left QVC.

One of our blog readers tipped us off yesterday that James’ photo was no longer on the host section of

We looked on Facebook to see if James said anything about leaving QVC, and we emailed the network about it. It wasn’t until tonight that we saw posted that he was leaving the home shopping network,

“I’m really doing my best to not type out a cheesy goodbye & thank you blog as I’m letting you know that I’ve left QVC. But I have to admit that the sentiments I want to express in this short passage are as giant as any gouda wheel I’ve seen in the deli,” he wrote in a blog on

Now former QVC host Dave James bids his fans goodbye on Facebook

Now former QVC host Dave James bids his fans goodbye on Facebook

“Simply put, I will miss you,” he blogged. “To my QVC colleagues, friends, and co-workers, I know we’ll stay in touch and maintain a friendship outside of the ‘Q,’ so I’m not worried about us saying goodbye. And to all the ‘Q’ viewer friends I’ve made along the way, your viewership, phone calls, emails, Facebook posts, and tweets have been a grand on-going conversation that I’ve loved through the years — you are diverse, opinionated, and strong!”

“I’ve loved meeting every one of you who took the time to chat with me on QVC,” he wrote. “You may not realize this but, if you’ve thought of me in your life, rest assured, I thought of you in mine too. I’m humbled and grateful for your viewership. I want to take this moment to say, ‘thank you for watching’ and ‘Roll Tide!’

On Facebook he added, “Please stay in touch with me on at Photos by David James and on Twitter @DavidJinPA.”

QVC posted this: “A goodbye & thank you from host Dave James QVC. We wish Dave luck in his future pursuits and thank him for sharing his talents with QVC!”

This does not sound voluntary, and it sounds like it was a surprise to James, a huge Crimson Tide fan.

One woman posted on Facebook, “Dave HAD to be let go… The other morning when he was on with Pat, he said that since Dan Hughes was on a sabatical, he would be filling in for him the month of June. That was Tuesday, now he’s gone… it sure wasnt his choice.”

Been there, Dave!

Anyway, we grew to admire James as a real pro a couple of years ago, we think it was a Black Friday weekend, where QVC televised backstage 24 hours or more. You could go online and see the live backstage stuff. James hosted this knuckle-headed event, the poor guy. Without sleep, he really hung in there.

We’ll never forget the haughty way that host Rick Domeier acted when has backstage with James.

James’ fans were upset about his departure, and said goodbye on Facebook.

“Why are you leaving the”Q”?? I was soooo surprised to read that you left,” one woman wrote.

“Dave James was the winner of QVC’s 2004 Program Host Search Auditions. Millions of Americans voted for Dave, and after MONTHS of intensive host training, he joined the ranks as a QVC program host in May 2005,” wrote another.

And several home shopping hosts had comments for James.

“Dave you will definitely be missed by me and many others at the Q!!! It has been a joy to work with you these past nine years. Please stay in touch ok?” wrote QVC host Dan Wheeler.

“Sorry to hear the news, Bud. All the best! Stay in touch!” said Dave King, a former QVC host and current ShopNBC host.

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32 Responses to “Classy QVC Host Dave James Is Gone From The Network”

  1. Wayne Says:

    There could be some internal problems going on at the Q if it looks like he was forced out. I don’t care one way or the other since I thought he was average as a host. I’m gonna hate it when the sexy, the beautiful Lisa R. leaves QVC because the best of the rest.

  2. Debbie Says:

    I’m a Dave James fan and the way he was let go really sucks. He deserved at least the same sendoff as Patti R. and Lisa M. It must really be a rigid environment. In any event, I wish him the best of luck. Any chance you could get an exit interview with him, Homesphoppingista? Then we’d get the real story!

  3. Queen Celeste Says:

    I’m often up in the wee hours, and enjoyed watching Dave. He IS classy, not a toot his own horn type of guy, as some of them, ahem, are. Why are the good ones always (presumably) let go?

  4. SUSAN Says:

    I enjoyed Dave James as a host he had a soothing voice, was calm described merchandise well whether it be jewelry or electronics. It seems as though QVC prefers carnival barker type hosts who have high pitched squeaky voices who giggle, dance and are carnival barker type of hosts….I watch and buy less and less!

  5. Jenny Says:

    I am so sad so see that Dave left QVC. Yet they keep the fake Lisa, Jane, Jill, Sharon and don’t even get me started on the annoying Shawn. What kind of language does she speak?

  6. Janice Gomez Says:

    Dave James was a normal, funny and professional host. It is a petty that QVC keeps spending money on the already old, and looking it, no matter the 10 poungs of makeup she wears of Lisa Robertson and spending that money on those ridiculous live shows from Italy. By the way on all those advance orders is -QVC going to drop the price since gold has gone down $200.00 this week?

  7. A. Bartley Says:

    I have to agree with you on your comments. Can’t help but not to drop
    names, Lisa R. is one if not the most artificial in personalities. She also had a nose job at age19, why is her nasal speaking voice accepted? Also, the Saturday morning hostess with her overly high pitched voice along with laughing over nothing.

  8. Ginger K. Says:

    Dave James was hired to do an entertainment and sales show,as it was getting its` footing. QVC changed the format and treated Mr. James like a utility player w/ no special ID. Still, he did his job w/ aplomb. My husband wants to know where are the men`s products and male hosts?!? I`ll say. Best of luck, only best wishes to you & your beloved family, sir.

  9. Marilyn Says:

    I am an avid watcher of QVC and have enjoyed Dave James especially when he showed jewelry. He was the best male presenter of jewelry I have ever seen. I just went on line to check to see why I haven’t seen him and can’t believe he is gone. I agree with many who watch like I do the morning people laugh about nothing and Lisa R doesn’t hold a candle to Lisa M who they also let go. I do hope that Mr. James has found a job making more money then at QVC and is very happy. What a shame QVC let a good one go.

  10. Dave Says:

    THAT SUCKS…. i really enjoyed watching him.. A great host.. The Q is tuff place… and if they like you, they like you.. BUT if they don’t look out…..

  11. J.D. Vickers Says:

    So sad when they keep the twit-wits and discard quality. Maybe the job requires lots of acrobatics. It’s evident some of the hosts are nerve racking blabber mouths, Dave James was not. Shame.

  12. Gailann Says:

    I was so sad to read that Dave James is gone. Over the past couple years, they’ve had an onslaught of new hosts who are terrible. Some can’t remember what they’re selling, some are just super-annoying. I refuse to watch Antonella (who came on about the same time as Dave). Like Susan said above, I watch and buy less and less. Bottom line, though, is that QVC cares only about money. But how can you sell a lot if you’re stuck in the middle of the night?

  13. Bernadette Rich Says:

    Guess I’ve been sleeping a little more soundly during the night because I didn’t realize, until just recently, that Dave James is no longer with QVC. That man was more down-to-earth than many of the hosts and I got to speak with him twice on the air. Seems to me that QVC is “investing” in some of their more favorite hosts’ business endeavors, such as new cookbooks, reissued cookbooks, makeup, jewelry, food items, and some clothing. Don’t those hosts make enough money by working for that company? Do they also need to cash in on products that are then promoted on QVC? Your bias and favoritism is showing, and your customers are aware of what’s going on.

  14. Sue Parker Says:

    I read in the Pittsburgh newspaper that “Dave James” is now working for a radio station somewhere in this area. I know he was on air here a while ago, pre-QVC. I liked him a lot.I do not like QVC’s new format/marketing strategy, think they are going for a younger demographic, ie., all that new make-up…ugh. Hardly ever watch. Those newer hosts are awful…shrieking and jumping around…eek!

  15. sharon Says:

    And…..why so many extremely expensive purses I would never buy…way overpriced. Makeup & beauty supplies…..not even the slightest interest in them from home shopping. Rarely buy anything from QVC any more…irritating new hosts, too much emphasis on same products and presenters….seldom any programs with black hills gold, kirks folly, stone mountain—-quality products with reasonable prices. It costs to send things back so it makes no sense buying cosmetics there.

  16. b.surma Says:

    well I got to agree with a lot of people.rick I got to shut it off,shawn
    somebody really married her.jane she could talk a dog off a meat
    wagon..they are silly and they always talk at the same time as the
    vendor.who is going to buy all these d&b bags there ugly.bruce he
    is a loss cause.lisa needs a man.

  17. lynne Says:

    I really like dave’s late nite talk show. But I did notice on that show that he enjoyed the fun stuff and the jokes more than selling. I will really miss him; like his low key style

  18. Ana Says:

    I miss Dave James!! I sent QVC an email asking about him and the idiot who responded told me that he left 2 years ago, WTF! I recently moved and wasn’t able to watch for a while and then I remembered to tune in and realized he was gone.He was like an old friend and I too miss my late night pal. He made me spend more just by his charm and smile. I wish him well. Those other hosts like Killinger, who died and made her think she is the only one with any kind of fashion sense or what is hip. So sad I hardly shop here anymore.

  19. Valerie A. Smith Says:

    I am also sad that Dave James is gone-I guess he was let go in August? I also agree that he did the best job selling jewelry, and I enjoyed his stories about his life and his family-One of the last times I saw him, he was selling the Keurig and I so loved his energy- Really will miss him-Seems like QVC made a big mistake……:(

  20. Pearl Brown Says:

    I really miss Dave James. Why wasn’t it silly Rick D or Lisa R, They know more about the product than the vendor. Dave was such a class act.

  21. Wordpress Says:

    I, too enjoyed Mr. Dave James. I sure hope he is much happier now and making more dough! Merry Christmas to Dave and his family. God Bless!

  22. linnylin Says:

    I also liked Dave as a good host. He didn’t just seem likable I bet he is also as you seen him on air just down to earth unlike Lisa who thinks she is SO beautiful and looks at herself and the jewelry in the monitor constantly like she can’t get enough of herself. Might have been a looker in her younger days but all is heading south!! She also seems phony doesn’t QVC see it?

  23. Jackie Kimbrough Says:

    I haven’t been watching QVC as much during the night and did not realize that Dave James was not there anymore until tonight. I enjoyed him as a host and wish him well. I agree that it would have been better to replace some of the others instead of Dave.

  24. allynn reissman Says:

    So true Lisa r, Jane and especially killinger are terrible why can’t qvc see this so nerve wracking I refuse to buy anything they present my qvc sales are steadily declining can’t stand to watch these people they r nauseating

  25. ladystclaire Says:

    I have been wondering what happened to Dave James and, I almost called customer service to enquire about him. like all of the others here, I really enjoyed watching him do his shows and, even though QVC suspended my account, I still watch some of the shows. I mean why do they have a cancelation thing, if you are not allowed to cancel an item? I’ve read where some people lost accounts for too many returns. and, if someone from the same household try to order from them, forget about it because, they won’t allow them to have an account. after all, QVC has made it big off of people’s returns because they resale it to the next customer and, they make money from the return postage from the customers sending items back. as for the other host, I find Jane, Shawn and Jill to be the most annoying host ever. Jill seems too hoity toity and, Jane tries hard to push what ever she is selling. Jill does not need to get over excited and yell when she is presenting and speaking over the vendor. I mean how many skin products can she use at one time? now for Lisa R. she needs to look in the monitor at herself a lot less and pay more attention to the product being sold by the vendor. QVC is making this woman into something that she’s not, a celebrity. what they are saying is that the other ladies are dogs and, Lisa R. is the most beautiful thing ever when she’s “NOT!”

  26. LRH Says:

    Lisa R. Totally fake and garish make-up. Leah the Hyena, must she laugh at everything. David V. Is amusing, but the hay dance is absurd. Jane Treacy has been annoying for deades. Albany, lose the harsh red hair and eyebrows. And drink less Red Bull. Rick D. Is a robot on speed. IMO Carolyn is watchable, Jill (sometimes), And the Dans are ok. Jacqui is sort of cute. Sharon is another fake. Jayne is the best of the lot. Judging from the comments, I’m probably the only viewer on the planet who thinks Shawn is a kick, especially when paired with Isaac Mizrahi. All that said, my favorite “host” is no one. I totally prefer to shop QVC online and cut the inane chatter. The single most annoying vendor is Susan Graver. Get the hook!

  27. LRH Says:

    The hay dance was a typo. Happy Dance over food. Puhleeze!

  28. Ann Says:

    I enjoyed Dave also. When I am unhappy with a host , I just change the channel. They have a job to do. Is it necessary to bash people. This world is bad enough without people being mean.

  29. diane fowlds Says:

    Dave james is surely missed as is many others that have left qvc! Why are so many hosts leaving qvc?i also sgree with some comments that were made by others posting.

  30. Patrice Says:

    I think people are mean. I do not care for Pat and Jane weekday mornings. They, and Susan Graver are annoying. Susan talks way too much! But it is just my opinion. They all do their best I’m sure.

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