Former HSN Host Rachel Huber Joins Canadian Shopping Net

Former HSN host Rachel Huber has landed — in Canada.

Huber posted on Facebook that she is heading north.

“The time has finally come to announce my new host position at The Shopping Channel in Canada!” she wrote. “I’m thrilled to be joining the team and I’m most looking forward to shopping with all the wonderful viewers!”

Rachel Huber

Rachel Huber

At first, we couldn’t place where we had seen Huber before. But some friendly Facebook folks reminded us it was HSN.

Among the people congratulating her for her new gig was HSN host Bobbi Ray Carter.

The Shopping Channel gave Huber a warm welcome on Facebook.

Her bio says that Huber had 10 years experience in electronic retailing on HSN, and she described herself as a “shopping-ista” who has “a distinct passion for jewelry.” Hey, don’t copy our Homeshoppingista name, girlfriend!

In an interesting note, it says that Huber worked for eight years as a middle school French teacher in Omaha.

She’s married to Kurt, and “is a mom to three cats Monet, Mia and Paris.”

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13 Responses to “Former HSN Host Rachel Huber Joins Canadian Shopping Net”

  1. Joanie B. Says:

    Dave James has just left QVC. See if you can find out any skinny on that, OK Linda ??

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    I did a blog on it, and it certainly doesn’t seem voluntary. I thought he was a class act.

  3. Queen Celeste Says:

    I wish Rachel all the best in Canada. I miss her on HSN, and her lovely, low key approach to sales.

  4. Suzanne Says:

    The full length picture of her here is ADORABLE!!! I will miss her, in fact, I noticed her absence, and I will miss her classy elegance on HSN. Thank you very much for updating us on her whereabouts.

  5. jey Says:

    Rachel was the only host I did not put on mute, such a lovely, calming voice, she could sell me anything, I will miss you my dear, God speed.

  6. Andrea Martin Says:

    How old is that skinny pic. Sure not the Tubbo tsc

  7. Queen Celeste Says:

    I assume that’s a fairly recent photo. She looks just gorgeous and I want that dress!

  8. Ana Says:

    Another old friend gone. Rachel Huber was my late night insomniac friend and she will be missed. But I want to wish her well. She could sell anything to me. She wasn’t the annoying host that so many are, especially when they try to be “girlfriends” and laugh needlessly. That Alicia Machado and some others are so insincere and disruptive when they interrupt the vendors. We don’t care what they want or bought. just shut up.

  9. Emile Says:

    No kidding what a hot pic, so what the hell happened she got thunder thighs now

    • Deborah Says:

      Emile, I don’t think she’s gained much if any weight since that pic was taken. Rachel has naturally bigger legs…no matter her weight. My late aunt was the same way…teeny tiny from the waist up, wide hips, and large legs. And she was underweight. Like Rachel, she chose slacks and jackets, and longer skirts over more fitted garments. Rachel’s face is thin in her recent pics, which is a giveaway.

      We are not all gifted with perfect bodies and faces, hair, etc. We learn to work with what we have, and make the best of it. Rachel is a lovely person, and HSN made a HUGE MISTAKE letting her go. She is lovely on the inside most of all, which is what counts. There are many women…and men… with perfect thighs who have empty souls. It looks like Rachel is headed toward a goal, however; and may she stay as sweet as ever and prosper.

      One can hope that the comment you made doesn’t reveal someone with a small weak soul. Thunder thighs don’t start wars, end marriages, burn villages or kidnap children. What are you doing today? I wish you peace and an open mind.

  10. lanna Says:

    This is later and we all know Rachel is off tsc…..and it was a big mistake on hsn’s part to let her go, but….I do not want to join Facebook, and have been following Rachel’s. If anyone on here sees this, and is on Facebook, please pass this on to Rachel.
    She recently planted tomatoes in containers and is having pest probms. People are giving her good advice, but tomatoes are hard. I wanted to suggest she try Topsy-Turvy tomatoes; the hanging ones. Less prone to pests and up off the ground. And thanks to whoever lets her know.

  11. lanna Says:

    That’s pest problems. Sorry missed the type-o

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