Former HSN Host Rachel Huber Joins Canadian Shopping Net

Former HSN host Rachel Huber has landed — in Canada.

Huber posted on Facebook that she is heading north.

“The time has finally come to announce my new host position at The Shopping Channel in Canada!” she wrote. “I’m thrilled to be joining the team and I’m most looking forward to shopping with all the wonderful viewers!”

Rachel Huber

Rachel Huber

At first, we couldn’t place where we had seen Huber before. But some friendly Facebook folks reminded us it was HSN.

Among the people congratulating her for her new gig was HSN host Bobbi Ray Carter.

The Shopping Channel gave Huber a warm welcome on Facebook.

Her bio says that Huber had 10 years experience in electronic retailing on HSN, and she described herself as a “shopping-ista” who has “a distinct passion for jewelry.” Hey, don’t copy our Homeshoppingista name, girlfriend!

In an interesting note, it says that Huber worked for eight years as a middle school French teacher in Omaha.

She’s married to Kurt, and “is a mom to three cats Monet, Mia and Paris.”

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34 Responses to “Former HSN Host Rachel Huber Joins Canadian Shopping Net”

  1. Joanie B. Says:

    Dave James has just left QVC. See if you can find out any skinny on that, OK Linda ??

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    I did a blog on it, and it certainly doesn’t seem voluntary. I thought he was a class act.

  3. Queen Celeste Says:

    I wish Rachel all the best in Canada. I miss her on HSN, and her lovely, low key approach to sales.

  4. Suzanne Says:

    The full length picture of her here is ADORABLE!!! I will miss her, in fact, I noticed her absence, and I will miss her classy elegance on HSN. Thank you very much for updating us on her whereabouts.

  5. jey Says:

    Rachel was the only host I did not put on mute, such a lovely, calming voice, she could sell me anything, I will miss you my dear, God speed.

  6. Andrea Martin Says:

    How old is that skinny pic. Sure not the Tubbo tsc

  7. Queen Celeste Says:

    I assume that’s a fairly recent photo. She looks just gorgeous and I want that dress!

  8. Ana Says:

    Another old friend gone. Rachel Huber was my late night insomniac friend and she will be missed. But I want to wish her well. She could sell anything to me. She wasn’t the annoying host that so many are, especially when they try to be “girlfriends” and laugh needlessly. That Alicia Machado and some others are so insincere and disruptive when they interrupt the vendors. We don’t care what they want or bought. just shut up.

  9. Emile Says:

    No kidding what a hot pic, so what the hell happened she got thunder thighs now

    • Deborah Says:

      Emile, I don’t think she’s gained much if any weight since that pic was taken. Rachel has naturally bigger legs…no matter her weight. My late aunt was the same way…teeny tiny from the waist up, wide hips, and large legs. And she was underweight. Like Rachel, she chose slacks and jackets, and longer skirts over more fitted garments. Rachel’s face is thin in her recent pics, which is a giveaway.

      We are not all gifted with perfect bodies and faces, hair, etc. We learn to work with what we have, and make the best of it. Rachel is a lovely person, and HSN made a HUGE MISTAKE letting her go. She is lovely on the inside most of all, which is what counts. There are many women…and men… with perfect thighs who have empty souls. It looks like Rachel is headed toward a goal, however; and may she stay as sweet as ever and prosper.

      One can hope that the comment you made doesn’t reveal someone with a small weak soul. Thunder thighs don’t start wars, end marriages, burn villages or kidnap children. What are you doing today? I wish you peace and an open mind.

  10. lanna Says:

    This is later and we all know Rachel is off tsc…..and it was a big mistake on hsn’s part to let her go, but….I do not want to join Facebook, and have been following Rachel’s. If anyone on here sees this, and is on Facebook, please pass this on to Rachel.
    She recently planted tomatoes in containers and is having pest probms. People are giving her good advice, but tomatoes are hard. I wanted to suggest she try Topsy-Turvy tomatoes; the hanging ones. Less prone to pests and up off the ground. And thanks to whoever lets her know.

  11. lanna Says:

    That’s pest problems. Sorry missed the type-o

  12. David Rosa Says: hot.

    • Bob Says:

      Ah, David, have a horse fetish, do you? Actually, she looks like a guinea pig as well. Guinea pig eyes and horse mouth, with those huge teeth.
      I did like her quiet sales approach, however. I came on to post about her new questionable “job”; others have beat me well to the point. Looks like this guinea horse will be raking in the hay, from her new unscrupulous venture. The (guinea pig) ” ayes” have it; I give this job a big old “neigh”. Giddyup.

      • Deanna Says:

        Bob, you almost made me spit water on my tablet! I turned away in time. ROTFLMAO. Your post was funny. A little blunt, but funny.
        I liked Rachel, too…until this latest endeavor. But, her likes have gone up 4 points today. The whole thing is tacky and smells of soft armed robbery.
        To add to your..uh…description of Rachel….yes, she is definitely horsey. A little length added to her hair would help, and smoothing it instead of sticking it out all over. She looks good as a ginger, but it word flatter her more to tone it down just a bit with a little brown. Also, keep away from red-red lipstick; wear rose, pink, or nude tones. She also wears horrible shoes for her legs/feet. She has very thick legs and clubby feet…and she wears mostly chunky, clunky shoes. Wear something more streamlined…and comfortable.
        Well, all I can add to that is, go back to teaching, Rachel. You will at least respect yourself. Listen to your conscience.
        And Bob….you should be a comedy writer.

      • Belinda Says:

        Deanna, I totally agree with your makeover ideas for Rachel’s hair/makeup/fashion. I think she’d look great.
        But I don’t think she is doing anything as bad as home shopping sales. What she’s doing is perfectly legit. Most skin care photos are like that. I looked at the ingredients in the products; they’re very good. As another poster said, they will work for some people. I do agree that the price point is way too high….especially considering the tiny sizes of the jars of facial cream. But I think it’s a good venture for her.
        Oh, Sharon..I wondered about the pyramid thing, too. Hopefully Rachel checked it all out, and it’s OK. It’s a large, known company; one would think they would keep things clean so as not to tarnish their reputation.

    • Beth C. Says:

      Which animal do you look like, Bob???? Lol, your post was mean, but funny. Rachel is in serious need of a new hairstyle; this one makes her look more equine than she does already.
      OK, people, why the vendetta against Rachel Huber? I agree, pushing sales hard, and with those misleading pics, on Facebook, is tacky tacky tacky. But she is still the same nice person we’ve known all along. Ok, I don’t get the gems-to-skincare thing, either. But I know FL is kind of a hard place to find work right now. Who knows why, but let’s not throw her to the lions.
      Skincare is a funny thing…certain brands work on some people and not others. Even the cheapest house brand drugstore stuff works on some people; my cousin swears by her $10/jar drugstore brand night cream. And she looks good, too; who’s to argue? The stuff Rachel sells has some good ingredients; but I do think it is over priced. It should cost about half of what it is going for. That said, I’m sure some people will see results. So it’s not a con game; I’m sure there is a window of time to return it if it doesn’t work; you know, a money back guarantee.
      So chill, people. Rachel is still the sweet lady you knew all along.

      • Alice Says:

        Rachel really could use a hair change; that little skullcap do is a don’t on her. She’s cutre but that doesn’t do anything for her.

        She doesn’t deserve all this others have mentioned, this job is much more respectable than working in home shopping. OK to post it on her Facebook, just not so aggressively. She’s a nice person and I like hrer, and wish her well.

  13. David Rosa Says:

    shes the best

    • Heather Says:

      She’s the best LIAR. I used to like Rachel and was sorry she was fired from HSN. I thought she was pretty honest for a shopping host. Sure, not all the stuff they peddle is great.

      It seems her new job is selling skin care products from the proactive makers. She’s on Facebook selling this stuff, and some hours ago posted before and after photos of a lady who used their cream. The before photo is dark and dingy, like in a darkened room with no flash used. The after photo is bright and light, like they put a strong light or flash on her face. Duh, of course her skin looks brighter….she’s standing in way more light for the after photo.

      Wow, Rachel, we know most of these photos are photoshopped to sucker us in to buying stuff, but most not so plainly obvious. It seems like I have no choice but to put you in the sleezy salesperson category. And you seemed so nice. What a disappointment. And, BTW, I’ll never buy from you OR that Rodan Fields line, just because of that hokey picture. Good luck with your sleezy new job.

      • Cindy Says:

        I saw this as well. I also thought she was going to be working with jewelry/gems.
        Once a home shopping host (read used car salesman), always a home shopping host. These people will try to sell trees to birds. I thought Rachel was different; oh well, I guess. I have unfollowed her Facebook, and will just check in on the cats here and there. I no longer care for her….zooming around in her Beamer and pretending to care about people. Too bad.

      • Ytzett Says:

        Rachel Huber is just another Stepford clone. I started to post something else on here, read the comments, and went on Facebook to see what’s up.
        There are 2 questionable photographic comparisons, plus lots of ads pushing the product and trying to recruit more clones. I went on Rodan Fields website and OMG the prices for that junk are cover the moon. I have a decent income and could maybe afford it, but it would eventually drain me. I’m raising my daughter alone and these prices are just too much. And I agree, it’s a shoddy company to use those “doctored” photographs. In the second one, it looks as though they may have even used 2 different people. Nothing could make me buy their stuff.
        You can forgive, a little, the hosts’ phoniness on TV; they have to push what’s given to them. But Huber chose this, and is posting those ridiculously phoney pictures by her own will. I liked following her cats, too. But I unfollowed her, as well. First, I sent her a message, asking her if she knew how doctored the photos looked (even though I know darn well she does). I have sent her messages/left comments before and she always answers….look, there are very few comments there to begin with. This time, no response, and the one comment I left was taken down FAST or not posted to begin with. Most likely, she’s blocked me anyway. Which is fine.
        I did think she was more honest and sincere than most of them. I was wrong. She really is a slimy salesperson. At least I make my living helping people, not conning them out of their hard earned money to buy bogus junk.

      • Dana Says:

        I agree with what everyone says about this. Although I like Rachael, I figured she was just a softer spoken version of the other hucksters like colleen, etc. They are all programmed to make you give up your money.
        What’s bad about this is, there is an obvious alteration of the photographs. And, it seems her sales took over her Facebook. I guess that’s allowed…but it’s cheap and cheesy. A friend of mine sells a well known brand of makeup. She puts her phone number up, and anything important…”everything’s half off”, etc. Otherwise, her Facebook is social. As for being disappointed, I’m not. Nor am I surprised.
        The only puzzling thing is, why did she sell skin care after taking all those GIA classes? Unless she took the GIA for self improvement. Seems she could make a lot more money selling jewelry. And appear less sleezy.

      • Jen Says:

        To see these altered photos on Rachel’s Facebook is a little surprising. My mom and I really liked her on HSN. She was on TSC for about a year, then quit there. So fired from HSN, quit tsc, and home to study gemology. Now, she boasts herself as executive consultant at rodann fields. Their site says consultant, not executive. I’m thinking she couldn’t find anyone to take her on in the jewelry business, perhaps.
        The pictures from rodann fields are altered deliberately and as one person says, the person in the eye cream photo looks like it’s two different people. And if we can see it so can Rachel. So it’s mentioned or advertised in Martha Stewart Living. They paid for their space. All they’ve ever been known for is proactive. A product which works for some people and not for others. Anti aging skincare is a different matter. One can only hope they can stop wrinkles as well as they zap pimples. And the cost of their skin care is astronomical. Most of us can’t afford that.
        One step further, I checked the ingredients. I use some organic stuff….not even 1/5 the cost of r and f……off the organic company’s website with many of the same ingredients. I’m fighting future wrinkles now. My mom uses it to combat some she has. She likes it; and it’s organic…no bad stuff getting absorbed into your skin and lymphatic system. You just have to look and do research.
        Back to Rachel. I guess we lost a friend we were comfortable with. She learned from Coleen well. There’s someone who fought her way to the top and didn’t look back nor care about the junk she sold along the way. Rachel is right behind her. She’ll have her own dock on the bay, home on the water soon.

      • Josie Says:

        I think Rachel deserves another chance. She really seems like a nice person. I agree with all, though, that the before and after pictures look totally set up or photo shopped. Either the r+f company is not kosher, or they just chose some bad photos, and so did Rachel.
        I think the all out sales pitch on Facebook seems desperate….and very low class. She should keep that to a minimum, and set up a website for that. It was a big mistake to post those photos….many, including myself, will not trust a product with such false photos. She should take them down, and say they looked much different on the company’s website or something.
        I like her but I don’t get the quickie gig at TSC, then the gemology courses…and now this job with this off-center skin care company. She needs to settle and do one thing; she appears to be flighty and unreliable. Constructive criticism, Rachel. Some you should seriously listen to. Good luck; you’re going to need it.

      • Erica Says:

        I agree with Josie. Everyone is bashing poor Rachel unfairly. The R and F skin care job is much more respectable than working for home shopping, and you liked her when she did that. Yes, the pictures seem a bit dishonest, but I’m sure the skin care works on some people.

        Rachel is happy about this, as we should be for her. She’s a nice person. Let’s stop judging and wish her well.

      • Sharon Says:

        I have nothing against Rachel’s new job, and she’s perfectly legit. HOWEVER…
        I looked on the R+F website, and I’m worried that Rachel may have unwittingly become part of a pyramid scheme. Go on there and read about their company. I hope I’m wrong, but I smell pyramid scheme. Be careful Rachel and good luck. If I’m wrong….go get ’em!

  14. Jennie Says:

    I’ve missed Rachel terribly on HSN and follow her occasionally on Facebook. She seems to be a good person, kind and genuine.
    She recently became a consultant for Rodan and Fields skincare; and is posting ads for it. I was very disappointed today to see pics up of a before and after “comparison”. The woman supposedly used their product. The before shot was done darker, no flash. The after shot was visibly lighter….flash was used. So of course her skin looked lighter and brighter in the after shot. This is a good example of the trickery and deceit some companies use to sell products….often skincare or makeup. You can tell the lighting was rigged….it was very blatant. At least some of the tricksters use more subtle cheats.
    I’m very disappointed to see that Rachel has stooped this low to make sales. It’s one thing to hawk the qrap on TV….we can figure out what’s good and what isn’t. This was “Buy this skincare from me even though I’m using rigged photographs to sell it because it doesn’t change your skin this dramatically.” After this, all I can think is she’s another used car salesman….just like the other liars out there. Too bad, Rachel, I….and many others….thought you were different.

    • LaVanne Says:

      I saw Rachel’s Facebook as well. Heather and Jennie, you beat me at the post! I agree with both of you. I am saddened, too, and disappointed that Rachel turns out to be like the rest.
      What makes me confused is why did she go to all the trouble of studying and getting her GIA, and learning about gems, if she was just going to sell this skin cream? And their products are not that good. My niece tried the proactive, it did nothing but dry out her skin. She tried Dr. Murad, and that really worked.
      Two skincare lines who honestly don’t seem to doctor their photos are Elizabeth Grant, and Skinn, by Dimitri James. I think the Elysée line is pretty good, too. I use an organic cream for eyes and face that is $15 for 2 ounces. It works great! I get it through Walgreens.
      I feel bad about Rachel, and now I cannot trust her, too. We all need to make a living, but I don’t believe in cheating people to do it.

      • Marean Says:

        I agree with all of you. I saw the photo on Rachel’s Facebook page about an hour ago. I came here (always good/interesting talk on home shoppingista!) to see if anyone else had noticed…you have.
        First of all, LaVanne (pretty name BTW), your last sentence sums up the whole thing. No, we should not cheat people to make our living. But I wanted to add a couple things:
        First: the hipocrisy of these shopping hosts! “I use this brand every day and it works!” The next week, hosting a different brand (I’m thinking skincare here), ” I’ve used this brand for several months now and my lines have almost disappeared!” And on and on with each brand. We know you don’t use them all….you’d have 20 layers of product on. How about saying you love and use 1 particular brand, then say you’ve tried some of the others as it’s part of your job, and have supplemented your regular brand with them, or change them out with your usual brand. Sure, you can find something new you like better…but what about those products you “couldn’t live without”, Rachel…now it’s all rodan and fields?!
        Second: have any of you noticed that her “likes” have gone down in numbers since she started this? A little before she announced her new “career”, she had 1900+ likes. She is now down to 1500, and the comments have all but disappeared. NO ONE commented on the cheater before and after photo she posted. People may not say anything, unlike us here, complaining, but they are not stupid and will move away from scams like this quickly. Unless you are severely vision impaired, the cheat in the photo is way beyond obvious. The woman’s skin was unchanged.
        I have unfollowed her myself and wish her little cats the best. She, like several other people I know, and some of them close, have turned out to bre much different than they appeared. Disappointed, and sad.

      • Carol Says:

        I just noticed this earlier today. I can’t believe she posted such an obviously staged/doctored photo comparison. Does she think we’re stupid? And Marean, I agree; her likes have lowered by 400-500 points. And fewer people leave comments.
        If you work at home, of course you’re going to push your products on social media. But first she was our friend, sharing her cats, her garden, her studies. Now it’s all about the sales. And unethically, at that.
        This has certainly changed my view of her. I wish her luck in life but I can’t say I wish her luck in this deceitful venture. I wish her the common decency to apologize to her followers, and go find something honest to make a living at. For a change. She fits right in, now, with loud talking hucksters on TV shopping. At least they aren’t hiding who they are behind soft voices and garden photos.

      • Bennie Says:

        I can understand why many of you feel this way, especially after seeing the photos. But I don’t think Rachel has changed, she’s still a nice person.
        As elsewhere mentioned on this thread, most skin care makers use these cheesy photos. I, too, checked up on the ingredients. And they’re pretty impressive. The prices are high…but so many things are in these times. Also, r + f gives a 60 day money back guarantee. I think you’d be hard pressed to make those teeny containers last 60 days, but the guarantee is there. And 60 days should tell you if it works for you or not.
        I do agree that she is pushing it a bit too much on Facebook, but I’m sure she’ll get her own website in time. Let’s let her breathe before we start whipping her with a wet noodle. And as several wisely pointed out, this is a much more respectable gig than selling on the shopping channels.
        Not trying to overstep anyone’s opinion; just trying to help you not lose a good friend. :-) And keep things more positive. Too much negativity in the world today. Thanks for reading.

  15. Bev Says:

    To Sharon, a poster on this page:
    I have no problem with Rachel selling on Facebook, etc. But your comment might be the most insightful one on here. I don’t know about the pyramid thing, but I’ve been reading her descriptions about ALL the HUGE plusses of working for r and f….almost too good to be true. It looks, to me, like you would be out a LOT of money to start out as you have to buy their products, which are very expensive. Then, “you don’t sell, you just tell/show the remarkable results, and the products sell themselves”.
    Hmmmmm…..if that’s true, why is she pushing that stuff so hard? Brings me back to an old saying that rings very true here; ” If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.”

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