Odd Couple Iman, Joy Mangano Debut New Line On HSN

Here’s an odd couple for you: Huggable Hanger inventor Joy Mangano and supermodel Iman.

The duo will be debuting its first-ever collaboration of “Fashionably Functional” fashion accessories, the “Joy & Iman” collection, on Sunday. They have the TS that day.

“This is not about a trend,” Iman said in a canned statement, “This is a collaboration that brings together fashion and function at its best.”

HSN supermodel/vendor Iman

HSN supermodel/vendor Iman

And Mangano chimed in, of course.

“Working with a fashion icon like Iman to bring this collection to life has been an amazing experience,” said Mangano, president and founder of Ingenious Designs LLC, an HSN unit.

“She is the epitome of glamor and luxury, and her esthetic radiates throughout the entire line. I’m very proud of this new collection and can’t wait to introduce it to my HSN fans this weekend!”

The Joy & Iman collection is priced under $40, and includes the Luxe Quilted Wallet for $19.95; a set of 4 Glam Sun Readers with slip cases for $19.95; a Scarf Wrap with Lace for $19.95; and a Luxe Quilted Sandal for $29.95.

Additionally, a Joy & IMAN Iconic Quilted “Fashionably Functional” Bag will be sold for one-day-only Sunday at $39.95.

Iman is a veteran HSN vendor, and actually, her line is part of IDL, which Mangano founded in 1991. IDL has developed and managed product lines for not only IMAN but for chef and restaurateur Todd English and “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson.

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4 Responses to “Odd Couple Iman, Joy Mangano Debut New Line On HSN”

  1. mary s Says:

    joy mangano…… she is a marketing genius! i do like many of her products.

  2. Marcie Burns Says:

    I wonder who decided to go with Joy’s name first….? Seems odd and out of place. I would “rock” an IMAN bag, not a coathanger lady’s bag.

  3. Ann Says:

    Can not stand Mangano!!! She is so self serving and never ever shuts up. Iman gave her a run for it though. Iman is a strong woman, with a strong personality; hopefully she can put Mangano and her nagars in place! I have watched Iman’s items in the past and have purchased her readers. They are fantastic.
    But unfortunately for Iman, anything she collaborates on with J.M. Will be skipped right over by me.
    J.M. Is so loud, so abrasive….and her products are average at best. Todd English got rid of her with the cookware. Whether she’s still making money on the cookware or not……I’m now open to trying his pieces. I ordered his electrics indoor grill~Manganos’ name was no where on the packaging.. And the grill is a nice product.
    IMHO~working with JM is a detriment to any other vendor out there.

  4. Rhonda Wills Says:

    I hope Iman is smart like Todd English and gets Mangano off of her shows. Mangano is the most irritating person on HSN and that is saying a lot. Any time she is on, the channel is changed immediately. Almost all of her products are cheap crap and even the ones that are OK, it is not worth watching her loud mouth.

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