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Ex-QVC Host Dan Wheeler Authors Book on Wife’s Death

October 28, 2018

Veteran QVC host Dan Wheeler has penned a book about his wife’s fatal illness.

The tome, called “Hurricane of Love,” is about the death of Beth Wheeler, Dan’s beloved spouse and mother of his children. Dan often posted on Facebook about Beth’s increasing sickness from her cancer, and it was heartbreaking.

Most if not all of us have lived through this sort of tragedy, where you sit helpless as someone you love dies, so it is a universal experience.

Here’s the blurb on the book from publisher WestBow Press:

Beth and Dan Wheeler had it all. Their growing family consisted of two beautiful daughters, a loving son-in-law, and a handsome grandson. They lived in their dream house on a beautiful, sprawling property. Dan was enjoying a thriving career as a popular television host on QVC. Suddenly in 2012, their world was rocked when Beth was diagnosed with stage IV cancer.

“Our priorities were turned upside down but ultimately right side up in an instant,” Dan writes. For three years, he balanced his career as a cheerful, upbeat television host with caring for his wife as she battled for her life against an aggressive form of cancer. Now, at last, he shares their inspiring story in Hurricane of Love: My Journey with Beth Wheeler.

Beth’s tremendous capacity to love swept through the halls of medical clinics, hospitals, and chemotherapy suites, positively impacting the lives of medical personnel, family, and friends. You will read about the many miracles they encountered along the way, including an angelic appearance and glimpses of heaven. Beth’s love and her strong faith in the Lord enabled her to face death with grace, dignity, and tremendous courage. This book will calm your fears, strengthen your faith, and inspire your hope. Beth Wheeler’s love was like a hurricane. It hit everyone in its path. Be prepared to be swept away!

QVC’s Dan Wheeler Gets A Special Delivery

September 22, 2016

Nice-guy QVC host Dan Wheeler has been through a lot this year, losing his beloved wife Beth to cancer. He shared his pain over her death publicly and emotionally on Facebook.

Wheeler had some good news to share on Thursday, writing a post about his new granddaughter accompanied by a photo of the pink-clad newborn.

“She was born on the 21st night of September which was the day Beth and I met and also our favorite song ever by Earth, Wind and Fire,” Wheeler wrote. “I could not have scripted this any better. God is good and Beth is surely smiling down from heaven.”

The little one doesn’t have a name yet.

“Name is TBA but her middle name will be Elizabeth after her precious Gam in heaven!” Wheeler wrote. “Kirstyn, baby and her whole family are doing fine!”

Congrats to all!

Tough Thanksgiving For QVC’s Wheeler, Us And Our’s

November 26, 2015

We can sympathize with QVC host Dan Wheeler, who just returned to the home shopping network after losing his beloved wife Beth to cancer.

It is going to be a tough Thanksgiving for him, as he eloquently wrote in a blog, as it is for us and our family.

Dan Wheeler returns to QVC.

Dan Wheeler returns to QVC.

This is our first Thanksgiving without our father. Our uncle passed away a few weeks ago, and my aunt and cousins won’t have him at the table today. Our childhood friend lost her 67-year-old husband to a heart attack, leaving her alone to raise their 11-year-old son.

Dan took an upbeat approach to writing about Beth, expressing thanks that he enjoyed 37 years with her. We had our dad a lot longer than other people. We give thanks for that.

Our dad wasn’t a religious man, but every Thanksgiving he would lead us in an off-the-cuff prayer before we ate. Every year, it was almost the same.

He’d give thanks for our food, for everyone around the table, for our troops overseas, for our country, adding that we also remembered those who were no longer with us.

This year, we wonder who will say the prayer.

QVC Host Dan Wheeler’s Late Wife’s Service To Be Streamed

November 3, 2015

We just got back from vacation, where it was too difficult for us to blog, so this is our first words on the tragic death of QVC host Dan Wheeler’s wife Beth, 61. And we find we are without words.

As we suffered a horrendous loss, the death of our father earlier this year, and have friends who have lost loved ones recently, as well, one runs out of things to say. Your faith is tested. Dan is born-again, so he has God to turn to, but reading his heart-wrenching Facebook posts about the demise of the love of his life was beyond sad.

The late Beth Wheeler

The late Beth Wheeler

Here is one post:

I am heartbroken and my spirit is crushed. Today I had several panic attacks and have cried until I can’t breathe. I know this first year without will be so hard. First Thanksgiving, first anniversary. First Christmas, New Years, her birthday, it goes on and on. But I’m told someday it will slowly get better.

That reminded us of our own thoughts about facing the upcoming holiday season without our father.

Then this from Dan:

I guess my new normal is to wake up crying. My heart has a giant hole in it. My wife, @Elizabeth Ann Wheeler was not only the Love of my Life but she was and is my hero. My daughters have tattoos on their wrists that say “Faith” and “Hope.”

Beth’s wrist says “Love.” She is love and she loved me unconditionally for 37 years. The past 6 months have been difficult. The past 5 weeks unbearable. But these days of planning her life celebration and burial are really impossible as a man.

But God is carrying me and my family. “Now abideth faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is LOVE!” I miss you so much my sweet Cakies! (my nickname for Beth)

But QVC customers will be able to view the services for Beth, who died of cancer. Dan posted this:

Beth’s Celebration service will stream live tomorrow on the Internet and you can watch it at 11am ET from anywhere in the world

My wife always preferred the background but it is time that moves “center stage” so the world can learn about this amazing woman. Hope you can join us for this incredible service!

Our heart goes out to Dan and his family, and to all victims of cancer.

QVC Host Dan Wheeler’s Ill Wife Improves, Comes Home From Hospital

October 22, 2015

Someone heard our prayers.

QVC host Dan Wheeler’s beloved wife Beth, who is ill with cancer, came home on Wednesday after several weeks in a Philly hospital.


It seemed touch and go for awhile for Beth and Wheeler, a devout Christian, called for all his QVC fans to keep praying for her. We are no experts on cancer, but she was receiving blood platelets and initially it was not working out well.

But she finally took a turn for the better, hence her discharge from the hospital.

“The signs and balloons are in place, the wheelchair is here and the ramp has been built to my front door,” Wheeler posted on Facebook.

“My baby is getting an ambulance ride home today!!! Miracles are happening everyday! Praise the Lord and thank you all for your prayers! After three weeks of storming heaven collectively with you our QVC FAMILY, she is coming home!!!! I’m so happy I can hardly contain myself!”

Either can we, Dan.

QVC Host Dan Wheeler Asks For Prayers For His Ill Wife

September 6, 2015

Truth be told, this has been a tough year for us, our family and many of our friends. We broke our ankle and lost our dad in January. Our mother had a mini-stroke in April. A good friend’s husband died unexpectedly this summer. One of our relatives is gravely ill.

Dan Wheeler

Dan Wheeler

It was news to us, maybe not to those who have been watching QVC very closely, that host Dan Wheeler is going through a rough spell, too. His wife Beth has apparently been diagnosed with cancer, we don’t know what kind, and is undergoing chemo in Philly.

Wheeler posted photos of his pretty bride on Facebook, and is asking us to keep her in our thoughts.

“Please continue to keep my beautiful wife and our family in your prayers,” Wheeler wrote. “Pray with me that God will completely restore her health. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This photo was taken a few weeks ago when we were able to attend the wedding of a close friend of the family. God bless you all!”

We only know a bit about Wheeler, outside of his work on QVC. He is a musician. He is a devout Christian.

Like most people, we have lost loved ones to cancer, and know those who are fighting it now.

So Dan, you and your wife are in our prayers.

Classy QVC Host Dave James Is Gone From The Network

June 8, 2013

This is sad news: Dave James has left QVC.

One of our blog readers tipped us off yesterday that James’ photo was no longer on the host section of

We looked on Facebook to see if James said anything about leaving QVC, and we emailed the network about it. It wasn’t until tonight that we saw posted that he was leaving the home shopping network,

“I’m really doing my best to not type out a cheesy goodbye & thank you blog as I’m letting you know that I’ve left QVC. But I have to admit that the sentiments I want to express in this short passage are as giant as any gouda wheel I’ve seen in the deli,” he wrote in a blog on

Now former QVC host Dave James bids his fans goodbye on Facebook

Now former QVC host Dave James bids his fans goodbye on Facebook

“Simply put, I will miss you,” he blogged. “To my QVC colleagues, friends, and co-workers, I know we’ll stay in touch and maintain a friendship outside of the ‘Q,’ so I’m not worried about us saying goodbye. And to all the ‘Q’ viewer friends I’ve made along the way, your viewership, phone calls, emails, Facebook posts, and tweets have been a grand on-going conversation that I’ve loved through the years — you are diverse, opinionated, and strong!”

“I’ve loved meeting every one of you who took the time to chat with me on QVC,” he wrote. “You may not realize this but, if you’ve thought of me in your life, rest assured, I thought of you in mine too. I’m humbled and grateful for your viewership. I want to take this moment to say, ‘thank you for watching’ and ‘Roll Tide!’

On Facebook he added, “Please stay in touch with me on at Photos by David James and on Twitter @DavidJinPA.”

QVC posted this: “A goodbye & thank you from host Dave James QVC. We wish Dave luck in his future pursuits and thank him for sharing his talents with QVC!”

This does not sound voluntary, and it sounds like it was a surprise to James, a huge Crimson Tide fan.

One woman posted on Facebook, “Dave HAD to be let go… The other morning when he was on with Pat, he said that since Dan Hughes was on a sabatical, he would be filling in for him the month of June. That was Tuesday, now he’s gone… it sure wasnt his choice.”

Been there, Dave!

Anyway, we grew to admire James as a real pro a couple of years ago, we think it was a Black Friday weekend, where QVC televised backstage 24 hours or more. You could go online and see the live backstage stuff. James hosted this knuckle-headed event, the poor guy. Without sleep, he really hung in there.

We’ll never forget the haughty way that host Rick Domeier acted when has backstage with James.

James’ fans were upset about his departure, and said goodbye on Facebook.

“Why are you leaving the”Q”?? I was soooo surprised to read that you left,” one woman wrote.

“Dave James was the winner of QVC’s 2004 Program Host Search Auditions. Millions of Americans voted for Dave, and after MONTHS of intensive host training, he joined the ranks as a QVC program host in May 2005,” wrote another.

And several home shopping hosts had comments for James.

“Dave you will definitely be missed by me and many others at the Q!!! It has been a joy to work with you these past nine years. Please stay in touch ok?” wrote QVC host Dan Wheeler.

“Sorry to hear the news, Bud. All the best! Stay in touch!” said Dave King, a former QVC host and current ShopNBC host.

Oscar-Winning Actor Ernest Borgnine, QVC Vendor Tova’s Husband, Passes Away

July 9, 2012

QVC vendor Tova Bognine has lost her husband, Oscar-winning actor Ernest Borgnine. He died Sunday in LA, and was 95.

Tova, a long-time QVC personality who sells perfume, is a stunning, gracious lady.

We send out our condolences to her, as have several QVC hosts.

Tova and Ernest Borgnine

Dan Wheeler posted on Facebook, “Tova, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry for your loss. I loved Ernie. He was always so kind to me and I was honored to know him. God bless you Tova during this difficult time. Love, Dan Wheeler.”

But our favorite comment on Ernest was from QVC host Rick Domeier on Facebook.

“I had the pleasure of introducing him to my wife and two boys a few years ago,” Domeier wrote. “I introduced him as ‘A WWII Veteran, and an Oscar winning Movie Star.’ He said to my boys, ‘Hey kids, you know Sponge Bob??!! I’m Mermaid man!!!’ And he laughed that great laugh. A true legend, and one helluva nice guy…RIP.”

Host Lisa Mason, Totally Choking Up Twice, Bids QVC A Teary Farewell Tuesday

December 15, 2010

We almost started tearing up ourselves as we watched longtime QVC host Lisa Mason do her emotional final show — Diamonique, fittingly — on QVC Tuesday evening.

Mason also did the big reveal about her plans: She has written a book about God called “Big Life Lessons From That Still, Small Voice.” More on that later.

Ms. Mason got choked up and was literally speechless twice during her two-hour show: For a few moments when her fellow host, Jacque Gonzales, called in on-air to say goodbye, and when makeup vendor Laura Geller called in at the show’s finale.

Mason, clutching a tissue, couldn’t get a word out when Gonzales called in. There was a long silence until Mason composed herself and Gonzales spoke up.

“You are my mentor, and took me by the hand day by day and step by step,” Gonzales, tearful herself, told Mason.

Gonzales threatened to hop on a train to Manhattan and stalk Mason in her Upper East Side neighborhood.

“I love you,” Gonzales said.

“I love you too, sugar,” Southern belle Mason replied back.

Later on, Mason joked about her temporary loss of words. “Was it an awkward moment of silence?” she asked. Only if someone doesn’t have a heart, Lisa.

Then near the end of the show, Geller called in and Mason just put both her hands up on her face, covering her eyes, and didn’t say a word, she was so emotional. Geller spoke up and filled up the dead air, singing praise for Mason until the beloved host was able to speak.

“Stop crying, wipe those tears already,” Geller told her.

They apparently see a lot of each other, since Geller lives on 68th Street in the Big Apple and Mason and her husband Gino are on 76th.

“Girl, did you see I lost it?” Mason told fellow host Jane Treacy later in the show, referring to her emotional reaction when Geller called in.

Mason got weepy more than once, not just with Gonzales and Geller.

Lisa Mason bid QVC viewers a teary goodbye

There were plenty of other call-ins, including former QVC host Kathy Levine, skin care vendor Dr. Adrienne Denese, makeup vendor Mally Roncal, designer Louis Dell’Olio, Affinity Diamond expert Michael O’Connor and Chaz Dean.

QVC also aired clips of QVC hosts Dan Wheeler, Jayne Brown and Leah Williams saying their goodbyes to Mason.

Mason, who joined QVC in 1995, also offered a bit of advice to viewers.

“Find a way to bring happiness to your life,” she said. Amen to that!

QVC did Mason a kindness by flashing the home page for her new website, We tried to get on the site after the show, but it was down. Maybe it crashed from the traffic from her fans.

Finally, Mason briefly talked about her book.

“It’s a great book, it’s not about me,” she said. “But it’s called ‘Big Life Lessons From That Still, Small Voice.’ It is about God and it’s coming out end of February. I’ll let you know where. And I want you to be there with me when we launch it. And it really is about how important God is to me and always will be. That will never, never, never vary in my life.”

Then Treacy and Wheeler come on the air with Mason, Wheeler handed Mason a bouquet of roses, and Treacy brought out a big cake that said “Best Wishes: We Will Miss You.”

For astrology buffs, Mason is a Capricorn born Dec. 28, which is also her wedding anniversary with Gino.

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QVC Hottie Rick Domeier Tells Us About Life Makeovers In His New Book, ‘Do I Get A Do Over?’

December 9, 2010

QVC’s resident heart throb, Rick Domeier, has a book coming out in January. Jeez, this guy gets a publisher, and this poor Homeshoppingista doesn’t have one? But actually, it’s not much of a surprise.

Months ago when Domeier mentioned on-air that he was going to the Book Expo with an idea, we e-mailed him and asked what he was up to and to keep us apprised if he got anywhere. We believe he said that he would. Screwed again!

We were on Facebook Wednesday night, contentedly eating our hot and sour soup, when we saw that Domeier had posted — for his 1,000-plus friends — that his book was coming out. It’s called “Can I Get A Do Over?: Unforgettable Stories of Second Chances and Life Makeovers,” with Domeier borrowing that phrase from his son.

The Homeshoppingista, and all your hundreds of Friends, thank you for the “exclusive” tip, Rick.

Here’s what the butterscotch beauty posted:

This just in! OK, here’s the scoop. Some months ago, I came up with an idea for a Book. Yep, a BOOK… Real stories of Real people, told first person, who have ‘reinvented their lives’. My sons inspired the title. Took the proposal to BEA (Book Expo America) in big ol’ New York city. The Craziest thing happened: It Sold! With a forward by Joan Rivers, quotes from Suze Orman and friends, and stories galore…l

The book, which launches nationally Jan. 3 in outlets such as Barnes and Noble, Borders and, already has a page on Facebook, with a video of Domeier flogging his tome.

Here is the description offered:

In Can I Get A Do Over?: Unforgettable Stories of Second Chances and Life Makeovers (HCI Books, $14.95, January 3, 2011), multichannel retail giant QVC’s senior host Rick Domeier and inspirational author Max Davis take an up-close look at the amazing

So Domeier is a “senior” host, heh? We never heard that phrase before.

In the video, he says, “This book is bursting with positive energy.”

It appears that Domeier put the stories of several familiar QVC vendors, such as Lori Greiner and Jeanne Bice, in his book.

Domeier’s Facebook Friends were panting about his new book.

And his fellow hosts came through for him, with Lisa Robertson and Dan Wheeler posting complimentary comments On the “Do Overs” page.

From Robertson:

“In the fifteen years that I have known Rick, he never gives up, he always finds a way. I don’t know if he was born with it or learned it from necessity, but his book is a living example of what you can do with a ‘do over.’”
—Lisa Roberston, television personality and host of PM Style

No mention of QVC.

And from Dan Wheeler:

“We learned the ‘do over’ at recess but never in the classroom. This book offers ‘real life’ lessons on one of the most important subjects for successful living in the 21st century.”
—Dan Wheeler, television personality and author of Best Seat in the House

No mention of QVC.

One person asked Domeier if QVC will be selling his book. No answer on that yet.