Veteran ShopNBC Hosts Charla Rines And Mike Davidson Shown The Revolving Door At No. 3 Home Shopping Network

Charla Rines

It looks like long-time ShopNBC hosts Charla Rines and Mike Davidson are the latest to lose their jobs under the regime of the shopping network’s chief Keith Stewart. We guess the turnaround at the No. 3 shopping network isn’t going as well as we thought.

We’re always the last to know, so thank God for the home shopping forums, posters to our blog and ShopNBC’s Facebook page. They were burning up with comments from irate fans of Rines and Davidson, alleging that the pair had been canned because of their age.

We checked the host list on ShopNBC’s Web page Thursday night, and Rines and Davidson were gone.

Mike Davidson

“It is true,” a ShopNBC spokesman said Friday. “They’re no longer with the company.”

He declined to make any additional comment.

Rines, a brassy (as in loud) blonde with spiked hair and a wicked sense of humor, was a fixture at ShopNBC. She joined the network in 1984, and typically did jewelry shows.

Davidson, a former radio disc jockey, has been at ShopNBC since 1997.

ShopNBC now has 18 show hosts, down from 20.

January is a bad time for ShopNBC hosts. A year ago ShopNBC’s husband-and-wife team, Pam and Wes McCoy, were axed as hosts, although Pam still sells a clothing line on the network.

Don’t feel too bad, Charla and Mike. We were laid off in January a year ago, so we know how you feel.

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97 Responses to “Veteran ShopNBC Hosts Charla Rines And Mike Davidson Shown The Revolving Door At No. 3 Home Shopping Network”

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  2. Judith S. Packard Says:

    I am not sure if yesterday’s comments went through, so I will repeat: Charla is the best host to grace ShopNBC. This Keith Stewart should think long & hard, as they say, & reinstate a host whom each caller praised, like none other. I will list 3 reasons. #1: she advised you to have your gold charm connectors soldered, so you would not lose your precious heirlooms. Once I did not listen, & off my pendant came; now I listen. #2: She measured every item, since T.V. makes it all look larger, & if it arrives too small, you have to spend to return & are unhappy. #3 Charla does not just overemphasize the diamond color, when the clarity is poor (I-2,3,) she ggives you both qualifications of a diamon & states it is a good value for the money. Don’t judge by age; judge people by experience. Her sincere personality lit up many a depressed viewer, causing them to shop more–isn’t that the idea?! Goodbye ShopNBC, hello Qvc, Hsn !

  3. joyce g. Says:

    just lost me, will not by another product from shopnbc.

  4. Bob Van hemert Says:

    I was very, very disappointed to learn that begining the first of the year, Charla Rines was axed from SHOP NBC television lineup. She was certainly a character and at times brassy, but funny and a very likable person who grew on you each time you tuned in to see what she was selling. Fortunately, I have a few of her shows on tape, so I will be able to continue enjoying her wit. It’s common for senior management to regularily make bad decisions reguarding employees, e.g Conan O’Brian vs. Jay Leno. Hopefully Charla will reemerge on another home shopping network so we can all who love her, can once again enjoy her personality!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. mary n. Says:

    I must confess…I was more than pleased at the absence of the McCoys. I did not care for Charla at first when I started watching ShopNBC a few years ago, but I really came to love her, she always seemed genuine and sincere. Big mistake. Can Kendy, bring Charla back.

  6. Caroline Miller Says:

    Since ShopNBC fired Charla Rines, I will never shop there again. Caroline Miller, from MD. Bring her back.

  7. Mary Veno Says:

    I agree so much with everyones comments. Charla helped build that company and this how they treat a person who gave her all. I will miss her spunk. We need more people like her. I wish her all the best and hope to see her on another home shopping program. Maybe HSN, IT SEEMS MOST OF THE VENDORS FROM SHOPNBC ARE ON THERE.

  8. Maria Alessandro Says:

    I won’t be buying that much from ShopNBC – I cannot believe that
    Charla is no longer there. What is wrong with the leadership on
    this network, it’s as bad as the rest of the leadership on that network
    for regular TV. There are other hosts that deserve to lose their
    jobs, hosts that are not very professional, don’t know how to behave
    with vendors, etc, yet someone who is very much the professional
    is the one chosen to lose their job. MISTAKE, BIG, BIG MISTAKE.

  9. Ann Wiland Says:

    I’m extremely saddened and disappointed to learn that Charla Rines will no longer be a show hostess for ShopNBC. Her professionalism, salesmanship, and wild, wonderful sense of humor will never be duplicated as evidenced by some of the new younger additions to your show host lineup. They can’t hold a candle to her. Shame on you!
    Charla is a true gem!

  10. Lana E. Says:

    Charla was one of my two favorite hosts on ShopNBC.
    Her enthusiasm and believability convinced me to try out Isomers as my first purchase from ShopNBC. I agree that ShopNBC made a HUGE mistake in letting Charla go. If they were smart, they would do whatever it takes to get her back. Another post was so accurate. This post stated that some of the new hosts cannot hold a candle to Charla Rines which is true in my opinion. Charla had excellent taste which I trusted. Very disappointed I can’t tune in to see her on ShopNBC.
    I too hope another shopping network signs her on and soon!

  11. Deb McClure Says:

    I recently inquired as to what had happened to Charla when speaking to a ShopNBC sales associate only to be told that they “did not know anything about the hosts”. Well….I thought something was fishy upon hearing that and I was right. This is the first I am hearing about her firing along with Mike Davidson’s. Another smooth “business” move, I am sure. I have to say that this is one move that will cost that network plenty. I thoroughly enjoyed Charla as a host and trusted her judgement regarding the jewelry that drew me to that network in the first place. I am not looking for bubbly, young personalities to present the items that I am interested in. I want knowledgeable, straight-talking individuals that I can relate to. I am in my fifties and know exactly what I like. Charla is your girlfriend in the network shopping mall. She is both knowledgeable and has the uncanny ability to answer my questions about products without hearing them! She relates to me and establishes a rapport by just being herself. So refreshing! Sounds as if there will be quite a crowd of us looking to find her on another network!

  12. Becca Says:

    I agree with everyone. Judith S. Packard summarized it all-particularly Charla’s insistence on full honest disclosure esp of the diamond’s-color and clarity. Whereas other hosts brazenly lie and exaggerate, Charla feels a responsibility to tell the truth to the viewers. Perhaps her candidness, her integrity got her into trouble. This new guy prefers hosts who will lie and embellish to make a sale. Charla was a breath of fresh air-now the air at ShopNBC must really be stinking so bad….

  13. Jamice Fisher Says:

    All I can say is the powers that be at ShopNBC must be nuts to let Charla go. They literally must have lost their collectives minds. What would that show be without Charla. I began watching ShopNBC back in 1999 and, of course, Charla was right there not only educating me on diamonds, gold, etc. but also being extremely entertaining and comical. She has come into my home and other viewers homes for over a decade and to have treated her like this from the network is a disgrace. ShopNBC, you have lost me as a viewer. I will not be watching that show anymore. When you let Charla go, you let a real class act go. Shame on you ShopNBC.

  14. Maureen Says:

    It’s hard to believe the complete turnaround that has happened at SNBC. I learned so much from the experienced and knowledgeable hosts, especially Charla, my fav. She is the most real and believable – also had the most exquisite taste in fashion and jewelry. I honestly don’t miss Pam and her holier than thou attitude. Seriously, she has to be doped up on something. I know Charla and Mike will do well. They have a lot to offer. I look forward to seeing them again soon. The only time I will check in with SNBC will be for Renato watches. As for the other products, I’m not interested.

  15. Maggie Upstate New York Says:

    Wow! I just found this out! Charla was about the only one I really, really still enjoyed and fully trusted! They axed Bill too and I liked him, he always had some interesting facts to add to whatever he was selling. You know people come to trust certain sales people and when they see nasty stuff such as this, letting go of one of your best employees, it makes a person think more than twice about if they should continue to shop with a company that would ax somebody like Charla and add some of these not so personable or knowledgable new host! This shop at home industry was built off the backs of people like Charla, what is wrong with you Shopnbc, are you trying to loose customers? Dallas Prince too is gone, come on! You are certainly shooting yourself in the foot with this move, guaranteed!!

  16. Dottie Says:

    I just found out that Charla Rines is gone from ShopNBC along with Galerie de Bijoux and Dallas Prince, Wes and Pamela McCoy and I’m sure others. All I see are invicta shows, at home with Margie and Suzanne Sommers and I am not interested in any of these. NBC, the changes you’ve made are going to result in loss of tons of shoppers, myself included. I’m not sure what’s up with the shopping channels but even QVC lost or gave up lots of their mainstays and are not as interesting. Now even ShopNBC has changed its lineup to boring. Well, all this saves me a lot of money.

    • Mary Anderson Says:

      Dottie, I SO agree with you, I am sick to death of Invicta watches. I even called customer service and asked if the show OWNED the Invicta Co. She said she didn’t know. How the hell many people buy that many watches .

  17. lois hysong Says:

    I just read that ShopNBC has fired Charla. I have spent thousands of dollars there, but no longer. Some of the new hosts are very rude and annoying. Libby, Lynn, Melissa are very good, but the others I can do without. What is with watches all the time?

    • Mary Anderson Says:

      I agree with you too, why all the watch shows. And why get rid of all the hosts that were nice and did their jobs the right way

  18. Stephanie Campbell Says:

    ShopNBC only became available in my city just under 2 years ago. Prior to that, I’d heard from friends how excellent their jewelry was. I was very excited when they came to my area, but now I, like so many others, feel so disappointed and let down. I MISS Omar Torres, Dallas Prince, Sonia Bitton, Generations 1912 — all of whom I assume are gone (I know Dallas Prince, for sure, and others have said Sonia’s gone, too). I didn’t realize they’d fired Charla (big mistake!), but had noticed that watches seem to be on ALL the time. I am not happy with the “new” ShopNBC at all. What a letdown!

  19. Jennifer Says:

    BIG MISTAKE! SHOPNBC….. firing Charla. I could do without McCoys.
    also, discontinuing product lines like Charlie Lapson, sonia, and other fine products I came to custom to see in ShopNBC are no longer there. It’s no better then QVC or HSN. Whatever happen to bring in fine quality and unique pieces. All I see is watches and more watches. I am very disappointed. I will not be shopping at ShopNBC anytime soon.

  20. Swearzy Says:

    I totally agree with all the comments! I have spent thousands in the last 2 years on quality products with shopnbc – especially jewelry. All the great vendors are gone and now they’ve gotten rid of Charla. What a hugh disappointment!! And I don’t get the emphasis on watch shows all the time. I like watches, but come on. I guess in the long run, you’ve done me a favor because there’s nothing much good left to buy. I should have guessed that things were going downhill fast when you acquired Suzanne Sommers (yuk)

  21. donna rush Says:

    I can’t believe the firing of Charla…Shop NBC no more for me!!!!!

  22. Scott Robinson Says:

    I hope Charla flattens their car tires!!!! I am so sick of these plastic STEPFORD WIVES hosts….I want a real host, not some fake plastic Barbie Doll!!!….Miss Charla knows her high end jewelry and I always watched her shows when making an expensive purchase!! QVC hosts are so SICKENING sweet…..I wouldnt trust them to take out my trash……Shop NBC has turned into another TV Walmart…..I think Sonya Bitton out to hire Charla for her New York operation,the girl can sell the good stuff!!! That is where Charla belongs…New York!!! Charla if by chance you are reading this….I will miss you!!!!!! PS….If you need help w/those tires, just holler!!!!!

  23. ghartman Says:

    ShopNBC sucks

  24. shelley Says:

    Just like the other people I noticed that Charla was not on. I inquired about her when I called customer service and was told they didnt know anything. ShopNBC is pure garbage now. I am sick of their clothing line. They are like a discount store for cheesy clothing lines now. What a waste.

    If they didnt have Pam McCoy on I wouldnt watch it now that Charla is gone, the one so knowledgeable and informative is gone so am I and a few of my co-workers. We loved loved loved her. And Suzanne Somers, what’s up with her garbage? Yes, I said it it belongs in the discount corner way in the back. That jewelry is hideous.

    It used to be the best jewelry channel. Now, they should be taken off the air. HSN is full of new stuff all the time… you made Charla probably a little happier because she had knowledge of caviar and you started selling sardines. Who gets too old to sell anything, huh?

    We all are going to get some age on us if that is the reason take a look at the man in the mirror…You made a big mistake. Charla I wish you the very, very best. They were stealing your integrity when they started selling things that were out of your league any ol’ damn way. You made ShopNBC …..

    • Mary Anderson Says:

      I noticed your post and all the other posts are from 2010, so I was wondering if you have seen Pam Mc Coy lately. She had a face lift or 2 and looks plastic now ….fake laugh too

  25. Anne Says:

    I too have been dissappointed of late have spent thousands of dollars not and now I see recycled host miss all the vendors and now that Charla is gone no more shopnbc I used to like all the specials like defer payment and great quality of merchandise for the price. It was fun while it lasted I don’t think shopnbc will make it I know that they were in trouble financially so that is why they brought other people to survive, but it is mo longer fun to watch

  26. Priscilla Says:

    Without Charla, shop NBC is not in my home any more, hello QVC. Who is this Jennifer, a replacement for Charla? Jennifer with her over done eye makeup, someone show her how to apply eyemakeup please. She looks awful like that.

  27. Judy Lively Says:

    I just couldn’t believe that ShopNBC would fire Charla and Mike. I have missed Charla like a member of the family. I really enjoyed watching her even if I wasn’t interested in buying what she might be selling on a particular show. She always made me laugh–and sometimes that was more important than the purchace. I hope to see both Charla and Big Mike on another shopping channel soon (along with
    Sonia Bitton and
    Dallas Prince).

  28. Unhappy customer Says:

    I agree with most of the comments regarding the changes at ShopNBC and the firings of Charla and Mike. Mike recently assisted me when a computer company would not respond to my inquiries a few months ago. Mike actually forwarded my E-mail with my complaints to the ShopNBC President. They contacted the computer company and it was only then that I was able to finally get a response back from this company. If it were not for Mike, I would have never heard back from this computer company, after buying this PC and paying it off in 4 months!.

    As for Charla, I miss her terribly. She has left a huge void in the afternoons with her knowledge, insight and wit. I am a wiser consumer because of her. As for ShopNBC, it has become a lackluster, cheesy and Walmart like network. Perhaps, the new management believes that by bombarding us with watches, Brillante and crappy clothing we will not notice of its tacky and dreadful merchandise offerings. Frankly, I’m embarrassed for them at times, when I think of the quality of what they used to carry.

  29. missy hiemenz Says:

    I no longer watch Shop NBC. With the departure of Charla Rines, they lost their viewers who were her age and had the dollars to spend on the higher level products that she honestly represented. I’ve watched her since she was with Value Vision, when it used to be fun. Best wishes to Charla as she moves on, and Shop NBC has lost another customer. The jewelry has cheapend and I agree with the other viewers the special pieces are no longer there, and the gold is just so-so.

  30. Monica Says:

    I no longer watch Shop NBC. In addition to firing some very knowledgeable hosts, the quality of the products has gone down considerably. I watched Shop NBC because they had distinctive brands like Galerie de Bijoux and Dallas Prince. It is really hard to figure out why they think their new “business model” is going to be successful. They’ve lost me as a customer.

  31. Deb Says:

    I just heard tonight that Charla no longer works at S-NBC,who makes these changes to the host line up because i have noticed some good and bad ones. Honestly i dont miss Mike (but i do wish him the best) and some of the new female hosts i find self important, laughing at what they say when no one else does, repeating personnal experiences that apparently they believe we didnt here the first 3 or 4 times.

    I am glad to see some of the previous hosts back again i feel like i am getting the info i want. Yes there have been a lot of watch shows on latley but i find i would rather watch them than regular tv (funny and intertaining with all the info i want to hear)! I also see some of the mistakes that have been happening like the host that was originally scheduled with Suzanne Somers, what a miss match (Kimberly is fabulous).

    Hey i know there have been a lot of changes but one of the things that bothers me the most is when the hosts start talking over the guests and the people that they ask to call in, its just rude. And that is one of the things that they are doing more often, so when they say call the testamonial line do it, and have your say about Charla being let go and any other topic you find that needs a voice. Voice your opinions, ShopNBC says they want to hear from you, so oblige them. You cant make changes with SILENCE!!!

  32. linda Says:

    charla’s gone!! what are they, crazy? she’s the only reason i watched, what great fun when she was on the air,thats what we need someone who can make us laugh. i’m going to be searching for her on the other networks, “hope to see you there soon, girl”. as for shop nbc, nevermore.

  33. Barbara Says:

    I really that Charla is no longer on ShopNBC. To be honest she is the one that got me started shopping on ShopNBC. If you know where she is I would like to email her, and tell her how much she is missed.

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  35. Linda Says:

    SNBC has lost me. I have made a lot of purchases over the years, mostly jewelry. Primarily because they sold quality and unusual items you didn’t see everyday. Now I agree with the other comments. All the quality vendors are gone and the stuff being offered looks like crap, plus they are overpriced. Wake up and smell the coffee SNBC.

  36. Linda Says:

    Charla was my favorite host. I will not watch SNBC any more. Hope she shows up on another network.

  37. Jennifer Says:

    I was pissed at what they did to Karen, I didn’t know the McCoy’s were let go, I thought Wes retired. And now crazy lady Charla too. They started when it was called Value Vision, I started watching it in 1999. I have spent more money there than anywhere in my life and I’m in dept. These people were the pioneer’s.
    I know what it feels like to be in the conception of something and then my years totally ignored . This is pure stupidity on their part and I’m seriously thinking of cutting myself off from them.
    There’s no loyalty to the employees look at all the companies that put us in a resession. but still made sure they got their raises and bonuses. I’M PISSED!

  38. deejaycourtlin Says:

    I haven’t watched ShopNBC for awhile…I was like Jennifer…started watching when they were Value Vision…I spent a lot of money with this company over the years. I still buy Isomers and liked to check in once in a while to see how Charla was doing…LOVED HER!!!! It was because of her personality I started shopping with them in the first place. I was amazed when she wasn’t listed amongst the show hosts so I googled her and found out she was FIRED?

    Are the people in charge of this channel crazy? Charla was their big draw…no other shopping channel had or has a Charla. And I didn’t know the McCoy’s were let go either. They had class. And I agree, the products they sell are beginning to look a lot like the lesser quality items seen on QVC and HSN. Too bad an era is ending. But I’m sure Charla will show up on another network soon! Good Luck Charla…We LOVE you!

  39. verna Says:

    I do not like the new Shop NBC. The jewelry is cheap garbage! The hosts are forgettable.

    Charla Iwill miss your honesty and humor. Best of Luck. As of now I watch HSN for Omar Torres, Dallas Prince and Generations 1912

    Shop NBC how many shows on watches do you plan to have????


    I never ever ordered from shopnbc because I never watched it. But one day I saw Charla and couldn’t stop watching her. She kept me interested in whatever was on at the time and I ordered it. It seems all the things I ordered from then on were during Charla’s shows. Now I’m saving a ton of $$$$ because I don’t order from shopnbc. Nothing interests me including the hosts.

    Thanks Shopnbc,

    wealthy Ann

  41. Claire DeNaro Says:

    I also will not shop with NBC again, ever. That show has gone downhill selling garbage. I always loved watching the McCoy’s and Miss Charla, but now I am saving a ton of money by not shopping with this second rate show.

  42. Pam Says:

    I went looking for Charla for a few days and finally went online to find out the news. BIG MISTAKE SHOPNBC!!! I loved Charla and was always assured that the jewlery I purchased was of good quality due to her explanations. I miss you Charla and wish you the best. I will be looking for you on another shopping channel where they know your worth.

  43. Jacque Conkling Says:

    Charla, I will never ShopNBC again. When I had time you made me laugh at life and myself. I always purchased great items from you, not SHOPNBC. I waiting for your new shopping channel. God bless.

  44. JOEI Says:

    I just found out about Charla and the McCoy’s….
    what a big mistake….Charla is a great sells person…I always loved to watch her on shopnbc…smart lady and very funny..the McCoy’s..I liked them… what a classy couple…….WHO’S THE DUMMY WHO

  45. AmazingGrace Says:

    Where the He!! have I been? The first of March I was tired of lookiing over the same PMC collection with the same clearnace prcies and realized by this time last year there was a fashion blowout with PMC and Charla R. Then I realized that I had been over-sleeping as my TV had been programmed to CR’s shows ( her voice and the amped sound was my alarm clock!). Started doing some digging today (Int’l women’s day) when I did not see or hear anything from either. What in the world??? SNBC has relocated on our dials in Indy and the reception is not what it used to be for both cable and digital – – so I guess from what I have seen ( which hasn’t been much but lots and lots of watches and “cheap” products from vendors that used to be on other shopping channels) I won’t be watching anymore. PMC had extended sizes that were very very very good adn her products made wonderful gifts as well (for those in my family that are smaller) Charla just made you want to shop. Plus while she was a tad bit loud – I liked her fashion sense and style. shopSHOPNBC – – you truly “messed” up on this one and for this one customer. Thatz about 3k a year I’ll be keeping in my pocket – thankyouverymuch.

  46. mary Says:

    At first I thought Charla was on vacation. Then I noticed more and more changes and it seems to me that the network is slipping away. I never watch it anymore. It just seems boring. Charla put some pizzazz into things, and she always gave all the information she could about products.
    Now I definitely won’t watch anymore!

  47. Benita Says:

    I want my Charla!!!!!! Looks like loyalty was a LIABILITY for Charla. Shop NBC has definitely gone DOWNHILL. My tv shopping will be with another outfit from now on. I look forward to seeing Charla again. She’s the spark that had me hooked on the NBC diamond shows. SHAME ON YOU NBC EXEC!

  48. Judy E Menache Says:

    I was so shocked not to see Charla on Shop NBC. She is one of the main reasons I shopped with the network and I am so very dissapointed that she is no longer there:( It is very sad to let a host with all the knowledge and carisma that she has go. She certainly will be missed and unfortunately I will not be watching this channel for shopping.

  49. anita waznia Says:

    I am sorry to see that Charla is gone from Shop NBC. I too feel Shop NBC has lost it’s reputation for being a high end shopping channel. However I am happy for Charla working for Sonia Bitton. Seems lik a win-win situation for both of them and a definite loss for Shop NBC.

  50. charlie o'connor Says:

    Losing Charla was like losing a good friend. I will never shop, watch or buy ShopNBC again. Charla was the only host who was her true self, funny and bright! She was the only reason I watched for any period of time and her quirky, cute personality was refreshing after watching some of the female hosts gush all over the vendors and put on fake voices and faces, while overselling some of the products. Charla was one in a million! Someone made a huge mistake at the cost of thousands of viewers and shoppers – which equals millions of dollars. Charla WAS ShopNBC! ShopNBC is going down, down, down..goodbye! No matter where Charla ends up, there is a huge fan club who will follow her anywhere! WE LOVE YOU CHARLA!

  51. jean Says:

    carla i am sorry to see her gone from shopnbc but maybe she will go back to qvc where she started way back when it was cvn hope to see her on tv soon . bad has to happen to people for good to come . miss wess and pam mccoy .

  52. sherry Says:

    Today I found out Charla was fired. Actually reading this blog enlightened me to the fate of the other host. I totally agree with all the other respondents these firings and cheap products will be the death of ShopNbc. – Because of Charla knowlege and Sonia Bitton’s fabulous jewlery I have a nice collection. I am very very sad Charla is no longer there. I am saving a lot of money.

  53. Richard Dane Says:

    I totally agree with the comments concerning Charla and Mike and especially Bill, these changes have made me rethink about any future purchases with your company

  54. Deane Easterling Says:

    I thought something was wrong when I had not seen Charla on ShopNBC for some time. It takes sites such as this to get the full story. I am not only extremely disappointed Charla is no longer on the show, I miss the quality vendors such as Sonia Bitton, the Ramseys, 18K Elegance, etc. Yes, those vendors brought in the higher priced items for sale and times are difficult for many folks out there. But, I mean really, there are only so many Invicta watches one would want. Seems like every time I turn on that channel they are selling those watches. I feel the choice of merchandise has really changed. Too bad. In my opinion ShopNBC was #1 for many years. Not so now.

  55. kelly e Says:

    Sad to say, look at their business, I quit shopping their a long time ago, they were going down hill.The quality of merchandise was completely slipping and was turning to junk stuff. They have nothing to pick from, they lost all their good vendors and now they are selling CRAP

  56. Bertha D Says:

    I too had noticed Charla gone from my fav shopping channel. i knew something was up. shopnbc….you messed up! your channel is now not on my radar screen any more. charla is the best host you’ve ever had!!you now sell nothing but watches, watches, watches! hire her back, maybe she can save you. i miss you charla… will never be the same without you. no more shopnbc for me!!!

  57. Kim Gould Says:

    Class and quality are virtures that not everyone values. Many people (thank goodness) still require them. I get compliments on my 18k pieces from SNBC,purchased years ago-from Charla shows. I was reluctant to reveal they were purchased from TV, now I would be appalled to buy any jewelry from SNBC. Never even look at SNBC now, they need to check their demographics. Hope this opens new opportunities for Charla to fufill her pontential!

  58. Priscilla M. Ayers Says:

    ShopNBC is a real joke only no one is laughing. I can’t believe that they let Charla go. What a wonderful person and her honesty about the items and her professionalism will be sorely missed. The product line at snbc has gone down hill and what’s with all the watch shows? Their jewelry is k-mart left overs and their fashions, shoes and purses are returns from T. J. Max. I spent thousands of dollars there, but not one dime in the last 6 months. They really stink!!!!

  59. Patty Kincaid Says:

    I will never shop at ShopNBC again. The newest line of hosts are boring
    and your products are the worst ever. Watches are the only things you
    sell anymore. Charla was entertaining and you made a huge misstake

  60. kay brown Says:

    charla was good for shopnbc. also where is pam mccoy? i am sick of seeing so many invicta watch shows. the fashions they have now are terrible. shop nbc is no longer the high end shopping channel, it is now the low end. i perfer qvc to snbc now.

  61. DebbieV Says:

    15 yrs ago, I used to set my alarm for 7am on Sat. morning (I’m on west coast) just to see Charla or Karen Connolly host a Gems at Large or Isomers show. Now they’re all gone from SNBC, along with all the other quality vendors and products. Does the new management think we’ll keep spending our hard-earned $$ on the cheap crap they’re offering now just because it’s offered by some giggly young blonde? And, is it just a coincidence that they fired two of the oldest hosts? I DON’T THINK SO. Too many companies are practicing age discrimination while using the convenient excuse of “cutting costs.” Charla, you really know how to perk up a day, and you are missed. I wish you well, and I hope I see you again on TV!

  62. Judy Rogers Says:

    i agree that there are too many watch shows, the new hosts are generic-one keeps saying “i mean, i mean”-they have trouble keeping the spiel going. the clothes are so so, nothing i would buy, the jewelry is fake, though the price of gold has something to do with that, and charla was very entertaining. but one thing noone mentioned-charla’s voice was like sandpaper, she was always coughing, and obviously overdosing on cigarettes, which is not smart when your voice is your living. however, she did sparkle.
    at any rate, i wish her, mike, bill and the mccoys the best. there are others i would like to see go, one is very strident-talks over everyone. someone need to shut her up.
    i miss the leather shows-there were some great buys there.

  63. Judy Rogers Says:

    if anyone responds to this i would like to read the response

    • dottie Says:

      I guess I’m responding. I miss watching all the jewelry shows on ShopNBC. I really liked Charla – she was pure class with a little brass thrown in. Very entertaining very knowledgeable – I always looked for her shows and her reaction to the sparkle and outrageous jewelry. You got the real picture. You know I also didn’t mind Charla’s voice and didn’t even notice the coughing until you mentioned it. What can I say — I liked her.
      I also miss the McCoys – Pamela and Wes. I would watch the jewelry shows they hosted as a couple because they were so together. Maybe they were acting but their closeness and love for each other was evident. They brought elegance to ShopNBC and I miss that.
      Now I don’t watch at all — all watch shows and some leftovers from other shopping channels.
      If you’re looking for sparkle and high end jewelry — try Gem Shopping Network — all jewelry 24/7 !

  64. BECCA Says:

    I heard that very likeable former Shop NBC host Bill Fahey died of a heart attack yesterday. A very sad day! My condolences to his family.

  65. Claire D Says:

    I am saddened to hear about the death of Bill Fahey. My prayers are with his family.

  66. vpbanker Says:

    I agree with most of the comments. Charla was the best. She was true and geniune, unlike most of the fake ones that are representing those cheap products. The quality, what quality. If it wasn’t for Beverly Hills Elegance, I probably wouldn’t even watch. I can even tell the difference in his quality now, not like it use to be. How many watches can a person watch????????? I guess when you let all your finer vendors go, the quailty goes as well and you have no other choices. I guess you’ll be another blackout channel like one of your competitors.

  67. dianneM Says:

    I have been watching HSN & QVC often as opposed to ShopNBC reason being SNBC has nothing much to offer. I started buying jewellery when they were Value Vision because of Charla’s presentation. I have her then signature 18k bracelet with the gold Liberty coin which I weatr daily. I recently realised that Charla was not around and thought I had missed her shows – maybe she was on daytime while I was at work. Today I searched the ‘net and found she was terminated. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The party who authorised this should be summarily dismissed, without compensation! I was thinking of getting a TechoMarine watch and wanted to see what CR thought. I appreciated that she would have her trusty ruler handy and measured everything since most host won’t give measurements. Every time I saw CR I made vows to keep improving my appearance, take care of myself. She was an inspiration. I liked her voice, her style, honesty, appearance, sense of humour. I didn’t consider her loud or brassy. This is reality TV in a sense – To a certain extent, I like being entertained while am shopping and each host brings his/her unique personality. CR was not grating but rather bubbly. I will never buy any high-end mdse from SNBC if CR is not there to give her stamp of approval. Further, I unconsciously gravitated to HSN/QVC (I never thought I’d see the day) because they are offering fresh and good products. Let Invicta get their own network. Those big hulking watches, the size of satellite dishes are passé’ and fit for a few of questionable taste. Am tired of and the likesubaqua nomas, also Renatos that weigh 1 lb. Don’t they have any other brand TVs except MITSUBISHI. Am tired of seeing that too. I bought one 2 yrs ago and it’s a decent TV – not the SECOND COMING! What happened to SONY Bravia, LG, AQUOS, etc. Meanwhile HSN/QVC are showing these brands and more. They show ALL-IN-ONE PCs, and latest in laptops. I shop HSN almost weekly. I saw nothing wrong with CR’s age – can’t believe that was a problem. She’s isn’t vying for Ms Universe (and maybe she could – she looked darn good and was smart and funny). I want my hosts to be knowledgeable and don’t care if they are 20 or 200, fat, short, thin, tall, black, white, brown, green or yellow. This is not a beauty contest. As the saying goes, , St. Paul is not the only church in Rome. The internet is endless. I might pay a tad more but I can get what I want elsewhere. Shame on you SNBC

  68. Claudia Says:

    I have to say that I am just hearing this now. I stopped watching ShopNBC, a network I used to love, over a year ago. What made the network great was the quality of jewelry they carried, the wonderful designers and, for the most part, the great hosts. I feel as if they have dumbed down the network. There is virtually no difference now between ShopNBC and any other network.

    Charla was my favorite host. Bar none. She was sassy, funny, self-deprecating, honest, honest, honest. She made me laugh. And she wanted to make sure we had all the facts. What other host does that? As a 50-something viewer, I liked that Charla was a peer. I’m tired, tired, tired of seeing pretty young people everywhere. Guess what? Your viewers are not young people.

    I feel that every business decision made by Shop NBC in the past 4 years has been unbelievably stupid. I could run the network better than these idiots. One by one, good hosts have been let go. One by one, designers whose work I purchased from Shop NBC, including Dallas Prince and Sonia Bitton, have been let go. Why should I watch? I can get any of the mundane merchandise they offer on other networks or at Walmart.

    They treated long-time hosts like Bill Fahey, The McCoys, Charla, etc. very badly. And in turn, they treated us badly.

  69. Theresa Says:

    I havent purchased from ShopNBC since 2006 but was just looking to buy a watch and now I know I will never buy from them again. I wondered where Charla was. I only show online but can watch the show online. I loved Pam & Wes too. Also Mike Davidson was great. This company is rotten IMO

  70. Beverly Cook Says:

    Well, that just about sealed the fate of SHOPNBC purchases, moving forward!!! Much like many other ‘viewers’….or SHOPPERS….we 30, 40 & 50 somethings had much to love, admire, and learn from Charla Rines. I thought that because I was watching less, because so many of my favorites, like Karen Connelly, and others were let go, I was just somehow missing Charla. I have bought…dare I say?….thousands of dollars worth of merchandise on ShopNBC, not because I was patronizing the channel, but as much upon the personal recommendation and education by Charla Rines. I bought gold, periodically, when I could afford it. What a blessing!!!! Sadly, I’ve had to part with some of those pieces, because due to the economic shift felt by the country….many of us have had to be creative with out finances. Thank God for those periodic purchases….because they were ‘assets,’ that were quickly, readily, liquidated into funds immediately available for an immediate need. Note to self ladies, when in doubt, buy a gold bracelet…..let the costume stuff go, save up a bit, and buy gold….because all we know is that gold has appreciated about seven fold since I started buying From Charla….
    I could say more, about her wit, and her candor, and her sensibility, and her humor, and her professionalism….much, much, more….instead, as in all things driven by management that is mis-informed, with NO idea of market demographics, or respect for women…..I will put MY MONEY where my mouth is. NO MORE PURCHASES from SHOPNBC!!!! There’s nothing else left there of any value, anyway….Clothes purchases other than Pam McCoy’s…[also let go, with her darling husband Wes]…clothes purchases are cheap and have fallen apart…Invicta watches have broken, and there isn’t a jeweler that will touch them…..

  71. Healydia Says:

    ShopNBC has gone to pot, literally! They have joined the ranks in the middle-of-the-road. Gone are the high-end pieces. Since the ecomonic downturn, they sell a bunch of sterling silver to stay afloat. Goes to show this corporation has no loyalty to its employees. Charla made this ungrateful company tons of money. All my favorite vendors are gone; and now Charla?

    I bragged on this network for years. People cannot believe my extensive collection came from ShopNBC. I’ve been buying since the Value Vision days. I was asked many times, “How can you buy without seeing it?” I’d say this was a show that educated it’s consumers. I haven’t bought anything since 2005.

    ShopNBC is boring. The NBC network should kick them to the curb. It use to be exciting to watch the Ramseys and Trader Jack. They were major events, and we kept coming back for more.

    Tsk tsk ShopNBC…your days are numbered. Good bye and good riddance……… advance!

  72. Deb M Says:

    I heartily agree! I am thankful that I “invested” in my gold jewelry back then as not too long ago, I looked at my husband and said “In terms of value, think of all the gold I have in the safe and then triple what I paid for it.” He got quiet for a moment and then he smiled. ShopNBC was such a value loaded and educational experience that I can say I thoroughly enjoyed. My jewelry collection along with coins and specimen gemstones is quite extensive. My co-workers are constantly checking out my jewelry and remark that they never see anything like what I wear in the local stores. The vendors (Sonia Bitton, the Ramsey’s, Karen Connelly’s Sincerely Karen, etc.) were fabulous and the hosts such as Charla were a treat to watch. Certainly cannot say that anymore. I, too, have stopped purchasing anything from them. In fact, I rarely buy jewelry anymore. I, literally, was spoiled rotten by watching and buying in the company’s heyday.

  73. Deborah Says:

    Charla was the best…she was honest and vibrant…and if you big boys can’t take her loyalty and honesty and her zest for telling it like it is you should get canned…i used to spend a fortune at shop nbc…no more your quality is not there anymore and neither is your taste for show hosts….Someone with MONEY like Donald TRUMP…you should think about home shopping us ladies spend a lot………………………………….

  74. CC Says:

    I had noticed for quite sometime, I had not seen Charla on ShopNBC and really missed her!!! Today, I decided to Google and find out “What happened to Charla?” I am shocked that she and Mike were fired!!! Bad enough… ShopNBC’s product line,web site, presentations were boring, lacking quality and over priced. But to fire the best jewelery host??? When Charla was on I would watch for hours and purchase because she knew what she was talking about, she was funny, a real woman- that we could relate too!!! She always made my day better … cracking me up with her humor, stories and well… If Charla said … Imagine wearing this … Wear it all … Enjoy life … I would have a great day and make a purchase because she gave me good reasons to buy it !!! I MISS CHARLA … SHE WAS A GREAT GIRLFRIEND!!! So, Charla, I hope you’re resting up because from my mouth to GOD’S Ears … 2011 is going to be a fabulous and busy year for you!!! You are a Rare Treasure and would be a valuable asst to any channel, show or company !!! Hope to see you soon !!! Charla was the only good thing about Shop NBC !!!

  75. bibzie Says:

    i did not know about charla but i immediately noticed the JUNK they started
    to this world nobody like a honest person, be a phony,jerk and they
    have a way to make good. then you must look at the lineup of junk they are
    selling. i bought good gold now stefano sells JUNK. as for invicta i have a
    rolex and it never comes off my wrist. why would i need an invicta and how
    many could you wear.i loved charla only because she was honest and yes she
    measured everything. the new chiefs are idiots. in a very short time we will
    be saying goodbye to shopnbc.

  76. Lily Says:

    I was out of the country for a while and upon returning noticed how the quality of the jewelry on SNBC had dropped. What happened? I had purchased many high-end pieces over the years and now all that is offered is sterling and invicta. I also miss Charla and as far as the McCoys, not at all. I quit watching SNBC and will save a ton of money.

  77. ROXY GIRON Says:


  78. donna piscitello Says:

    I certainly feel no loyalty to Shopnbc. Big big mistake letting go of
    Charla! I feel that their program will not make.. Laugh if you think I am kidding. People in this day and age need real people. 99 % of their hosts stink…..

  79. Richard Romer Says:

    I have been a big watch shopper at Shop NBC. I started buying watches when the station (then called “Value Vision”) sold used watches supplied by a Mr. Hess on late night Wednesday shows. Tim Temple hosted these shows. The watches were high quality ones from all sorts of top-of-the-line manufacturers. Then things changed. Now the station stresses “Invicta” watches. I miss the old days, and the better watches that were sold. I’m glad that Tim Temple is back, but miss Charla an d Mike Davidson. Shop NB C is changing, and not for the better.

  80. Marion Bergmeier Says:

    I feel the same way as all the previous writers do. I have been shopping when you were called Value Vision. Since you are now Shop NBC your value has certainly decreased tremendously. You have lost your quality vendors and I would like to know how many watches do you think a person needs? Increasing value pays will not bring back the quality you had been known for.

  81. alice revelle Says:

    In my opinion, the company begain to spiral down when ValueVision was bought by NBC! It seems that all the good hosts are gone and the merchandise is inferior.

  82. Karla Mom-Gramzy Jenkins Says:

    SNBC used to be #1, but now the items are cheeply made, the hosts make-up anything to sell an item. The packaging of the items are sent out to customers poorly. Charla Rines made my week, I love to hear about her gardening and I really miss her ruler! Charla, you are tops and no other host on the channel can stand up to you. Miss you lady!

  83. elaine n Says:

    A few years have passed since Charla and the others were let go. Along with them, the designers that really had quality offerings are also gone. How many watches does SNBC think people want to see, let alone buy? Comfortable not watching anymore and am finished with the network. It’s better this way; can save my money. Foolish management decisions are never popular or profitable.

  84. Gus Says:

    shopnbc has really gone down the tubes lately. What’s up with the refurbished electronics (we can get those anywhere)? How many watches can u sell and stay afloat? Bring back the good stuff.. and the good hosts.

    • SHELLEY Says:


  85. DJ Says:

    Does anyone know what Charla is up to now? What happened to Pam McCoy? Is she no longer with ShopNBC? I tune in periodically to see if they are getting better….no such luck.

  86. homeshoppingista Says:

    selling diamond jewelry

  87. fred Says:

    1 really really like that shop nbc fired chala pork rines, i will watch snbc more!!!!!!!!

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