New York Post Skewers QVC Jewelry Queen Joan Rivers Over Airport Incident — But She Gets A Plug For Her QVC Flower Pin

The New York Post ran this photo Thursday of Joan Rivers wearing her QVC glitz and glamour fabric pin. Photo by Bill Davila for

The New York Post Thursday took another shot at longtime QVC jewelry queen Joan Rivers, who wasn’t allowed to board a plane from Costa Rica to Newark over the holidays.

In a column headlined “Just Shut Up Already, Joan,” nasty columnist Andrea Peyser blasted Rivers about the airport incident. Rivers was detained because her passport had two names — Joan Rivers and Joan Rosenberg, her married name. Rivers’ husband is deceased.

According to Peyser, Rivers on CNN’s “Larry King Live” called the airport guard that stopped her “a moron,” an “idiot” and “premenstrual.” Tell us how you really feel, Joan.

“Boo hoo” Peyser wrote, saying that the guard probably didn’t recognize Rivers because of all the plastic surgery she has undergone. Meow, meow. Catty, catty.

Ironically, the photo of Rivers that the Post ran shows the comedian sticking her tongue out — and wearing a huge fabric flower pin on her shoulder. That “Glitz and Glamour” pin is from Rivers’ QVC jewelry line, item number J145845. It sells for $29.50, and got a top rating, five stars, from QVC shoppers. The flower measures 8 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches.

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3 Responses to “New York Post Skewers QVC Jewelry Queen Joan Rivers Over Airport Incident — But She Gets A Plug For Her QVC Flower Pin”

  1. Hugh Jee Says:

    Not being a big Joan Rivers fan- trust me on that- it is pretty idiotic that a 76 year old Jewish grandmother isn’t allowed on a plane because her stage name and married name conflict, and the person involved is pretty well known in most of the English speaking world. Didn’t this airport guard know how to use a telephone and contact his supervisor?

    The security in airports is so lacking in common sense its astonishing. The SNAFU at Newark where a guy went back to give his lady a kiss goodbye (according to the STAR-LEDGER) but breaching security caused a meltdown that jammed Terminal C for hours.

    Years ago Tom Kean headed the 9/11 Commission and recommended sweeping changes on the way things are done in airports and seaports, yet most things remain unchanged except for superficial knee-jerk reactions.

    Two presidents, two parties in power, and the security is alternately draconian or pathetically ineffective.

    My daily soap box is now closed.

  2. park stay fly Says:

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    New York Post Skewers QVC Jewelry Queen Joan Rivers Over Airport Incident — But She Gets A Plug For Her QVC Flower Pin « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss…

  3. Mary Anderson Says:

    Joan Rivers IS the moron and idiot. She and her daughter are old and young tramps. I wouldn’t give her a penny of my money to buy her junk. She is not now or has she ever been funny , she is just a loud dirty mouthed nothing.

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