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Want to Be a JTV Host? Heed the 5 ‘Ps’

December 27, 2018

If you are interested in becoming a Jewelry Television host, and wouldn’t mind moving to Knoxville, Tenn., here is your big chance.

JTV is holding host auditions in New York City Jan. 13 to 15.

Here’s the part of the post we saw on Facebook:

As the face of JTV, our hosts are responsible for achieving on-air sales goals while providing an excellent customer experience. The right candidate will combine his/her genuine passion for jewelry with an equal passion to drive sales.

Our hosts will maintain a professional persona, both on-air and in the community, and are looked on as leaders in our industry.

No pressure! And we guess no drinking to excess or coke snorting off-air.

JTV also says that its hosts live by the Five “P’s.” As in “Be prepared, prompt, professional, polished and polite.”

Candidates must be available to work all day parts — including weekends, holidays and overnights. Sounds like journalism. Hope it pays better.

They must also “be able to sell all types of jewelry and gemstones.” Oy!

Finally, sales and/or jewelry experience is “strongly preferred,” while prior TV hosting and being a graduate gemologist are pluses.

Have at it, folks.

QVC Denies Shopping Ban For Trashing Hosts

November 2, 2017

QVC says that a Facebook post, which warned customers not to criticize show hosts or risk being banned from shopping on the network for 30 days, is phony.

We blogged about the post earlier this week, and a number of our readers who looked at a screen shot of the warning said it wasn’t kosher.

We reached out to QVC and got a prompt response from a company spokeswoman.

“The ‘QVC Customer Care’ Facebook Page is not owned or moderated by QVC, does not reflect QVC’s social media policies, and was created without QVC’s knowledge or permission,” the spokeswoman said in an email. “The unauthorized use of QVC’s trademarks, name or brand is not permitted, and QVC is currently working directly with Facebook to remedy this situation.”

We thought that such a policy would be nuts, but a number of readers said it was a good idea and that the public shouldn’t be allowed to cruelly trash show hosts on QVC’s social media.

QVC And HSN Are Hiring: New Hosts On Tap

February 16, 2014

It looks like the two top home shopping networks have gone on a hiring spree, bringing new hosts on board.

One of our observant Facebook friends tipped us of that QVC had put Alberti Popaj, a former spokesman for Alterna Haircare, on its payroll.

Stacey Weaver and Albert Popaj

Stacey Weaver and Albert Popaj

We haven’t seen him on-air yet, but he sure looks like a jovial sort. Our Facebook friend also said that Stacey Weaver is on tap on a new QVC host.

Popaj posted a shot of him and Weaver, as well as him and Lisa Robertson working out together, on Facebook.

Alberti Popaj and Lisa Robertson

Alberti Popaj and Lisa Robertson

Neither Popaj or Weaver are listed as hosts on yet.

Karen Pavlik and Bill Green

Karen Pavlik and Bill Green

And over at HSN, it looks like Karen Pavlik is a new host. Or that’s what we take from a photo of her that hoist Bill Green posted on Facebook. Don’t know anything about her yet.

Veteran ShopNBC Hosts Charla Rines And Mike Davidson Shown The Revolving Door At No. 3 Home Shopping Network

January 8, 2010

Charla Rines

It looks like long-time ShopNBC hosts Charla Rines and Mike Davidson are the latest to lose their jobs under the regime of the shopping network’s chief Keith Stewart. We guess the turnaround at the No. 3 shopping network isn’t going as well as we thought.

We’re always the last to know, so thank God for the home shopping forums, posters to our blog and ShopNBC’s Facebook page. They were burning up with comments from irate fans of Rines and Davidson, alleging that the pair had been canned because of their age.

We checked the host list on ShopNBC’s Web page Thursday night, and Rines and Davidson were gone.

Mike Davidson

“It is true,” a ShopNBC spokesman said Friday. “They’re no longer with the company.”

He declined to make any additional comment.

Rines, a brassy (as in loud) blonde with spiked hair and a wicked sense of humor, was a fixture at ShopNBC. She joined the network in 1984, and typically did jewelry shows.

Davidson, a former radio disc jockey, has been at ShopNBC since 1997.

ShopNBC now has 18 show hosts, down from 20.

January is a bad time for ShopNBC hosts. A year ago ShopNBC’s husband-and-wife team, Pam and Wes McCoy, were axed as hosts, although Pam still sells a clothing line on the network.

Don’t feel too bad, Charla and Mike. We were laid off in January a year ago, so we know how you feel.

‘Extra’ Host Mario Lopez Tells Us QVC Has The Hook-Up For Black Friday

November 26, 2009

Wow, QVC’s PR team must be working overtime. They got a plug Wednesday night for the network’s 28-hour Black Friday event on “Extra,” with the segment delivered by host/hot actor Mario Lopez.

“QVC’s got the hook-up,” Lopez told viewers. Really?

And then we got to see yet another pitch for the Clarisonic facial cleansing system, which has been on QVC about a zillion times, along with Nintendo’s Wii. The Clarisonic is $195 on QVC, versus $288 in retail, according to Lopez.

QVC host Jayne Brown

QVC hosts Jayne Brown and Pat James De-Mentri were also featured briefly in the “Extra” segment Wednesday.

Get A Sneak Peek At QVC And HSN Vet Judy Crowell’s New ShopNBC Collection Online

November 23, 2009

Judy Crowell

Former QVC and HSN host Judy Crowell’s new collection on ShopNBC debuts early Tuesday morning, and the items are now up on the home shopping network’s site.

Her first show is on at 2 a.m., too late for us. But Crowell has faux leather handbags ranging in price from $32 to $66, as well as several scarves.

She even has a pair of reading glasses, at $30.

While Crowell is only bringing in accessories this visit, when her Judy Crowell Collection does its full launch next year she will be selling sportswear and outerwear, as well.

Crowell’s husband, fellow QVC and HSN alum Paul Deasy, already hosts a jewelry line for ShopNBC called the Gem Insider.

ShopNBC Gets Back A Husband-And-Wife Team As QVC/HSN Alum Judy Crowell Joins Hubby Paul Deasy On The No. 3 Home Shopping Network

November 18, 2009

Veteran home shopping host Judy Crowell says her return to Minnesota is like Dorothy coming back home from Oz.

Crowell, an Army brat, began her career in home shopping in 1989 at Cable Value Network, CVN, in Minnesota in1989. Later this month, Nov. 24, Crowell will debut a new accessory and clothing line on ShopNBC, which is in Minneapolis.

“It’s almost like Dorothy,” Crowell said. “I clicked my heels and I’m going back home again, full circle.”

Crowell and her husband Paul Deasy, who is guest host for a jewelry line on ShopNBC, both started their gigs as home shopping hosts in 1989. While Crowell was at CVN, Deasy was at Home Shopping Network, now called HSN.

“Ironically, as life would have it, our lives were parallel before we met each other,” Crowell said.

Judy Crowell and Springer Spaniel friend Brie

Crowell had also traveled to places like China so she could discuss jade on the air, while Deasy have been to Africa at tanzanite mines and to Australia to see opals mined, to better describe them.

The husband-and-wife team have a common love of travel and jewelry, as well as “the love of really being able to tell a story about where things come from so that our customer could appreciate the experience and what it takes to get the product into their hands, that it’s not just plucked from a tree,” according to Crowell.

Crowell and Deasy both first worked at QVC and then HSN together, until exiting the No. 2 home shopping channel.

One of our most-asked questions is why did the married couple leave HSN. Deasy exited in December 2007, while Crowell left in April 2008.

After 18 years of each being a host, Crowell said, “We each kind of came to the conclusion that it was just time for a new challenge….That really is the truth. It was just time to move on and do some new things.”

Crowell and Deasy each made the choice to leave HSN themselves, according to Crowell.

“Paul had made the decision to leave first, and I was thinking about it,” she said. “I really had one of these moments, it was actually a long weekend, of sitting in front of the fireplace and staring into the fire and thinking I’ve been a television personality for 28 years, and now I’m thinking about getting out of the business and taking a chance, with no net.”

It was not an easy decision, according to Crowell.

“It was really scary because I really love the business and I loved being on television and I love the interaction with the customers,” she said. “That’s why you do it. …Whenever that phone call would come in, and it was somebody who would say, ‘Hi, I’ve been watching you for so many years. It’s so nice to talk to you. Say hi to Paul.’ That’s the joy in this…and now you’re saying goodbye to it.”

Paul Deasy

Full-year non-compete clauses kept Crowell and Deasy off the air, and gave them time to build their own businesses.

“If you were to ask ‘Why were they gone for so long, that answers part of that question,’” she said.

In addition to planning her ShopNBC line, Crowell has been doing voiceover work. She has also joined the World Fashion Council and is taking classes to be certified a fashion trend forecaster.

Crowell and Deasy approached ShopNBC about doing lines for it, according to Crowell.

“At one point we were talking about, ‘You can to one channel, I can go to another,'” she said. “And we considered that for awhile, but as timing would have it, as the needs of the different channels would have it, it turned out as they say, meant to be.”

Crowell and Deasy are in a way replacements for home-shopping’s other veteran husband-and-wife team, Pam and Wes McCoy. The McCoy’s were let go as hosts from ShopNBC in a cost-cutting measure, but Pam still has a clothing line on ShopNBC. 

The jewelry line Deasy guest hosts, the Gem Insider, debuted in July.

“ShopNBC has treated us like gold,” Crowell said. “They’re thrilled to have us both on board.”

Deasy’s book “Colored Gemstones” is sold on ShopNBC. And he is working on a second book on gems, this one on opals.

“From now on he’s going to be focusing on individual gemstones,” Crowell said. “And then he eventually wants to write another book similar to the one that’s already available, but on another whole series of gems that he didn’t have a chance to touch on in this book. There are hundreds of other ones.”

The night before their 2003 wedding, Crowell and Deasy with Kristen and Kyle

Crowell and Deasy still live in Florida, where their former employer HSN is based. They don’t plan to relocate to Minneapolis, where ShopNBC is located.

First of all, Deasy’s children, Kristen and Kyle, from a prior marriage live in Florida, as do Crowell’s parents.

And Crowell said that she has resided in the Midwest, in states such as Wisconsin, while working for TV before coming to home shopping.

“It’s a great place to live,” Crowell said. “It’s absolutely beautiful. The people are wonderful, but it’s really cold…. There’s something about landing in Tampa. Whenever we come home, it feels like a vacation.”

Crowell accompanies Deasy when he travels to Minneapolis for his ShopNBC shows.

“We’re up there a couple of times a month,” she said.

It looks like Crowell and Deasy have found happiness.

“We’re a great team,” she said. “We’re really lucky. It took a long time to find.”

See related story, “QVC and HSN Veteran Judy Crowell Explains Her New Line on ShopNBC.”

They’re Running Out Of Home Shopping Networks To Work At: Judy Crowell To Join Husband Paul Deasy On ShopNBC

November 6, 2009


Judy Crowell

We are indebted to the posters on QVC’s forums, who are more on the ball than us. Here’s the scoop they uncovered: Judy Crowell will be joining her husband Paul Deasy on ShopNBC.

We recently wrote a blog about Deasy, a gemstone expert who now has a collection called the Gem Insider on ShopNBC. Deasy met Crowell when they were both hosts on QVC, and they married. They left QVC and both turned up at HSN as hosts.

Then they were gone, until Deasy debuted on ShopNBC. And now the ShopNBC program guide says that The Judy Crowell Collection will debut on ShopNBC Nov. 24 with two shows.

There is no information yet on ShopNBC’s Web site about what Crowell’s products will be, but we think it’s a good bet that it’s jewelry. We’ll see.

Here is the happy couple on Deasy’s Web site, but we saw no info about Crowell’s ShopNBC line.

ShopNBC used to have a husband-and-wife host team, Wes and Pam McCoy. But the two were let go in an apparent cost-cutting measure, although Pam still has a clothing line on the network.