New Host Natasha Chugtal Arrives At Evine Live

Evine Live has a new host that jewelry designer Chuck Clemency seems to think is a real pistol: Natasha Chugtal. She made her debut last week.

Apparently a woman of color, and the only home shopping network that could use some color more than Evine Live is Jewelry Television, Chugtal is a former newscaster.


She left a job at CBS-affiliate WTVY in Dothan, Ala., to come north to Minnesota. Hope she’s ready to freeze her keister off. But we guess it won’t be too much of a shock since she’ apparently a native of the northern state.

When Clemency was on-air on Thursday a caller said she was a fan of Chugtal, having watched her on the local TV station.

As far as we could see, Evine Line hasn’t added Chugtal to its host listing on its website. Are they waiting to see how she works out.


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4 Responses to “New Host Natasha Chugtal Arrives At Evine Live”

  1. QueenCeleste Says:

    Saw her do a walk-on during a jewelry show with Chuck. She said all the things the new hosts say. By the way, Linda, do you know if Connie Kunkle is no longer at Evine? Her name was on the host list, but I haven’t seen her on air for ages.

  2. Twat Waffles Says:

    Connie went back to off Broadway to croon awayyyy, LOL!

    Last time I saw her she was with you know who doing the late night Cook’s Essentials with the medicated lady that used to do demos with Wolfgang Schmuck.


  3. QueenCeleste Says:

    Thanks for the info, TW! “Medicated lady,” love that!

  4. Sharon bratslavsky Says:

    Who is the medicated lady

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