HSN, Ford Help You Avoid Car Shopping Haggling

We blogged about HSN and Ford coming up with some kind of deal for car buyers. Turns out you will be able to buy several of the car maker’s top brands at a preset price — in other words, without having to go through that unpleasant process of haggling with a car dealer.

The initiative kicked off Saturday, with a final show at 5 p.m.

Our readers reminded us that QVC once had an offer where it worked to sell Saturns, so this is not totally new to home shopping.

Here’s what HSN had to say about their partnership with the automaker in a press release.

With more women influencing vehicle purchases than ever, HSN and Ford Motor Company are teaming up to offer a new approach to car buying. Now through the end of the month, the ease and convenience of HSN’s shopping experience will be extended to consumers looking to buy a new Ford vehicle.

In a study conducted by HSN, while women consumers enjoy the hunt for a new vehicle, they indicated they don’t enjoy the car buying process – specifically, price negotiations. In this exclusive marketing program with HSN, Ford will offer shoppers the opportunity to purchase, with a preset price, some of its most popular models including Fusion, Escape and Edge.

“We know our female car buyers appreciate our quality, safe and efficient vehicles, but the car buying process can be intimidating,” said Chantel Lenard, U.S. marketing director, Ford Motor Company. “HSN offers us a unique opportunity to reach a close-knit community of women and provide them with a simple, meaningful car buying experience.”

The Ford Preferred Price Event, including a two-year complimentary Ford Protect Premium Maintenance Plan, will be available exclusively to HSN consumers through Oct. 31.

“We want to take the stress out of car buying. At HSN, we believe shopping should be fun!” said Bill Brand, president of HSN. “We are excited to work with Ford to share their story through engaging content across all of our shopping platforms. We’re proud that HSN is a go-to brand for companies looking to reach a highly-engaged female consumer.”

The HSN customer survey found:

Top three on her list – The vehicle attributes most important to her are reliability, reputation of quality, and safety rating.

She has a say – Nearly all (96 percent) respondents are involved in the vehicle purchase decisions in their households; 44 percent are the primary decision makers.

She is a shopper at heart – She enjoys the hunt for a new vehicle; however, the process can be overwhelming at times. She specifically dislikes the price negotiation process.

She knows what she wants – When shopping for a vehicle, she tends to know exactly what type of car she is looking for.

The campaign kicks off Oct. 3 with three hours of dedicated programming on HSN at 10 a.m., 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. EDT.


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One Response to “HSN, Ford Help You Avoid Car Shopping Haggling”

  1. Jessee Michael Says:

    It’s true that QVC “sold” Saturn cars, in such that if you called to “order” during the show, what you got was a discount coupon applied to the purchase. Thing about Saturns was that they were non-negotiable… every dealership sold the car at the same price.

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