Former HSN Fashion Designer Terry Lewis’s Fans Are Clamoring To Find Her Clothes

Ex-HSN clothing designer Terry Lewis is gone from the network but not forgotten. Her former customers at the home shopping channel are clamoring for her to continue her Classic Luxuries line, which included a lot of reasonably priced and gorgeous leather jackets, coats and pants.

We have two of her leather coats and two pairs of her leather pants (yes, we still rock leather pants and wear our hair long, like Dominique Browning) in our closet.

HSN customers have bombarded Lewis’s Facebook page, asking where they can restock their wardrobes with her clothes.

“Terry where can we buy your fabulous goods now?” one woman posted on Facebook.

“Terry, whats going on, I need my new fall/winter coats,” wrote another. “Where can I buy? Where are you, Girl? Whats a girl to do this winter???? Urghhhh.”

Added another, “Where are you now that you are no longer on HSN… I was looking forward to purchasing a cool jacket.”

We own a pair Terry's leather pants like these, but in black

But these folks haven’t gotten any answers from Lewis. We didn’t, either, when we first contacted her in September.

Our blog about her joining the parade of vendors leaving HSN has more than 50 comments on it from her enraged fans.

“This is shocking, and sad!,” one woman posted on our blog. “I have literally dozens of her coats and accessories, jeans, sweaters…and I’m always ready to buy more. What is going on with HSN? ‘The Liza Minnelli’ collection? Really? I hope Terry Lewis will show up with her beautiful fashions at another venue–I’ll be right there with her.”

Another Lewis fan wrote, “HSN seems to have forgotten about ‘ Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver but the other’s gold.’ Terry Lewis is solid gold and I’m not talking technibond. I am sad to see The New Direction. It is as if the designers and the customers who got HSN off the ground are being shown the door. Not so warm and fuzzy. Hope that HSN can strike a balance between the established vendors and the newer ones. Oh well, life in the big city, I guess. Thanks Terry, Maggie and Storybook.”

Another chimed in, “Like many others i too would like to know what happened to terry lewis. i have more than a hundred of her items, she is a fantastic designer and her clothes are classic and thats really what fashion saavy customers like about her designs. i feel hsn has made a big mistake getting rid of her. new designer like curations have nothing like the quality of terry’s fashions. curation item are cheaply made and too expensive.”

And another, “I just called HSN and was told that Terri was no longer there. I was all set to buy 2 leather jackets. I’m done with HSN. Terri took that network to another level. They are going to regret this one because this decison is definitely going to lose customers for them.”

Well, you get the idea.

Lewis, who is actually a former HSN host, was one of the vendors that exited as part of the regime of HSN CEO Mindy Grossman, who was looking to add brand names to her network.

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50 Responses to “Former HSN Fashion Designer Terry Lewis’s Fans Are Clamoring To Find Her Clothes”

  1. Rollo thomassi Says:

    I absolutely loved the Terry Lewis designs! I am quite irritated with HSN for this new direction. HSN has forgone reliable quality and style for name brand designers whose product quality is “sometimey” at best. Iman’s clothing has some potential but is cheaply made…the materials are thin and flimsy…and when not, sizing and style are lacking. Serena Williams, as a fledgling designer, wouldn’t make the cut on Project Runway. And the others aren’t any better…cheap jeggins, tacky sweaters, and clingy materials reminiscent of a bad yard sale find. Sorry HSN, you missed the mark. Bring back Terry Lewis!!!

  2. Amazing Grace Says:

    @Rolla Thomassi – – RT stated truth and stated it verrrrry well!! In the last couple of years I will admit the quality and sizing of TL’s garments had been an issue – but I found the reviews on HSN to be quite accurate and helpful. I found that that was a manufacturing issue, rather than a TL design flaw. Since I believe that manufacturing and the costs/overhead/profit margin of HSN is the problem – I am sure that several of the “newjacks” that HSN has brought aboard will not be long in their tenure either. Every single item I have ordered from SWilliams has been returned (on my dime). D. Gillman is hit or miss -again – returns on my dime and Curations/Landau is a complete joke. Their “furs” are a curious blend of faux dog and bathroom rug. Will no longer continue to waste my (viewing) time or consumer $$$ on HSN…

  3. NonaPk Says:

    @Amazing Grace: “…a combination of faux dog and bathroom rug” – now that’s funny!

  4. Lessie White Says:

    Shame on HSN! I am very disappointed in the decision of CEO Mindy to punish the millions of loyal customers in the abandonment of Terry Lewis fashions. Over 50% of my favorite purchases were designed by Terry Lewis. I have spent huge sums of money in my weekly/monthly online shopping at HSN. The quality and prices are second to none for this line of elegant fashion. Terry Lewis was and still remains an icon for HSN. I strongly disagree with this decision to move in a new direction at the expense of those of us who have invested in the network. I pray the CEO will do the right thing and allow us to continue to shop Terry Lewis at the number one home shopping network.

  5. Says:

    I am also disappointed to see, Terry Lewis gone from the network, what a shame HSN to forego such an excellent designer for some like Serena, Iman. I guess celebrity name means something, but for me the cheap material and poor workmanship do not equal the fabulous designs and quality of Terry Lewis. There is no reason for me to even tune in to HSN, it’s just trash and I am tired of wasting my money on return…back to mall shopping on clearance for me. I need value. Thanks to Terry for all my fabulous leather and suede clothing.

  6. kay brown Says:

    hsn made a huge mistake letting Terry Lewis go only to pick-up new designer designers like curations and serena williams among some others that have no qualiy, and sense of style like Terry”s garments. they are also cheaply made and grossly overprices. Terry” sense of style and designs are way beyond other designers including dennis basso of QVC.i have several of Terry”s faux furs that i have had for 3-4 years that are just now being done by other designers.hsn let a JEWEL go only to pick up a few trinkets.SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

  7. Mickey Says:

    I can’t even get HSN on my local Cable Channel any more, if they wanted to lose a bazillion customers then they are doing a good job. I might pull up their online site and watch Jay King or Diane Gilman but they too have raised their prices and formats. If a caller happens to say something the people upstairs don’t want on air they just cut the feed. It has become the Joy Joy Joy channel with boring out of price merchandise and the hosts have become pressure salesmen/women for the most part.

  8. Frankie Says:

    I could not believe that Terry Lewis is no longer with HSN. I have purchased several of her designs including a faux fur black mink coat for which I always get compliments.

    Hope whoever made that decision will rethink it. Most people want classic clothes that can be worn for several years.

  9. Linda Brice Says:

    Terry Lewis I Miss you , HSN has made a big mistake and the new designers the will get will not compare to you.I was looking foreward to the new collection and when I could not find them I emailed HSN to as where you were and didn’ recieve and response. I would like to know where and when to see you again. HSN has lost me when it comes to buying clothes. Hope to see you soon.

  10. Denice Says:

    I was able to find some on Terry’s fashions at Hope this helps.

  11. Denice Says:

    Disregard my previous email. When you clicked on the item it brought you to HSN only to be told the item was sold out. Sorry.

  12. Sharnice S. Says:

    I’m have 4 Terry Lewis suede jackets; & I’d purchased a 5th one for my mother.
    What I’d like about Terry Lewis jackets (at least around 2005-2006) was even as a plus size woman, her jackets were designed so that I’d looked & felt like a million bucks. I’d too have had the experience of not only women, but MEN stop & tell me how good I look.
    To me, I’d felt like Tracy excelled in her suedes & faux fur combinations .
    One of my ALL TIME Favorites was an asymmetrical cut jacket; Vibrant Olive green in color with a soft, Gray/Taupe/Brown Fur on the collar and the cuffs.
    Although, I knew I would never wear anything just quite so ‘Sharp, Snazzy, ‘ with such ‘Zip & Flair’; I knew of only ONE Woman who would & Could wear such jacket-MY MOTHER!
    You see, my Mom has always been a bona-fide clothes horse. She’d ALWAYS looked good. She wasn’t rich but she’d looked like her income was far above my parents means because she could sew too.
    She could take something off the sales rack, partially tear it apart, readjust this seam, etc. & it look would good on her.
    When I saw that Terry Lewis suede jacket with the fur; I knew, I just knew I had to get it.
    It was the ABSOLUTE BEST GIFT I had ever gotten for her. She was so stunned at first because, you know how Terry packaged her suede coats & jackets then; ( You knew that you were getting quality).
    My Mom thought that I had blown 6 months salary on her Christmas coat & I had a hard time convincing her that I had actually purchased this coat off a home shopping channel.
    But, she’d put this jacket on; there was complete silence; even my Dad was quiet because, it’d fit her like a glove.
    My Mother always said the key to looking good was the cut because a good cut means a good fit, a good fit means that a garment will hang well effortlessly.
    That Terry Lewis jacket fit my Mother’s small frame so well, that it was if she had it Customed made.
    I knew (we’d All knew) that for the first time ever, my Mother wouldn’t have to nip, tuck,adjust anything.
    It was perfect.
    A couple of weeks later,I had gotten a phone about midnight; it was from my father. When I asked if anything was wrong, he’d said in a groggy voice that he had awaken to find my mother in her gown, posing in the mirror with her “Christmas ” jacket on, like a teenage girl.
    My Dad said ‘ It’s about the fifth time she has had it on, first it she had to get some boots to go with it, then she had to get some shoes, and she’d already Told me, Where we were going to…because she has to show off. She’d even had me book a flight to Atlanta !’
    Then my Dad said, “Honey, help me out; just tell me where I can get some gloves to match that jacket, so I can get some sleep!”
    I’d laughed! It was HSN, of course because Terry Lewid being the design diva had Already had coordinating suede gloves.
    That’s why I’d love Terry Lewis designs.
    p.s.- I Still wear her jackets because quality jackets never go out of style!

  13. Sharnice S. Says:

    Hey! I’m glad I’d stumbled onto this site. I was just so frustrated. I was looking at QVC the other day and everyone was ‘oowing ggoing’ about how vest were so important now, a New Fashion statement.
    Liz Clayborn, Susan Carver, Issac Mi…..(can’t spell his name); Rachel Zoe.
    But, if you look back on You Tube-you Will See that Terry Lewis Had Already been designing fashion vest with the faux fur on different colors back in 2006-2008!
    I’ve learned so much from the orther bloggers…One of them-meatbun66; had me absolutely rolling with tears at how Joy Managno was going to start selling ‘Her” leather outfits!
    But I’d also learned from Gerri Marner, that there was this push for Terry to cut her sizes smaller.
    That explains alot and comforts me to know that Terry Lewis Designs wasn’t having quality control issues from the cutters/designers in china; that HSN management was making them do it.
    Well, it had become painfully obviously that HSN has decided to go to the ‘YOUTH MOVEMENT’
    It’s a pity because evidently, HSN management DID not get the memo that Wallstreet, Business News & reports-the people doing the buying are still”The Baby Boomers’….
    The teenager, 20 years are Still dependent on their “Boomer”
    parents for the extra income to purchase items.
    It’s still the ‘Boomers’ that control the purse strings.

  14. Sharnice S. Says:

    What I miss most about Terry Lewis Designs was that it was such an event!
    I’d actually remembering marking my calendar, making a note when her shows were going to be on.
    I was a relatively new convert..but when after a brief airing of her new fall lines & I saw what she was able to do with suede..and the colorsl
    By, the 3rd airing, I’d found out real quick, that if I’d ever thought I was going to get one of those suede, golden/carmel/mustard colored skirts in a 2x, I had better hurry because they would be sold out “-lickety split!”
    I can

  15. nora Says:

    The decision to AXE Terry Lewis was definitely a poor decision. Her clothing especially leather, suede and faux furs were by far the BEST. Of all the new designers HSN have brought in. NONE of them can come close to Terry’s leather, suede or faux fur clothings. HSN made a BADDDDD decision. When Terry is picked up by another net work HSN can forget it as far as leather, suede and faux fur. Terry’s clothing line was one of the best lines on HSN other than D. Gilman. A lot of the new deisgners that HSN have brought in are no where near Terry, D. Gilman, K. Parish and others who have come and gone. I suppose that D. Gilman will be next. Or maybe HSN will just stop selling clothes on line.

  16. Pamela Prue Says:

    Thank you for this information. I am also huge Terry Lewis fan. I was looking for my next fur coat last September. WHAT A BUMMER!!! I have several of her faux fur, leather and suede coats and jackets. Just love the quality her coats and jackets. I always received compliments whenever I wore Terry’s fashions. I have one of her faux furs that look very real. I always receive PETA jokes everything I wear this jacket. Hope that HSN and their management reconsider their decision not to have Terry and her great fashions as a part of their network. When she decides to sell her fashions on a another network, I will purchase them. Terry please bring your fashion line back. I really miss you and my next coat and/or jacket. Best of luck to you in the future.

  17. Sandra York Says:

    I’m so glad i’ve stumbled on this site. I,m a Terry Lewis fan. I love her line of clthing because they are upscale and classics. Diane gilman is ok but nothing compare to Terry Lewis. So disapointed HSN. I don’t know what happend with you guys and TL but please bring her back…. HSN BIG MISTAKE not having Terry Lewis….. NOW can someone tell me were can I find me some Terry Lewis Leather Skirts, Jackets, ect.. HELP!!!!!!

  18. Sandra York Says:


  19. allien collins Says:

    I too have been looking for Terry Lewis , I wrote to hsn inquiring about her but never received a response. I always looked forward to her shows and I have an extensive wardrobe of her fashions, what is wrong with HSN? Please bring her back or inform us where she can be reached. Allien C

  20. Diana Says:

    Just want to add my 2 cents. HSN is a waste of time/and return dollars now. Soooo different from even a few years ago. TERRY LEWIS I MISS YOU. No one has come close to replacing you. What a slap in the face to us who demand/deserve quality. These celebrity ‘designers’ offer us overpriced, disgustingly cheesy lines.
    It is an insult to us. I cannot believe the hosts wear this garbage.
    Classy ladies must go elsewhere. Stop lying about ‘no risk shopping.’ I have lost plenty in return charges, but you are the bigger loser HSN. I AM OUTRAGED.

  21. lisa Says:

    Hi everyone, I feel the same as you.
    Let”s ask Qvc to carry the brand, terry lewis designs would be a great fit because they are classic, conservative, but offer that edge. I am going to email qvc.

  22. vintage Says:


    Former HSN Fashion Designer Terry Lewis’s Fans Are Clamoring To Find Her Clothes « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss…

  23. faye Says:

    Terry Lewis was the initial reason that I became a regular customer at HSN. Her products were of superb quality and style. I had been wary of shopping from networks, but I took a chance at purchasing an appealing item from the Terry Lewis line. I was pleasantly surprised at the presentation and the superb craftsmanship of what arrived via mail to my home that I decided to have some confidence in HSN’s lineups and judgement. It was after this point that I became a regular patron not only of Terry Lewis’es designs, but of other’s as well. Quite honestly, the current format favors a couple of infomercial ‘stars’ to extremes that encourage shopping on other channels. I guess the proof is in the pudding…HSN is no longer interested in maintaining loyal customers and artists who made them as lucrative as they have become. I would encourage Terry Lewis to locate a forum for her gifting where she will be esteemed. Her customer base is huge and strong. Room has been made for her gifting, just keep your eyes opened, and your desires known.

  24. bobby Says:

    I have purchased over 50 of Terry’s outerwear and sweaters, can’t believe HSN, would really let such a good thing go, totally mind boggling, with talent like hers, and this economy, will just keep looking to see where she turns up next and have my bedit card handy…I do agree with the writer who said t are going to contact QVC, that is a network that does try to maintain Quality.

  25. angela hawkins Says:

    i really am disappointed hsn stop carrying terry lewis, my mom & i purchased so many many of her leather & furs. the quality was excellent, i recall every time terry lewis was on my mom would call me & say turn to hsn terry’s on.We bought so many leathers!My mom passed in 04, i went through her terry lewis collection & kept the pieces i didnt have!I hope someone out there picks terry brand up!

  26. linda jones Says:


  27. Frankie Says:


    Change the name of the product, as any other company would do, and go for it. You can be creative.

  28. Gloria White Says:

    I am a lady that has about 10 of Terry Lewis leather jackets. I was unaware that HSN has let her go. Terry offered the 3/4 length sleeve which is when I really started buying every jacket that I could find from her designs. I am under 5 feet tall and need the 3/4 sleeve. I like all the others would like to know where and how I can buy her leather jackets as I said I need the 3/4 sleeve. Please advise where we can now purchase her fabulous Jackets. Mrs. Gloria White

  29. Cahow Says:

    How can Terry Lewis NOT be responding to her Facebook page???? I friended her and got accepted but she’s not updating it, at all. And that satellite “thingy” that she was supposed to be part of, last year, is bust and the domain name is up for grabs!

    I own over 20 of Terry’s jackets: from suede, leather and silk. Each year, I’d buy at least two for me and several for my daughter. I’ve tried and tried to find another vendor with the cut and prices of Terry at HSN but have ended up sending back 100% of the jackets I’ve ordered! From Chi, Iman and Queen, the sizes were wrong, the sleeves too tight or the workmanship was rubbish! We need our Terry Lewis! Terry: if you have NO PLANS on designing clothes again, at least put your fans out of our misery and let us know, so we don’t keep hoping and looking for you!

  30. T Francis Says:

    i need my Terry Lewis Fashions!!!! hsn are just wrong!!!!!

  31. Pamela Henderson Says:

    Is Terry Lewis still designing? I have a zebra coat, a cinnamon with hood and fur trim, rose with fur trim, and a brown with fur trim, large fun hood. I love this designer and have not been able to find any designer on HSN, QVC and especialy Shopping NBC that have the same qualify coats, they are thin and cheatly made.

  32. Karen Washington Says:

    How can we purchase terry Lewis’ clothing?

  33. Karen Washington Says:

    Where can I purchase clothing from the Terry Lewis line?



  35. Marlene Moore Says:

    Terry – Lady, you are truly missed. You offered quality @ affordable prices. I pray God wil guide you to greater gifts that you deserve. You always attempted to offer us items you would want for yourself.

  36. penny Says:

    Terry we want you back on hsn

  37. TerrieNJ Says:

    All the fashions at HSN are cheap, a lot of it ugly and the sizing is hit or miss. There was nothing like Terry Lewis and Storybook Knits. The new CEO knows nothing about the following theses designers had and still have. I own ten Terry Lewis faux fur coats, eight pairs of leather pants, six pairs of suede pants, seven of suede jackets, countless vests and various suits and accessories. I also own 120 Storybook knits; and that is not including the matching tanks and knit pants. Since all of our famous designers have been shown the door at HSN, I really don’t have an interest in the fashions shown. Curations is an expensive joke. I have sent Imans stuff back every time and I am just fed up with ordering from these fashion quacks. I could name other designers that are missed but I would just break down and have a tantrum. It seems like all the good designers have been shoved out of the door at ShopNBC also (ie. Pamela McCoy) What in the hell is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    These networks are now selling so called designer junk. Terry Lewis faux fur coats look like the real deal without the price tag. I get compliments all the time about how a particular coat is beautiful. Amazing Grace said it perfectly—–HSN only sells faux dog and bathroom rugs.

  38. Bonnie Says:

    Bring Terry back! I need leather goods, lots of them, and no one can rival her style/quality/class on any shopping network. Truth!



  40. Rose Rogan Says:

    I used to shop Hsn regularly. Since they dropped Terry I seldom watch/shop there any more. Their new vendors, including Iman, are for the most part a total waste. In these more difficult times I would have thought that a company like HSN would want/need to increase sales with a Designer of class and quality.

  41. maria bailey Says:

    I am so disappointed Terry Lewis is no longer on HSN. Our house burned down. The only things we owned was what we had on. We had to buy everything from a spoon to a bed. Now, a couple years later I wanted to get my leather coats back.where can I find her? Terry Lewis’s fashions were timeless and quality. And……. I trusted her.

  42. Car Says:

    HSN. Please bring Terry, back. I need her jeans can.t find nice jeans for me . I,m also baby boomer. Size 16. Her jeans make me look really nice

  43. patricia jackson Says:

    I have been looking for the Terry Lewis brands. Just wish I knew where to find her clothes. Style trumps foreign brands any day. Sorry HSN but you guys are losing your edge.

  44. ursula t conners Says:

    I hope where ever you are , you are planning a huge come back. I have a lot of Terry Lewis fashions I have gifted them to family and friends. They were very well made. I hope you are happy in great health and at peace. That is what I hope for you. Respectfully yours ursula.

  45. Deborah McDonald Says:

    I totally agree with everyone else Terry Lewis designs are far above anything HSN currently has to offer. I recently went to HSN in search of a new coat. The closest I found to a TL design was a Faux Mink by Slinky brand. I ordered it. It came yesterday. It is pretty but definitely not the quality I was hoping for. I bought it on clearance for $57. It is worth this price so I will keep it. Wish it was TL Design

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