Is Terry Lewis The Latest Vendor Banished By HSN CEO Mindy Grossman?

Classic Terry Lewis leather pants

Is Terry Lewis, the former HSN host who became a vendor on the home shopping network, gone?

It’s no secret that HSN CEO Mindy Grossman has been purging (remember Suzanne Somers?) the No. 2 home shopping channel of many long-time vendors, as she brings in well-known designers such as Badgley Mischka.

Lewis, who many years ago worked as a host on HSN, for several years now has sold a line, Classic Luxuries, on the channel. The collection was apparel and accessories that had a timeless look. One of her specialties was leather coats, pants and skirts. We have several of those pieces, including a pair of glove-soft black leather pants (no wiseacre comments, please).

But Lewis has not been on very much recently, and a peek at will show that HSN has only a few of items in its inventory, with nearly all of them on clearance.

We e-mailed HSN’s PR department last night to find out what is happening with Lewis, and still haven’t received a response.

HSN has a number of African-American vendors, more so than any other of the major home shopping channels, and Lewis was one of the first of them.


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160 Responses to “Is Terry Lewis The Latest Vendor Banished By HSN CEO Mindy Grossman?”

  1. cheryl Says:

    Where are terry lewis’ products?

    • Veronica Says:

      I too want to know where Terry Lewis products are , I have many of her lovely clothes and I miss them. Shame on Mindy. Grossman to turn on vendor that help bring HSN clothing line to the upper crust, you coukld have Bagley & Miska and Terry Lewis. The more variety for the customers the better.

  2. Dawn Says:

    This is shocking, and sad! I have literally dozens of her coats and accessories, jeans, sweaters…and I’m always ready to buy more. What is going on with HSN? “The Liza Minnelli” collection? Really? I hope Terry Lewis will show up with her beautiful fashions at another venue–I’ll be right there with her.

  3. Carolyn Hopper Says:

    HSN seems to have forgotten about ‘ Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver but the other’s gold.” Terry Lewis is solid gold and I’m not talking technibond. I am sad to see The New Direction. It is as if the designers and the customers who got HSN off the ground are being shown the door. Not so warm and fuzzy. Hope that HSN can strike a balance between the established vendors and the newer ones. Oh well, life in the big city, I guess. Thanks Terry, Maggie and Storybook.

    • SHIRLEY Says:

      This is in response to all of the above customers who are “in search” of HSN.
      Terry Lewis played a major part in taking the “club” to an elevated level.
      Remember the days when we did not know whether to look out for capodimonte, dolls or cubic zirconium. Yet Ms. Lewis as a Host was able to make all of them sound as if they were items we HAD to get. Then clothing was added to the line up
      Were we not thrilled when she returned to HSN with well tailored upscale classic yet affordable clothing? She was the Poster Woman for HSN.
      She may have been misunderstood because of her background as a journalist. No fireside chats.
      That was not her reason for being with HSN.
      HSN has brought in newer and more famous designers. But certainly not BETTER designers


      • Nancy Says:

        Very well stated, Shirley. It sounds as if you’ve been shopping with HSN longer than I have. I started in Dec. 2001, 9 years ago. I was surprised to find out today that Terry is gone. As I was doing my yearly HSN clearance shopping, I noticed that there wasn’t anything from Terry. I checked the list of clothing designers and sure enough, she wasn’t there. I found this article and all of your comments through google. It’s such a shame that she is gone. Her products are top quality. She worked so hard at HSN to bring the best to the customers. She is also creative, thinking outside the box. Can you believe that I have 2 of her suede skirt/jacket sets with ruffles, one in royal blue and the other in fuchsia? I also have a light pink suede jacket and many of her coats in faux fur and other fabrics. I could go on. The point is that she brought us unique, quality items and she will be missed. I noticed in the google search that she is on another channel. However, I don’t have cable. Perhaps they have a website for on-line shopping. I hope that somehow Terry will know that we appreciate her.

  4. kay brown Says:

    like many others i too would like to know what happened to terry lewis. i have more than a hundred of her items, she is a fantastic designer and her clothes are classic and thats really what fashion saavy customers like about her designs. i feel hsn has made a big mistake getting rid of her. new designer like curations have nothing like the quality of terry’s fashions. curation item are cheaply made and too expensive.

  5. evelyn Says:

    Terry where are you! Everyday i look for your fashions. Love, love your clothes.

  6. gail jarvis Says:

    TERRY gave us Classic Design at Affordable price$$$$. HSN Has Not brought in anyone else comparable to her classic look. I find that I don’t watch HSN like I did before……There rotation of designers/products/styles seem to be getting a bit Pricey as well as Cheezzzzzy!!!!!

    • Karen D. Says:

      Gail, I’m with you, everything you’ve said is “Right On.” I loved Terry Lewis’s fashions because they were always trendy, classic and affordable at the same time. I’m a coat collector and since Terry has left, I don’t like anything those new designers have to offer. First of all, because those new designers offer cheaply made over priced garments. Whom ever is running HSN nowadays, doesn’t care how their consumers feel, especially when they make stupid decisions about letting go of popular clothing labels. I say, you’re supposed to “Give The People, What They Want,” which would mean, not firing your most popular designers. I just wish HSN would come to their senses and bring back Ms. Lewis’s clothing line, as soon as possible.

  7. Linda York Says:

    I have purchased most of my clothes since about 2002 from HSN in the Terry Lewis line. They are such good quality and so very made well. I was so shocked when I not longer could find her on the HSN website. Is she moving to another network to sell her clothes. I noticed S. Summers is on an another network. We must not loose Terry Lewis.

  8. DC Rintala Says:

    I am saddened to see that Teri’s fashion jackets are no longer available. When something sells so well, it is a shame to drop that designer. The other so-called high profile names have junk. They are so over priced and have such hideous fashions. Bring Terry Lewis back!

  9. Maggie Peterson Says:

    OMG I called HSN today to inquire about Terry’s fall line only to find out “Terry has decided to persure other avenues”. Oh really!!!!! What a crime.
    Terry Lewis Classic Luxuries became a staple in my wardrobe. I am a professional woman with many years in the business world and a former dressmaker so I can speak with authority.

    No question about it, Terry is an asset to the well dressed woman. The cheap looking junk available now on HSN may appeal to the young crowd but be aware that they will disappear as soon as the wind blows the wrong way. HSN has abandoned those of us who are known as the well dressed in our community. Yes, I shared my secret with anyone who cared to listen.
    Do know that if Terry will surface somewhere, I will be there with checkbook in hand and a willing spirit to spread the word.

    Please, anyone who reads this post, let me know if you find Terry. She deserves our support.

  10. Maggie Peterson Says:

    One more thing – thank you for the info and keep me in the loop, please

  11. Gerri Marmer Says:

    Something that Terry said on the air a few months ago made me feel as if something were going to happen to her and the future of her line on the now NASTY shopping channel, HSN. She apologized for the new sizing requirements set for by the HSN bigwigs. They apparently thought the larger size clothes were just made too large. Well, pal, get in touch with America! We’re all getting a little wider and we still want to look our best.

    Those of us who regularly and abundantly bought Terry’s creations are ladies of fine taste and large wallets who now only buy her fashions, but also KEEP them. I hear the “kids” are causing HSN a lot of headaches with their frequent returns of merchandise. How can that possibly be good for HSN or any other shopping channel?

    Give us back our Terry and we’ll not only BUY her fashions, but we will KEEP them.

    We, the loyal patrons of Terry Lewis, are the class act here, not those pulling the strings at HSN. You’ll soon be gone. Then you will know how it feels to be dismissed. You just won’t have the talent and class to fall back on, as Terry most certainly does.
    Good ridance to you!

  12. Sheila Tibbs Says:

    I too am looking for Terry Lewis. I will search the internet to find her. I love her clothing line because it is classy and it fits.

  13. Sheila Tibbs Says:

    Please let me know when you find her.

  14. Tandy Slater Says:

    I was not aware that Terry Lewis, my favorite designer and the main reason I was an HSN customer has been given the boot! I will follow her whereever she goes. Sorry HSN you made a HUGE mistake.

  15. Dmax Says:

    I just called HSN and was told that Terri was no longer there. I was all set to buy 2 leather jackets. I’m done with HSN. Terri took that network to another level. They are going to regret this one because this decison is definitely going to lose customers for them.

  16. Ursula Russell Says:

    I am soo disappointed with HSN as they have decide to cut ties with Ms. Terry Lewis. My wardrobe is comprise of about 60 percent of Ms. Lewis clothing line. I am willing to spend my money on quality, sophisticated clothing, and that is waht Ms. Lewis brought yo HSN. I will follow Ms. Lewis wherever she decides to sell her clothing line.

    Ms. Lewis, please keep the public up to date with her fashion line. We are pulling or you. HSN has no clue what they have done, when they decided to dissolve your contract. But, its there mistake.


  17. Monica Davis Says:

    I too as many others will no longer be a fan of HSN. When they let Ms. Lewis go they let me go also. Buying Terry Lewis outwear was all I looked for when the fall season came around now. I bought dozen of her merchandise. HSN shame on you!!!

  18. Sandy Johnson Says:

    Has anyone checked out Shop NBC? I am amazed at the number of former HSN vendors and show hosts that have moved over. I will keep my eyes open. Shop NBC is not available through my cable company but can be accessed via the internet.

  19. LISA H Says:


  20. Connie Sacco Says:

    Totally saddened about Terry Lewis being gone from HSN. I loved her line of clothing and have one full closet full of leather and suede from her collections. They are truly timeless and beautifully made. HSN you are a joke for shopping network. First Daniel Kiviat (Maggie Sweet), then Suzanne Somers and now Terry is gone. These 3 made your shopping network what it is today but more importantly won’t be as popular anymore. I am totally done with you. If ANYONE hears or knows where Terry Lewis is if at all, please POST a comment.

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      She is on Facebook, and apparently is not doing anything yet. I did a blog about that. She said if you want to friend her, mention that you were one of her HSN customers.

      • Patches Says:

        Thanks! When can I see her fashions? I’m like everyone else I miss/need her in my wardrobe. Please post on the web somewhere we can locate Terry. I don’t care what network or where she is or goes “let us know”!

  21. Diana Arnold Says:

    I think HSN has made a big mistake! They seem to have let their classic timeless styled stylers go, like Terry Lewis, and brought in stylers who make cheap looking, in style for a short time, fad fashions that look terrible on most women, …unless the women has a skinny little model’s shaped body. If their bottom line sales drop in their clothing, they deserve it for their short sightedness. It would serve them right if Terry shows up on QVC!

  22. Divisionred Says:

    I am so disappointed that Terry Lewis will no longer being selling her products on HSN. Terry Lewis was the only person that I could get leather products. I agree with the other posts that state that HSN will regret letting her go. I hope that Terry Lewis will be able to sell her products elsewhere.

  23. falalalala Says:

    I can’t believe that Terry Lewis is no longer a HSN vendor. Are they kidding? She produced some of the very finest leather items i have ever seen. Her style, design ability and clothing had no competition because she was the very best at a more than reasonable price. Guess HSN is also sending a message to those of us who previously shopped with them. They don’t want our business and have decided out with the Old (that includes me, you and many vendors who have been loyal for years) and in with the New. Good luck HSN. I hope your sales plummet. The stuff you have been bringing in is trash.

    I’ll keep googling Terry until I find her new method for selling her wares.

  24. Lady G Says:

    I too just found about Terry Lewis not being with HSN anymore. Needless to say, I was very, very shocked and disappointed. Terry has wonderful unique products at affordable prices. HSN truly made a big mistake in letting her go. But, I’m sure that Terry will prevail and come back bigger and better than what she could have ever been with HSN. You go Terry!! All of your fans/followers are cheering and waiting for you to return with your fabulous merchandise.

    Loyal Follower!

  25. Ann Strong Says:

    We miss you!!!your merchandise is fabulous !!! sad day for HS Let me know if you find Terry
    Loyal Follower

  26. Annette Says:

    I too am an old and true HSN shopper – But no longer. I am part of the 1x size shoppers they no longer want. I first found out that my favorite storybook knits was gone, then added in Maggie Sweet, Suzanne Somers and most of all Terry’s luxury clothes at reasonable prices. I was a nicely dressed housewife mainly due to those four. I have tried shopping HSN but have returned almost everything, as being the wrong fit, or cheaply made!! Life just got a little harder for those like me.

  27. Jeanette Says:

    I am also a plus size woman, [XL or 1X], who feels abandoned by
    HSN. My favorite brands, Storybook knits and Terry Lewis, have been dropped. The sad fact is that now that I am older, I have the money to buy what I want but it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO difficult to find replacements for those brands. QVC has Bradley & Quacker Factory and ShopNBC has Pamela McCoy, but I preferred Storybook and Lewis.
    I miss Miss Lewis’s fashion sense. She knows how to design for bigger ladies as well as for the model sizes.

  28. Linda Jones Says:

    I really miss Terry Lewis from HSN. Terry brought class to HSN. I personally believe that the conniving Diane Gilman and her buddy Joy Mangano had a lot to do with Terry Lewis leaving HSN. There is nothing classy about the 65 year old Diane Giilman and her line of blue jeans. Diane is stuck on stupid with all of those blue jeans that she peddles on HSN. Joy Mangano should be peddling her
    clothes hangers on late night infomercials.

    HSN has become the Diane Gilman and Joy Mangano shopping network. Too bad for the former HSN.

  29. CM Aaron Says:

    several designers that used to be at HSN are now at Shop NBC. Suzanne Somers, Kim Parrish, Judy Crowell and her husband Paul are all there now. Perhaps Terry Lewis will end up at Shop NBC in the near future.

  30. bonnie Says:

    I was shocked and disappointed as well I miss Terri Lewis line of leather , Her leather was truly top of the line, i love the upscale look that you would get when you wore her clothing line. I just CAN’T BELIEVE THIS i AM REALLY HURT . HSN made the worst mistake possiable, this is just horriable , I will be praying that Mrs. Lewis brings her fashions back with much success


    I am truly sorry HSN decided to part ways with” TERRY LEWIS”.This will be a regrettable decision on the part of the HSN CORP. in the future.I have been a loyal Terry Lewis fan since the day she stepped in front of the camera with her ” CLASSIC LUXURIES” line of fashions.I have purchased about 60 plus pieces from her line and after 11 years all of her things are still as goregous as the day they arrived fron HSN. E-bay has some of her things on auction both new and used.I truly hope TERRY is able to sell her fashions in another venue.SHE HAS AND WILL ALWAYS BE SUCCESSFUL IN WHATEVER ENDEVOUR SHE CHOOSES.GOD BLESS AND GOOD LUCK “MRS TERRY LEWIS” WE MISS YOU.

  32. Ms. Syl Says:

    I have been looking for Terry Lewis on HSN and it finally dawned on me that she is not there at this time. I, too, have a closet full of beautiful leather and suede jackets that are by TL and I love them. I will be finding new ways to wear them now that it is cool. I am very disappointed in the break between TL and HSN. I do know that whenever she re-surfaces (and she will), I will be eagerly awaiting her new line of classic luxury clothing.

  33. Miss Hunt Says:

    I am a 32 year fashionista that grew up on Terry Lewis!! My mother has 2 closets full. I was SHOCKED during theH SN fall preview that she was not on for me to purchase my typical 2 coats for the season. Like the other comments I will stay tuned to see if I see her on Shop NBC!!

  34. Gail Says:

    I am stunned and outraged that Ms. Lewis is no longer there any more. I have been watching HSN since the beginning when Terry was a host. I was happy when she ventured out to start her own fashion design. Her clothes were unique and you did not see yourself coming and going. I am a plus size girl and it was nice having leather and suede that can fit not just the smaller size but the plus size as well. She will truly be missed. I think HSN could have at least given her a going away party and informed her customers. This was a terrible way to find out!!! I hope that her leaving was of her own will and not of HSN……

  35. Veronica Says:


  36. Barbra Says Says:

    I’m so sad to hear about Terry’s departure from HSN. I have many of her leather and suede items. I love them. I recently lost a lot of weight and was waiting to replace several of my jackets with new TL items. Now I don’t know what to do, the leather in the stores can’t compare with Terry’s quality or style. Liza Minelli’s crap…please. I WANT MY TERRY BACK!!!!!

    • trudy Says:

      Barbara, I am a very little lady but I am 67 yrs old. I loved Terrys leather clothes. I miss her and have looked all networks for her leathers. I want a pair of her lamb skin pants. I would rather pay 100 for a great pair of leather or suede that 70 for Jeans that look as if they are 60 yrs old. SOme of the designers are now offering petiet sizes but none of them have the style of Terry Lewiss. If you hear where she is. I do get shop nbc and Pam McCoy has a beautiful leather collection. but doesn’t carry any leather pants. HSN will be sorry they let her and Story book go . Thosre are the brands I purchased

  37. Barbra Says Says:

    I can’t seem to find Terry on Facebook.

  38. Gloria York Says:

    I am very upset and highly disappointed at HSN, for how they have torn apart what was a perfect unity that worked in harmony with love and respect for one another. Now when you go to these other networks you find the old members of HSN. It was bad enough when Suzanne Somers and the others left but to lose Terry Lewis who helped build HSN and put it on the map. To do something this lowdown and dirty, what kind of people are running HSN? Obviously they are not even in the same class as Terry Lewis. CEO Mindy Grossman needs to get over herself, she will never be able to find anyone, anyone again that will come close to do what Terry Lewis has done with the style, class and finesse she possesses. If this is her way of doing better, I feel sorry for what’s to come of HSN. I love you Terry Lewis wherever you are. Do not let this stop you from being all that you can be. Because you are bigger and better. I wish you much success and look forward to purchasing your one of a kind fashion still to come. Please hurry and come back to us!!!!

  39. Jacquelyn Says:

    I to Ms. Terry Lewis she was the reason I watched HSN her clothes is what I really bought because she thought about your size and shape to make the clothes fit. I am an African-American woman and it did me proud to see this beautiful black woman expressing herself and boy did she dress me well, I get some many compliments all the time. Thanks Terry miss you.

  40. Karen D. Says:

    Long Live “Terry Lewis’s Classic Luxuries” even if her clothing line, isn’t picked up again by Stupid HSN, her fashions are beloved by many, I know in our hearts, she’ll “Begain Again” someway, somehow, because God is on her side. Plus us ladies, need our “Shopping Fix” of a new jackets and coats from her, HA, HA!! If only HSN, could see this “Homeshoppingista” Blog, showing the many comments from Terry’s “Die Hard Fans”, then they’d truly see the mistake they’ve made by letting her go.

  41. Sandy Says:

    Whoever is responsible at HSN for letting Terry Lewis go should be relieved of their duties. I’m sure it will prove to be a very costly mistake in the end. Terry Lewis’ line of clothing was beautiful, well made sophisticated and affordable. So many of the new designers clothes at HSN look cheap and are ill fitting even on screen, imagine once you get them home. I hope Terry Lewis ends up on QVC, they appreciate quality as do their viewers. One thing I know for sure, “Don’t burn your bridges, you never know when you’ll have to cross over it again.”

  42. Karla Says:

    “Iman Global Chic” is more like a “Global Mess” and Serena Williams is just as bad. I’m in agreement with the rest…Terri Lewis gave you chic and good quality clothing. HSN has truly made a BIG MISTAKE letting her go. I no longer watch the fashion shows. I now watch the electronic shows only on HSN.

  43. Tayna Kahn Says:

    I too am a huge fan of Terry Lewis and have a whole closet full of her jackets and skirts. I looked forward to adding a new piece every fall. I am really disappointed that she is gone from HSN. I started out with TV shopping on QVC and I think I’ll stick with them. Terry Lewis was classy and timeless. I like being in style, but a lot of HSN’s merchandise is way too trendy for me. Not a fan of half their stuff. I too am tired of Diane Gillman and Joy Mangano, and am I the only one that thinks that Adrienne looks weird?! Terry, please come to QVC, or somewhere else!

  44. Diana Says:

    P.S. Those hangers that Joy Mangano sells on HSN can be bought for less (and no outrageous shipping and handling) at Costco.

  45. Barbra Says Says:

    Hi Diana, those hangers are even cheaper at Marshall’s than at Costco.

  46. Former HSN Fashion Designer Terry Lewis’s Fans Are Clamoring To Find Her Clothes « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss Says:

    […] blog about her joining the parade of vendors leaving HSN has more than 50 comments on it from her […]

  47. Mary Says:

    Every week I email HSN asking when will she be on air, now, I know she will never be on air.

    This is awful! I love her beautiful coats- I hope she finds a better place and I will not be purchasing from HSN any more.

  48. Judie Steinmacher Says:

    I am appalled and very distressed that they let Terry Lewis go. What in the world were they thinking. She is the only vendor I bought clothes from, and they were beautiful and well made. Now your quality is horrible, and no one represents a classic clothing line. I loved Terri’s clothes. I want her back, and will not shop with you anymore, until she
    reappears. Your new vendors are no good. And, I followed Suzanne to
    ShopNBC already. Remember where you came from. And the vendors
    that helped you get there.

  49. Sonja Says:

    I can not believe Terry Lewis is gone from HSN. I have been looking and looking for her.

  50. meatbun Says:

    It is now November and I was wondering where in the world will Terry Lewis will be showing her fall/winter coats. Then it dawned on me that HSN gave her the boot. I kept seeing HSN peddle Curations and that woman whose voice makes me want to go into rehab. Her line is a rip-off of Terry’s faux fur line and sweaters. It seems HSN is really trying hard to beat QVC or be the tv version of Neiman Marcus.

  51. Esmerelda Says:

    Shame on hsn for letting Terry Lewis go……………..but I did find some of her wonderful pieces on Ebay and at even more affordable prices. ) Hope this helps:)

  52. velma Says:

    I am sorry to find that Terry Lewis is no longer with HSN. Her clothing very stylish, good quality and most important reasonably price> What a shame to bring in some other designers, whose clothing is very CHEAP LOOKING and OVER PRICED..BRING TERRY LEWIS BACK asap……..,

  53. CCbeach Says:

    I am admittedly late to this remorseful party as I had been wondering where is TL and then decided today to Google and found this wonderful chain of tributes and outrage. I too am a long time fan and buyer of TL fashions. I call them my ‘special feeling’ clothes as that is what they make me feel when I wear them. Classic and stylish beyond any others. The coats and suits are incomparable. However for me, the first pair of jeans that ever fit me ( am petite and thin) were Terry’s. I am amazed that HSN customers buy, yet alone wear, DG jeans…. sent every pair back. Absolutely no comparison in the material of Terry’s. Love your comments Meatbun… who are they kidding Curations is the cheapest, most over-priced, offensively-voiced brand I have layed eyes on. My fashon buying days from HSN are over!!!!! I send my prayers and wishes to Terry for her happiness and hoped-for return to designing for her throng of fans especially me.

  54. Linda Says:

    I’ve been looking on HSN in hopes to find Terry Lewis!!! After not seeing her especially during the fall fashion shows I decided to e-mail HSN and find out what happened to her. They still haven’t answered me!!! I really miss her beautiful, warm and affordable coats, jackets, skirts, sweaters, gloves, shirts,etc., etc., etc., I can go on and on!!! SHAME ON HSN!!!!!!!

  55. Dell S. Says:

    Without the Terry Lewis fashions, HSN is just another home shopping network. P-l-e-a-s-e bring her back HSN!!!

  56. catherine c. Says:

    I cannot believe HSN just left us hanging like this. Terry Lewis was the classiest line to ever happen to HSN. I will be searching for Terry’s line every chance that I get. I have many of her pieces and love them all. HSN will pay dearly for this mistake. Much love Terry Lewis and much success.

  57. meatbun66 Says:

    @CCbeach: There is nothing on HSN that I would spend my hard working money on these days. If they claim their clothing and accessories are to par with the big shopping retailers like Neimans, Saks, Nordies, I’d rather spend my money there. I’m sorry but Badgley Mischka’s stuff on HSN is a rip-off of Burberry and Marc Jacobs. Don’t be surprised if Joy Mangano comes on air and says “I invented a new form of leather! Here are my leather coat. It won’t slip off your shoulders!” BLECH!!!

  58. anne broughton Says:

    i have shopped with hsn for 25 or more yrs. i have been through with them for quite some time, but i still bought terri”s leathers. i have a closet full of her classic clothes. i bought the new line she brought in a few years back and loved it. it was expensive but not for the quality and care and beauty. i feel sick over this. i was waiting too buy leather for christmas. terri if you read this blog let us all know where we can find you. your clothes are outstanding. hsn i have been buying m asam from you but will find it at ebay. you better listen too your older customers and get rid of that bunch of designers that bring in such ugly cheesy clothes.

  59. Linda Leal Says:

    Sorry to hear that she is gone. Watch out Diane Gilman you could be next.

  60. Fay Duncan Says:

    Yes HSN no more Terry Lewis Classic collections. You forgot the days when she was your top show host back in the days when many people did not purchase clothing online. I guess you claim herfashions are not classy enough for HSN. Not many people out their can wear tights and jeans, Terry I suggest you go to QVC or NBC Home shopping we will be waiting for you “LADY’

  61. Linda Clerk Says:

    I am shocked that HSN let Terry Lewis go. Was it because she is a success black designer? That is something to think about.

    I will not be purchasing any leather coats, dresses,suits, pants from anyone else at HSN. Terry was the classic example of fine taste in leather items and her size 14 and 16’s always fit. There was no guessing with her style and sizes. I have also been looking for her and I would appreciate knowing where she has relocated.
    I too suggest that you go to QVC or any other site and I will be there.

  62. NonaPk Says:

    I too am late to this “Terry We Miss You” party. I haven’t watched for a while but figured I would tune in just in enough time to catch Terry’s new fall line. I have so many of her things that I can’t even count. was very angry to see that she is no longer on HSN. They have so much crap on there now, that Terry was the only thing keeping me hanging on. Now they have lost me completely not only as a viewer but if they don’t bring her back, they will lose me as a credit customer. WRONG MOVE HSN!

  63. Judie Steinmacher Says:

    I saw someone said Joy Mangano’s hangers were at Costco. I can one up your on that, they are also in the dollor store where I live. 4 for $1.00.

    Just a heads up.

  64. Alheri Says:

    I discovered TL last year and loved her fashions so much I bought over ten pieces. I am sorry to hear she is no longer with HSN and can’t wait for her to re-surface in the market.

  65. srcost Says:

    I am sick about Terry Lewis leaving HSN. Her clothing was outstanding and very reasonable. I agree that their other clothing lines are cheap and the quality is definitely lacking. Curations is a joke. I too am sick of Diane Gilman and Joy Mangano. I have to turn it off when Joy is on, she makes me sick with those waving hands. If you tied her hands behind her back, she couldn’t talk or sell a thing. She is so dramatic and someone needs to cut those fingernails, they look ridiculous. I am beginning to hate HSN as well. QVC has them beat by miles.

  66. goody2shoes Says:

    I have also contacted them about some of their “old” good vendors and I did get a response to the effect that they had just been making changes. This is the response I received. I can understand your concern in seeing Toni Brattin, Terry Lewis, and Story Book knits products being available in the future. I would like to provide you with the following information.

    I’m sorry, but these brands are no longer being carried by HSN at this time. I do not have any information regarding if or when they may return, however, there are thousands of brands available at HSN, and I recommend that you visit to find a new brand that will meet your needs.

    I told them I didn’t like their new vendors! I have been doing very little shopping on HSN and have been using QVC

  67. Deborah Bates Says:

    I too am a loyal Terry Lewis customer. I own at least 15 coats leather/seude, jackets by T.L. I am also size 1x. My 33 yr old daughter sz small hes 7or more leather coats I have purchased for her. I phoned HSN to inquire as to T.L whereabouts to no avail. i am anxious for her to surface..

  68. zoeposh Says:

    hsn is a big loser this time,I was also waiting for her next collection

  69. regina Says:

    I just found out today that tl is gone. hsn should be ashamed of themselves and are getting to high on their horses. they need to come back down before god knocks them down. have you noticed a lot of their former hosts have gone to other networks? including british hill and the married couple? that should tell us something!

  70. Says:


    You have just lost a avid customer, if Terry goes to another home shopping chanel, I will go there as well, I was looking forward to doing some holiday shopping, I have several of her pieces, and none of the new designers you have can match her quality, and style.

  71. vikki Says:

    got to thinking like everyone else and wondered where terri lewis leathers were. very disappointed with hsn for letting her go. it’s as simple as that. HSN BRING TERRI LEWIS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Klm Says:

    Just my opinion here–I think Suzanne shopped a channel that would let her sell her vitamins. Since HSN has A Lessman, they couldn’t contract with her for vitamins too so she went with ShopNBC where she could sell them. Paul is on ShopNBC so he can do the Jay King thing and travel and talk about jewelry. I suspect he’s quite happy about this turn of events since he and Judy love to travel and he knows so much about jewelry. I think the shopping channels “poach” vendors and hosts if they can as well. Not to mention that if you have TV shopping channel host on your resume and you lose your job, there aren’t that many venues where you can land. Terry Lewis, while I’m sad to see her gone from HSN, may be under some gag order (AKA non compete clause) and she can’t say right now what she’s doing or where she’s going. The nature of the broadcast retail beast(s).

  73. meatbun66 Says:

    I am still waiting for Joy Mangano to launch her clothing/leather line called “Mangaleather”. I can see her now saying in her very thick accent “It won’t scratch, it won’t slip off your shoulders, it won’t EVAHH peal and it’s the NUMBAH ONE sella”. Sorry folks….I’m just being sarcastic here, but you KNOW it’s coming. I just have this gut feeling!

    @Kim: Yeah, you are right about host signing a “non-compete” agreement if they are terminated from their job.

  74. Roberta Brown Says:

    I am terribly disappointed to hear that Terry Lewis is no longer on HSN. Terry is the best designer HSN has ever had. Her classic designs are timeless. I own several of her pieces and they all look just as good now as the day I purchased them. Terry Lewis is the reason I became a HSN shopper. HSN and Mindy Grossman have made a terrible mistake and seem to forget that Terry Lewis is the one who helped put their company on the map. I am sure Terry has helped them to make millions and millions of dollars. I will not purchase any of the new designers’ clothing because they are not appealing and will probably purchase little of anything else. I would love to see QVC pick up where HSN left off. I am sending an email to QVC to see if this venture is possible.

  75. Marilyn Says:

    I just now thought about Terry Lewis and checked on HSN to see her New Fall Fashions!!! I am totally surprised to see that she is no longer with hsn and not even in their system anymore. I love tl fashions, as I have at least 50 of her items as well.. I’m a 25 year lonngg time HSN customer and I am dissappointed with them right now.. I loved tl boldness with her Style and Colors.. Where ever she is, I will also go there and shop her fashions! God Bless you Ms Terry!

  76. Leah Says:

    I am in my 40’s, strarting shopping on HSN in 96, after my 2nd child was born, I gained weight wearing a size 16 plus at 5.9…depressing, not big enuff for lane bryant, but considered it, then I discovered HSN, all sizes, cute stuff too, I felt better about myself, bought 8 inch cute bracelets, verses the 6.5 sold in department stores, I was hooked, after I felt more confident Suzanne Somers came on, I didnt get it, or her at first, but really enjoyed her & Collen together, I looked so forward to her shows, and finally understood what SS was talking about, I am a size 7 thanks to understanding food mixing, I love Terry Lewis…who could afford leather & suede? I never could, her gloves, hats, suede & leather pants, cutest jackets….Jackie O all the way…
    I posted a statement on the HSN blog and was removed re Mindy Grossman,,,she can get whoever she wants too, however, the recent venue is crapola…china made…even have their homley Collen Lopez designing her own line, and CL recentley brought her look alike son on board with HSN….really HSN…Really…it sucks, too bad, use to be nice…I found Terry Lewis on Facebook she is now on the Designer Goods Network on cable 8-11 pm…Dish network, Direct TV & online..hope you find her.

  77. RITA COLSTON Says:

    hello terry, i have so many of your leather pants and matching blazers., can you tell me how i can buy more of your items. i love when when you had your line of colorful leather pants and the blazer to match. i am looking for any colors you may have.

  78. ruby love Says:

    I too have a lot of Mrs Terry Lewis Classic Fashions, dresses, suits,pants, sweathers and coats. She had the best leathers and suedes on HSN. There is another vendor I loved her fashions Ivana Trump, I have some of her suits. What is wrong with HSN, they are letting the best of the best go…I hope Terry is reading these comments and will let us know where she and what she is doing..I will buy your fashions Terry and Ivana.

  79. Rjoy Says:

    After reading all the comments from customers, I find that the majourity have spoken in favour of Ms. Lewis, and that says alot for the buisness. HSN, always remember the golden rul; “do on to others.” I feel so special wearing Ms. Lewis’s coats and boots. I miss getting new stuff from her.

  80. MR. BARNES Says:

    I have purchased my wife many pieces from the T. Lewis line.
    I am so sad to find that she is no longer on hsn. There has to be
    another way that we can buy from her line. Terry Please come back!!!

  81. Barbara A G Says:

    12/24/2010 – I checked the hsn website today for a hat to match a Terry Lewis coat previously purchased. I was shocked to find nothing available & Terry Lewis no where to be found on the Brand list. I did a web search & found this website. I am saddened & very dissatisfied with hsn & will let them know frequently. I too am a 61 yr old long time hsn customer who is patiently waiting for Terry Lewis to resurface with a BIG BANG. This is a BIG LOSS for hsn. Terry Lewis is a Precious Jewel, a Lady with style & a Line of Couture Items that will not take a back seat to anyone. Please let me know when you hear where she is sharing her Lovely Items. Our monies are ready now. GOD BLESS YOU TERRY!!!!!!! NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER

  82. lola bateman Says:

    Terry, I am truly sorry and traumatized by your departure. Where can we still buy your stuff. I have at least 50 of your pieces, was looking for something new from you. Where? Why? and When?

  83. jacqueline williams Says:

    I too as so many others have been looking for terry lewis’ fashions.
    I am so disappointed that hsn have discontinued her line. I love her
    fashions. They are so well made and affordable. I love receiving
    compliments when I wear her line. I will continue to look for her line
    on line.

    love your stuff Terry

    jacqueline williams

  84. Pat Parker Says:

    HSN will know what a mistake they made when another shopping network picks her up…..

  85. Maxine Thomas Says:

    I am looking for her on another network specifically QVC. She will add more class to a classy network with Lisa Robertson. Her clothes were well made and classy. Very fashionable. Sorry to say, I like Serena Williams as a tennis player but her designs are cheap looking.

  86. CINDY GOWING Says:

    How could they get rid of her. She was entertaining as well as brought great coats, I own about 12. I have been looking for her. SHAME ON HSN.

  87. kay brown Says:

    does anyone know what terry lewis is doing now? i really miss her style and quality.

  88. Veronica Huskins Says:

    HSN you have messed up by letting Terry Lewis go, and Miss Tina…..Terry had a great clothing line, and I’m sure we will see her clothes elsewhere.

  89. Alfred Passero Says:

    If only lots more people would write blogs like this that happen to be really fun to read. With all the current fluff going swimming over the internet, it is rare you just read a blog like yours instead.

  90. Karen Says:

    Like most everyone here I love Terry Lewis & her clothing line. I am desperately searching for her jeans. I have a couple prs. & wear them sparingly because I know they cannot be replaced. The fit so well, especially for someone of my short stature. Please Terry let us know where u are & if we can expect anything from you in the future and HSN shame on you for abandoning your customers!

  91. Debria Harris Says:

    I have been looking for Terry for awhile now and have been meaning to google her to see what happen, I have shopped with HSN for about 18 or more years, and I know HSN was makeing a change when all of the old host began to disappear. Terry where are you and what are you doing? I have plenty of your leathers and they dont go out of style, hope to see you on another network or in stores. Give us more.

  92. gl barron Says:

    hsn maybe should maybe rid themselves mindy grossman in that a the loss of terry lewis is a poor decision .

  93. Karen Says:

    I recently “friended” Terry Lewis on Facebook. I got a message from her today, saying to go to her fan page on FB & “like” it & that way I would receive information on her upcoming projects. I am taking this as a good sign that sometime soon we will be seeing Terry Lewis again! HOORAY!!!!

  94. bonnie Says:

    Hi has anyone received any good news about terry ? is their a new project on the way ? just want to stay on top of good new if possible. please someone give me an update if possible.

  95. mae harvey Says:


  96. Jeraldine Cottrell Says:

    I love Terry Lewis Classic Collection clothes. All of my clothes are from Terry Lewis. I wondered what had happen to her clothes collection on HSN, so I e-mailed them and found out she wont’t be back on. Terry is my favorite designer. I’ve ordered some of the other designer stuff, but returned them. They can’t touch Tery’s designs. I’d like to know what network she is sell her clothes on. I love her designs and the quality workmanship of her clothes. I wear a size 14P, and she always had nice clothes in my size that fit. I’m done with HSN too!!!





  98. Renee' Says:

    I may have begun shopping with HSN before any of you; when you had to pick up your orders at a nearby distribution center and you had to purchase the item while it was on air. I’ve seen many vendors come and go and I have written to HSN regarding my concern for what seems to be a lack of loyalty to their customers’ preferences. I’ve suggested they notify clients with a history of purchases from certain vendors when those vendors will no longer be available on their network as well provide contact information so we can continue to purchase from those vendors. I realize in business negotiations, contracts end and non disclosure agreements as well as non operating agreements are often a part of those contracts, but it seems HSN does not understand the potential financialk impact of many of their decisions. I also have considered, Terry’s preference may have been to grow beyond HSN, so I fully expect her to resurface.

    I too have discovered many of the vendors previously on HSN on Shop NBC and many of the hosts on various networks, but it is disappointing and disheartening that HSN seems not to value customer opinions and preferences. I rarely watch their channel and only purchase the few items still carried by them that I have grown to love (Victoria Weick, Perlier &b Marliyn Miglin online); no clothing, no shoes and no jewelry!!!!

    • Evelyne Says:

      I took out my long off white suede winter coat with the gorgeous faux fur lining and said to my husband no one makes coats llike Terry Lewis! I proceeded to look for her on HSN to my surprise she was gone! I looked for her on Google & found all of you! Sisters of fashion, good taste & know quality that is what we all shared & loved about Terry Lewis! I too hope QVC bring her back so we can all say to HSN “told you so” Love & miss you Terry! Hope to see you soon. Evelyne, Sarah & our entire family that has 100’s of your suede & leather pants, coats, jackets, skirts & gloves! Missing you in New York! No new winter coat but still have 5 older ones purchased from Terry that still look new & I still get compliments on how unique & beautiful they look & feel! Thanks again Terry ….Come back to all of us!

      • Debria Says:

        I also have many of Terry Lewis and Maggie Sweet clothes, they have been gone for quite awhile and I have often wondered why Terry did not go out on her own maybe HSN owned this name? anyway I would love to see her on OVC under her name or a new one, I wonder if she is still married?

  99. Kristina D, MD Says:

    I have known for some time now that Terry Lewis is gone from hsn. I just didn’t know where to communicate with other people about it until now. I am seriously disappointed that I won’t be able to buy more of her beautiful and affordable classic leather clothing. I wish I had known that she was leaving. I would have bought plenty.

    I am appalled at the business sense and lack of concern for customers that this decision represents. I find the other fashions on hsn to be cheap and tawdry and have not bought any since Ms. Lewis left.

    Parenthetically, I also bought many wigs from the beauty section made by someone whose name I cannot recall. Not only is she gone, but the entire category is gone. I routinely bought several a year. No more.

    And, the other designer that I routinely bought from is Rhonda Shear. I loved her underpants because they are the only thing that I found that did not cause a panty line. However, I have not been able to update my substantial collection in ages because they never have any available unless you are very small or very large. I noticed now that the same is true, except there are now some available, but they cost three times what the exact same product sells for in the smaller or larger sizes. They were advertising three pair for the usual price, but only sending one pair. That naturally made people mad, so they are now selling one pair for the usual price for three pair. Unless, of course, you are size XS, 2X or 3X. Then you can get them for the usual price.

    Tawdry practices. I am done with hsn.

  100. Kristine Says:

    HSN needs to revaluate what the customer desires in a very shaky economy. Terry Lewis ALWYAS provided consistency in quality, tailoring and classic cuts in well priced but fashinable garments. I, for one, do not follow the most current trends, rather, I know what my style is, “simple and understated classic elegance” not designer names with overpriced items. A fall season is not anticipated without Terry’s leathers and suedes. Also, I am still missing the big shirts from Maggie Sweet (Daniel Kiviat) and although he has sporadically appeared on Shop NBC, the variety of his product line has significantly diminished.

  101. B Stennett Says:

    I have been a fan of Terry Lewis for a long time. From her beautiful faux furs to those to-die-for leather jackets,skirts, and pants. I rarely purchase from HSN now and it is a shame that the decision making folks don’t listen to their customers. WHERE ARE YOU TERRY, I MISS YOU!

  102. ARMEASIE Says:

    I have two trench coats from TL, which are of long length and can be worn on any occasion. day to evening, and my outfits are covered. I do not have to worry about a gown or a dress showing below the coat. I have had them for years and it was the best wardrobe investment. I MISS YOU TERRY!

  103. bobbie simeon Says:

    I also join the many who still miss Terry Lewis. I bought so many of her clothes over the years. She was the best vendor, along with the “old Randolph Duke line” (his new line is cheap). HSN has brought in a number of new lines, but boring — too expensive and cheaper items. I do not purchase as many clothes as I use to because the selection is poor. QVC has a better line with Louis D. I even notice the D. Gilman’s line is cheaper. I purchased 3 of her jackets, not cheap either, and they started to shred on me. I finallhy gave all three to Salvation Army. Not to mention a number of their lines. It’s too bad. I always enjoyed waiting to see Terry’s shows.

  104. P.L. Kalbac Says:

    I just called HSN about a week ago asking about Terry Lewis’s fashions. Customer Service said she never heard of her. How rude! Why not just say she’s no longer with the network? I, too loved her clothes. Better quality than almost any I see now. Too bad we can’t send all these comments to Ms. Grossman!
    PLK, Ohio

  105. Matti Says:

    HSN…bring back Terri Lewis!

    Your customers are not happy with this decision. You shouldn’t be.

    Do the right thing….and bring Terri back before she surfaces elsewhere (and she will) and all her loyal customers will follow her….

  106. JM Says:

    I love Terri’s coats and have several. I wore one to the christmas show in Manhattan, NYC and got so many compliments. And the style is unique. The quality is great. I have own my collect since 2006, 2007. But have not been able to find anything more except a few clearence items. I hope Terri sees these reviews and get a new contract with QVC or ShopNBC or stores like Khols, Macys, JCPenny, even SEARS. We will follow!!! Best of all. jm

  107. Randall Ross Says:

    Dear HSN,

    I am so sorry you’ve the the error of letting terry go! What were you thinking. I am sure she bought a lot of money to the company because i purchased her merchandise all the time and never returned a darn thing!! I have her red and black ruffle winter coats, purchased in 2007 and to this day, i still get great compliments and i turn heads. If she was let go on something personal, let that go! bring back the designer because she cared about us, the customer. The name brand designers you have now SUCKS BIG TIME!!! They’re all about the dollar and not about the customer. Hopefully one day, the CEO will come to her senses and bring her back. I don’t purchase items like i use to nor do i watch the channel. some of the so call ‘celeb designers on now are so arrogrant, i can’t see myself give them a penny of my hard earn dollars. im sorry to see her go and you shouould be ashame of youselves. Send out a press release all over the country when she returns and watch your profits and bottom line (dollar wise) go back up!

  108. L Says:

    I have not purchased a lot of Terry Lewis, but what I have purchased is perfectly and well made. She has total class when it comes to clothing lines and pricing. I just noticed that MINDY is back and now I am catching up online on what’s going on.

    SOMETIMES companies go somewhere else simply because they are offered more money, and we don’t always know that. Terry Lewis is an awesome designer/manufactuer, and I would hope that HSN lost her because she chose to leave, not that she was forced to. When the facts are known, this may effect my future relationship with HSN.

  109. dbk Says:

    I cannot believe that Terry Lewis is gone from HSN, she is one of the reasons I still watched the show. I mean her & Suzanne Sommers kept me in stitches and they had quality merchandise. My mom has a closet full of her leather outfits and some of her faux fur coats. Nobody could tell that the coats were not real fur; because the look so real.

    I see that Patti Labelle is not there anymore either; I wonder if Anthony is still there. I haven’t watched the show since I can no longer get cable; it got too expensive for me.

    Wow, when Daniel Kiviat left I was hearbroken; and I haven’t seen any Maggie Sweet on the website either.

    Sees like HSN has gone the way of most things these days; no quality; but plenty of cheapness and trends.

    So sad in Chicago.

  110. Open Her Box- Pandora's Box Review Says:

    Open Her Box- Pandora’s Box Review…

    […]Is Terry Lewis The Latest Vendor Banished By HSN CEO Mindy Grossman? « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss[…]…

  111. suzanne donnellan Says:

    10-26-2011 I too have a closet full of Terry Lewis & Maggie Sweet clothes. I purchase very little these days from HSN. The quality has gone down and the prices have gone up. Terry Lewis is a class act.

  112. jane Says:

    WTF?!I It is cold now and I went straight to HSN looking for Terry Lewis’ Classic Luxuries. I buy items from her line EVERY winter since 2004. I am highly upset! That line was a staple and reliable fashions with excellent quality and style. Terry, if you are reading this, you have hundreds of thousands of loyal followers who want your clothes. Dumb move HSN.

  113. Mary Richardson Says:

    I too like many others miss Terry Lewis Classic Luxuries Line. Over the years I have purchased several leather and faux fur coats. I love the quality, style, price and longevity of the items purchased from her collection. Ms. Lewis is a CLASS ACT with great taste and style. I hope we all will soon be able to find and purchase her items again.

  114. Diane Ash Says:

    Hi, I too miss Terry Lewis, and Jamie from Storybook knits and have seen a lot of the former HSN vendors go to SHOPNBC with great success lets hope Terry and Jamie can go there someday soon. Over time Ive noticed a lot of former HSN and QVC vendors and Hosts jump to Shopnbc all good quality folks with excellent products. Check them out. HSN really is a has been channel. QVC still has some quality so maybe Terry will end up there.

  115. Francine Jones Says:

    Ilove Terry Lewis leather jackets i brought an pearl orange jacket and still get compliments when a wear it and its a few years old. Any body know how i can order more jackets from Terry please send a reply

  116. cora Says:

    sorry ms grossman has the power to tell americaa what they should wear and mostly what they most buy we have been devoted followers of both ms summers and lewis they gave us products that we could afford most of the items now are not

  117. Queen Says:

    I was watching HSN this morning and the crap that Badgley Mischka sold is horrible. I guess they thinking we should buy it simply because their name is on it. I have a few Terry Lewis items, and there were times when I could not afford to purchase anything, but I still enjoy looking until the time was right.

    I promise you every time Badgley Mischka or Serena is on I would turn the channel, because I know exact what kind of crap they’re trying to pedal.

  118. Gemma Figaro Says:

    I too was very disappointed when Terry Lewis didn’t appear in the fall 2010 lineup. I am surprised that HSN would make the decision to let go of such a popular brand that had so many attributes …attractive, classy, classic, and affordable. The Curations brand is extremely overpriced, as are many of the other designers’ brands, and we are inundated with skinny jeans. Since they discontinued Classic Luxuries, there has been nothing like it…on any channel. Terry Lewis outfitted the whole woman…coats, jackets, pants, suits, gloves, shoes…with impeccable quality.

    HSN lost a niche market in letting Terry go. When they let her go, they did the same to thousands of loyal customers.


  119. Chantal phanor Says:

    I purchased my first Terry Lewis item in 2002. I still receive compliments when I wear the leather coats. Her sweaters, leather coats and accessories are timeless. P

  120. Pat Tolbert Says:

    I think HSN tried to give Andrew Lessman the boot too, but the customers made them rethink this. Have you noticed that he is never in the picture with Colleen?

    If enough people complain, they’ll bring Terry back too.

  121. Connie C Says:

    I too am a fan of Terry Lewis. I’m starting to wing off of HSN, there are too many celebrities selling too expensive stuff. Terry’s items were reasonable. If I find her I will repost her page.

  122. cora Says:


  123. Stephanie Says:

    QVC should contact Terry :Lewis and get her to design for them I miss her incredible clothing.

  124. cora gero Says:

    This would be a great move for QVC as terri is a house hold name We all still mis her and seeing her back on the tv No words could still our joy

  125. B. Reid Says:

    I really miss Terry Lewis fashions. By this time of the year I would have already purchased my fall/winter wardrobe. Luckily I still have many coats, jackets, and sweaters from before Terry Lewis was let go by HSN. I take really good care of my clothes and still get many compliments on the timeless fashions. I learned recently that Pamela McCoy is leaving ShopNBC. I’m hoping that they will pick up Terry’s fashion line.

  126. vf Says:

    This is almost the end of 2012, and I still miss Terri Lewis from HSN!
    Does anyone know if she is still designing?

  127. cora gero Says:

    what and where is ms lewis now we would go ther

  128. Gracious Says:

    Please find Terri Lewis from HSN. We all miss her.

  129. Fay Says:

    One day it dawned on me thatTerry Lewis was not on hsn. Crazy, because her line was so much better than anything on now. I can’t buy fashion from hsn anymore. Too expensive and looks cheap. Even flex pay doesn’t help.Qvc has better fashions. There is no line anywhere like Terry’s. hsn ,bring her back.

  130. PATHOSEY Says:

    I miss Terry Lewis clothing this is the end of 2012 still no Terry Lewis I can not find good quality leather.. Everything now faux leather just mess out there your melt in the sun. I wore Terry leather suede boots to church everyone said they HOT were did I get from Sadly to say she not around any more MRS. TERRY WHERE ARE YOU…..LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU

  131. Veronica J, Says:

    Kaye says:

    Ok, I know HSN has got to be payng attention to our comments. We want Terry Lewis back and soon! I was also a purchaser of Terry Lewis’ line. She is the best. Classy. I felt good in what I purchased. They fit well and the quality was good. HSN, bring Terry Lewis back! We are waiting for her!

    • cora gero Says:

      terrydesigned for the masses not the group that MS Mindy follows She is bring the down fall of HSN I have been a HSN since 1984

  132. CeCe Kellam Says:

    CeCe — Yes, I agree with all the other Terry Lewis fans!!! I purchased several fashionable items by Terry Lewis, and I ho[pe she shows up again on HSN or QVC, as I miss her smart fashions.

  133. Shannon Fitzgibbons Says:

    Please Please bring Terry Lewis back. I love her coats and jackets, but most of all miss her jeans!!!!!

  134. Janet Says:

    Terri Lewis where are you? Miss your cutting edge leather designs.

  135. Cheryl Says:

    My mom put on my Terry Lewis sheet and I had to tell her to put them on only occasionally because those sheets are so pretty and the best sheets I have. I have her jackets, boots, pants and about 5 of her sheet set. I love Terry Lewis. I hope to see her on QVC or ShopNBC.

  136. Jess Says:

    They still have this cheap, ugly Denim & Co line on the network. Terry Lewis is a quality, progressive, well-designed and well-made garment.

  137. Vette Harris Says:

    Terri I was hoping by now you would be on QVC or ShopNBC. Where are you? I miss your fashions!!!! COME BACK 😦
    Do you have a facebook page to keep up with you?

  138. Paula Blue Says:

    I don’t shop HSN anymore. I bought Terry Lewis garments for years. I was shocked to find her line gone. Anyone find her yet?

  139. Felicia Says:

    I too love Terry Lewis her leathers were awesome, I own at least ten pieces.

  140. Linda Tippel Says:

    Don’t bother watching HSN anymore since many of my favorites are no longer there.

  141. Mary Says:

    Yes, I miss Terry Lewis also. Loved her coats! Good quality and Great prices. I Also see Hot in Hollywood is now on QVC.

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