Who Does She Think She Is, Jay King? Harry Winston Alum Carol Brodie Rocks New Crown Spring Turquoise Jewelry On HSN

Carol BrodieCarol Brodie, formerly of high-end gem house Harry Winston, is now doing a fine jewelry line called Rarities for HSN.

The sophisticated and chatty blonde usually uses gemstones and diamonds in her pieces.

But Saturday turquoise lovers were in for a treat when Brodie presented rings, pendants and earrings made out of a special new find — Crown Spring turquoise.

This is something we would expect from HSN rock god Jay King, not Manhattanite Brodie. She said she had purchased all the rough for this new turquoise, which came out of the Kingman Mine in northwest Arizona.

“No one has this turquoise but us,” she told HSN viewers. “It is the biggesr rarity I have…I have bought out the mine.”

We’ve been to Arizona dozens of times, and have seen thousands of pieces of turquoise jewelry, but we have never seen anything like this Crown Spring turquoise. It was not robin’s egg blue, like some turquoise, or neon bright like Sleeping Beauty turquoise, which comes from the mine of the same name in Globe, Ariz. (where we have been).


The Crown Spring turquoise was mottled, patterned, with bronze-colored matrix.

“This turquoise has nature’s fingerprint all over it,” said Brodie, who wore shiny black leggings.

It reminded us of a blue version of Carico Lake turquoise, which is a bright sage green, with matrix. It’s mined in Nevada.

Brodie’s unique Crown Spring turquoise didn’t come cheap.

The pieces, set in gold, ranged in price from $300 to $1,240 for one ring, which sold out at that high price.

That ring not only had the Crown Spring turquoise but white and brown diamonds, and yellow, green, orange and blue sapphires.

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4 Responses to “Who Does She Think She Is, Jay King? Harry Winston Alum Carol Brodie Rocks New Crown Spring Turquoise Jewelry On HSN”

  1. H Miles Says:

    I would like to know if the CROWN SPRING TURQUOISE is natural or stabilized. Also is a certificate of authenticity given with purchase?
    I am familiar with the Kingman mines and most stones sold for jewelry are stabilized and also most are made in China. IS this made in USA and is it

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      Most turquoise is stabilized. It stops the stone from changing color as you wear it and it picks up your body oils, etc. That does not mean it is not natural turquoise, it’s just a treatment so this naturally soft and absorbant stone retains its original color.

      Also, Brodie said that flat out that this Crown Spring turquoise came from the Kingman Mine, which is in Kingman, Ariz. That means it is from the U.S., not China.

  2. Cathy Olszewski-Harris Says:

    Plz don’t write anything negative abt Carol Brodie. You called her chatty, I call Carol so full of information about her jewelry. Women call in all the time thanking her for her stories. Carol never professed to be Jay King, ever. She is so GENIOUS as an empowering business woman. She has had one hell of an education from working at Harry Winston & DeBeers. However her RARITIES collection is all of her hard work. I have cancer (terminal) by the way. Carol has personally called me. She cares abt people. Carol has a heart of GOLD. She has done her share of hard work and giving back to the community. I LOVE CAROL, so please don’t write anything negative abt her. You are hurting several people for the sake of your ratings.
    I hope you read this.
    Cathy F. Harris

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