Jewelry Designer Carol Brodie Gives Us The Real ‘Poop’ On Elephants During Her HSN Visit

628670Well, we walked into the room in the middle of Carol Brodie’s three-hour show on HSN Saturday, and this is what we heard.

“I went on a safari for my birthday and all I saw was elephant poop with the hot smoke coming out of it,” blonde Brodie told host Connie Craig-Carroll.

What the heck! We had to watch the video later on HSN’s Web site to figure out what Brodie was talking about.

Brodie made her elephant remarks while describing a $170 “tusk” pendant that is part of her jewelry line. It’s crafted from frosted white topaz, white diamonds and African white sapphires.

Brodie, a veteran of Harry Winston, said she had gone to South Africa and seen marvelous wildlife like zebras, but no elephants. As the safari rode along, Brodie — obviously a city girl — said they passed big mounds with smoke coming out of them.

She was still asking where the elephants were when the safari guide got out of their truck and took a whiff of one of those mounds. Surprise, surprise — it was elephant dung, which was supposed to be leading Brodie and her crew to the behemoths.

Hence Brodie’s “all-I-saw-was-elephant-poop” remark about her birthday adventure.

We figure that will be the one and only time anyone will hear the words “elephant poop” uttered on HSN.

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3 Responses to “Jewelry Designer Carol Brodie Gives Us The Real ‘Poop’ On Elephants During Her HSN Visit”

  1. Upscale Jewelry Designer Carol Brodie Sourced Jennifer Lopez’s Pink Diamond For Ben Affleck, And Mentioned Our Blog On HSN « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss Says:

    […] then made mention of a blog we did about one of her appearances a few months back. She was talking about a tusk pendant on that […]

  2. well known watches Says:

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    Jewelry Designer Carol Brodie Gives Us The Real ‘Poop’ On Elephants During Her HSN Visit « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss…

  3. Queen Celeste Says:

    You know, I think Suzanne Somers may have mentioned something like that when she was on HSN years ago. She spoke a lot about an elephant she performed with (she had top billing) in Las Vegas, and about giving the elephant in vodka to drink. As an elephant lover, that upset me. She also mentioned wanting to find out what happened to elephant to maybe help it, but she never did, and, as usually happens with performing elephants, it didn’t have a happy ending. I’d hoped with her resources she could have had it placed in a sanctuary. Oh, well. I also still haven’t gotten over her not adopting a cat because “it wasn’t cute enough.”

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