Designer Isaac Mizrahi’s Pebble-Leather Purse For QVC Would Look Great On Our Shoulder

We weren’t thrilled with the sneak peek we got of designer Isaac Mizrahi’s new jewelry for QVC, but the accessories and handbag part of his line looks promising.

Once again, QVC forum poster GODFREaKO has unearthed some Mizrahi-related news. In her latest, she posted a link to a Mizrahi purse with accessories that will be a Today’s Special Value.
It’s a drawstring purse made of pebble leather, in a wide array of colors, including bright pink, chili red and cactus.

The $200 pricetag is made easier to swallow with five $40 Easy Pays.

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2 Responses to “Designer Isaac Mizrahi’s Pebble-Leather Purse For QVC Would Look Great On Our Shoulder”

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