Kirk’s Folly’s Magical Return, Sans QVC

Kirk’s Folly is making a comeback.

The whimsical line of jewelry and accessories, marked by fairies and their glittery dust and fantasy, had been a staple on QVC for quite awhile. Then the company abruptly closed up shop a few years ago.

But according to its Facebook page, sisters Helen and Jenniefer are back at it again.

“We have just finished another series of videos to show you our newest collections on Facebook (the first of this six-part series can be seen at,” Jenniefer posted.

“Now you must forgive the glitches in sound and lighting – we will get it right eventually – just be patient and have a chuckle! We plan to bring you these every Monday and Wednesday in August.”

“As you can see, Helen and I are back designing and manufacturing Kirks Folly once again,” she wrote. “We are so happy to hear from you all on Facebook – we are working very hard on all your requests. The collections you will see in this series of videos are the best of our Dream Stones – Divine Colors with Limited Quantities.”

They aren’t selling their wares on QVC, however.

“All of these designs can be purchased on Amazon or eBay from our two largest Authorized Resellers – Chuck and Maureen at ‘Small but Sincere Gifts’ and Alice at ‘Girly Goods,'” Jenniefer said.

“I’m sure many of you know them already! Don’t hesitate to ask them to help you find something you have been searching for – they just may have it!”

Here is the boilerplate on the company:

The collection covers a wide spectrum of themes-from fantasy to romance to storybook legends. At the sight of these whimsical pieces, eyes light up and minds drift away to a world where fairies reign, mermaids splash and glowing stars grant wishes. This most enchanting realm has been christened “Fairyland” and Jenniefer Kirk leads the parade of magical characters as the Fairy Godmother.

On QVC Jenniefer would dress in a fairy godmother get-up for her segments, sprinkling fairy dust all over the TV studio. But we guess that formula eventually lost its magic. But the fans of the collection were devastated.

The Kirk’s Folly website still has a goodbye on it, saying, “We loved being part of Sparkling You, Your Home & Your World … Until we meet again!”

News that they are back in action should bring a smile to fan faces and a dent to their wallets.

The company history from Facebook:

The Kirks Folly story began in NYC in 1979 with one part magic and two parts hard work and determination. It was while sitting at their kitchen table, that the creative genius of Helen Kirk sparked the inspired foresight of her sister Jenniefer.

Helen, who had always loved ornate, glittery objects and displayed a natural gift for design, took a simple pair of chopsticks and made them into extraordinary hair ornaments by wrapping them with embroidery thread, and attaching shells, prisms, charms, and beads.

Jenniefer was so impressed with Helen’s creations (which she named Glitter Sticks), that she began a campaign to sell them-and not just anywhere-but to the most celebrated department store in NY. Finally, after three months of calling, they were ushered in to see the buyer. The Glitter Sticks enchanted the buyer, and the sisters soon found themselves demonstrating the hair accessories to the store´s customers, who couldn’t scoop them up fast enough.

This success resulted in an order too large for the pair to fill by themselves, so they recruited their brother, George, and sister, Elizabeth. Each sibling brought a unique skill to the fledgling company which resulted in a stellar combination of creativity, ability, and determination. The company adopted Jenniefer’s personal philosophy, “If you can dream it and believe it, you can do it.”

That dream carried them to QVC in 1992, when the young network decided to take a chance on the whimsical jewelry designs that were unlike anything else they offered. Though optimistic, the buyers weren’t sure how the audience would react to the fairy-tale and angelic-themed products presented during the hour-long show. They got their answer when everything sold out in only 40 minutes! The audience immediately embraced the captivating designs with a passion that continues to grow with every passing year.

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7 Responses to “Kirk’s Folly’s Magical Return, Sans QVC”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    Perhaps QVC could use Kirk’s Folly back to help boost sales. Where is Lee Sands these days?

  2. Sheri Fuller Says:

    I would LOVE to see Kirks Folly back and Lee Sands as well!!!!

  3. elaine Says:

    Kirks Folly was so much fun to watch. s far as I can see they have too much makeup/clothes/shoes just to name a few. Sick of mizrahea (speling, sorry).

  4. Serena Says:

    The Q certainly COULD use Kirk’s Folly and Lee Sands again.

    Someone please fill me in…..I heard that Lee Sands retired, and that QVC canned Kirk’s Folly because their “elaborate” sets were too expensive for the Q’s budget. It all sounds like billsh** via QVC to me, but maybe it’s true. Also, I just found this post; I’m about 6 months late here. So if anyone knows the real stories, please post here.

    I bought only a few pieces from Kirk’s Folly. Their stuff is beautiful, but a little elaborate for me. I found some less elaborate pieces that I still wear. I loved their shows, however. Fun, glittery, camp, and back to my childhood memories, of raiding Mom’s jewelry box and playing dress up! The shows were fun, light and airy… eating a cream puff. And they had/have a HUGE following. It was shopping and entertainment, combined with everything girls love in jewelry.

    They got bashed by some on the forums, but someone always defended them staunchly. One of their first shows that I saw stuck in my memory for good. It was in 2001 or 2002, I think. It was a show after midnight, probably around 2 or 3 AM, left coast time. Jaque Gonzales, I think, was hosting. They were selling the Seaview Moon pendant. A young woman called in, saying that she had bought it to wear, so she could put the one she already had away, as a keepsake. Her husband had given it to her shortly after their honeymoon. They had honeymooned at the ocean, and there was a huge full moon one night. They stopped to look at it and she had told her husband how perfect it was, to have a beautiful full moon over the ocean for their honeymoon. Back at home, he had seen the Seaview Moon pendant on QVC, when she wasn’t home, and ordered it. He gave it to her as a token of love and remembrance. She wanted to put it away to keep it safe, because shortly after that, he was killed in an accident. Fake call or not, it made me shed a couple tears. Jacque and Jennifer were both wiping their eyes. A young widow, calling in to tell her Seaview Moon story.

    Anyway, sorry to go on but I’m hoping one of you remembers that show. And, QVC, like all the other shopping channels, has nothing to offer. Maybe Lee Sands left because he knew they would be outsourcing jobs…who knows. But his merchandise and Kirk’s Folly would inject some life into that boring, monotonous channel.

    • Renee Says:

      Serena! I saw that show!!! I’m pretty sure it was late spring 2002. I lived on the left coast, and was staying with my son and daughter in law for a month or so, waiting for escrow to close on my new condo. My previous apartment lease had run out, so I needed temporary digs. My DIL and son are wonderful; my DIL is more like a blood daughter.
      My son was working nights at the time. Knowing I’m a hard core insomniac, my DIL told me to get up and watch TV whenever I wanted. So that night, I turned on QVC as there was nothing else on. I saw that show…and I was moved to tears as well. I ordered the Seaview Moon pendant for my sister’s upcoming birthday, as she is into that type of jewelry. Like you, Serena, I love looking at it but it’s a little over the top for me for everyday wear. I do have several of their windchimes, though. And a few elaborate/dressy pieces for special occasions. I remember seeing their jewelry in fine department stores many years ago in San Francisco. Dating myself here, heh heh.
      Glad to hear they’re still in business. This world can be too real and cold. A little magic is needed occasionally. I wish them well.

      • Naomi Says:

        I saw that show, too. Jaque was hosting. Jennifer had brought in a scarf/shawl. And the Seaview Moon story was sad.
        I have a little of their jewelry, a few chimes and dreamcatchers, and almost every scarf or shawl she had. They are well made and beautiful…and elevate most clothes to dress up level. I still wear them.
        I agree that QVC could use a little magic in their lineup. Bring Kirk’s Folly back!!!

  5. Judy Bond Says:

    So happy they are back. Have really missed them. I have quite a few pieces throughout the years. QVC has lost a lot of its charm and fun. I have been with them from the beginning in fact have a charter member card.

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