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Kirk’s Folly’s Magical Return, Sans QVC

August 7, 2016

Kirk’s Folly is making a comeback.

The whimsical line of jewelry and accessories, marked by fairies and their glittery dust and fantasy, had been a staple on QVC for quite awhile. Then the company abruptly closed up shop a few years ago.

But according to its Facebook page, sisters Helen and Jenniefer are back at it again.

“We have just finished another series of videos to show you our newest collections on Facebook (the first of this six-part series can be seen at,” Jenniefer posted.

“Now you must forgive the glitches in sound and lighting – we will get it right eventually – just be patient and have a chuckle! We plan to bring you these every Monday and Wednesday in August.”

“As you can see, Helen and I are back designing and manufacturing Kirks Folly once again,” she wrote. “We are so happy to hear from you all on Facebook – we are working very hard on all your requests. The collections you will see in this series of videos are the best of our Dream Stones – Divine Colors with Limited Quantities.”

They aren’t selling their wares on QVC, however.

“All of these designs can be purchased on Amazon or eBay from our two largest Authorized Resellers – Chuck and Maureen at ‘Small but Sincere Gifts’ and Alice at ‘Girly Goods,'” Jenniefer said.

“I’m sure many of you know them already! Don’t hesitate to ask them to help you find something you have been searching for – they just may have it!”

Here is the boilerplate on the company:

The collection covers a wide spectrum of themes-from fantasy to romance to storybook legends. At the sight of these whimsical pieces, eyes light up and minds drift away to a world where fairies reign, mermaids splash and glowing stars grant wishes. This most enchanting realm has been christened “Fairyland” and Jenniefer Kirk leads the parade of magical characters as the Fairy Godmother.

On QVC Jenniefer would dress in a fairy godmother get-up for her segments, sprinkling fairy dust all over the TV studio. But we guess that formula eventually lost its magic. But the fans of the collection were devastated.

The Kirk’s Folly website still has a goodbye on it, saying, “We loved being part of Sparkling You, Your Home & Your World … Until we meet again!”

News that they are back in action should bring a smile to fan faces and a dent to their wallets.

The company history from Facebook:

The Kirks Folly story began in NYC in 1979 with one part magic and two parts hard work and determination. It was while sitting at their kitchen table, that the creative genius of Helen Kirk sparked the inspired foresight of her sister Jenniefer.

Helen, who had always loved ornate, glittery objects and displayed a natural gift for design, took a simple pair of chopsticks and made them into extraordinary hair ornaments by wrapping them with embroidery thread, and attaching shells, prisms, charms, and beads.

Jenniefer was so impressed with Helen’s creations (which she named Glitter Sticks), that she began a campaign to sell them-and not just anywhere-but to the most celebrated department store in NY. Finally, after three months of calling, they were ushered in to see the buyer. The Glitter Sticks enchanted the buyer, and the sisters soon found themselves demonstrating the hair accessories to the storeĀ“s customers, who couldn’t scoop them up fast enough.

This success resulted in an order too large for the pair to fill by themselves, so they recruited their brother, George, and sister, Elizabeth. Each sibling brought a unique skill to the fledgling company which resulted in a stellar combination of creativity, ability, and determination. The company adopted Jenniefer’s personal philosophy, “If you can dream it and believe it, you can do it.”

That dream carried them to QVC in 1992, when the young network decided to take a chance on the whimsical jewelry designs that were unlike anything else they offered. Though optimistic, the buyers weren’t sure how the audience would react to the fairy-tale and angelic-themed products presented during the hour-long show. They got their answer when everything sold out in only 40 minutes! The audience immediately embraced the captivating designs with a passion that continues to grow with every passing year.

QVC’s Kirks Folly Line Closing Up Fairy Shop

October 1, 2014

It’s the end of the yellow brick road for Kirks Folly, the fanciful and fairy-filled line of jewelry that is sold on QVC,

On Facebook Jenniefer, “your Fairy Godmother,” posted a note about the demise of the collection, offering her “fairy farewell.” No more fairy dust, costumes or dreamy sets on QVC or anyplace anymore.

Your Fairy Godmother Jenniefer

Your Fairy Godmother Jenniefer

I have to express our great love and appreciation for you, your friendship, kindness, loyalty and just being the very special group of people that you are ~ and you are truly a magical group!

We’ve spent 35 years dancing in the light of the Seaview Moon and Sparkling the World together. Each and every one of you is an important part of our lives. We’ve met you in stores, at fairy tea parties, in live audiences, on QVC, on cruises, and at factory sales.

We’ve gotten to know you through your letters, e-mails, phone calls, Facebook and Youtube. You are the heart and inspiration of Kirks Folly.

This is very difficult to say, but I must tell you that Kirks Folly will be closing its Fairyland Doors on Saturday, November 1st, 2014. The Kirks Folly that we know and love has had its glorious time in the sun. We know that every ending is a new beginning, a new chance to Dream and Believe ~ and that only the fates and the fairies know what lies ahead for each and every one of us.

Kirks Folly is ending its run by holding a Fairy Farewell Online Sale
Wednesday, Oct. 1, thru Friday, Oct. 17. Its a 70 percent sale off already discounted prices.

The company will also have a Fairy Farewell Factory Sale on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center, 2115 Broad St., Cranston, Rhode Island.

We would love to see as many of you as possible! This is a perfect time to pull out your costumes and party with the Kirks Folly Witches. Let's celebrate 35 years of enchantment in Fairyland style!

We love you all and don't want you to worry about us. We are all in good health and as much as we've loved it, we realize that this Chapter has come to an end.

We will always be here for you ~ you can find us on Facebook and Youtube and, as always, email me at Please keep the magic of Fairyland forever in your hearts and continue to Sparkle the World.