Melania Trump’s Jewelry Gone From QVC

You won’t find any items from potential First Lady Melania Trump on anymore.

We can’t take credit for noticing it. Roger Friedman of Showbiz 411 did a story on it.

Melania, who had a lot of exposure this week when the New York Post two days in a row ran nude photos of her, had done a costume jewelry line that QVC sold.

Apparently, some of the items were also on sale at online outlets such as But that’s all over now.

If you search “Melania Trump” on, you are redirected to Elizabeth Taylor baubles.


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4 Responses to “Melania Trump’s Jewelry Gone From QVC”

  1. Dara Says:

    You know what else is missing from QVC, dedicated loyal employees who have been canned and replaced by Polish nationals by a clueless and morally deprived CEO reporting to his corporate masters that make Donald Trump seem humble. What Mike George did to this company is truly a sad sad story. He couldn’t grow it, lacked vision, so he is turning the playbook to the old tired excuse, cut expenses. Well he will soon find out the emperor has no clothes. My sympathies to the folks who lost their jobs. Please don’t patronize this company, it’s anti American and doesn’t deserve our patronage.

  2. Peggy Says:

    My question, is all of the above true? I have not heard any of this before. I have noticed, very definitely, many different people
    on theQVC…not the ones I really was use to and really, really
    really liked. I thought they all did a spectacular job for QVC.

  3. Dara Says:

    Hey Mikey, Earnings come out and sales fall off the cliff in June and haven’t come back ….Guess what you morally deprived dope, they ain’t coming back. Most poor people have more values and integrity than you have in your little toe. So I suggest you take your empty head and head to Poland with your new friends. Why don’t you set your office there. I’m sure your family will be thrilled. Meanwhile you won’t have to be bothered by the the unfortunate souls working looking for jobs or working as Walmart greeters. Hate to see you run into them, such embarassment. I’m sure there are other companies that could use your talents… or maybe you could be a carnival barker, you are very good at that.

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