QVC, ‘Today’ Hunt For New Products Nears End

QVC finally got around to issuing a press release on its collaboration with NBC’s morning “Today” show,” as both entities search across the country for new products for the home shopping network.

The hunt started in August, and this week nine budding entrepreneurs will showcase their innovative inventions on “Today’s Next Big Thing” a collaboration between QVC TODAY to discover the next big product to be sold on QVC.

As part of the initiative, inventors were asked to submit their creative ideas. From those submissions, nine finalists were chosen across three different categories including: apparel and accessories; home, households and pets; and kitchen and gadgets.

Starting today, Tuesday, the products in each category will be pitched live on “Today” to a panel of judges that includes Doug Howe, QVC’s Executive Vice President of Merchandising, Jill Martin, “Today” contributor and Creative Director of QVC’s G.I.L.I. fashion and accessories line and Al Roker, “Today” anchor.

Viewers can vote on their favorite product each day, beginning Tuesday, today, by going to

This Friday, the inventors of the product receiving the most votes in each category will have one last chance to win over the judges and explain why their product deserves to join the ranks of QVC’s best-selling items.

The overall winner selected by the judges will sell their product live on QVC this Saturday 3 at 10 a.m.

“The joy of discovery and the power of storytelling is a big part of who we are and what we do at QVC,” Howe said.

“Together with ‘Today,’ we are able to collaborate with entrepreneurs and inventors in an effort to help make their products successful while providing the winner with a powerful platform to tell their story, and distribute their products on a national scale.”

Here’s the boilerplate on QVC’s involvement with entrepreneurs.

Over the past 29 years, QVC has launched and fostered the growth of some of today’s most successful brands. TODAY’s Next Big Thing aligns with QVC’s commitment to find new products and inspiration for customers, and supports QVC Sprouts, which is QVC’s ongoing crowd-sourced product search.

They seek the best up-and-coming products from inventors and entrepreneurs, giving those with a retail-ready product the opportunity to be sold on and the chance to grow their businesses through a scalable and nurturing process.

Tune in to Saturday Morning Gifts on Saturday, October 3 at 10 AM (ET) for a firsthand look as the TODAY’S Next Big Thing top contender showcases their winning product. Visit to purchase the products of all nine finalists. To learn more about QVC Sprouts, visit

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