Jewelry Television Host Kristen Keech Moving On

We hear that Jewelry Television is losing another young host, Kristen Keech.

Keech, who has been at JTV for four years, was recently on vacation in Miami and got a sweet job offer. It’s apparently a gig on cruise ships.

We like Keech and thought she was a fresh face on the Knoxville home shopping network. Let’s see who JTV brings in to replace her.

Kristen Keech

Kristen Keech

Here’s part of her bio from

Kristen Keech was born and raised in Pennsylvania and began her performing career at age three. With years of music, theatre and commercial experience, Kristen crossed over into the broadcast arena while in college. Before graduating college she began working in on-air retail with another company, both on camera and behind the scenes. The day she set foot in the studio she knew that this is what she was going to do for the rest of her life.

To Kristen, the most rewarding part of being a show host is having the opportunity to spend time with families all over the country. The ability to be welcomed in to a viewer’s home and to be afforded the opportunity to spend time with them is a gift beyond explanation.

She believes that a show host’s job is all about the connection and relationship with the customers. She says that she is honored and blessed to be able to have such great relationships with so many wonderful people.

Keech is also apparently a talented equestrian.

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62 Responses to “Jewelry Television Host Kristen Keech Moving On”

  1. Linda Warbo Says:

    Geesh I really liked her as I could understand her, the hosts with southern accents all mumble.

  2. Lovie Says:

    Good for her.

    That job has got to get old after a while. My guess is that most of them probably hate it, but they stay for two reasons. (a) They may not know how to do anything else or (b) Their ego likes being on televison, regardless of how sick they are of the actual job.

    Kristen should see what else life has to offer while she’s still young. Same goes for Erin Moseley.

  3. linda Says:

    All of the “hosts” on this gawd awful channel are inbred and in need of serious intervention. Freaks

    • MaryAnn Says:

      “Inbred”!!!!! Lololol!!! So true, and some of those hair-dos!!! Yikes!!! Sorry Kristen is moving on!! She was one the few decent hosts still there. I wish her the very best. Seemed like a genuinely nice person!!

  4. Carrie M Says:

    Yet again another fantastic host who has left the channel but the fossils who are TERRIBLE are still on. I seriously think that this channel needs to do something about the stale hosts because they totally turn me off and I’m sure other people feel the same way.

  5. linda Says:

    They all need makeovers. Nikki is really in need of a makeover, the hair, the nails, the voice YIKES..

  6. Juniper Says:

    I hate to say it but other channel hosts are just as bad. When you want to sale an item I don’t care to have comic relief with it. I like it to the point we have this, we know this about it and do you want to buy it. No angles, no quips and quotes just describe it good and show it at every angle especially jewelry. I like to see it even tho it might not be that when I get it.

  7. Pat Says:

    Sorry, I happen to be from the south. A lot of us are and we understand the hosts quite well. Even though I am southern (and by the way, not inbred) I can understand New York, Boston and all manner of other accents. Everybody and every region has good and bad.

  8. Barbara Dunham Says:

    I am sorry to see Kristen leave JTV – I’ve been watching her program and don’t think Rebecca is the right person to replace her. I mean, how many adjectives do you need to think of to describe a piece of jewelry? And her lapses as she tries to finish a thought is disturbing. I don’t appreciate the hard sell technique. Just show the jewelry and try not to swoon over each “elegant” piece which seems to be her go to adjective.

    • MaryAnn Says:

      I totally agree with your comments about Rebecca. If she is supposed to be well-versed in jewelry, I’m not hearing it.(Also looks very unkempt in her appearance). Michelle Lau, on the other hand, is to me the most intelligent & knowledgeable host on JTV. Although she is a fast talker, I always seem to learn something about jewelry from her! Always cheery, always tasteful in appearance and always prepared!! One of the few “gems” this network has hired!!!

      • offthehookarts Says:

        Michelle on JTV makes me laugh, she never takes a breath, or a break! She hits the camera running and it’s like one giant run-on sentence! Lol
        However, I agree she is very professional and knowledgeable. Misty makes me dizzy with her Bella shows, she is all over the place, showing this and that and losing focus on what item she was talking about. Aldo, can anyone tell me what Casey does? Other than shake her head in agreement with the real host and wear rings? What is her purpose? And have you see her profile picture, can hardly believe that is her.

      • Kevin Walsh Says:

        Rebecca is actually cringe-worthy and painful to (try to even) watch. Personally, I can’t make it past just a minute of listening to her try to get out an entire sentence. A stammer may be nothing to laugh about but if one has one, its an odd career choice to go into television hosting. As for Michelle Lau, I agree that she seems to know the business. Her only (major) problem is that is often slides into what I call her Huckster patter. Its like listening to a snake oil salesman at a county fair or an auctioneer when she falls into that “Git it now” routine. She’s good when she doesn’t do that but she can really start sounding like the huckster sometimes. None of the jtv hosts are anything to write home about. I am sure they remain because of the “Christian” company policy. That’s how it seems. I recall one of the hosts (slightly older with the long blonde hair) who actually once said on air something like, “The things I love best in this life are black spinel, diamonds and…Jesus.” lol. Hopefully not in that order.

    • eric Says:

      Don’t forget “bold”.

  9. dee Says:

    This women Rebecca seems drunk every night I turn the channel I can’t watch her!!!

    • Nancy Drew Says:

      Something’s wrong with Rebecca, lol. Terrible replacement.
      And now Libby is leaving. Who will there be to watch??

  10. Nancy Drew Says:

    Oh my god where did JTV dredge up Rebecca Moore?? This woman can’t get one word out of her mouth, let alone a complete sentence, and I don’t think it’s just “newbie nerves”. Either she is
    suffering from sort of of undiagnosed neurological problem, or yes, dee, Rebecca does seem, er, under the influence. Her voice is constantly waivering and the mind wanders. Bad choice.

  11. offthehookarts Says:

    JTV’s Rebecca Moore. Ok, I have tried for the life of me to figure out how she is still on the air. Honestly, I tried to find it in me not to judge….but come on already. She is on in the wee hours of the morning which is a good thing…if JTV wants to stay in business.
    She mumbles on and on, seemingly never completing one full thought or sentence. That alone might not seem so bad, however her vocabulary seems on par with a really smart 9th grader. It is painfull. If you have not seen her, dvr her, you will see. She uses the same 5 words over and over again. Spectacular being my least favorite, but there is stunning, amazing, beautifully designed, oh and did I mention spectacular? Ugh. I thought I would pull my hair out if she would just stop the lip smacking sound and saying “by the by…you get this home for 13 bucks and change.” And change??? Is it too much for her to say the full price while trying to fill all the dead air? Did anyone see her the night she “ordered” a cup of coffee be delivered to her, then complained because the gracious young man left the lid on…oh my…didn’t he know that she has “never figured those things out “. Or the night she kept growling at her blouse because it wasn’t laying correctly under her jacket. Look, she has more things to worry about than her outfit…like learning some new adjectives. I am shocked that she is still there. I saw Jay Boyle correct Dawn for using a plural when it should have singular. Then this Rebecca gets on there and WOW is all I can say. I wish I could more adequately convey how inept she is at selling jewelry. I would bet my entire jewelry box (the good one) they loose money when she is on. Please let me know what you it just me??

    • Lovie Says:

      Although you did make some valid points, I think that if given enough time she might have some potential. She does have a quirkiness about her that might start to grow on people. I really liked Libby’s personality, but she struggled the entire year that she was there; with only a mild improvement near the end. Being blonde, having a pleasant face, nice hands and no southern accent is what I think spared Libby from the chopping block after her first month… not her selling.

      I think that it’s only fair to give Rebecca at least 90 days before giving her the boot. She seems to be trying her best.

    • eric Says:

      I thought I was the only one. I watch jtv regularly and I was amazed no one was talking about Rebecca. She is so unprofessional. It’s not about given someone a chance when she shows up on air disheveled and talking about how hot it is in the studio whilst slurring her words. Night after night she did something so random and embarrasing. I think they finally realized Rebecca is a train wreck byyl replacing her usual time slot with new girl Nikki. They said someone was sick and Nikki was filling in. Nice save jtv. What took you so long?

      • Lovie Says:

        Nikki S. will not be the next Jtv lifer. She’s young and she’s had gigs that are a lot more interesting that selling jewelry in the middle of the night. I give her a year before she gets bored out of her mind with that job and with living in Knoxville. Then she’ll do like Kristen and move on to something else. Nikki S. isn’t going to stay there. Mark my words.

        I can totally see Rebecca staying at Jtv for as long as they will allow her. Although, that migh not be very long. Time will tell. I know people aren’t crazy about her, but I’ve got a feeling that she needs the work. IF (and I know it’s a BIG “if”) she can manage to win people over, she’ll be there until Jtv goes off the air.

    • Karen Says:

      It isn’t just you! I felt bad for Rebecca the first few times I watched her, believing she was nervous. I was wrong. Her presentations are the worst I’ve ever heard. And yes, painful is a great way to describe what it’s like to watch her struggle I sleep with the TV tuned to Jtv. Rebecca is so bad that I woke up from a dead sleep and was frantic looking for the remote so I could change the channel to anything but her show. I can sleep through almost anything, even the loud and happy Cheryl. Rebecca induces nightmares.

      • offthehookarts Says:

        Ah, I’m glad it isn’t just me! I find Cheryl funny after all this time. When she drops a $4000 Tanzanite and screeches “…get back here you little monkey…” I have to laugh.
        I love all the home shopping channels, they have seen me through a very painfull spine disease. I appreciate the TV company when the pain won’t let me sleep.

      • Karen Says:

        Cheryl is funny and someone who makes me feel good. I never thought I’d become someone who enjoys the company of the hosts on jtv, but with forced early retirement and widowhood I am one of those who looks forward to spending time with my TV friends. Say what you will about the southern accents, creative hair and makeup, and big personalities on jtv. You have to admit the down home personalities and southern hospitality are a welcome alternative to the mannequin like hostesses on other shopping networks. LR, CL, and most of the others.

      • Torrance Says:

        These comments are utterly hilarious and spot-on. I cannot get past how Rebecca halts her speech at every single word and trails off. Kristen could show 800 pieces of jewelry in an hour and still sparkle and look effervescent. Cannot understand Nikki Stanzione with no lipstick * the wrong coloring to wear no lip color. Nikki seems like a nice girl, however. Rebecca cannot speak or sell jewelry effectively. She also has Barney Rubble eyes * no color, just blank. Like the others have posted here, I have the T.V. on all night next to my bed because I cannot sleep. EVERY TIME Rebecca is on, I try to give her a chance and after five minutes, I MUST change the channel.

      • Nora Plowshay Says:

        I think JTV is close to being done!
        They have gone downhill in the last 4 years. They should call it thw Bellaluce show. Yuck! so sad!

    • Marion Says:

      You couldn’t have commented any better on Rebecca! I am amazed how JTV is keeping her on….but I do get entertained now just listening to her trying to stumble through her presentations!

    • Nancy Says:

      Omg, I’m dying laughing from you and I don’t where are you or how we can get together and work on this problem. We NEED to talk. And somebody’s got to listen. Right? We feel the exact same way and have to get together and figure this out and get her a new job. Cannot believe that a company like this would even play around with a host that can’t do the job correctly and annoys so many people: their prospective customers . This should matter to them With her general demeanor, voice and body movements that annoy shoppers, this should concern them, but it doesn’t seem to. It is upsetting that they continue letting her on the show and either aren’t aware of the problems or don’t care, They must have no shortage of pleasant competent hosts that would jump at a chance for the job. It could be political who knows. Maybe it will just have to take enough people to complain about her for them to listen! I DON’T KNOW! Help, we need support!

  12. Tam Says:

    OMG!!!! I’m crawling out of my skin! I am actually embarrassed for Rebecca. They can’t possibly keep her on the air any longer! This kind of late night torture should be used on Al-Queda in Gitmo! They would give up all of their secrets to make her STFU!!!! Alcohol, drug’s, epileptic fit; just what is her problem?! Or is her brain just stuck on stupid?! For the love of God, make it stop!!! Technology hasn’t made it possible to reach thru the screen to shake someone yet! JTV can you say Pink Slip?!! Ugh…WTF???!!!

  13. judie Says:

    if it weren’t for Williams being CEO, Heidi should go too! along with Rebecca.

  14. davve stengler Says:

    I feel Rebecca is doing a fabulous job her Exciting, Enthusiastic, Energenic personality is awesome ! Would you rather have a Lifeless Boring personality reading from a teleprompter ? I think Not ! Rebecca has very pretty hands perfect for modeling jewelry and beautiful manicured Natural fingernails Accenting and Enhancing the items wonderfully. Unlike Most jtv hosts with horriffic salon nails ! Get used to Rebecca she Is Here to Stay folks. Deel with it.

    • Karen Says:

      We deal with it. I check thw JTV schedule and program the television to change channels five minutes before Rebecca is on air. Sounds like you have a personal interest in Ms. Moore keeping her job. The others who posted here are just giving their observations. Most went out of the way to consider that Rebecca is new and could be nervous. Lo and behold it turns out she is truly terrble at this job. Telling people what they have to do (Deal with it) is rather bossy and emotional on your part. Sounds like you have a personal stake in Rebecca keeping her job. Check your emotions before you post.

    • offthehookarts Says:

      Sounds to me like Rebecca found someone with better communication skills than her to formulate a reply in her interest. If the person who wrote thst reply could just teach their precious Rebecca how to articulate an intelligent sentence JUST ONCE, then maybe I would “deal with it “. Until then I will cringe each time she appears and my ears will bleed as she spews her one word thoughts over and over again….Spectacular, Stunning, Fantastic, and my favorite “by the by”. WTF
      I think she needs to take her adolescent vocabulary and immature communication skills and go back to being behind the scenes, merchandising or whatever it is she did before.

    • Nora Plowshay Says:

      You must be high too!

  15. dee Says:

    Yes Karen Davve must be kin to Rebecca!!! Lol I was the first one to comment on her. I woke up in the middle of the night and she was on I thought I was having a night mare. I picked up the phone and called JTV to complain. Thy told me that everyone was calling about her. They laughed along with me. They said the show producer was aware of Rebecca’s behavior. They paused the show for about five minutes, but she returned and seemed a little less disheveled. I had to wake up my husband, he couldn’t believe what he saw, the first thing he said was is she drunk or high. I called the show every day for a week complaining I want to let you all know Rebecca is not new she worked on another jewelry network with Mark Brown the pearl guy on JTV. She was just as ridiculous , she giggles and is still silly. She probably has the job because of Mark Brown, Tommy Brown’s Brother lol

    • Marion Says:

      You couldn’t have commented any better on Rebecca! I am amazed how JTV is keeping her on….but I do get entertained now just listening to her trying to stumble through her presentations! Lol on the tuning into a bad nightmare when Rebecca is on!

      • Nora Plowshay Says:

        If she was on the bella shows maube acceptable but she is on the very few decent gem shows they have left and I would lime to watch them! not some possible stoner.

  16. dee Says:

    I am a consumer. Mr Davve and I don’t have to deal with anything. Its the JTV shopper’s that pays the bills at JTV not you!!! And we should not have to have her pushed off on us. So every time Rebecca comes on I change the channel. I don’t have to deal with anyone on there if I don’t want to Sir!! And eventually the JTV customers will have the last say when JTV start to loose money. They need to put her in a off set position, so we don’t have to deal with her. That way she still had a job, you can’t make us like her because she’s not giving us anything to like other than nice hands. I’ll give her that!

  17. Torrance Says:

    I am stymied as to how or why Rebecca is still on at 2:00AM. I tried again, yesterday morning, to see if she had improved and immediately shut off the T.V. and got out of bed for the day. Couldn’t believe she was still pausing and trailing off. You can tell she means well and is a kind person, but I would give Kristen any amount of money to PLEASE come back if I were affiliated with JTV. And yes, she does have very pretty hands. I love the combination of Tommy and Casey who move things along; everybody is very efficient and I saw Mandy on what had to be an eight-hour shift last week and she was beautiful and lively until the end of her shift.

  18. Karen Says:

    Did anyone else see Rebecca this morning. God I hope she had a designated drive for the trip home after work. She actually talked about drinking wine, slurred her words, and was dropping things for the five minutes I watched in stunned silence. Is she a sister of Heidi and Wendy?

  19. g2-e2e92eef91b45d55c1a611dcf2eba155 Says:

    Oh I’m so so glad I’m not the only one that can’t stand that awful Rebecca.

  20. g2-e2e92eef91b45d55c1a611dcf2eba155 Says:

    Oh I’m so very glad that I am not the only one who can’t stand that awful Rebecca.

  21. Marion Says:

    Lol on all this hype on Rebecca! I am amazed how she is keeping her job! I now tune in just to be entertained by her nonsense rambling when I need someone to talk me to sleep!

  22. Susan Ross Says:

    Well it’s now April 2, 2015 I think Rebecca is doing much much better job selling on JTV now a lot of people put her down but I think she was a lot of fun to watch even back then when she first started but she really has improved so much and I like her! So come on people out there stop putting her down give her a chance and watch her she is so much better than she was at the beginning and she’s on in the mornings now instead of overnight so I think that’s a major move on her part! Rebecca you’re alright!

  23. db Says:

    Rebecca and Kim (Prentiss) sound like pack-a-day smokers

  24. valerie Says:

    I tuned un this morning and just could not stand her choppy delivery. She struggles for every word, she looks as though she’s looking for someone to show her what to say. From the comments I have read here I can see I am not alone. I agree 100 percent with everyone,except the staged comments in favor of her.
    I have called in to give my opinion and I will not be watching when she is aired, she just take the fun and interest out of it.

  25. Meggie Says:

    I’m confused – several folks have mentioned that Heidi’s husband is the CEO – this comment below is just one example:

    “judie Says:
    December 26, 2014 at 1:21 pm | Reply
    if it weren’t for Williams being CEO, Heidi should go too! along with Rebecca.”

    The CEO’s name is Timothy B. Matthews and he has been the CEO since 2008. Nobody named Williams founded JTV – what am I missing??

    Many thanks, all!

    • Matt Says:

      Heidi Williams is married to Bill Kouns. Williams is her maiden name. I assume she still uses her maiden name professionally since there’s some notoriety to the name since she is a former Ms. North Carolina.

  26. Karen Says:

    You have to explore all your options and do what best suits you and makes you happy. Good luck with your new job. We’ll see you on Hsn so your not gone just relocated

  27. JOANNA BROWN Says:

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Love watching jtv no matter who is hosting!! Southern women are full of style and class!! Love Melissa’s friendly warmth and the way Nikiki says AND 99 CENTS!! Love Scott and Rockafellas!! You guys are FUN!! Scott is my Southern dream guy!! Sweet & so funny!! When l get my jewelry from my mailbox, it’s like Christmas everyday!! Thank you for bringing beauty into our homes everyday. You are all the BEST!!

  28. Cathy Says:

    Miss you alot on jtv I only bought Bella Luce when you sold it. Enjoy your New job, good luck!!

  29. Linda Grant Says:

    I will miss Kristen Keech from J. T. V. Kristen was a great host to the show. She knew the jewelry and you could feel her Love for the jewelry she was showing! I will miss her presence on the show. As a J. T. V. Customer I would also like to see more Diversity in the hosts! I did see only one African American hosts! Late one early morning!(4 a.m.) And I’m not talking about modeling jewelry! …

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