The 411 On Tyra Banks’ Premiere On HSN

We already blogged about Tyra Banks coming to HSN with a makeup line next month, but here is the home shopping channel’s official press release on her debut.

HSN And Tyra Banks Announce The World’s First Live Cosmetics Extravaganza “Tyra’s Makeup Fierce Up” On HSN November 6 & 7

Tyra’s fierce, new cosmetics brand, TYRA beauty, gives women the power to transform what they’ve got…into what they want.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Oct. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Tyra Banks, the world’s most influential supermodel and super-businesswoman, has teamed up with leading entertainment and lifestyle retailer HSN to deliver the world’s first live cosmetics extravaganza “Tyra’s Makeup Fierce Up”.

The beauty spectacle will debut Banks’ one-of-a-kind makeup brand TYRA beauty on HSN that reaches an audience of more than 95 million homes. With her beauty secrets and secret beauty weapons, Banks is on a mission to transform the way the world experiences makeup through immersive ‘Beautytainment’—where beauty and entertainment collide.


“The desire to make women look and feel more beautiful than they ever thought possible and my obsession with putting on a great show fuels me,” said Banks. “I am beyond excited to have collaborated with HSN to create such a groundbreaking live COSMETICS EXPERIENCE. I can’t wait to Beautytain you!”

Banks will make her HSN premiere during a sneak preview on HSN’s popular “Beauty Report with Amy Morrison” show on Thursday, November 6 at 7 p.m. (EST). Banks will take viewers on a live behind the scenes peek of the elaborate backstage preparations for “Tyra’s Makeup Fierce Up”.

The following night in primetime on November 7 from 10 p.m. to midnight (EST), Banks and HSN will unleash “Tyra’s Makeup Fierce Up,” the live 2-hour cosmetics extravaganza that surprises, delights, and engages all of the senses by taking the audience on a bass-pumping journey of Beautytainment.

Throughout the evening, HSN will leverage Banks’ mega-watt star power and beauty acumen to create a live beauty experience that has never been seen before. The show’s edgy and glam set design will feature state-of-the-art digital displays, dramatic lighting, and a fierce runway.

Throughout the evening, Banks will unveil the story of TYRA beauty through live ‘TYovers,’ makeovers Tyra style, which will physically transform members of the studio audience, and makeup tutorials from Banks’ alter ego ‘Miss TyTy.’ The cosmetics experience will also feature elaborate costume changes and the first ever special performance of the TYRA beauty anthem BOOTYful, performed by Motown’s hottest new artist STORi.

“We are thrilled to welcome Tyra Banks to HSN and can’t wait to introduce our customers to this amazing new world of ‘Beautytainment’,” said Anne Martin-Vachon, Chief Merchandising Officer for HSN. “We know how to build brands and provide the perfect environment for talented entrepreneurs like Tyra to bring their bold ideas to life.”

Inspired by Banks’ belief that makeup is the great beauty equalizer, TYRA beauty is fierce from the outside in, dripping with product and packaging innovation that engages all of the senses. The cosmetics experience launches with three high-tech pillars that each highlight a unique ingredient, story, or theme.

TYover: The TYover pillar introduces easy-to-use products “in a Stick” for a fierce face…fast! Banks’ secret application technique called “Four Fast Fierce Fingers” creates a complete transformation in six minutes or less without the use of a brush! Through Banks’ proprietary ‘TY-Glide Technology,’ the silky smooth application and easy blendability will have women werkin’ their fiercest faces, Tyra-style.

Smize: The Smize pillar offers new technologies to create the fiercest “Smize,” one of Banks’ famously coined words that means, “smiling with your eyes.” With rich products exclusively for the eyes, every woman can tantalize with the fiercest Smize!

It Factory: The It Factory pillar provides a mix of runway-inspired cosmetics infused with unique textures and innovative formulas. These products will surprise and delight a woman’s sense of touch, starting when she applies her fiercest lip!


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7 Responses to “The 411 On Tyra Banks’ Premiere On HSN”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    The press release used the word “fierce” 14 times! If it truly is a “fierce” runway, there will be alligators. Or sharks. The product line has its own anthem? BOOTYful? Are they serious with this? I think the only truth was “dripping with product.” I’d roll my eyes, but I’m afraid they might not unroll.

  2. Queen Celeste Says:

    My thoughts, as well, Cheryl. Forget fierce. I just want good quality, effective products presented by guests who know their stuff, not fawned upon celebrities who slap their name on almost anything.

  3. Patricia Says:

    All I can say is oh boy while shaking my head.

  4. Lovie Says:

    Yawn. Just another celebrity who thinks that everybody is going to run to the phone and buy a product just because it has their name slapped on it. Just like Ellen hawking home decore stuff and Queen Latifah and Iman selling clothing. They’re just cashing in on people who are willing to buy anything that has their name on it, whether it’s any good or not.

  5. helene Says:

    Iman was making or endorsing quality haircare like 20 or more years ago. So I wouldnt lump her in there. But ellen, a stylist transformed her. She dresses like ryan seacrest. So why would I buy from her. Queen latifah as well. The older celebrity deals seem to be ok this new stuff blah. Tyra is going to have to be cheap or prove herself

  6. dee Says:

    Well girls I watched the show with Tyra it was over the top! But it was fun and I like the product. It seems simple and uncomplicated. But it’s true every celebrity is cashing in on these shopping networks. But you girls got to remember the shopping channels try and bring us lots of variety so we don’t have to go out and shop. Iman has been in the game for years with her cosmetics that were at Jcpenny for years I use to buy it and she knows fashion. Queen Latifha I don’t know about that!!!!

  7. Steven Zale Says:

    Go girl, I’m glad you got this put together! Congrats!

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