Designer Nolan Miller Retires Gracefully From QVC

Famed fashion designer Nolan Miller, who battled cancer, is retiring, and so is his glamour collection on QVC.

Miller, who designed gorgeous gowns for Hollywood celebrities, has been doing fashion jewelry for QVC for 19 years. His usual sidekick on the air was host Mary Beth Roe.

“It’s as long as some marriages,” Miller said of his relationship with Mary Beth.

Today, Monday, was slated to be Miller’s final appearance on QVC.

During one of his appearances Sunday actress Ann-Margret, a Miller client, called in. She’s a favortie of ours, since we have the same birthday, April 28, and both attended Northwestern.

After wishing Miller much luck, Ann-Margret said, “We love him, and he loves his strawberry margaritas.”

A man after our own heart: He apparently dines with the actress and her husband Saturday nights.

Miller’s protege, Mark Zunino, who also appears on QVC, posted this on Facebook yesterday

“THANK YOU, everyone, for a very memorable and moving day. We’re back at our hotel, as we get ready for dinner with Mary Beth Roe. Nolan is tired, but extremely happy to feel the love and support from his QVC family over the past 20 years. We are looking forward to Nolan’s final ‘farewell’ show tomorrow.”

Miller looked relatively well, and we hope he has truly beaten his lung cancer.

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3 Responses to “Designer Nolan Miller Retires Gracefully From QVC”

  1. carol98597 Says:


  2. Margaret Walker Says:

    I have bought yout beautiful things for years. God grant you better health, and hope you can feel the love from everyone whoever saw you on TV. I have that famous rose pin, among many othr things, which I bought back in the 80’s and every time I wear it I say a little prayer for you. Thank you for your gift to the world. You are a very talented artist.

  3. Cate Blanc Says:

    His former wife Sandra passed away 11/30/11 but no mention of Nolan in the obit even tho they were divorced. Seems strange, kinda like their “marriage”. Hope he’s OK.

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