Judge Rules HSN Vitamin Hawker Andrew Lessman Can Be Even Nastier Than Us In His Blogs About QVC

We’re late on this one folks, but it’s pretty juicy — and important to a blogger like The Homeshoppingista. QVC has lost the first round in its suit to bar HSN vitamin purveyor Andrew Lessman from blasting QVC’s vitamins and dietary supplements in his blog.

We got a tip on this Thursday from our ex-colleague Linda H. on the Left Coast, and than saw that MediaPost wrote about it earlier this week, as did Georgetown University law school professor Rebecca Tushnet on her blog.

U.S. District Court Judge Sue Robinson refused to issue a preliminary injunction and restraining order against Lessman. He may be a very charming, easy-going fellow on-air but his blogs on QVC make our snarky commens about the No. 1 home shopping network look like press releases.

For example, in January he blogged that QVC’s Nature Code brand hair, skin and nail supplement “isn’t healthy…it is just sleazy and deceptive.”

For good measure, he added, that QVC’s “lack of integrity is totally in keeping with the lack of quality of their vitamins.”

Part of Lessman's HSN line

And there’s a hell of a lot more mud-slinging along those lines. Read the good professor’s blog for more details on that. Needless to say, QVC was not happy, and filed suit in February in federal court in Delaware.

Lessman does have an ax to grind. He started his TV career selling his products on QVC in 1992, but defected to rival HSN in 1997. Here’s some dish: Lessman was in talks to return to QVC earlier this year, but they fell through. Not coincidentally, that’s when Lessman started dissing QVC in his blog.

We haven’t read the judge’s ruling, so what we know about it is from the professor and MediaPost. But Judge Robinson found that even though Lessman’s nasty blogs about QVC could be misleading, QVC never proved to the court that the comments actually confused consumers. No proof of confusion, no injunction.

But QVC can still continue with its suit against Lessman, it just can’t have an injunction at this point.

We think the court’s ruling is a good one for bloggers like us and the First Amendment, but let’s see what happens if the case makes it to trial.

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26 Responses to “Judge Rules HSN Vitamin Hawker Andrew Lessman Can Be Even Nastier Than Us In His Blogs About QVC”

  1. Ivy Forton Says:

    What is all this mumbo-jumbo about which company will carry Andrew Lesserman’s vitamins and products! Do your fueding on your own time and just make up your mind who is going to carry his vitamins. I shop at both companies and don’t care who I purchase my products from. Just stop being so childish about your products. You are worse than two little kids. Just let me make my purchase without feeling guilty about it. Shhhheeesh! And I thought my kids were bad. (grin) By the way, where are all the special prices Andy used to have. Now I pay through the nose. I want to stay healthy but don’t have the money he has, so give me a break on the products. PLEASE!

  2. Faith Kosmicki Says:

    Yes Lessman is the perfect name for the way he has been cutting deals and prices!!!! You are getting so tight with prices. Ive’ been in the vitamin know scince i was 12 . My brother jumped the holistic wagen back in early 80’s. My father is the #1 P.R. man in the U.Sof A. I was thinking about having a story about how Lessman is becomin g loaded on selling vitamins cfor every damn ailment in the body whileover loading our systems w/ the same vitamins in many of the other ones that we buy. Andrew, bring down your prices. I live in the wealthiest county in America and still “know” you are trippling your prices. lookout for a short strory in The Times.

  3. Lettie Says:

    I am so glad that someone is finally standing up for the consumers. I don’t mind paying for a good product. But I do not like being lied to by any company out of their greed. Integrity and honesty in should be the backbone of any business. Thank you Andrew Lessman… you have a new customer in me!!!
    And where in the world did they come up with QVC being number 1? HSN is number 1! If QVC has to lie to sell products, then I am not buying!

  4. kkkatie Says:

    I’ve been buying Andrew’s vitamins since the early 90’s. I agree, don’t care who the pipeline is but I want to buy his inventory. However, I must agree that Andrew has become a multi, multi, multi millionaire. He is a good businessman and knows that he can price it anywhere he wants, if the market can bear it. We keep buying. I would hope that he would offer LOWER prices on HSN 4x per year and he wouldn’t even feel it. Come on, Andy, your healthy heart is turning cold with greed.

  5. Carolyn rightmyer Says:

    I like Andrews products. I don’t take all of them, of course! But, I’ve singled out what works for me. Prices are high, for sure. It all depends on how well you want to be. Truthfully, some stuff did nothing for me at all, while others did great! I love the Secure Meal Replacements, Pineapple is my favorite. Oh yeah! I almost forgot the most important part! I don’t buy from HSN OR QVC, I buy direct from Andrew Lessman at ProCaps Laboratories. No price difference, but at least I get it right away.

  6. Linda Says:

    I buy directly from his website, too. Sometimes that’s the best way. When I run out of his vitamins and go without taking them for a while, I can tell because I start experiencing problems that the vtamins helped me with. Some of my favorite products are circulation and vein support, healthy hair, nails, and skin, and energy and fat metabolism.

  7. UK leading flag maker, buy flags, flag maker Says:

    UK leading flag maker, buy flags, flag maker…

    Judge Rules HSN Vitamin Hawker Andrew Lessman Can Be Even Nastier Than Us In His Blogs About QVC « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss…

  8. Joyce Thompson Says:

    I began Andrew’s vitamin while he was still with QVC, followed him to HSN, didn’t care for Dr. Taub or his replacement. I just watched an Infomercial for OmegaXL, sounds like just what I’m looking for, but hesitant to buy. Would Mr. Lessman, comment on this supplement?

  9. good for vitamins Says:

    good for vitamins…

    […]Judge Rules HSN Vitamin Hawker Andrew Lessman Can Be Even Nastier Than Us In His Blogs About QVC « Homeshoppingista's Blog By Linda Moss[…]…

  10. Deb Says:

    Four times a year, Andrew Lessman offers us the best of his products at a substantial savings on HSN. I only buy when he’s on TV and I purchase only his todays special value, which you can get on flex pay and most of the time ” free shipping” which is something QVC should practice more of …I would not purchase from anyone else.

  11. Lynn Says:

    I don’t mind the price of the vitamins, in fact they are very affordable, until that shipping and handling goes on. Then that changes everything! Then suddenly it goes from affordable to expensive! So this always makes me hesitate when I buy, and I even try to double up on stuff, but then things get even more expensive, and I don’t like to try to buy so much at one time!

    Most people just need hormone replacement theropy, and a good mult-mineral vitamin, diet and exercise, typically, you shouldn’t have to take all this stuff! Research it!

  12. Gayle Bowlby Says:

    you are paying for quality, so why would he bring down the costs ? you can go to walmart and get the vitamins there cheap for a reason, they are garbage… it doesn’t matter if hes a multitrillionaire, thats his money for his work and investment and being smart.. its up to you whether you want to buy his product or not. He could drop the quality , and sell them cheaper, would that make you happier?

  13. clint parsons Says:

    wife and i, purchased the 200 meals of powder coffee and chocolate. i do two a day m-f having more energy feel good. i did not used to eat from 6am to 4pm and my mood would show that. now way more level on the moods. now iam even losing weight. i do agree with andrew lessman their is alot of no quality vitamins out their. i really would like to see that change. cheap quality needs to stop.

  14. foxeykat1 Says:

    I just bought the Resveratrol & pomegrante. I am Italian and in my family all the women live to be in their 90’s. Probably because of the wine they drank all their lives. The 400 count bottle of this stuff is only 23 cents a capsule with over a year supply. I don’t know why anyone would complain at this price. Especially if you research the benefits of this amazing product to prevent so many diseases.

    I also would like to know what Andrew thinks about the Indian topical & internal cure for cancer called Black Salve. I took this internally, to hopefully get rid of a cancer on the side of my nose, since the doctor said he got it all and it came back 4 years later and he had to take it out again. So I started taking the black salve internally. I am hoping it won’t come back again. While I was taking it, a bump appeared on my chin and also one on the upper thigh. I applied the salve in a very small amount on both areas and after about a month, the scabs fell off and regrowth of new skin with no scaring occurred. And the pain I was having going down my leg before I started using this, is now gone. I know their are products of black salve out there on the internet and health food stores may not be selling the real stuff, like black ointment. So it’s very hard to know what is the real stuff. I got this from two people that are 95 years old and have been using this for years. I think Andrew should look into this and sell it.

  15. 323felicity Says:

    @foxeycat1 Andrew Lessman would never sell that stuff as it is dangerous! Yes, it may remove cancerous growths, but there will still be cancer cells lingering beneath the skin. Also, it eats away healthy tissue as well. People have needed reconstructive surgery after using it! The FDA has sued people and taken away medical licenses from people selling this fake cancer treatment.

  16. Ada simpson Says:

    Andrew Lessman is the ONLY person/company that sells high quality, no additive vitamins in this country. His facility in Nevada is totally run on alternative energy (solar), and he is an attorney. I feel fairly certain the guy knows what he’s doing after all these years, and the high grade products he produces. HSN & QVC are simply there to hawk their wares & they do not mind if they screw their customers day in and day out. I’m happy to hear Mr. Lessman has stood up against these on-air and online vultures. I mean…reallly…a tshirt costs $30.????? pulleeeeeze.
    Lessman rocks.

  17. Sue Says:

    Andrew, I understand that you or your vitamins do not cure diseases but do you have a recommendation that may be bennifical for Tinnitus sufferers ? I understand that your recommendation may or may not help. I understand that legally you have to watch what you say so may I ask you what you would take if you had Tinnitus? Please, please help. Also do you have a multi vitamin with iron ?

    • Leah Ross Says:

      Sue, I’m in the same boat as you, and would love to know if Andrew
      replys. His Eye Support is great, if only we could get some relief from this tinnitus.

  18. Foxfiredesigns Says:

    I admire and respect him, and truly believe what he says about his products. I think he’s very honest and driven to promote good healt. He takes pride in what he sells, and I am a very satisfied customer. I have purchased from HSN and also directly from his site, where the price is usually less.

  19. Peter Walters Says:

    I love the products and that is all I order from HSN. Dealing with HSN is an absolute nightmare. I have moved 5 times in 4 years and have used several credit cards. HSN cannot get it right. I inform them whenever anything changes, they cannot get it right. They have an address I haven’t lived at, and told them more than once. They are absolute imbiciles. I didn’t know Andrew had his own sight until I read this…Goodbye HSN forever.

  20. Celena Says:

    When Andrew is on HSN his 4x a year, he almost always includes free shipping and handling on his products, that helps save a lot of money as many people buy multiple products of his during his week-end visit and at about $6 shipping per product, you could see how that would add up, so, thanks Andrew and HSN for the free shipping! QVC almost NEVER does free shipping. Plus, if you buy one of the larger sizes of his vitamins, usually they include a 20% savings for any of his other products effective about 30 or so days later. Which is also nice.
    When I compare just prices of his products to similar products at one of the health food outlets, sure, his product is a bit more pricey, but I feel I KNOW what I am getting in his products, and am never sure what is in others vitamins. Plus, I just like having powder vitamins in gel caps much more than hard pills. Love his Healthy hair/skin/nails, his Friendly Flora, and his Circulation and Vein support for legs.

  21. Jean McWhorter Says:

    I am interested in hair/nail /skin vitamins. I take Coumadin is there anything in this that would affect my blood level also do you have a multi vitamin that doesn’t affect Coumadin level. I have your secure shakes , I was adding fix seed oil to it. My Dr said the flax seed oil affects Coumadin. I also was taking Co Q 10. Now I am afraid to take anything. Is it ok? Dr’s don’t know much about vitamins and health food stores know nothing about or just won’t comment on people that have to take Coumadin. I have afib with pacemaker and fibromyalgia. My eating habits are poor. My skin is so dry it flakes off on everything, my hair is very thin. Please respond I don’t know who else to turn to. Thank you

  22. Vicki Says:

    Jean, I would recommend you see a nutritionist if you can, who will consult with the doctor who is prescribing Coumadin. As for Andrew Lessman’s vitamins, I believe they are good and I do take his Essential One multivitamin as well as calcium intensive care, and his Omega 3 fish oil. I believe he has integrity and I am glad to see that he stood up to say that raspberry ketones are a sham.


    Why did he want to leave hsn for qvc?

  24. Gloria gentry Says:

    Does he have an iron supplement

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