Beloved Jewelry Designer Nicky Butler Gone From HSN

Sorry to say, but we saw this coming. Another one of our favorites on HSN is abruptly leaving the home shopping channel after 20 years: British jewelry designer Nicky Butler.

Butler, a slender white-haired gent with a very spiritual side, posted the sad news on Facebook this weekend.

“After 20 years…I will no longer appear on HSN programming,” he wrote cryptically.

He asked HSN customers to pick up his final pieces for the network on, and to continue following him on Facebook.

Butler, who once had a fancy shop in London and counted Princess Diana as a customer, got many of his design inspirations from his beloved India, where he sourced many of his gemstones.

His specialty was crosses — our favorite design — and we must have at least eight of his pieces or so.

But we haven’t seen him on HSN recently, and was wondering about his fate there. On FB posters asked if he was retiring, etc., looking for an explanation for his HSN departure and bemoaning it.

You don’t have to be a genius to figure it out girlfriends. Under the ownership of QVC’s parent, Qurate Retail Group, HSN is being turned into a homogenized, bland home shopping venue. So out with Butler and many other fan favorites.

Butler isn’t the only longtime jewelry vendor who has left. Victoria Wieck is on now on Evine.

From his responses on FB, it appears that Butler plans to continue designing and selling his wonderful jewelry. Let’s hope so.

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19 Responses to “Beloved Jewelry Designer Nicky Butler Gone From HSN”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Oh, no! This is bad news. Nicky is a great designer and has such gorgeous jewelry. He was a pleasure to watch on HSN too, such a nice person. I agree, Q is grinding HSN down into a nothingburger channel. No more unique products.

  2. Jerri Says:

    Bad news. I hope he goes to Evine. I quit buying at HSN a few years ago, and one vendor I missed buying from was Nicky. I have TONS of his jewelry. Not only do I like his jewelry, but he is the epitome of grace and good manners. He always praises other jewelry vendors’ work.
    I have 1 set of his that I lost during a move; he never repeated the design. I always scrolled through his newer things online; if it had been there I would have ordered it.
    Thanks for the update, Ms Moss. Please let us know if you hear any more about his next move.

  3. Queen Celeste Says:

    Sad news. Just last week I ordered a gorgeous black and green art deco ring from his line. Agree with all comments about Nicky Butler. He is witty, elegant, kind, and engaged, not to mention a true designer with a vast knowledge and love of jewelry. I also hope Evine will snap him up, as he would be a perfect fit and more appreciated than at HSN where the truly interesting jewelry and fashion lines are vanishing. (By the way, did anyone catch him as Jacqueline Bisset’s escort at the Golden Globe Awards a few years ago? I’m pretty sure it was Nicky. One intriguing man!)

  4. homeshoppingista Says:

    No, I didn’t see him as Bisset’s date. Wow!

  5. Audrey Says:

    I’m really sad to hear this. Even though I pretty much quit shopping on HSN, I still bought an occasional piece of Nicky’s jewelry to add to my already sizable collection.
    I also hope he is headed for Evine. I don’t do social media….if anyone heard what his plans are, please post here, and thank you.
    I have some very unique pieces of his from very early 2000s….and I still get compliments. I especially love his rings. I hope he will land at Evine. They seem to be making other former HSN vendors feel welcome.

  6. Lisa Says:

    Sad to hear this. I love Nicky Butler designs and I have many pieces.

  7. Shirley Says:

    Oh no! I love Nicky and his beautiful jewelry. I have a decent collection, but am still adding to it.
    I hate HSN, even though 20 years ago I loved it. But, I still shop for Nicky’s and Jay King’s jewelry, as well as Studio Barse. Robert Manse’s jewelry is nice but too $$$$$$. I shop his collection on clearance. That is all I buy at HSN.
    I hope Nicky goes to Evine; he is my favorite jewelry designer- not just his jewelry, but his beautiful personality and gracious demeanor.

  8. Julie Says:

    This is a shame. I’m hoping he’ll go to Evine. Get rid of Dan Dennis, Evine, and put Nicky on there!!!!
    I rarely shop at HSN anymore. Nicky, studio Barse, and occasionally Robert Manse are the only jewelry vendors on there I buy from. I shop Andrew Lessman’s website for vitamins, and find Perlier in Ross, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. HSN went to Hades in a hand basket when Mindy Grossman took over. Actually, it started when Barry Diller left. So, I shop only the things I really like, that are still good on there. Nicky Butler is my favorite. I like his jewelry best, and he has such a kind and well-mannered personality. Hopefully he’ll go to Evine.

  9. Sally Says:

    I have really put distance between myself and HSN (formerly a favorite) since the merger with QVC. But….I still shop a handful of favorites….and one is Nicky Butler. I noticed he was missing from the program schedule, and feared the worst, and now I know.
    I’m not on social media, so thank you, Ms. Moss, for keeping us updated. I have a pretty generous Nicky collection; but always adding. I went on HSN to view the leftovers; and those that I like, I already have, so am hoping he will go to Evine. He happily coexists with and even complements other jewelry vendors, so he should be fine at Evine. He’ll even see a couple of old friends; Victoria Wieck and Jennifer Stallone.
    Thank you Ms. Moss, please let us know where he ends up.

  10. Tori Says:

    Does anyone know what is up with Iman??? All her items are on sale and she hasnt been back after her appearance with Joy in Dec. 😩😩

    • Jerri Says:

      Maybe she’s leaving, too. Who could blame her? And although she did great on her own, she had many items in collaboration with Joy, who is gone now.
      HSN/QVC will be out of business with the bad changes and horrible management of Mike George. To think, 20 years ago HSN was my favorite place to shop!!

      • Tori Says:

        I am so, so bummed! Iman is the only brand clothes that I buy anymore and the only place I can get pants to fit because I’m tall. She was HSN’s biggest selling clothing brand. I hope she goes to Evine

      • Jerri Says:

        I totally understand. When I shopped at HSN, I liked Iman’s fashions, too.
        Let’s hope she and Nicky Butler go to Evine. Scary, but to me, Evine is the best and only choice.
        Check out some of the fashions on Evine. I’ve found some cool clothes at great prices. I’m 5’7″ and find everything to be plenty long enough. In some styles, they offer tall options. Good luck and fingers crossed!!

  11. Carl Says:

    I will have to tell this to my wife. We don’t shop at HSN much anymore. In fact, I think Nicky Butler is the only jeweler on there she buys from, now.
    She has noticed that quite a few vendors have left; some have moved to Evine. Hopefully Ncky will go there, too. He makes quality, unique pieces. I know many people will miss him.

  12. Nancy Says:

    I’ve been a Nicky Butler fan/shopper since 2000. He is a kind, well-mannered person, and I always enjoy watching him. One of his sayings, “a woman without jewelry is like a night without stars”, has always stuck with me and been a favorite.
    I don’t do much TV channel shopping anymore; they’ve all changed so much. And I’m so disappointed in the HSN/QVC merge. The channels were better as separate entities. Evine is my favorite; I buy a few things occasionally. I did buy from Nicky and a couple other vendors on HSN, so this isn’t good news. I hope, like everyone else here, that he goes to Evine with his beautiful and unique designs. He would be an asset to any shopping medium.
    Do let us know, dear Ms. Moss, where he goes when you know. Thank you for keeping us up to date.

  13. Beth Says:

    I thought he might be gone 😢. I don’t watch much anymore, but do enjoy his shows. I own a pretty decent collection of his jewelry. It is well made and very unique. HSN, you’ve made some stupid mistakes, especially of late, and this is one of them.
    I hope he goes to Evine. I’ve enjoyed them more and more lately as the other 2 have declined.

  14. Cleo Says:

    The stampede leaving HSN is growing…..I’m glad others landed at Evine. I sincerely hope Nicky does, too. He and a couple other vendors were my “last stands” at HSN. I will miss him the most. Never got into Serious Skincare, but it’s a good product. I do admire Jennifer Stallone and glad she found a good fit at Evine.
    Victoria Wieck’s jewelry is even better at Evine; I still shop with her. I still wonder what Mangano’s next move will be. Also, it seems she left Iman in the dust….or HSN did, when they made her leave. This idiotic “power play” is hurting both QVC and HSN, and is going to be their ruin.
    Please, kind, talented Nicky Butler, go to Evine.

  15. Vanessa Says:

    I thought he was suspiciously absent. It’s getting hard to keep track of all the vendors leaving HSN. And this one, Nicky, will be missed. Hopefully he will go to Evine. He is one of very few vendors I buy from on HSN anymore.
    I keep wondering about Diane Gilman, too. I was a huge fan of her silks and knits before she started the “jean queen” thing. Her jeans are mediocre, but I loved her previous fashions. I’m glad she’s doing well in her cancer treatment, and wish her the best. I wonder, however, if she’ll stay with HSN under its very shaky circumstances. I think those who have left can foresee the big mess coming up. IMHO, Mike “Outsource” George is trying to eliminate HSN, little by little. What he doesn’t realize is, QVC is right behind it.

  16. Anna Says:

    I have many pieces of Nicky butler’s jewelry from the last 20 years. So happy he has decided to continue designing and has found a new home for us to be able to purchase them. Thank you Evine for keeping our beloved jewelry designers available to us.

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