HSN To Sell Goods Placed In Lifetime Flick

Here’s a new one.

HSN and A+E Networks, parent of Lifetime, on Wednesday unveiled “a co-branded retail partnership” for the women’s channel’s upcoming original movie, “Beaches,” which debuts Jan. 21.

This brand integration will showcase the HSN home products in the film and “drive consumer engagement via a shoppable co-branded website (mylifetime.com/beaches),” according to the press release.

“HSN and A+E Networks are at the forefront of this ‘See Now, Buy Now’ non-traditional revenue approach by allowing viewers to shop items from the ‘Beaches’ movie in real-time,” the release said.

“This partnership with HSN shows that brand integrations can live organically outside of the traditional product-placement model that we have all become familiar with,” Peter Olsen, executive vice president of ad sales at A+E Networks, said in a canned statement.

“By extending the collaboration outside of the film and allowing viewers to purchase the products they see in ‘Beaches,’ we are establishing a new relationship with our viewers that keeps the film’s content top of mind throughout the viewing experience and beyond.”

Our buddy, HSN President Bill Brand, also chimed in.

“HSN is thrilled to partner with A+E Networks’ Lifetime to integrate our product assortment into the ‘Beaches’ film and create an innovative approach to shopping,” Brand said.

“Extending the HSN experience to the Lifetime world is a key part of our distributed commerce strategy. These added access points allow customers to shop the collection as they watch the film, providing an unrivaled retail experience.”

During the “Beaches” premiere, viewers will be reminded to visit mylifetime.com/beaches to shop looks from the film.

Then, beginning Jan. 23 during the on-demand viewing experience on the ‘Beaches’ S movie website (mylifetime.com/movies/beaches) users will be encouraged to click through and purchase the HSN home products featured in the beach house.

‘Beaches’ will take over HSN’s “At Home” show Jan. 20, as well.

Here’s the boilerplate on the movie:

Featuring Tony Award winner Idina Menzel (Frozen) and NAACP Image Award winner Nia Long (The Best Man Holiday) as lifelong best friends, ‘Beaches’ is a contemporary remake that follows the serendipitous meeting of two young girls who embark on an unexpected and lifelong friendship.


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2 Responses to “HSN To Sell Goods Placed In Lifetime Flick”

  1. SUSAN Says:

    Why cant all these shopping channels just show unique and different products. They have the advantage over other retailers of having television to air, promote, and demonstrate their merchandise which other online retailers cant do, yet they don’t take advantage of it, instead they show the same things viewers can find in their local markets and on numerous infommercials, and then they repeat that same boring programming schedules and product lineup over and over and over ad nauseum, no wonder their sales are down—yet the CEOs and Execs just dont get it!!!! Its that simple follks—instead of these aimless gimmicks…… HSN’s partnerships with Hollywood (Wizard of Oz and Joy) werent effective either!!! They seem to never learn!

  2. Irene Says:

    Another movie themed sell a thon?!?!?! HSN does way too much of this. And I guess modern writers and producers lack imagination, because this is yet ANOTHER unnecessary remake. And for HSN to capitalize on it is just redundant.

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