Evine Live To Host ‘Invitation-Only’ Investor Day

Evine Live Inc. sent out a press release Tuesday extending an invitation to the investment community to its first Investor Day. However, if you read down in the announcement you learned that attendance was “by invitation only.”

Say what? So does that mean the whole “investment community” can come, or just a select few? BTW, so far we have not been invited.

The dog-and-pony show will be held at the company’s studios in Eden Prairie, Minn., May 28.

The release says:

CEO Mark Bozek will introduce his new leadership team, each of whom will discuss their backgrounds and value creation strategies which the Company believes will drive long-term growth and sustainable profitability. During the presentations, observations may be made regarding the Company’s financial performance and recent developments.

Attendance at the Investor Day in person is limited and by invitation only.

For further inquiries, please contact Beth McCartan at bmccartan@evine.com.

The presentations will be webcast simultaneously and available at http://evine.mwnewsroom.com beginning at roughly 11:30 am EST.


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5 Responses to “Evine Live To Host ‘Invitation-Only’ Investor Day”

  1. Twat Waffles Says:

    Here’s my Evine presentation:

    1- New paint job, zero identity!

    2- Awful customer service.

    3- Broadcast in high definition, it’s only 2015!

    4- Bring in new talent with well known negative baggage.

    5- Mass produced Hong Kong watches the size of Mack truck tires!

    6- Awful bedroom and sheet shows that make watching a dying dung beetle seem entertaining.

    7- Sporadic coin shows that are abysmal and painful to learn anything from without fighting to stay awake. ZZzzzzz

    8- Change the name of our network often! Confuse everyone!!

    9- We sell a “bit O’ everything”, were a really good flea market, really!

    10- Show the country that we haven’t learned anything from our competitors nor found the solid formula for creating our own niche in the home shopping arena.

    This ends my presentation, as I won’t be able to show up at the investors meeting, my dog ate my invitation.

  2. Robert Says:

    Why not call them Ms. Moss and ask to be invited. That would be interesting to see their response

  3. Carrie M Says:

    Mr. Waffles – you slay me every time!! I also think you’re right every time!! LOL!

  4. Twat Waffles Says:

    Thanks Carrie M! 🙂

  5. Sean Says:

    Well here is the math for a losing proposition. Bring in a so called leader that failed once before. Totally miss what sells in this format, compelling products, variety of products, products products (get it Marko it’s not about the fancy production), great customer service and execution and integrity. Hire individuals that have done this before. So what does this guy do just the opposite. NEXT…

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