Kathy Levine’s QVC La Vintage Jewelry Line Looks Dead In The Water

It’s looks like former QVC host Kathy Levine’s costume jewelry line for the home shopping network has met it’s end.

Levine, who left QVC years ago and married a well-to-do older gentleman, for a brief time did a clothing line for QVC’s rival, HSN. It wasn’t a very good collection.

Then she started doing a jewelry line, La Vintage, that reminded us a lot of Heidi Daus’s pieces for HSN. But they were not up to snuff when compared to Heidi’s work.

Now Levine posted this on Facebook:

For all of you who asked what I’m up to,… the answer is, not much. I don’t have any commitments from Q so it appears I will be finding other things to do. I keep busy w volunteering, cooking for Steve, traveling on bike trips, & seeing my Mom frequently. She just celebrated her 90th & we were all there. It’s a different life, but as I round the corner to my 60th, it’s fine. Onward. Give me a subject to write about & I’ll think about it.

“No commitments from Q.” Sounds like La Vintage has come to an end.


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15 Responses to “Kathy Levine’s QVC La Vintage Jewelry Line Looks Dead In The Water”

  1. Keith Lee Says:

    It’s a shame that Kathy is no longer on. I don’t know what the heck she was thinking with her “fashion” line and “jewelry” line. Kathy was ALWAYS my favorite…I used to tune in and leave QVC on in background just to hear her voice! Bought my first piece from QVC in 1987 from a show with Kathy and Bob B. If I recall correctly, Kathy’s sense of style pre-Joan Rivers days, was gaudy, loud and not very classy and the hair choices usually poor. But her personality and good looks made you ignore all that. Once Joan entered the pic, Kathy toned way down….(she even mentions that in her book). But when I saw her first show on HSN and later QVC…I had a feeling that the old Kathy style slipped back in! There were really some tacky pieces (both clothing and jewelry). She should just go back to QVC as Joan’s perennial co-host. Those two were gold together!

  2. Wayne Says:

    I think Kathy thought she was way too famous for the Q, along with defining the channel & that’s why she left back in 99. She’s not too famous anymore with her clothing line & jewelry line bombing. She should go back to QVC to host like the good ole days one more time to get her name back in the spotlight.

  3. Sharon Says:

    Funny how many guys out there love or love/hate Kathy! I love her too and I’m sorry she ever left QVC but we all need a change sometime. I watched QVC just to see her and absolutely never missed her on with Joan Rivers! I love her style. The La Vintage line just needed more time to grow on us. I am still shopping her jewelry on QVC and Ebay. Maybe, she should have her own shopping site just like Heidi Daus and Shelly Cooper do?

  4. Jude Says:

    We miss ya Kathy….I go back to the Kathy/Jeff/Steve/Steve days…loved you and Joan…what a blast! Hope you get another show….whatever you end up doing…enjoy it!

  5. Carol Ann Says:

    Levine and Rivers…..What a hoot they were…The best show on the air….Why that team ever broke up is beyond me…Nothing on QVC has ever been that great since…

  6. Tiffany Says:

    I was a little girl watching Kathy with my grandmother and my mother. She is and will always be beautiful, fun loving, wonderful person. I am so happy that she got married and is with the love of her life. WIth all the other comments on this page pure speculation and nothing to back it up with. If you really enjoyed Kathy then you would not speak of her as you do. I follow both Joan and Kathy on twitter go for it girls you both rock.

  7. Bernadette Says:

    Kathy will always be an icon. She did it better than anyone and her Joan Rivers stints were priceless. A super saleswoman who was/is also a superior human being, as we knew firsthand. She is classy, like her precious mother, but also a “common” woman in all the right aspects. Kathy deserves whatever happiness she derives from her personal and professional pursuits.

  8. Leon Greenberg Says:

    Get real…she was selling goods and running to the bank.

  9. Joan Says:

    I think Joan Rivers is the greediest, gaudiest woman ever. Kathy Levine had a seriously inflated self image as her recent flops have proved. And now there is Susan Graver who is the next Joan Rivers. Give us a break from the brassy and gaudy!

  10. lorraine hornyak Says:

    I was so pleased to hear that kathy’s mom celebrated her 90th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a milestone and what a fabulous mom she is. As kathy is nearing her 60th, i wish her all the best, and maybe she will have a big get together with all of her QVC and HSN pals, would love to hear about that party as I am sure some many of you would also, imagine the stories that will be told and the best jokes you can be assured.. Love you Kathy, and remember you still have loyal fans just waiting to hear any updates you can share, we all have so many fond memories of you. Til then, take care, my friend and enjoy all of the holidays in good health.


  11. Arlene Reinhart Johnson Says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Kathy at a book signing. I thought she was the best show host ever and without her, QVC is just not the same for me. Kathy inspired me to grow my own business and become a spokesmodel/ brand ambassador for many different products and companies.

  12. Ellie Shellenbarger Says:

    I for one loved Kathy on QVC. She was personality plus, and never afraid to show her own tastes. They suited her, and she was intelligent enough to know it. She was the best host QVC ever had, and I miss watching her so much. She always made me laugh…a wonderful gift in itself. They lost a real gem when they lost her.

  13. Lauren Says:

    Kathy is close to retirement now (2016). Ms. Levine is likely enjoying her “golden” years with travel, great food and wine, friends, hubby and family. Kathy Levine has a wonderful sense of humor. I loved watching her on QVC, especially with Joan Rivers. Also, the quality at the “Q” has gone downhill on many products. The Diamonique “faux” diamond jewelry that was super popular when Kathy was still at QVC is no longer great quality. Every once in a while I see Kathy Levine on late night Infomercials. Very, very weird.

  14. Lauren Says:

    Kathy Levine is close to retirement now (2016). Enjoy your golden years with your husband, Steve. Life is too short not to enjoy!

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