Jewelry Vendor Victoria Wieck Exits HSN

We suspected as much, but now it’s official: Jewelry vendor Victoria Wieck is gone from HSN after nearly two decades.

Someone, and thanks for that, posted on our blog that Wieck announced that she was doing her last show on the home shopping network, after appearing there for 19 years.

“They are airing her final show right now,” the person wrote. “No explanation given other than this is her last show after 19 years.”

Another one wrote, “I am disappointed to see Victoria Wieck go. She is a class act. I hope she goes to JTV. Love, love, love JTV. I did buy some gorgeous rings on clearance today. Good bye for now, Victoria. Hopefully see you soon!”


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11 Responses to “Jewelry Vendor Victoria Wieck Exits HSN”

  1. Susan Chesney Says:

    Victoria makes beautiful jewelry and I hope she continues to be available to us on one of the jewelry networks. By the way, does anyone know where Jackie Gonzales, who just exited QVC after many years, has gone? And please forgive my spelling of her name. She was a delight and I will miss her very much!

  2. Queen Celeste Says:

    You had suspected this, and thanks to your earlier post I found a gorgeous VW opal ring. So, thank you. Sorry to miss her final show. Sad to see many “old timers” leaving and being replaced by celebrities, as has been discussed here.

  3. Ellie Says:

    I missed her final show, bit thanks to the other post I was able to get great prices on a few rings before they were gone.
    I have several pieces of her jewelry; I’ve been watching HSN since 1999. All of her things are well made and have stood the test of time. I take care of my jewelry and store it in non tarnish boxes, but I do wear it and enjoy it. I have one VW ring that has my birthstone in it, and I wear it almost every day. No tarnish, no discoloration… it’s still beautiful after 17 years of wear.
    I hope it was Victoria’s decision to leave. HSN has been very fickle with vendors for awhile. They’ve had this silly “trendy” theme where they have “celebrities” vending their wares. A little of that is fine- just don’t oust good vendors to put on some flash in the pan celeb with a flash in the pan product.
    All said, Victoria will be missed.

    • Evangeline M ONeal Says:

      HSN’s loss and Evine’s big win! I love Victoria’s jewellery. I purchased one of her ruby (my birthstone) and diamond ring in gold on HSN years ago. What a beautiful ring it is. Glad I can still shop her magnificent designs on Evine. Keep on keeping on Victoria!

  4. Adrianna Says:

    I know I’m dating myself, but I started watching HSN regularly late in 1999. I made many good purchases up until the beginning of 2001. After that, HSN started changing and good values were disappearing. I couldn’t get QVC or shop NBC in my area, or JTV. So I became familiar with HSN.
    I haven’t bought anything for over 2 years. The quality is gone, the prices are outrageous, and the customer service is rude and stinks.
    Bring back HSN from 2000. Good values, better hosts…and, Victoria Wieck was a regular. Sorry to see her go, there have been too many good vendors leaving. I know things have to change but HSN has not made changes for the better.

  5. Carole Says:

    I know I’m late here, but I have to say that was a very bad move on HSN’s part. Her jewelry has always been well made. I have some from 2000 on. I bought my last piece about a year ago. All of it looks new.
    I missed this somehow and will now look for clearance items. HSN needs to get their priorities straight. It seems they are now, “out with the good, in with the new…who cares if it’s good or bad.”

  6. Diane Says:

    Dam Is all I can say I love Victoria’s items and have more than I can wear. But did continually check back to see her new items. Basically purchased mostly her gold items but also have had good luck with the sterling silver items also. HSN appears to have their collective heads in a warm dark place.

  7. Issney Says:

    Her jewelry is on Evine now

  8. Sarah Says:

    she is on Evine now – Evine is the WORST ON LINE shopping network – hope Victoria knows what she is doing 😦

  9. Margaret Says:

    Victoria is on Evine,very classy chanel,high end designers products. HSN seling junk lateli. New vendors products sucs.I stop shoping there. Sory HSN.

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