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Jewelry Vendor Victoria Wieck Exits HSN

June 19, 2017

We suspected as much, but now it’s official: Jewelry vendor Victoria Wieck is gone from HSN after nearly two decades.

Someone, and thanks for that, posted on our blog that Wieck announced that she was doing her last show on the home shopping network, after appearing there for 19 years.

“They are airing her final show right now,” the person wrote. “No explanation given other than this is her last show after 19 years.”

Another one wrote, “I am disappointed to see Victoria Wieck go. She is a class act. I hope she goes to JTV. Love, love, love JTV. I did buy some gorgeous rings on clearance today. Good bye for now, Victoria. Hopefully see you soon!”


Is Big HSN Sale On Victoria Wieck Jewelry A Bad Sign?

May 18, 2017

Is Beverly Hills jewelry designer Victoria Wieck headed for the door at HSN?

A reader pointed out that all of her jewelry, real gemstones and absolute, are on clearance on

She is a lovely lady, but we feel her designs have grown rather stale. Maybe the home shopping network thinks the same thing. Or maybe not.

Wieck certainly has loyal fans who will be disappointed if she exits.

HSN Queen Joy Mangano’s Daughter Weds In Napa

August 6, 2014

A big HSN family wedding in Napa Valley last weekend, and we weren’t invited? We’ll have to burn our Huggable Hangers in protest.

Joy Mangano, her daughter and the wedding party

Joy Mangano, her daughter and the wedding party

HSN Mother of Invention Joy Mangano gave away her daughter Christie in marriage in what appeared to be a gorgeous Napa Valley setting. And guess what? She married an HSN producer!

We’ve been to Napa twice, many years ago, and can say it is one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been in the ol’ USA. And the wine’s pretty good, too.

Colleen Lopez, Joy Mangano, Suzanne Runyan and Amy Morrison

Colleen Lopez, Joy Mangano, Suzanne Runyan and Amy Morrison

We learned about the nuptials from HSN host Colleen Lopez’s posts on Facebook, so thanks for the heads-up girlfriend. There were a number of HSN hosts and vendors at the wedding, not only Lopez and hubby Carlos but also Amy Morrison, Suzanne Runyan and Beverly Hills jewelry designer Victoria Wieck.

We have posted some of Colleen’s photos here, but here’s the link to the rest of her gallery of the wedding.

HSN’s Victoria Wieck Couture Diamond Jewelry, QVC’s Argyle

April 20, 2014

Home-shopping diamond lovers, hide your credit cards!

Looks like there are some interesting products coming our way in the ol’ diamond category (which is our birthstone, with our birthday arriving shortly, just FYI).

First, QVC will be bringing us an Argyle Diamond line. No, they won’t look like your dad’s socks. We believe they are a combo of white and champagne diamonds, if we recall the promo right. It featured a cross that immediately caught our eye.

Lisa Robertson referred this new diamond collection Friday night. We checked, and could not find any of the jewelry posted yet.

And then last week we heard Victoria Wieck, HSN’s slightly lisping Beverly Hills jewelry designer, say that she is doing a new couture collection for the network. It appears to be higher-end pieces, diamonds set in 14 carat gold, and will debut in May, according to Wieck.

We’ll Skip The Brazilian Bikini Wax, And Watch ‘Destination Brazil’ On HSN Instead

May 20, 2011

HSN is trying another interesting programming ploy Friday, by dedicating the day to Brazil and its products.

We don’t know much from Brazil, other than it’s the origin of a particularly painful bikini wax.

“Bring home the spirit, culture & colors of Brazil with sizzling savings and hot, hot, hot new arrivals,” HSN said on its website.

“Destination Brazil” will include shows featuring Carlos Falchi, Jay King, Victoria Wieck and Rarities, among other vendors. Since Brazil is a rich source of gemstones, we’re looking forward to the jeweley HNS will be offering during the event. Brazil in known for its deep purple amethyst, for example.

In the cases of Rarities, we have designer Graziela Kaufman doing pieces for Carole Brodie’s jewelry line.

Here’s what Brodie wrote on her HSN blog:

I am beyond excited to showcase a magnificent fine jewelry collaboration for Rarities – it is a spectacular celebration of the natural gems and sophisticated styles of Brazil. As part of the Destination Brazil event, this colorful collection features 18 unique styles curated by me and designed by my very dear friend and colleague, Graziela Saade Kaufman. Graziela was born and raised in Brazil – a country where gems and jewelry are an iconic symbol of the culture. Brazilian women love their jewelry and wear it every day, everywhere… with remarkable ease, elegance and panache.

We have a similar design aesthetic (we both love big important jewelry)! Via trips back and forth to New York, Brazil and Chicago (where Graziela lives with her beautiful family) we finally decided on 18 designs that truly sum up the colors of Brazil. Once completed, we realized that our love of for each of these jewels represents more than jewelry… each magnificent piece is symbolic of our friendship.

HSN Rolls Out The Critter Litter By Jewelry Designer Victoria Wieck

December 6, 2010

Critter jewelry is big, and it’s a slow news day this Monday. So we guess we’ll have to blog about HSN jewelry designer Victoria Wieck’s “Nature” series.

The Beverly Hills gal has some really cute pieces on last night, including a CZ (that dreaded home shopping cliche) polar bear ring and a penguin ring, with matching pendant watches. I might have been tempted to buy the polar bear watch, but it was $90. It wasn’t that cute.

You'd never know he's a man eater, would you

This emperor penguin has no clothes

Wieck also had a ring with a tiny frog perched on its center topaz stone, and a detailed alligator that looked like it just dropped in from the bayou.

See you later...

There were also snakes, birds and bees in Wieck’s collection.

Hey QVC, We Do Believe That HSN Coined The Term ‘Tucson Finds’ First

February 12, 2010

Wieck's peach morganite Tucson gem find

As rock hounds, we’d love to one day travel to Arizona, our favorite place in the world, to attend the Tucson Gem Show in February.

We hear it basically takes over that small city, which we have visited several times, and the place is invaded by gem buyers, including execs and vendors for HSN and QVC.

We wouldn’t mind cruising the floor of that gem fest, and then heading out for Happy Hour and margaritas at a local cantina. Sounds like a dream day to us.

Anyway, HSN especially — but also QVC — each do jewelry shows offering sparklers found at the Tucson show. This year HSN beat QVC to the punch with a Tucson Gem Show Today’s Special from Beverly Hills jewelry designer Victoria Wieck. It sold out, but it was a peach morganite ring for $129.

Wieck, a lovely lady who speaks with a bit of a lisp, described the floor of the Tucson show as “a sea of gems.”

HSN will continue with the Tucson Gem Show theme through the weekend with shows such as Fine Turquoise Tucson Gem Finds and Jay King Tucson Gem Finds. King will have the TS Sunday.

It looks like QVC is going to be a bit of a copycat. Next Wednesday its Today’s Special Value will be “Gemstone Expressions — featuring Tucson Finds.” We do believe HSN has been using that “Finds” term for years, with King’s line named “Mine Finds By Jay King.”

QVC’s Today’s Special Value For Jewelry Day Friday Is Diamond Key Pendant, Season’s Hottest Trend

December 15, 2009

Jewelry junkies like us, who have been complaining about QVC nixing a lot of its jewelry shows, are in for a treat Friday.

The No. 1 home shopping is not only dedicating the whole day to jewelry, but the Today’s Special Value is trading in on one of jewelry’s hottest trends: the key pendant.

The Friday TSV is an Affinity diamond key pendant that will be selling for $120, on three Easy Pays of $40. That’s a lot cheaper than the thousands of dollars Tiffany is asking for its signature key pendants.

Victoria Wieck's HSN Key, Not QVC TSV

The QVC version has 1/3 of a carat of diamonds set in sterling silver. It is two inches long, on an 18-inch rolo chain.

We love the key look, and are planning to find one we like for ourselves.

Our mom just bought one on HSN from Victoria Wieck that was studded with Absolutes, and came in silver or vermeil yellow or rose gold. It is $60.

Beverly Hills Jewelry Designer Victoria Wieck Brings Unique Peacock-Feather Watch Bangle, With Drusy, To HSN As Today’s Special

December 7, 2009

We know we’ve done several “chick” blogs in a row, but we can’t help ourselves. Beverly Hills jewelry designer Victoria Wieck has a neat watch that’s HSN’s Today’s Special for Monday.

It’s a peacock feather bangle-style bracelet that incorporates a drusy stone — nature’s pave — as the “eye” of the feather, surrounded by Absolute stones to create the rest.

We’ve never seen anything quite like it. And this piece, which has the watch dial hidden, is only $60. It comes in sterling silver or gold vermeil.

You could buy the entire ensemble, cause there are matching earrings, a ring and there was a pendant, although they don’t use the drusy.