JTV Host Nikki Coggins’ Beau Put A Ring On It

Well, at least someone got engaged this Christmas.

Jewelry Television host Nikki Coggins apparently got a ring from from her handsome honey, Chuck Devotie.

Coggins posted her good holiday news on Facebook, including a photos of Devotie on bended knee proposing on Christmas Eve. Her beau is a sergeant on the New Market Police Department in Tennessee.


They both look extraordinarily happy, so congrats to all.


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One Response to “JTV Host Nikki Coggins’ Beau Put A Ring On It”

  1. Lovie Says:

    Meg Whitney and Nikki Stanzione have both left the building at JTV. Nikki lasted 1 year longer than I thought she would. I commented on here two years ago and predicted that she’d quit within a year. Not because she’s not good, but because of her northern personality and her youth. I actually thought Meg would stay a lot longer. She seemed to fit right in with the southern-bell theme at JTV. She seemed like a younger version of Sharon…. and I mean that as a compliment. For some reason, JTV hasn’t been able to retain their younger hosts. Most leave after two years tops. Kristen seems to be the only youngster who’s been able to hang on. She might want to leave too, but perhaps she’s a little gun-shy after her previous attempt didn’t work out. I think Jana is a great speaker…. even better than some of the old-timers there. I doubt she’s going to be a lifer. I think she’ll be good enough to host QVC in another year.

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