QVC Furrier Basso’s Shop Robbed In Big Heist

Jersey boy QVC vendor Dennis Basso did not have a Merry Christmas: Thieves stole millions of dollars worth of sable coats from his chi-chi Madison Avenue salon.

The gravel-voiced furrier was the victim of discerning robbers who broke into his shop at 5 a.m. Christmas Eve, an action that was recorded on video security cameras.

The crooks struck while Basso was celebrating the holidays in Aspen, Colorado — far from his roots in Morris County, where we also grew up.

The robbers only took the shop’s most pricey coats, the sables, which in some cases were worth $200,000 each.

Of course, Basso’s QVC wares are faux, not real, fur.


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6 Responses to “QVC Furrier Basso’s Shop Robbed In Big Heist”

  1. Queen Celeste Says:

    Not to feel any schadenfreude, but it’s too bad he chose a line of work that harms and takes the lives of beautiful creatures. With all of the gorgeous and warm alternatives today it’s a pity real fur is still sold. Many years ago I acquired (someone didn’t want him) a pet chinchilla. He loved taking dust baths and munching away on his food. Recently on TV I saw a “diva” wearing a full length chinchilla coat, each of the many pelts representing a little life. So sad and unnecessary to extinguish all those lives in an attempt to look glamorous. Okay, off my soapbox. 🙂

    • Hannah Says:

      Your soapbox is a righteous one, Queen Celeste. The main point is no need to kill little lives for fur coats, etc. when faux furs are
      1- much, much warmer
      2- look just as good…with a fraction of the maintenance
      3- always in supply
      4- no animals killed; guilt free fashion
      Robbery is never right, and I feel for Basso’s situation. But maybe it’s time for him to expand his QVC line of faux furs into ultra luxe faux furs in his shop, instead of real fur.
      Oh, and BTW, I think Chinchillas are ADORABLE. A friend had one and he was a huge chinchilla…”big boy”. Sweet and cuddly; I could never go to her house without picking him up and holding him.

  2. homeshoppingista Says:

    You make some good points.

  3. Mammaberti Says:

    Yes Hollywood and entertainers everywhere hypocrites for wearing real fur but acting as tho they care about the earth! As they fly around the world in private jets!

  4. Carolyn Simpson Says:

    dennis should use tissavel like pam McCoy does. I still get dirty looks when I wear her coats. they look so real without the upkeep and guilt. I have a mink coat from long ago that I never wear. not sure what to do with three dogs like sleeping on it when its out.anyway, I do like mr. basso and I enjoy his showsand I wish him well. I’m sure he has plenty of insurance. lets see where his sable coats end up. btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EACH AND EVERYONE.

  5. Julie Says:

    I hope Basso goes all faux, and quits doing real fur. I have a faux fur throw of his and it gets me glares from my peta friends all the time.
    He could do an ultra luxe line, as mentioned above, and still make a killing……financial, not animal.

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