HSN Host Bill Green Steps Back To Train, Not Sell

What the hell is happening at HSN? Is is clearing-out-our-hosts time?

We just learned that veteran host Bill Green will no longer have a regular presence on-air. His finale show just aired.

“After 22 amazing years as a show host, I am taking on a new role at HSN,” Green posted on Facebook on Friday.

“I will focus on training our talented group of on-air guests. So, I am still with HSN, just now working primarily behind the scenes; however, I will come on air for special shows and events. Thank you for taking the time to write me and shopping with me for years.”


This news comes in the wake of long-time HSN host Kathy Wolf retiring.

We’ve always liked Green, finding him knowledgeable on gemstones and genial and professional.

He urged viewer to check out his own website, http://www.billgreen.tv.

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20 Responses to “HSN Host Bill Green Steps Back To Train, Not Sell”

  1. dianewargaarias Says:

    WOW…Yikes…oh my, That is a shocker

  2. Renee Jackson Says:

    I refrained from commenting on your blog about Wolf retiring. BTW, your blogs are always interested and informing, Linda.
    Now, I’ll add shocking. So we’re losing 2 great hosts. Bill going behind the scenes is the same as losing him.
    He always described and showed jewelry so well. Everything he sold, actually. If this is his decision, I wish him luck. And please model your trainees after yourself, Bill…not Colleen, or Callie, or Leslie or any of the other phony chatterboxes.
    Why are all the good hosts fired or leaving? With Bill’s and Kathy’s sudden departures, I wonder if something bad is going to happen at HSN, and they’re jumping ship before it does.

  3. Verona Says:

    Something is brewing at HSN and I think it smells of bad omen. Veteran hosts leaving or going behind the scenes have probably heard word of something.
    I will miss both Bill and Kathy and really see very little reason to watch HSN….except for entertainment and snarking. Actually, I’ve boycotted QVC and buy so little from Evine that I might as well not even bother.
    Methinks the curtain be closing on ye olde world of the home shopping.

  4. QueenCeleste Says:

    Oh, so sad to hear that. I really like Bill. His jewelry presentations were always very informative, but also great fun. He’s a character, not a cookie cutter host, my pet peeve.

    Lately I’ve been watching less, partly the products, partly the hosts. HSN sure ain’t what it used to be. All good wishes to Bill, and many thanks.

    • Glenda Says:

      No kidding, Celeste. IMO, since about 2001-2002, HSN has been snowballing down hill.
      I, too, enjoyed Bill’s presentations. He showed jewelry well. And, he had a wonderful sense of humor. I guess all of that will be off camera now. 😦
      I agree with Linda….is HSN cleaning out the hosts? More than that, I’m thinking something must be up. They say Mindy Grossman is going for a more youthful image…bs, in my opinion. How many teens and college age people buy that expensive junk?!? But maybe Bill and Kathy got spooked, and decided to quit or go off camera while it was still their own idea.
      All I can say is, there are many hosts…veterans included… on there that should be gone instead of Bill and Kathy. And with that I wish both of them the best.

      • QueenCeleste Says:

        So true, Glenda. My hours didn’t allow me to see Kathy, so I didn’t “know” her well, but I used to watch Bill a lot and found him so amusing and endearing. I hope the decisions were theirs, and not forced on them.

        Intereresting about the more youthful image. Funny, when young women compliment HSN jewelry I wear, I mention HSN and they’ve either not heard of it, or only vaguely, usually confusing it with QVC.

        By the way a host I liked at Evine, Ali Carr, recently left. She’s young, so I assume she has something else brewing and wasn’t given the heave ho. Lots of changes there lately, too!

  5. Ron Says:

    Bill going behind scenes leaves a small handful of good hosts at HSN. Kathy Wolf will be missed, too. Why can’t the phony chatterboxes go instead?
    Kathy and Bill, good luck to you. Both of you will be missed. We can only hope Bill trains hosts to be more like himself than many of the used car salespeople left behind.
    I hope Connie Craig Carroll and Lynn Murphy are staying. Bobbi, too. The rest are either over the top or have said some things that are unforgivable. Or, are just so-so as hosts.

  6. Jan Says:


  7. Jan Says:

    I agree that Bill, unlike so many hosts at HSN & other networks was a good host. He took thime to describe and often measure a piece during the presentation. That’s a practice that is often not done anymore. The hosts are often to busy gaggling with the guests or, just about themselves! But I won’t be missing him and here is why~
    One thing about Bill though, he has a BIG ego!!! I was asked to talk to him and always say no…for some reason this time I said yes. I compliment the item, ect., then told Bill he was an amazing salesman and I’d buy just about anything from him. Instead of saying thankful & just saying a gracious thank you ~ he said something to the affect of…..Well, bless your heart..I am NOT a salesman, I am a trained show host!”
    I found him to be very pious in his manner. And it changed my opinion of him thereafter. I have found when someone says “Well, bless your heart” what the really mean is “the h&|| with you!”

    • Rose Says:

      Hey, Jan
      I will miss Bill and I liked him, but will miss Kathy more.
      I’m actually not surprised about his salesman comment….although he is very affable, one can tell there’s an ego there.
      As far as “bless your heart” goes, I learned about that years before I ever knew Bill Green existed.
      My former mother in law, a real beyotch beyond compare, used to say it. Considering the circumstances around it, and the look on her face, the real translation was “go f**k yourself.” Bless your heart, my a**.
      On another note, we have a recipe for “crack” salsa on low class Lopez’ Facebook. Will she manage to go even lower? Yes. HSN needs to monitor her media more. The recipe is for southwest bean salsa….cowboy caviar. If you google cowboy caviar, a bazillion recipes come up, just like hers, without the name “crack”. She could have used any of them. Maybe she’s cracked….in the head.

  8. Andrea Says:

    So Bill will be training guests. I miss read at first and thought it was hosts, as some folks here did. Too bad it isn’t hosts.
    Bill has always been fun, professional and knowledgeable. He shows jewelry better than almost anyone. You get to see each piece from all angles. I will miss him on air, although I don’t watch much any more. HSN is a far, sad cry from what it used to be.
    I will also miss Kathy Wolf. I didn’t watch early A.M. that much, but she was a great host and I enjoyed her presentations when I did.
    I canceled my QVC membership, and now I think HSN is going. I only keep Evine for good deals sometimes on Suzanne Somers skin care, and a few other infrequent purchases. What a shame…I used to enjoy watching. Many of the hosts are a big turnoff (especially Colleen Lopez) and the merchandise mostly sucks.

  9. Patti Says:

    I always have liked Bill and am disappointed to hear this.I wondered where he’s been lately. I also wonder, especially with the recent departure of another fave, Kathy Wolf, if HSN is trying to get rid of older hosts. It doesn’t make sense, because many on there are older or same age as Bill and Kathy. Colleen and Bobbi are no spring chickens by any means. So I wonder what gives. It seems that HSN has declined badly under Mindy Grossman’s leadership. With Bill and Kathy gone, after many others I like, I’m about to close my HSN account. And I’m sick to death of Colleen Lopez. THAT’S who they need to get rid of. She is definitely NOT one of MY favorite things!

  10. Linda Says:

    I wish Bill and Kathy luck, and I will miss them, as so many gone on before them.
    HSN has turned into a shadow of its former self, along with the other shopping channels.
    It has also become a joke, with the likes of Colleen “Crack” Lopez mainly at the helm. I am closing my account this week. I rarely buy anything anyway.

  11. Theresa Says:

    So sorry Bill was simply the best you people seem not to care Colleen is not good too chatty and Chevan not good hope you get your shit together!

  12. Beverly Milley Says:

    I wish Bill Green and also Kathy Wolf the very best I have watched the show for over 20years now and have seen hosts come and go. I hope several of the b oldies will stay on.

  13. Lynn Bradley Says:

    I too will miss Bill Green. I looked forward to his time on air, enjoyed him so much. I also noticed no more Technibond, the world keeps changing and not for the better. Wishing Bill the best and thank you for many enjoyable hours.

  14. sharon quintana Says:

    Sorry all the good people leave the air will miss you all the home shopping shows are changing qvc hsn only evine will miss seeing you

  15. Patricia Gayle Keffer Says:

    Well who knows…probably if your not in the clique your out!!!! I’ve been lonh time purchaser of HSN…poor management of Customer service ..a policy to not accept a expensive small eyeliner from trish mccenroy DAMAGED …item should have been checked before packaging…si a long term purchaser of HSN can’t get credit because of a crappy decision of Customer service managers or HSN itself to refuse item…so customer sends item back damaged and I lost that money on shipping handling…I emailed HSN on my thoughts…no reply email !!! Wow, that implied a feeling of custmers are not important…QVC and EVINE have more class…maybe the fired hosts should work for a classy shopping network that doesn’t fire good host patricia keffer

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