Will Paul Deasy’s Carico Lake Turquoise Measure Up?

Will Evine Live vendor Paul Deasy let us down again? We will soon find out.

Yesterday we ordered Paul “The Gem Insider” Deasy’s Today’s Top Value, a large Southwestern-style pendant for $177.


This flower pendant came in five gemstones, namely “Sonora Beauty” turquoise, orange spiny oyster, purple spiny oyster, white buffalo and our choice, Carico Lake turquoise.

Deasy make a big deal about the Sonora beauty, which looks like Sleeping Beauty turquoise in terms of its robin-egg blue color and lack of matrix. We could care less.

We are enchanted with Carico Lake turquoise, which comes from Nevada and is a glorious green, like a soft mint or pistachio. It’s not easy to find and is pricey. We are hoping that is what our pendant looks like.

Some of the sample Carico Lake pendants were blue, not green. We certainly take Deasy’s word that his rough came from the Nevada mine. But if it is not the characteristic green of Carico Lake turquoise, WTH?

That’s like someone saying they have some Sleeping Beauty turquoise for you, and when you get it, it’s green, not the trademark blue of that stone.

We ordered a Native-American-made artisan feather pendant from Deasy a few weeks ago that came with an inset turquoise stone. We picked the one with Carico Lake. When we got it from Evine Live, it was blue, not green.

That feather pendant went back to Evine Live the next day.

We’re hoping our gemstone flower pendant doesn’t disappoint us with its Carico Lake stones.

If it does, it will also be on its way to Minnesota shortly.


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5 Responses to “Will Paul Deasy’s Carico Lake Turquoise Measure Up?”

  1. Ankur Sogani Says:

    Sonora Tq comes from Mexico with similiar color as sleeping beauty

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  2. Chrissie Says:

    On the website photo, the Carico does look blue…a deeper blue with less clarity than the Sonora one pictured.
    For the price you are paying, Linda, definitely send it back if it isn’t right.
    As one savvy shopper to another, check out TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and sometimes even Ross for good deals on sterling silver jewelry…..including some turquoise. I bought a beautiful turquoise ring, and drop earrings from TJ Maxx a couple years ago. At a fraction of home shopping channel prices. Well made and large turquoise stones. I wear them a lot.

  3. Twat Waffles Says:

    I watched Jay King last night and for a long time watch collector (gemstones are not my strongpoint) I felt more than intrigued by Jay’s offerings, more importantly by his stories and knowledge.

    I enjoyed the orange rough and the different types of rough as well.

    Jay pointed out how scarce American turquoise is getting and I found it interesting about the origins of where he’s getting the majority of rough from.

    I certainly can see why people like turquoise.

    As far a Paul Deasy?

    Well if he’s on Eswinelive he’s prey for me!!!

    Mostly that whole network blows moosenuts!!!!

    I’ll never forget purchasing 14kt twisted gold oval hoop earing’s from Stefano for a gift for a loved one, they were lighter than a FREAKING Pringle!!! Yes I overpaid but it was a birthday gift “fongool Stefano disgraziade” LOL…

    They came looking like it was packaged by a crackhead!

    Flimsy and the earing’s were in a clear Ziploc bag, like I’m going on a picnic!!!

    I’d like to make a turquoise log in the morning!!!


    • Greta Says:

      You’re funny, dude or dudette….
      I had a bit of Jay King’s silver jewelry from 2000-2002. Much of it was silver. Wore like iron. I had a blister pearl ring from him that was a beauty; huge pearl in generous silver. I lost work and was in a really bad place financially and had to sell my silver in 2012. I miss my Jay King stuff. He and Nicky Butler always (in the past, anyway) had substantial silver and beautiful gems.
      I’ve looked at Deasy’s stuff online and I like most of it….though some of his prices are a bit high. He did seem knowledgeable about gems when he was on HSN. I cannot get Evine where I live unless I pay $$$$$$ for cable, so I just look online. Apparently I’m not missing much.

  4. Jeanette Says:

    I haven’t tried Paul’s turquoise. I can say, at least pre 2005, Jay King’s was wonderful. And his prices are more reasonable. I haven’t tried any of Jay’s recently, but my sister has been very pleased with it.
    I hope your piece meets your expectations, Linda. And I love your column.

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