Angela Lindvall Is Out, JAI John Hardy Jewelry Is In On QVC

It looks like upscale jewelry designer John Hardy has a new person to represent his line on QVC — and a new line. So former model Angela Lindvall appears to be out, and a dude named Scott Grimes is in.

A year or so ago QVC debuted a jewelry collection called Angela by John Hardy, a lower-priced version of the designer’s Balinese sterling silver pieces. We once bought a cross from the line, which was repped by Lindvall, a gorgeous blonde with Midwestern roots.

But today on’s homepage, we saw a flag for “JAI John Hardy,” and we wondered what the heck happened to Angela.

There are no more of her pieces on Instead, there was a photo of Grimes and jewelry from this new John Hardy line, which is apparently replacing Angela.

There was already a thread about JAI John Hardy on the QVC’s jewelry forums, and those snippy things were complaining that the new pieces looked too “Asian.” That’s the point, you nitwits!

The Balinese have been making handcrafted, classic, gorgeous jewelry for eons. It’s timeless. What are you women yapping about? Snap out of it!

Here is how QVC described the former Angela by John Hardy line “at QVC.”

If you’re looking for designer jewelry that’s meant for mixing, layering, and refining your style, set your sights on Angela by John Hardy. Created by Angela Lindvall, this rare collaboration features Balinese-inspired designs crafted from recycled silver and gold. Inspired by the natural world and the human spirit, Angela strives to bring attainable luxury to women everywhere through this collection.

Witness Angela’s natural attraction to the unexpected, the authentic, and the eclectic. Note the brilliant use of oxidation, 14K gold accents, natural stones, and Diamonique simulated gemstones in many Angela by John Hardy bracelets, rings, earrings, cuffs, pendants, and necklaces. And tune in to QVC as Angela shares the story behind her portfolio of pieces, as well as the places, people, and moments that inspired them. For a superb selection of Angela by John Hardy designer jewelry, shop and start collecting her special editions.

Here is what is saying about JAI:

A bold collection inspired by artisans’ passion for giving and sharing, JAI John Hardy designer jewelry is a statement from the heart. Influenced by Asian traditions, these bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces & more are intricately crafted with unexpected materials for the woman who aspires to a distinctive jewelry experience.

Here is what it is saying about Grimes:

Scott Grimes has been a jewelry stylist for John Hardy for over three years and is now bringing JAI John Hardy especially for QVC customers.

Scott lived in Europe and Africa for a number of years, and having studied history, design, and architecture at various universities, is well-versed in how the finest jewelry is created.

An aficionado of the arts, Scott has a fine sense of design elements and functionality, as well as a keen eye for fashion. He brings these qualities to his clients, tailoring each look to reflect their individuality. Also, Scott travels to exotic destinations to experience the inspirations and techniques of local craftsmen and applies these aesthetics to his work as a stylist.


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5 Responses to “Angela Lindvall Is Out, JAI John Hardy Jewelry Is In On QVC”

  1. Helene Says:

    I LOVE John Hardy’s line, but the QVC pieces are boring.

  2. Elam Blog Says:

    John Hardy Bracelet Earrings

    […] ations to experience the inspirations and techniques of local craftsmen and appl […]

  3. deborah gibson Says:

    not really….JAI croco pieces look cool and exceptional……. just ordered 3 pieces from this line…….. I like what I see and prices are right!!!!!! JH in dept stores…….. prices are ridiculous for jewelry that is not that spectacular……….. people, come down to earth!!!!!!

  4. Brinkers Jewelers John Hardy Says:

    I can’t imagine buying a John Hardy piece from QVC. The opportunity to purchase from a local dealer seem more economic and safer with warranty programs, service agreements and a place to ask specific questions seems more sound. These bracelets and rings are amazing.

  5. Agatha Salato Says:

    I purchased a J John Hardy cuff bracelet on QVC it fell on the floor and the lock broke it’s a kickstand lock I took it to two jewelers and it cannot be fixed I called up the company and they told me they don’t take anything back from QVC I was willing to pay to fix a bracelet but they want nothing to do with QVC the jewelers in the United States don’t know how to fix that kind of lock

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